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iNomads Setup Help
RE: iNomads Setup Help
SMTP TLS Authentication with web/email
problem playing wav files
Trouble printing to VIEWER
LOCAL with string array
ODBC Error
Manipulate EXCEL sheets from PVX through OCX
Open Create
iNomads install on Red hat AS4
temporary files
Re-2: [Pvx] temporary files
Re-4: [Pvx] temporary files
iNomads and multi-line values
Error=65 in iNomads
Problem with Pxplus 10.20 EComm Web Server
iNomads and Notepad
iNomads Documentation
[wdx][dde] bsz option not working
Worried about being disconnected ?
retrieve popup menu
iNomads and RedHat AS4 take 2
Error 14 in db_keydef.pvc
Dynamic images & iNomads
Re-2: [Pvx] alt+tab
LOCAL and iolists
Close a Popup Window in PVX Plus V9
Re-2: [Pvx] Close a Popup Window in PVX Plus V9
Get Grid Data
Grid Cell Auto sequence
Want a simple way to setup Web access with iNomads?
TODAY$ variable
SQL Server Database ODBC connection on Linux
RE: SQL Server Database ODBC connection on Linux
inomads automated login
capturing error 88 from 3rd party objects
Shell.Explorer Lockdown
RE: Shell.Explorer Lockdown
Grid Questions
The Plus - Winter Issue
array question
Portability of old PVX based MAS90
Is there a way to query which KNO= was last specified for an OPEN file?
Windows version
Show/hide controls
OS requirements.
Nomads Question
Record Extract
SOAP Request Program
PIC Credit card compliance got you down?
iNomads *winpnl
VLR/EFF Maximum Keys


Showing a multi_line with a query
Connect to a SQL server
Goups not reloading in Data Dictionary Maintenance panel
providex has corrected missing key
Add/Delete and Move Buttons on a Panel
ListBox and Grid's in Inomads
Save $100 - DireXions Standard Registration Ends 2/15
named pipes
Betr.: Re: [Pvx] randomization
Portability of old PVX based MAS90 (repost)
Program version 10 compatibility
PXPlus V9 Grid Issue
Converting programs to nomads.
pasa variables por internet
Re[2]: [Pvx] Converting programs to nomads.
Re[4]: [Pvx] Converting programs to nomads.
images not showing in reportwriter
Coming Soon - iNomads without Nomads!
beware of tsk(*process list)
Examining alternate keys (indexes) in a mySql table
list of field names
Re-2: [Pvx] list of field names
The -bkg option
How to access a property
Standard Registration Rate ends Today - February 15, 2013
native MySQL
change io-program
Having fun with pxplus and the Web..
Help to play a movie (.AVI file) in a Nomads panel?
native MySql and buffer limits
native MySql and buffer limits solved
COM Objects / pvxfree
opening urls in same web session?
Using a different ini file on startup
SortOnHdrClick in grids
Multiple Buttons Groupping
PVX window keeps loosing focus
SQL Server on linux and error 12
pvxiosrv process on Windows 2008 Server
performance with io-programs
Re-2: [Pvx] performance with io-programs
PVX ODBC C$ Company Param
*WISHLIST* Utility *UPC - program compare
Grid cell wrapping in iNomads
Writing registry entries in Windows 8
Why am I getting an error 12
RE: Why am I getting an error 12
How to keep up in an increasingly visual world
Grid Cell Height
What's the supported/recommended version of Eclipse for the plugin?
Double click versus single click to sort column in Grid
session shadow
BBX Conversions


ODBC for 64-bit versions of Redhat 5 and 6?
Demo and iNomads
PxPlus 9.1 on Windows 8
Dates and Grids.
2 User Demo
PxPlus Signature.Capture
Time is Running out to Register for DireXions+
ssl issue on aix
drop box value error
Simple client question
web_request.pvx error
tasks command
Re-2: [Pvx] INVOKE
floating point & prc value
floating point affects object with precision declaration
TCP error
Another *cmd folder?
ezmlm warning
*web/email linebreaks
Field Service software
Re[2]: [Pvx] *web/email linebreaks
Data Dictionary question
Grid Question
**OT MAI Basic Four GPX 640
errors while woring in a 'window'()
using gnu screen or tmux
Menu items
drawing rectangles
RE: using gnu screen or tmux
Re-2: [Pvx] drawing rectangles
Re-4: [Pvx] drawing rectangles
Read data from grid
Error 0 in Direct
testing for an internet connection
ODBC Out of Memory Error
capture photo with webcam
corrupt file
internal version control
Error 88 -DEF OBJECT
*ot* direxions
COM Object with arguments
Finger Print files (2-ID-U)
Finger Print sample program
emulate F1..F4 via numpad
RE: Notepad++
Blackberry QNX and Telnet
Grid - again!
Grid Cell Question
iNomads: Signature Capture control
RE: Tristate in Grid
Tristate in Grid
Eclipse XML Convert
print to file
Error 12 - DEF OBJECT
Having problems with command line launch syntax (simple Client/Server)
Setting format and validation logic in manually controlled grids
Nomads child window setting
Error 106
List_Box Suppres Buttons
Changing or removing an IOLIST prefix
Re-2: [Pvx] Changing or removing an IOLIST prefix
Strange behavior on RENAME directive
making mobile web-apps
manipulating images in Nomads Panels
grid date sort for <Y2K
Professionally Managed Echange Service
(*OT*) RE: [Pvx] Professionally Managed Echange Service
Validating smtp port
Who am I? can someone explain?


Who am I? can someone explain?
Direct code INPUT in NOMADS
Nomads Questions
Password protect PDF files
SortonHdrClick in Row
ODBC driver names
Grid changing current column.
Re-2: [Pvx] ODBC driver names
copy and paste multiple lines
HARU PDF file size
*OT* IIS/SMTP relay
RE: [NEWSENDER] - [Pvx] RE: draw border in excel - Message is from an unknown sender
RE: draw border in excel
Re-2: [Pvx] RE: draw border in excel
Raspberry pi & pxbasic
List view scrolling
dir=0 not working with a null key record
create a mail via MAPI
Reading from serial file
RE: Reading from serial file
Pvx on 64 bit system
Any advantages to running Providex on 64-bit Linux versus 32-bit?
Is WindX 10.20 Plug-in compatible with Pxplus 9.10?
Viewer problem
Betr.: [Pvx] Viewer problem
*pdf* and jpg Files
create object from dll
Serial File
Subscript array error
OT: list still alive?
Betr.: [Pvx] OT: list still alive?
Grid column width
Temporary IT Assistant needed
Printer changes from Providex4 to PvxPlus 10
Tortoise SVN
*PDF* print Interface prints to wrong page
DireXions 2013 ...
RE: *viewer* problem
*viewer* problem
Query context menu issue
List Box Tree View
Start connection manager hidden
convdata.tbd in Windows
automation: *system
Linux INI file
error 46 passing string to method of com object via [wdx]


dynamic property
FW: Strange error 13 ...
A question regarding Rec= in an open statement
Parameters FB and BF
=?utf-8?Q?RE=3A_=5BPvx=5D_A_question_regarding_Rec=3D_in_an_open_statemen?= =?utf-8?Q?t?=
PVX Plus Technologies releases Version 11 of PxPlus
SQL read and key questions
STP() and ^
Error 48 using *web/Sendmail
v11 AutoUpdater Problem ?
SQL 2012 issues
Nomads Panel Sizing
Command Window in PXPlus 11
SQL sorting issue
The Plus - Spring Issue
com object method return string size limit?
RE: presentations
Website hosting with PVXPlus capability
Custom http headers
Colour printing on a printer
Windows heap again...
iNomads timeout
Mysterious Error 29
Re[2]: [Pvx] Mysterious Error 29
Nomads screen size adjustments
Inquiry re: mysql and current Pvx version
Client Server
strange error 12
Nomads query and PFX setting
Printing a pdf file
V11: benefit of new event interface
Re-2: [Pvx] V11: benefit of new event interface
Using CTRL-F / CTRL-N to search a listbox.
Re-4: [Pvx] V11: benefit of new event interface
touch screen tablet
Re-6: [Pvx] V11: benefit of new event interface
automated PxPlus activation
drag and drop from Outlook
Defining a file with an external and alternate key
[OT] What do you use for backcups?
Changing colour of a list box selected line.
plus/cs/spawn question
data recovery
*pdf*;FILE= bug
Re-2: [Pvx] drag and drop from Outlook
WindX Simple Client connection problem
write vs read keysize
write vs read keysize *OT*
licensing clarification needed.
Set grid celltag$ property through grid load
Radio button question ...
*PDF* Creation to allow for easier searching...
this a test
Posible oportunidad de empleo o Contrato
Re-4: [Pvx] drag and drop from Outlook
open dictionary and FFN
query with ODBc
structured error handling
iNomads popup
load on demand
Credit Card Processing software
Credit Card Processing software *OT*
Drop Box clarification
Return Arg(1) in Windx
(Antwoord) [Pvx] Return Arg(1) in Windx


auth_ok in class on_create
Possible wish
Standard text colours character based
Grid RowHeight
Running Store Procedure on the SQL Server from MAS 200 4.50 programs.
simple client server
Re-2: [Pvx] simple client server
simple CS and pvx.ini
Windows misbehaving
Object enhanced controls question
Re-2: [Pvx] simple CS and pvx.ini
JSON boolean type
returning list of tables, list of fields from mySql
Output to 2 different channels at the same time
VIA and control properties
Creating a dbf file
dbf files
WHY - Error 42 in DIM EE$:IOL(1)
screen resize
Dump causing memory corruption/core dump
'E+' mnemonic?
(Antwoord) [Pvx] dbf files
PDF on Linux
error 1 on calling a program
Windx Auto Download
html help files over mapped drive
Missing statement label message
iNomads question
Error 60 in grid
Visual dictionary tool
Roland Hachee
Multiple files on one dictionary definition
RAW printing in Unix
RE: RAW printing in Unix
Change flag question
Strange Behaviour
Err=47 in web/request
stzUE - steezware UltraEdit Toolkit
multi-line calendar button control ID
No Subject
File Maintenance
excel.application class
mysql Date field woes.. (repost of previous accidental 'no subject')
Capture webcam image under Windows 7
popup menus
Password encryption routine
reading EXIF
Auto remember login in Inomads
Betr.: [Pvx] Password encryption routine
Betr.: Re: [Pvx] reading EXIF
Error when attempting to access a data-source defined in PREFIX File
ODBC 5.1 Client/Server
Connect to Postgresql via ODBC (S1000: ODBC escape convert error)
web/request error wasnt catched wit ERR=
switch to a running process
Selecting multiple cells in a grid
blinking cursor
FW: blinking cursor
please ignore this ----> RE: blinking cursor
Allignment of grid button text
client launcher
auto download windx
Having issues with Query Multi-line feature
Remote ProvideX/NOMADS project up to 12+ months
Appserv as a service
Multi line control in Nomads


V11: process dies
Grid methods and properties
Error trapping 'winproc' - catching my failings...
Web Server Responses
nomads rejects changes of control position and size
list_box columnsizelock bug?
*WEB/EMAIL with SSL problem
error 12 with def object
Browse button
Parameters for start_up
Using *HTML*
Pxbasic on Windows 8
cell padding
problems with ini file running PxPlus under Windows 7 Pro
Languages that require UTF-8
Feedback request to a planned change in PxPlus
button property
on-line scheduling
V11 R3: rename with UNC
Pr4int copies
Betr.: [Pvx] V11 R3: rename with UNC
iNomads Update
Viewer don't working remotely
Drop Box Auto-load with Translate
Link file Unix to command
Betr.: [Pvx] Drop Box Auto-load with Translate
Error message on iNomads
Forbidden directives on iNomads...
querying open file connections
panel off the screen
Panel Header Title
csv or tab delimited output
"ProvideX has stopped working" in Nomads
Re[2]: [Pvx] csv or tab delimited output
Wiki Update
msgbox movement
SSL Not Working on AIX Server
Error 41 on RPC
Web server client start taskbar view windows hide
V10.10: strange error 0
The Plus - Summer Issue
Concurrent Panels
DireXions+ 2013 Web-based application in just 30 minutes
PVX Plus Technologies releases Build 4 of Version 11 of PxPlus
Creating PDFs on Linux server with pictures.
V11R3: msgbox
breaking out of a nested IF
Having issues with instantiating an Object on Windows.
Classified section
temp expiration
Re-2: [Pvx] TinyMCE HTML Editor
TinyMCE HTML Editor
HTML Editor
Returning an Array in PVX Plus
Re-2: [Pvx] HTML Editor
Re-4: [Pvx] TinyMCE HTML Editor
Re-4: [Pvx] HTML Editor
pvxPlus for Windows neophyte
Error =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=B7=2313=3A_file_access_mode_invali?= =?ISO-8859-1?Q?d?=
Error #13 iNomads
Problems with *viewer* (*windx.utl;Spawn)
Print on top of an object.


Fw: ezmlm warning
Removing a Email Address from list
WindX Auto Update Update
PvxPlus Internals Question...from Curious developer.
V10.10 memory issue
Re-2: [Pvx] V10.10 memory issue
Autoresize for some panels
End of Job Error
End of Job Error (Fixed)
Controlling Grid Colours
nomads validation
Re-2: [Pvx] nomads validation
Re-4: [Pvx] nomads validation
Reclaiming File space
font list
Betr.: RE: [Pvx] font list
keyed load
Client Server --
RE: Client Server --
Nomads panel date displays corrupted
error 1 with serial file
Re-2: [Pvx] error 1 with serial file
Re[2]: [Pvx] CRISIS - need HELP
Fw: RE: simple client
Re[2]: [Pvx] Fw: RE: simple client
Last Change info in Providex.ddf
Searching Programs
debugging and losing the stack.
Digital Signing of our installation .EXE
Digital Signing of our installation
*WISH LIST* Utility *UPC - program compare
invoking a session
Object Hwinterface
Check for another session
Re: Nomads panel date displays corrupted - solution found
Fractional multi_line height
Re-2: [Pvx] Check for another session
Formatting values in grid cells
RE: Fractional multi_line height
delete grid rows
@(x) in telnet mode
Automatic Call/Perform
Nomads list box behaviour
Tip Position
Grid Preset Issue
multiline format problem
Fwd: mySQl issue - double double quotes contained in strings
Grid Question *OT*
list_box opt settings
Re: Graphical Font in PxPlus 10.2
Memory files


ODBC error.
Failing to understand syntax of EVN
PVX ODBC server error under Windows -- how to troubleshoot?
How to get better results when searching the PVX mailing list archives?
Embedded IO Program for Purge
=?utf-8?Q?RE=3A_=5BPvx=5D_How_to_get_better_results_when_searching_the_PV?= =?utf-8?Q?X_mailing_list_archives=3F?=
File attributes
optimizing Pxplus Select statement
optimizing Pxplus Select statement
Telephone Number Formatting
Checkbox and Grids.
Unable to connect to host
Change color of a panel group Nomads
client side channels
Color Palette
CS host as a service on SBS 2008
*OT* Mail List Postings
FW: GPF of Pxplus
Printing stock lists with barcodes
Using Windows 7 with PVX V6.3 and Nomads
RE: Printing stock lists with barcodes
picture in iNomads
Betr.: RE: [Pvx] picture in iNomads
optimizing Pxplus Select statement -
*OT - function keys on a Windows 8 laptop
UTF-8 in grid
Ability to Edit *pdf*
RE: Ability to Edit *pdf*
backup on a windows XP system *OT*
backup on a windows XP system *OT*
MULTI_LINE RE: [Pvx] Consulting
*OT - function keys on a Mac
iNomads problems
Betr.: [Pvx] iNomads problems
Excel output
CS service control
Pxplus 9.1 & 10.2 Crashing when using shell.explorer
editor of pvx
Using a list box with tree view
Data too big for field
V11 Nomads security


Business Basic Consultant Seeking Contracts
Radio Button Prior Val
Starnge Err=11
Reading a .csv file
RE: Reading a .csv file
Another .csv file question
Oracle Interface
Nomads / Editor PxPlus 11 bugs ?
Betr.: [Pvx] Nomads / Editor PxPlus 11 bugs ?
Button Question
SSL with appserver
Appserver attach with login
Key Strings
Sending email from a WindX Workstation via the server
OBTAIN delay
Grid Cell Type Question
'Yosemite Backup for Linux Version 8.10-sp6'
ip address
Betr.: RE: [Pvx] ip address
PxPlus crashes with Excel
Server 2012
PxPlus crashes with Excel re DDE
pxplus native mySql optimization - all good news..
Fwd: Using print 'text' over and over
Password exposure - pxplus Nomads MutliLine
Excel Issue
icon transparency not working on some pc's
iNomads Transaction
Escape code printing through Small Business Server
performance on citrix vs. ts
PDF watermark image?
Re-2: [Pvx] performance on citrix vs. ts
User id in csclient
Change drop box style
killing processes
PxPlus Program Header Tag
Re-2: [Pvx] killing processes
multi line ctl
RE: Server 2012
how to delete a hastable item
Re-2: [Pvx] how to delete a hastable item
psuedo multi-properties
Date conversion from Thoroughbred wrong
psuedo multi-properties OT
Font printing in *PDF*
Embed an image insde an HTML email.
pseudo multi-properties
MySql Select and MySql Variable Names
Embedded I/O
Re-2: [Pvx] msk()
W: Re-2: [Pvx] msk()
*pdf* & 'cp'
SQL column truncated when read into PXPlus
Windx "dies" when printing to a pdf
RE: Windx "dies" when printing to a pdf
*pdf* 'picture' bitmap dpi local vs. [wdx]
ODBC 5.1 usage
Folder control
Another folder question
PxPlus 10.2 for windows not honoring 'SP' system parameter?
Connecting PxPlus to SQL Server
PxPlus 10.2 I/O Performance Help Needed
CHART PROBLEM PVX v 7.71 or lower version
PxPlus 10.2 I/O Performance Help Needed - More Info
error=0 opening PDF when Adobe is open
Re[2]: [Pvx] Escape code printing through Small Business Server
Strange err=17 on png
a question about composite string
MySql Single vs Double Quote
Re-2: [Pvx] PxPlus Program Header Tag
bug in lib/_win/propsec


segmentation fault
The Plus - Fall Issue
Spawning processes in I Nomads
Read vs Select dilemma - mySql
xml() and empty elements
What can PxPlus do on Android?
PxBasic SSL
RE: PxBasic SSL
Read vs Select dilemma - mySql
Simple client-server/suse 11
Getting all Windows Titles
Questions re: MySQL client requirements and 32-bit vs. 64-bit.
Error 278
message box error.
'*x' and '*r'
strange pxplus behavior
Contract Programmer Needs Work
Providex error
cgi request bad header
** off topic **
Finding key from data in memory so we can extract existing record
mysql / key=option
Finding key from data in memory so we can extract record
Grid cell double click.
Re-2: [Pvx] error 29
error 29
Test - please ignore
*memory* file becoming windows file
Screen backgound/foreground
Tabless Folder, panel titles.
unicode problems
Question about CTL when closing main window
RE: Question about CTL when closing main window
Re-2: [Pvx] unicode problems
Function CPL
PVX Plus Announcement - New Software Development Manager
Closing a program with NOMADS
composite iol in select
nomads - widescreen woes
*OT* - COMMERCEHUB and PDF Packing slips
multiselection in grid
Escape closes a Panel
*ot* Consulting help
Re-2: [Pvx] multiselection in grid
SOAP Request Program
Error 13 opening SSL connection
inomads: grid column sort
PVX Plus Support
Hide Columns on a grid
Error attempting to open *winprt*
Grid celltbl$ unexpected behavior
upgrading from v10 to V11 - need idiots guide to understand the process.
Trying to dig myself out of a black hole - simple Client Server issue.
Trying to dig myself out of a black hole - simple Client Server issue.


highlighting a grid row without on a single click
Simple client/server
Command Window
script error when opening google maps in pvx object
Windows 2012
control floating tip
iNomads localhost gone
adjusting text printer line length
MySql Error 80 on Open
ERR 32 ...
Dipping my Toes in iNomads - 1st newbie question.. (well 2)
why do 2 errors occur when calling a non existing program?
iNomads - cloaing the tab/page.
RE: why do 2 errors occur when calling a non existing program?
non-Nomads program to the web
file erase!!
Error 288 'broken pipe'
Problem with numeric result
Writing and reading from a website
After months of developing for the Desktop - iNomads is the only way to fly - but need some class and style.......
PVX 6.2 to 7 licensing
Nomads Image redraw issue (Dynamic attribute does not seem to work)
tall panel issues - inomads design
Forcing a control on top of another control.
changing nomads panel title within program logic
changing nomads panel title within program logic
Changing pvxplus host to service
Using VIM to edit programs
qustin of the day - nomads radio button behavior
File Description
Holiday Schedule
Betr.: [Pvx] [OT] Testing
*OT Seasons Greetings
tax files..
unable to debug as problem appears to be in system programs.
Spawn process alert
Cursing the cursor (or lack of it)...