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Error 00 after re-activation
Error 00 after re-activation - solved
Has anyone written a Manufacturing Module in Providex?
INomads SSL How-To.
Re: INomads SSL How-To.
Re-2: [Pvx] *tools/StripLines
SQL - Pvx Out
DireXions 2017 Reason #17 - Stopping Pirates in the Caribbean
Writing data from Providex to a MySQL database.
DTE template question
WindX auto updater
How do I disable buttons on a grid?
Printing Text to a PDF with the "*TEXT" option, line feed character.
ProvideX theory question
Something I have always wondered
network card issues somewhat *OT*
Slave Printing
Slave Printing Solved
CRM and MRP systems
Ensuring IOLISTS's are in sync
re: How to get to the Spooler on Red Hat Linux
Re[2]: [Pvx] re: How to get to the Spooler on Red Hat Linux
location of project files
DireXions 2017 Reason #16 - How to improve Office Integration
Delay in WINDX.UTL line 5070
*winproc in v13
Buffalo Device
DireXions 2017 Reason #15 - Explore the PxPlus Thin Client interface
Minimizing Parent Dialog - v6.3 vs v12.01 & v13
V13: file open dialog
V13: *plus/jrnl/apply
Code 128 AUTO Barcodes
Help with TLS 1.2
Re-2: [Pvx] V13: file open dialog
Re-2: [Pvx] V13: *plus/jrnl/apply


Version Control
Conversion pdf files to .doc files
DireXions 2017 Reason #14 - Smashing good new tools
ODBC 6and Crystal Reports
inomads and internet browser history
inomads and internet browser history *OFF TOPIC*
Possible?: Partial record update without prior read
PVX Plus Office Closed - Monday, February 20, 2017
Pvx 9.1 : Concurrent Panel
*OT* Assistance Needed on SCO System in Columbus Ohio
*OT* Tax tables
PVX Plus Technoloiges Ltd. announces the immediate avialablity of PxPlus 2016 Update 1
Question: Override background color
External MySQL Connection
Error 100
DireXions 2017 Reason #13 - The wonderful world of OOPS
Emailing using office365
serious problems deploying WindX update files
SSL - TLS V1.2
leaking coding style
Re-2: [Pvx] leaking coding style
PxPlus V12 problem on Windows 2008 server
MS Word ole question
Character version question on charts
Strip Mnemonics on Serial File Output
Report Writer
BLOB fields in PxPlus 11.50
Mailing List
[*OT*] Contract programmer for simple iNOMADS project
Grid image transparency
Highlight color in a list box
checking for extract
RE: checking for extract
Simple CS and SSL


Panel Help Notes
.NET in PxPlus
*OT* Anyone else using PxPlus for Medical Billing?
Simple Client vs Application Server
bulk edit in dd
App Server
*OT* iNOMADS contractor - very small project
Web server POST request
BSZ Value of a Channel
Simple client
different START_UP for webservers instances
DireXions 2017 Reason #12 - Solving Moth problems
IT Editor stuck in infinite loop.
Printer Spooler
*OT* Sage 300
Strange Characters
SYS() / INVOKE question
DireXions 2017 Reason #11 - Avoiding Data Recovery nightmares
All sessions locking up
ODBC 6 parsing issue
*web/email and
Rebuilding primary key
Info on Heap size
Error: 000 open *VIEWER*
Whatever happened to Javx?
%InOMADS ' CurrentWindow
MAJOR NEWS -- Improved Agenda for DireXions 2017
iNomads pre_input()
DireXions 2017 Reason #10 - Learn how to Speed up Database Access
WITH NUM in nested json?
Windows error 36888
W: [Pvx] WITH NUM in nested json?
AW: WITH NUM in nested json?
Remote connections
Error in get_file_box
inomads directories
Re-2: [Pvx] inomads directories
query docs
Re-4: [Pvx] inomads directories
How to find out which TLS version is used on a [TCP] connection
'HP' now set by default
How to find out which TLS version is used on a [TCP]connection
Re-6: [Pvx] inomads directories
invoke question
Ricoh MPC6501 Tray Select
Size of text in pixels using TXW
MID(MSE,22,1)=$FF$ on WindX plugin
W: [Pvx] Size of text in pixels using TXW
Re-2: [Pvx] tinyMCE
width of tinyMCE control
Re-2: [Pvx] width of tinyMCE control
Re-3: [Pvx] width of tinyMCE control


Linux Printer Locked
windx connect
Grid Auto Row Height
ODBC Activation
DireXions 2017 Reason #9 - Help Plan the Future
Microshare Basic
Nomads lookup error after upgrade
RE: Nomads lookup error after upgrade
Looking for feedback on PxPlus 2017
error 13 send email in linux
setting up Simple Client Server
Trapping the HOME and END keys
START_UP environment for Simple Client Server
Suppress formula in query
Data Dictionary - Programmatically Clear out Embedded I/O Program
Nomads using K1$, K2$
PXPLUS 10.2 Linux and ODBC install
.sql structure
pvx ODBC driver on windows will not see the tables on a unix share
how to use a control supplied by a DLL
Re-2: [Pvx] how to use a control supplied by a DLL
Hours Data Entry app
PVX Plus Office Closed - Friday, April 14, 2016
V13: using menu links
Pvx SVN Utils on GIT?
Client Server
Other languages
How do I post to the list?
List access
RE: List access
DireXions 2017 Reason #8 - All Hands on Tech
DireXions 2017 Reason #7 - MUCH More for WAY Less
Question: PXV Crystal Report Object
WindX activation message
iNomads multi_line display issue
DireXIons 2017 Reason #6 - The Boss wants you to go
Query Window location when *winpnl is used
OT: Text from Pvx
DIreXions 2017 Reason #5 - Sea the Visuals
AIX 6.1 End of Service - End of Support
PVX - Crystal Reports Object help
Error Adding Element To Nomads
DIreXions 2017 Reason #4 - Educational and Family Friendly
DireXions 2017 Reason #3 - Customizing your Experiences
Creating CSV string
Conference reminder
Sorry for that last post
DireXions 2017 Reason #2 - Meet our Village People
Assignment Error
DireXions 2017 Reason #1 - Learn from the Experts


Final Day - Direxions 2017
RE: Reading from Excel in client server
Reading from Excel in client server
using special chars in providex
indent / editor
PDF/A mode
*winpnl and panel position
Re-2: [Pvx] PDF/A mode
List Box Questions
Windows Task Scheduler
List program without line breaks
catching a grid column error
Unable to load icon - pvxwindx
Version Upgrade
Pxplus install
try with error_handler
Check box label justification
point of sale
*win vs *winold
Grid auto size column width
Nomads utility panels
Grid Bug in V13100001
PVX Plus Office Closed - Monday, May 22, 2017
Current Process ID in Linux
error 11 writing to serial file ...
Strange HWD
[ot] Availability for remote work
need a calendar scheduling object to call from pxplus application
'picture' and image clarity
PxPlus 2014 and Windows server 2000
soap/xml http response getting truncated - sometimes
dbg and bash: fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable errors.
iNomads setup
close input of pipe
PVX Plus Technoloiges Ltd. announces the avialablity of PxPlus 2017
RE: iNomads setup
PxPlus 2017 - Development Licenses


Unusual activation
Replace Panel
automatic bracket substitution
v13 Calendar
Wal-Mart Marketplace
Error = 41 using the fuction HFN
developer license limits
Switching orientation in *pdf*
Internet toolkit issue
is Pvx Plus closed today?
Embedded Panels and Resizing
Enhanced VLR Files
read U.are.U4500 fingerprint
set auto increment counter
Using iNomads with IIS
odd iNomads questions
Query Key vs Query Button
SQL open question
Re-2: [Pvx] serious problems deploying WindX update files
freezing in Nomads
Updating WindX Workstations
Eclipse Problem
Re-2: [Pvx] Updating WindX Workstations
New Feature Survey: *web/ftp;DELETE
Pvx 9.1 : Excel with Windows 7
FW: "Cant trap caption"
"Cant trap caption"
enhancement request
CS Server and the ESC Key.
PVX Plus Office Closed - Monday July 3, 2017


structured strings
panel color
W: [Pvx] structured strings
Re-2: [Pvx] structured strings
*web/email and Yahoo
Grid AutoTrack
Excel COM and iNomads
ODBC issue
Error 3 on TCP channel
v_scrollbar continuous signal
User Maintenance: Admin classification locked in PxP 13
Wishlist Request / iNomads
*xml sequencing question
Grid Question
radio button tags
iNomads "Are you sure you want to leave"
files > 8GB
Trying to get my ESCAPE key to function in Simple CS connection mode
Re-2: [Pvx] files > 8GB
Programmatically single stepping a program
W: [Pvx] Programmatically single stepping a program
possible enhancement
glibc update
possible USB enhancement
Windx err#0
Message Bar on Resizable Dialogue
Online Update for PxPlus 2017
OnTipCtl in List_Box
Data Dictionary Question
Tour Operator software
Job offer / Offre d'emploi


DDE Access error
Telnet question
Excel Question
Reading an MP3 file
Object for visual classes
Changing timezone of running session
SSL - TLS V1.2
strange errors 23 and 26
floating tip
Appserver and Messages
RE: *Pvx* Appserver and Messages
Windx SSH Connection
PRE_WRITE and error 1
error after inomads upgrade
name fields
*OT* name fields
Background Process
V13 msk()
W: [Pvx] V13 msk()
File sizes
DireXions 2017 Agenda - New Session Added
Dynamic Disabling of Viewer Print/Save
RE: File sizes
Printer Mnemonics
EDI AS2 protocols
Re: Dynamic Disabling of Viewer Print/Save
RE: EDI AS2 protocols
ODBC v. 4.21 ISAM communication error
Mapping Keyboard to a Word
security check
Parsing JSON array
nthost/ntslave sessions dropping
Problem with START
Mouse Wheel
Barcode and Picture
Error trap on DIM LOAD array_name${ALL} = JSON_value$
iNomads timing questions
Providex ODBC setup question.
Add Index - freezes


Randomly Generated Text...
PVX Plus Office Closed - Monday, September 4th
*dict/dd_updt issue
Current UTC time in milliseconds
W: [Pvx] Current UTC time in milliseconds
Direxions vs Irma
Direxions vs Irma *OT
Re[2]: [Pvx] Direxions
Itinerary Change
Programmer Needed
DireXions 2017 *OT*
JSON parse error on empty object
Error 12 on adding to a string
SIP Phone interface
error display
why error 20?
PDF Form Feeds
Thinking of you
Can't run shortcut after Windows 10 update
*memory* descending numeric key
iNomads custom image path
PxPlus and Windows 2016
SQL Server connection problem
Re: SQL Server connection problem
Password Protecting Programs files in code.
RE: iNomads custom image path
Today's memory challenge
W: [Pvx] Password Protecting Programs files in code.
iNomads *winproc;refresh_scrn
how to print a barcode in a iNomads session in a PDF
NOMADS by osmosis
*OT* - Eclipse and GitHub
Parsing a PDF
Fonted Text and Frames Disappearing From Panels
Printing from a Windows Service
Web Server
rno=, kno= and memfiles
Base Font Bolding
*inifile failure
Viewer question
kill a process
Amazon MWS Request
File upload with http POST
W: [Pvx] kill a process
TeamViewer upgrade
*OT* TeamViewer upgrade
Calendar query type does not trigger on change logic
Text/Telnet and Nomads Security
sftp error


mapped drive
Linux Version 10 - Install/Migrate to Centos 7 Virtual Server
DIreXions Announcement
PVX Plus Office Closed - Monday, October 9th
Start panel maximized
Unexpected behaviour when accessing property getters in different ways
Windx and Linux
W: [Pvx] Unexpected behaviour when accessing property getters in different ways
Spell check for Pvx 9.54
global function
Text Plane Copy/Paste
FileClose Event
Embedded Program Editor
Display PDF Through Facetwin
Re: IOLIST with missing variable
IOLIST with missing variable
Printing Barcodes in PxPlus
ProvideX ODBC/PHP Connection Issues
RE: Printing Barcodes in PxPlus
Opening a shared printer on Windows 2008 Server
Focus from google maps back to Nomads
Program obsolescence
Get to Unix shell within WindX
Pvx V91 Error command
err 12 writing to mySQL
Who is locking ?
Suppress FF
PxPlus/Pvx running on Windows 10 Fall's Creators WSL
best graphics format
'*X' Mnemonic
iNomads user's license control
timeout call
text output
Search of text programs
RE: Search of text programs
Alternative to call a panel from pxplus without lost local variables
Turning on 'XK' parameter
Remove Launch header


VFU with 'EP'
double quotes into a bar delimited file
Parse Url Library ?
inomads - pxplus webserver
Determining duplicate key
Web editor for pxplus programs
Return value 127 on SYS()
FW: [Pvx] Return value 127 on SYS()
500 Internal Server Error
error 4 in iNomads
template from bbx/pro5 conversion to data dictionary update
RE: error 4 in iNomads
OPEN File without Embedded IO
Windows 2016
FW: Windows 2016
colors in multi-line text
* OT * .NET or COM communications package that supports TLS 1.2
picture not fit on the grid cell
can't resize window with thin border
program color syntax highlight
WindX & Startup
Multi-part key return from a query
RE: Multi-part key return from a query
Displaying JPEG files on grid cell
Datadictionary compare sees differences while comparing the same datadictionary file
Grid Row Color
EFTPOS card machine Interface
Happy Thanksgiving
Grid Cell Query Question.
Object Dependency
Re-2: [Pvx] SOAP
V: Re-2: [Pvx] SOAP
W: [Pvx] Online Update for PxPlus 2017
remove item from listbox with backhilight1
Tick-Tock Tick-Tock -- Time is running out...
Re-2: [Pvx] remove item from listbox with backhilight1
How to speed up your development process


Don't Miss the Boat!
Pxplus v9.0 on SLES 10 SP4 running super slow
Parser, Lex, Yacc
How can I pass a variable into a program
RE: How can I pass a variable into a program
VB Objects vs PVX Objects.
*OT* DireXions 2018 Cabin Availability
read/write window data
SMTP - Email Sedner
AOL smtp server
Re-2: [Pvx] read/write window data
[Pvxprg] internal program format
using own PNG files
Nomads timeout
Application Server Configuration: Can't select Server tab
seterr question
FW: GUI Activation Key Message
panel library search utility
CRC (mis)calculation
MS SQL Server from Linux PxPlus
Background INPUT loop forever
System Parameter 'SI'`