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txw() and text with $09$
Day in year problem
Paste problems on PxPlus
GET_FILE_BOX WRITE default file name
converting some bbx programs to pxplus - cannot see underscores.
Mixed case drop box
Fusion Free Charts - PVX Plus Version 9 & 10
bbx to pvxplus conversion. dynamic control ids
PVX Plus V9.1 Windx Error
Error 17 on file encrytion command
bbx to pvxplus conversion - ctl key woes..
Screen resolution, monitor sizes, application design
Windx version
MultiLine - end of input clarification
Overloaded Input Buffer?
Displaying picture plus text
Betr.: [Pvx] Displaying picture plus text
AW: [Pvx] embed Excel into a panel
embed Excel into a panel
W: [Pvx] embed Excel into a panel
W: AW: [Pvx] embed Excel into a panel
File type changed from Program to Serial
Responding to a html GET request
Why can I open files with a trailing delimiter?
Broken Pipe
mnemonic behavior difference > Nomads - pxvx
*OT - dumping data to Generic Text only printer - print to file
Difference in class handling between ProvideX and ProvideX Plus
Setting color on a List Box row
encrypted fields
Find client IP address - using simple client/server.
Survey Says
Viewer Issue - PxP version 9
test - please ignore
Auto copy of files at login
Launching a server based nomads panel on a windows desktop
Ancient ProvideX on AIX 6.1 or 7.1
Does FACTS 6.07 run on the current version of PvxPlus?
Algorithm retrieval using HSH()
Validating a directory
RE: Validating a directory
Viewer beyond 80 cols ...
Problem opening Word or Word Perfect as objects after update
Problem [ot]
pvxplus appears to ignore time value in sql write to date time field.
Nomads query and the PREFIX FILE
Enable Event On Data
Google Maps
how do you spawn a new process in a link file
DISABLE CONTROL and other directives with iNOMADS
ODBC Optimization
Problems execute WORD in Windows 7


Settrace Print
Err 49 in xpxmltag.pvc
Array Question - PVX Plus V9.10
Converting from PANGAEA
Launching a PDF
RE: Converting from PANGAEA
RE: Application server client
Phasing out the ProvideX name
Betr.: RE: [Pvx] Array Question - PVX Plus V9.10
Application server client
Upgrading from ProvideX 8.2 to PxPlus 10.0 on Windows Server 2003
FW: Upgrading from ProvideX 8.2 to PxPlus 10.0 on Windows Server 2003
Error #49
Text input on graphics plane
Old viewer 'better' than newer?
How to address the webserver
Text alignment in buttons
Email problems
Betr.: [Pvx] Text alignment in buttons
Drag and drop
drop file on events
Simple Client Server PxPlus
FW: Simple Client Server PxPlus
POPUP_MENU error 47
ProvideX running in a virtualbox?
Maximizing nomad panels
google map issue
RE: google map issue
IT corrupting programs
Simple Client question
Setting up Views Datasource - at a loss with expected syntax.
hanging taskbar button
Report Writer Bit Map
Additional default DTE format in Nomads Calendar Control
programmtically launching a view.
Dimensioned string
Reading through all files and subdirectories
Invalid Logical Access: Query Persistence message in Query - PvxPlus 9.10
Web engine version issue
IO List Printing
Eclipse Plugin
Office Closed
RE: Eclipse Plugin
Windows Server 2003
Misunderstanding panel post display logic
RE: Windows Server 2003
Webcam Pictures with providex
Grid drop box issue ... Providex 9.30
How can I check if an integer is a pointer to an object?
=?utf-8?Q?RE=3A_=5BPvx=5D_How_can_I_check_if_an_integer_is_a_pointer_to_a?= =?utf-8?Q?n_object=3F?=
bbx conversion
Tbred conversion
Intro to Web Programming
web/email limit on body?
Custom save
COM Interface Question
Auto complete - error 99
associative array
W: [Pvx] associative array
error 10 using open office excel
Is there a way to get *win/color to only return rgb value ?
Error in query
changing a multi-keyed file
ODBC Documentation
err 13 when reading an access database
Alternate Key padding
Upgrading to PxPlus
SVN changes
network error
win 7 Pro problem accessing drives
DireXions+ 2011


bbx conversion Repost
Betr.: Re: [Pvx] win 7 Pro problem accessing drives
Viewer documentaion
HTTP Authentication
Problem with Web Server - PxPlus Version 10
Install Software and Pvx 7.60 *web/email
Mandatory data fields that are not mandatory
Windows 8 and PxPlus
Winsock error
converting multi-keyed files
codepage problem
*web Email
iNomads err=88
codepage problem (this time the complete message)
Clearing current program...
panel madness
Old date program
Betr.: RE: [Pvx] codepage problem (this time the complete message)
Re: Windows 8 and PxPlus
Trigger Event When a Grid Cell is Changed
Panel Question
Panel Question *OT* Response
Global Variables
RE: Global Variables
ActiveX object control
ActiveX controls
ADO documentation
Web service (SOAP) client
Eclipse & CVS
W: [Pvx] ADO documentation
SSL with Appserver
ADO sample
AW: [Pvx] ADO sample
W: [Pvx] ADO sample
[PVX] Merging Microsoft Word 2010 documents
RE: Eclipse & CVS
File creation
W: [Pvx] File creation
accessing a dot net dll
Windows IIS webserver
Re: accessing a dot net dll
MAC options
pvx dying on SCO
Re[2]: [Pvx] File creation
Performance problem
Standard Providex Windx with PxPlus
Nomads question
font question
Send an email
Nomads Questions
Cascading States in Tree View List box
*web/mail : sent message and outlook
resending emails from Outbox\New
setting window focus
Merging Microsoft Word 2010 documents
inomads hangs
panel exit
Unix Shell
*win/calendar display problem
PxPlus crashes on printer without sourcelist
CR inside multiline control
*web/email & ssl
TCP question
Perform logic
appserver slowdown
Error 31 on list box load
Status Bar
Stack Control - Escape
pvxwactv.exe command line
Inomads font
W: [Pvx] TCP question
Windows 7 64-bit Progress Bar
iNomads error
RE: pvxwactv.exe command line
Upgrading from version PVX 6.02 to version 10.00 pvxplus running on Linux
Re[2]: [Pvx] appserver slowdown
Crystal Report Error ...
Portion of Grid Cell Text
AW: [Pvx] ODBC host 5.0
ODBC host 5.0
Testing a panel
W: [Pvx] ODBC host 5.0
W: AW: [Pvx] ODBC host 5.0
Scrolling within dropbox
Check Box question
pxpsql on Linux
Single user license and Eclipse environment
W: [Pvx] pxpsql on Linux
difference in SYSTEM_HELP between 7.0 PVX and 9.1 PxPlus ?
comparing programs with upper and lower case
identifying program text files
Read of a file


Special Offer
Special Offer *OT*
PvxPlus bug
No Valid Activation
onexit method
W: [Pvx] onexit method
PVX Plus Office Closed - April 6 2012
Re[2]: [Pvx] PvxPlus bug
Getting data back from P+
Dynamic array crashes PxPlus
Upgrading to version 10
SYSTEM_HELP doesn't open website on PxPlus
Code Beautifier
Code Beautifier [OT]
deleting foreign object references
Err=15 *pdf*
How to type a new line in a grid cell defined as Multi_Line
How to type a new line in a grid cell defined as Multi_Line [SOLVED]
PVX Plus Multiline Autocomplete question
Copy Nomads panel locks up server and workstation
Open Basic Conversion
simple host/client - possible problem
simple host/client - possible problem - easier to read I hope
Re[2]: [Pvx] simple host/client - possible problem - easier to read I hope
Error 98
Re[4]: [Pvx] simple host/client - possible problem - easier to read I hope
Mysql read record
Writing blank date to MS Access
Excel Chart
inomads and pvx web server
Wierd issue in Pvxplus 10 Nomads buttons
rename mapped to share
convert hsh value
RE: Subscribe
DLL calls for 'BYTE'
integrating WSDL Files with PxPlus
ODBC functions
integrating WSDL Files with PxPlus
testing folder name
iNomads using HTTPS
rename mapped to mapped share
W: [Pvx] ODBC functions
Composite string
Spawned process seems to be slower
RE: Spawned process seems to be slower
Data Display
test [ot]
WingDings Font
Re[4]: [Pvx] WingDings Font
Re[2]: [Pvx] WingDings Font
Capturing data from iPad
RE: Capturing data from iPad
External program/utility to get/put files in a SFTP server
print 'image' in Windx environment
Test of mail server *OT*
Gmail Authentication
Error 278 on RENAME
email problem
Data Dictionary Listing
Embed browser into a Nomads panel
Web Service


Secure Apache/INomads installation
panel hard copy
PVX7.5 - PXP10 behaviour differences
Problems with defining folders and files
Treeview listbox
Line Switch
Line Switch *OT*
Nomads ctl id's and TAB order
error 121 during file conversion
bar code printing
W: [Pvx] error 121 during file conversion
err=11 on very large VLR file
RE: PVX7.5 - PXP10 behaviour differences
closing concurrent windows under nomads
Language ref manual
TP doesn't display program name
W: [Pvx] TP doesn't display program name
How to run on change when user closes window with the X ?
DireXions Plus 2013 Survey
embedded io-program
embedded io-program (with line breaks)
W: [Pvx] embedded io-program
DireXions Plus 2013 Survey -- REMINDER
PVX language file for Notepad++
selinux and pvxweb server
PXPlus Web
Invoke Nomads Designer from Shortcut
Positioning of MSGBOX display
Button properties on folders
PVX Plus Office Closed - May 21, 2012
Global Background Color Change
Command Line with argumet
Sizing a Server
Pvx internal events
Quick Books iif files
Command Line with argument
utility docs
translating queries
Elapsed Time Between Dates/Times
W: [Pvx] translating queries
Task per cent
PVX Plus Technologies releases Feature Pack 1 for Version 10 of PxPlus
client launcher
dynamic arrays
err=1 on *progbar
Opening a Share
determine underlying operating system
listbox question
A little help please.
'Best' Big file replacement


Test message
How to Determine if File Has Changed
Check screen object control
get LB definition
error 12 on printer resource open with windows 7
Printing a PDF file
Dynamic Menu Idea/Sample
Connecting to SQL Server
Tiff file
Pxplus auto download
terminate a non-pvx window
paste into notepad
Changing fonts on the initial window
iNomads Column sort with colors
ProvideX vs PxPlus Program Listing
Reading text files
RTF commands in a button
How to extract the key knowing the position (IND?)
Re: How to extract the key knowing the position (IND?)
AutoComplete with Windx
phantom ctl values in panels
Query to MS SQL Database
autocomplete feature
Problems with LOCKing files
(External) Web Service Client
Build 0002 for Feature Pack 1 / Version 10.10 of PxPlus available for download
Betr.: RE: [Pvx] autocomplete feature
Stuck on LISTBOX process/delete logic ...
SQL MS SQL Database
RE: SQL MS SQL Database
Printer Setup
empty properties with xml()
Windx session dies
W: [Pvx] empty properties with xml()
web page in a Nomads window
Reading Link Files
PxPlus Activation issue
Nomads drop box
error 13 on Query
Mail send through Linux failing
LIST_BOX color's in variables?
Betr.: [Pvx] LIST_BOX color's in variables?
Order of objects in NOMADS
CVS convert internal format of data
technical Linus specs
error 91
REC on OPEN for duplicate IOLIST ...
Terminate an Inomads session
Changing jpg colours on the fly
Printer setup help needed
Simple CS alternative to *appserv/config
issue with pvxdb
Appserver vs Simple CS
use Active Directory authentication for App Server
controls on folder tabs
AW: [Pvx] controls on folder tabs
Tray icon
W: [Pvx] controls on folder tabs
Question about running pxplus as a service

grid in nomads
Help With Web Server Repsonse
Best way to create an 'empty' copy of a (DD) file?
Accented characters
Error 15 with ssl tcp connection in pxplus 9.1
strange error 13
AW: [Pvx] strange error 13
Decimal point and thousand sep.
File Locks & Begin
W: [Pvx] strange error 13
Global functions
iNomads installation
.MBR files
W: AW: [Pvx] strange error 13
Nomads image control
Use of the 'XF' parameter
WindX Plugin
*memory* q
Windows Service Installation on Win 2k8
v9/v10 installation manual
Setting Excel sheet names
(Antwoord) [Pvx] Setting Excel sheet names
PVX Plus Office Closed - July 2, 2012


FW: File into String
Just Testing *OT*
Excel DDE *OT*
Unexpected Nomads panel
declaration of local function
Font issues
RE: Eclipse Problem
nthost on Windows 2008 R2 Standard
Making Providex Trusted
File n use
Re[2]: [Pvx] nthost on Windows 2008 R2 Standard
Eclipse Problem
RE: File n use
missing variable in dump
Re-2: [Pvx] missing variable in dump
Nomads Multi Line
URL coding
Windx Auto Download
Odd error 4 condition
Re-2: [Pvx] issue with pvxdb
SQL Question
WindX ending without message?
Removing NOMADS' groups
Help passing data from MAS200 to MSSQL using PVX
problem Merging DD with arrays
nomads mask question
.Net framework
Bad font restore?
Simple CS as a Linux service (Upstart)
Limits of web server
Linux host process
Scrollable Panel
Inomads and Queries
accessing VIEWS from ODBC
Embedded IO
Running Windx on a Dell ST Tablet
Error 13 in *viewer
start of cell selections
cell editing
Maximize position
Windx User
check box
Applets and Providex
Re-2: [Pvx] cell editing
autofit grid column
Webcam Capture
[odb] question
auto-load question
passing parameters on a def object of an external DLL
check for IOL=*
sensory help
Windows 64 Bit system
Client Service


Error 48 in *web/email
PVXP V8 - chart control
The Plus - Summer Issue
Printing of several flavors of Windows
*OT* PVX Plus on Television
xml() vs *xml
Betr.: [Pvx] *OT* PVX Plus on Television
When to use Child Windows
Re[2]: [Pvx] Nomads Question
Two queries on different cells type Lookuphidebtn
Hyperlink question
Question re: 64-bit Linux versus 32-bit
iNomads - Resubmitted
Grid Question
using chrome and not IE
Re[2]: [Pvx] Grid Question
Re[2]: [Pvx] Grid Question (Correction)
scroll grid content
'EP' on viewer
Re[4]: [Pvx] Grid Question
sudo in SYS() command
Re[5]: [Pvx] Grid Question
Re-2: [Pvx] scroll grid content
Eclipse 4.2
Drop Box text color
Defining keys in _uck
Length of secondary keys
Panel launching panel
Web server issue
dynamic array crash
Open Input
Disable EP (and another mnemonics) on *VIEWER*
Grid Help
print 'pop'
OCX / Error 20 - nevermind
MOD function
Re-2: [Pvx] MOD function
OCX / Error 20
Betr.: [Pvx] print 'pop'
iNomads & *viewer*
Fastest way to create excel spreadsheet using DEF OBJECT.
(Antwoord) [Pvx] MOD function
Centos 6.3 and P+ 9.00
SAVE THE DATE - DireXions+ 2013
Screen Resolution
Windx Turbo
Create Internal IOLIST from Data Dictionary entries
Language Translate Utility
validate email address in windows
pvx.ini Caption
Panel Size
CVS Question
Objects across a WDX connection
*web/email error
validate email - FINAL VERDICT !?
Re-2: [Pvx] validate email - FINAL VERDICT !?
RE: pvx.ini Caption
Hiding code on step through
date conversions
date conversions OT
Terminal Server scanning using WIA.
env("comspec") and invoke


Create Internal IOLIST from Data Dictionary entries.
Error 13 trying to open a secure [tcp] connection to a specific IP address with PxPlus 9.1 on a UNIX-Linux-RedHat server
grid & nomads - problems and thoughts
grid & nomads *** possible solutions ***
Deleting a user defined colour
Connect to Oracle
Default title bar icon
composite suffix list (repost?)
'message' question
free vs paid subscription OS
winprt and dot-matrix
Can object return Array
ProvideX/PxPlus Programmer
error 46 on grid
Convet from AIX bbx
Windows Service and printer access
Multiple processors
Inomads and mobile devices
DIM a character array to match Embedded IOLIST
Test message *OT*
Second test *OT*
*VIEWER* - Papersize
RE: how to determine the windows process who is responsible for a record / file lock
how to determine the windows process who is responsible for a record / file lock
%PDF_DEFAULT$ and landscape
Spell Checker
*VIEWER* - bottom margin
RTD (real time data)
Printing Rendered HTML...
*OT* Looking for Providex programmer in Toronto area
RTD (real time data) instead of DDE
question about the modulo function
Error 49 in IT
Outlook COM
RTD client
Web Sample
RE: Web Sample
PVX Plus activated
CS Host /Client
Mailist changes this weekend
Test of new Email address *OT*
Test of new maillist
Test message for new Maillist *OT*
Test of re-direction of to *OT*
Notice -- Email list back up


Email images
Database support...
Credit Card Check Digit
PxPlus web: session
Hide a list box column
PVX Plus Office Closed - Monday, October 8, 2012
Transparent Multi_line
Error 60 in Nomads
Bad file descriptor
Nomads COM and Crystal reports.
invoke wordpad
Betr.: Re: [Pvx] printscreen
RE: COM and crystal
COM and crystal
Windows 7 install dir behavior difference
Inomads and Chrome
Insert Text into Wordpad
SFTP client integrated into PVX
Is there a way to force a terminal to exit from unix?
Error 13 opening SSL connection
How do I disconnect a client connection from a [tcp] server channel?
Error 26 in appserv.pvc
Zebra ZM600 Industrial Printer setup
level 5 stuff
Make Button Sticky
OT: Test
multiple instances of simple host running?
Calendar (*win/calendar) in a GRID Cell
IT Editor - Need to copy the variable listing
IT Editor - code indention / curly brace match
GRID control - Row templates
Rich Text EMBOSS
Rich Text Popup
OT: Advice on Reporting and Business Intelligence
Adding a panel from another library
drop box not expanding
Re-2: [Pvx] drop box not expanding
Validation not working if tab order is changed
NTSLAVE with different PVX.INI
nomads - adjacent
Error 95
Question about Linux/Unix file locking
err=63 *web/email
Data Dictionary Merge
OT: Pdf courier new font subsituted by small rectangles
Wrap text on grid header
PVX Plus Technologies releases Feature Pack 2 for Version 10 of PxPlus
Help reading excel spreadsheet
The Plus - Fall Issue
odbc ini file
OOPS Problem
Excel cell value #DIV/0!
Multiple Host processes


*xml and nested Elements
Grid header lost when using 'sortonhdrclick
Closing files
text messages
SCO version 6 and ODBC
submitting email to smtp on exchange server
text Messages through smsmatrix
COM event handling
Why are fields space stripped from dictionary elements
Version 10.2 and ++
Add worksheet to Excel after last one
order by wordlength
Betr.: Re: [Pvx] order by wordlength
docs typos
request program function
Please help Error 15 after new PC with Windows 7, 64 bit installed
LNE("abc") kills session in Pxplus 8.3
Providex - printer allocation - Unable to start document
auto-start AppServer with Linux script
Scaled Fonts
Conversion from Thoroughbred
picture display
CHUI screen flickering since hw and PxPlus upgrade
=?utf-8?B?QW50dy46IFtQdnhdIEFudHcuOiBbUHZ4XSBDb252ZXJzaW9uIGZyb20gVGhvcm91?= =?utf-8?B?Z2hicmVk?=
JB Leep status *OT*
Timer on message
V10.2 windows install error
Extended ENTER
TCB(25) Windows 8
PxPlus 10.20 builds


Antw.: [Pvx] Antw.: [Pvx] Conversion from Thoroughbred
Multi-Line Display in Inomads
HP Alternate paper tray
USB devices
HP Alternate paper tray Resolved
Execution of script in nomads
Registration for DireXons+ 2013 is now open
DROP_BOX query
'picture' command to PDF printer
*BITMAP* Question
RE: [Pvx] 'picture' command to PDF printer
RE: RE: [Pvx] 'picture' command to PDF printer
RE: RE: RE: [Pvx] 'picture' command to PDF printer
Scroll in grid and multiple rows are height 0
Resize pANEL
who changed the table definition?
Free! PVX Software - Programs
Resizing a panel
Free PVX Programs
App Server 10.20 Windows
Printing via windows 8
calendar object
Providex reaches higher popularity
*OT* Re: [Pvx] Providex reaches higher popularity
Providex reaches higher popularity (*OT*)
CRM integration
strange error 0
Hiding calendar button
Re-2: [Pvx] strange error 0
Validating a directory
Viewer err=12
err=63 on *web/email
question about simple two column list box with icon
issue with dropping indexes by name
Error 284 indication of hardware failure?
iNomads download file
unable to access application server while backup is running
WebServer SSL V2 Support
PVX Plus Holiday Schedule
Mysterious unable to connect to host