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oop newbie
CArriage Return in .txt
PVKIO Updates?
Report Writer help
PVKIO and segmented files
RE: Report Writer help
Grid and bear it :)
Conversion from Pvx6.3 to Pvx9.1 Windows
issue with memory and KEYDEF
Adding or Deleting Tabs
[RE:] RE: [Pvx] issue with memory and KEYDEF
Flushing the level stack
*VIEWER* Unable to start document
*WISH* One liner to get a single record from a file
set lines for form feed
listing all the fonts (windows)
providex io library updates
com object in nomads
ODBC 64-bit
compare internal program versions
create a new Excel object
[RE:] RE: [Pvx] compare internal program versions
[RE:] RE: [Pvx] [RE:] RE: [Pvx] compare internal program versions
*bitmap* questions
Windx sessions dropping
W: [Pvx] create a new Excel object
*PDF* and *HTML*
Problem with WINPRT_SETUP LIST in Citrix environment
Small file updates & RAID controller cache.
row height in grid
W: [Pvx] Problem with WINPRT_SETUP LIST in Citrix environment
Problem with WINPRT_SETUP LIST and 'AW' parameter
are you affected by the floods?
Excel and Safe arrays
Safe Array over Windx
Barcode or other external fonts in PDF
Grid control
Query Sorting of Names
graphic panel newbie
windx error
Grid Row Selection and Drag/Drop
Running applications from an iPad
PxPlus Simple Client Server on Linux
Window focus loss
ProvideX as as service on Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2
ODBC 4.21 Connection fail SBS 2011
RE: ODBC 4.21 Connection fail SBS 2011 - fixed
error 31 ...
ezmlm warning
Webserver documentation
XML special character question
Err=45 opening a file
RE: *OT*
Core dump with select from OS command
Differences in PxPlus
*web/ftp documentation
Error #1
%pdf_default$ behavior
Auto property
CopyFileA DLL error 12


File Mod Time
looking for an ERP application
set default folder for PDF
PVKIO Library
RE: [POSSIBLE SPAM] RE: [Pvx] set default folder for PDF
create an e-mail
ERP application
Delivery/Read receipt question *web/email
Mulitple lines in a grid cell
W: [Pvx] create an e-mail
Test *ot*
nthost/slave & def uid
Grid Sort
User count oddity in MAS 90
Spawn delay
German keyboard $8A$
Is there a way to disable the "Caps Lock is On" message for password fields?
Is there a way to disable the "Caps Lock is On" message for passwordfields?
unicode character set
pack/compress ALPHANUMERIC string
System_help command
FW: [Pvx] System_help command
Print font size from Query
std out in windows
Eclipse program import
Dictionary WRITE command for Embedded I/O.
Adding Arrays
[OT] mobile devices
multiline data disappears on folder
FW: drag & drop
Writing to PDF file
multiple ENTER statements
Associating Embedded I/O Program with a file.
Printing images to PDF
ERR 88
Program Trace window lines
Still need a job
Convert Hexadecimal
DTE Function
Rounding Issue
treeview listbox missing '+' on leftmost folder icon
Easiest way to read last line of a flat/text file?
error=0 setting properties on a grid
Folders and Pictures
Writing to a PDF file
File Encryption
No Focus Change on Mouse Click
query replacement
File Encryption (OT)
industrial strength query
Restore plug-in license
SYSTEM_HELP a PDF file on Server from Windx Client
[pvx 8.0 Windows]Views
copy a file
Function keys
RE : [Pvx] [pvx 8.0 Windows]Views
Windows XP french crashes with Providex9 and above???
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] [pvx 8.0 Windows]Views
=?UTF-8?Q?RE:=20[Pvx]=20RE=20:=20[Pvx]=20Windows=20XP=20french=20crashe?= =?UTF-8?Q?s=20with=20Providex9=20and=20above=3F=3F=3F?=
Load testing
RE : [Pvx] Windows XP french crashes with Providex9 and above???
[OT] Vacature bij HSF Logistics
*nthost and -K keepalive packets
'dialogue' calculations
PVX V8 - Array Sort
google translate
Nomads - backwards compatibility
ODBC 4.21 and office 2010 64 bit
Error reading MySQL DB ... last iolist letter missing
pvxwactv.exe -a
limited MXC values for *PDF*
command line package activation


SURVEY - UltraEdit
create a pivot table
jpeg images not printing
RE: [Pvx] jpeg images not printing
Strange error 3
RE: RE: [Pvx] jpeg images not printing
minimizing properties panel in pxplus 9.1 nomads?
* on ENTER
ODBC v4.21 semaphore problem
PVX crashes when reading records with SQLite ODBC driver
Convert code from PVX 6.30 to PVX 8.32
TortoiseSVN checkout
SVN checkout does not maintain case
ERROR 22 - XEQ()
*web/Email Issues
PVX Plus V8 - Interrupt
140 columns on PDF?
Re: Error reading MySQL DB ... last iolist letter missing
New Person??
windows install folder
PVX Web Server Dies
Copy a *memory* file as Keyed file to disk
*dict/database unable to install >127 byte key
*WISH* *IT paste behavior
Console mode -- prevent mouse left-click from triggering up-arrow event
*OT jobvacancy
Test Email -- Please ignore
Save the Date
INomads, AIX and IIS
Grid problem pxplus v9
Looking for employment
weird error 11
Multiples choices for multiples values ...
Errors, exceptions and unexpected program terminations
cut & paste in char mode
draw a box
Program size
Web server testing problem
z-order issue
z-order SOLVED
P+ V9.10 - "About PXPlus" in a program
WDX open of Excel file
SURVEY - UltraEdit - Part II
Data Dictionary
Signature housekeeping issue
mysql pvx vs pxp advantages/disadvantages
W: [Pvx] Data Dictionary
OT BBX number of users
local an array
PVX Webserver and multiple "?t" instructions in 1 table
RE: local an array
tbl(++x,a,b) not workign as expected
Eclipse run config
How is this wrong?
2008R2 terminal server: Cannot spawn, sometimes
Re: [PVX] ODBC and SQL joins
p+ 9.10 Button bitmaps
C-Library File IO Routines
Email Address verification
OT hardcopies
Blast From the Past - MAI Open Basic
Field attributes in SQL Server Tables
Two Doubts with ODBC
PVX-ODBC with MS-Access
* MAI Open Basic
* OT * RE: [Pvx] GRID
* OT * RE: [Pvx] GRID
ODBC question


copy dd entry
ODBC question -RESOLVED-
RE: EIO triggered by external ODBC
EIO triggered by external ODBC
Pxplus installation error
Thai Language
Clarify PVX Web Server Port
Errors in *appserv setup
Word Print Dialog not on top
"Empty Value" property in NOMADS
Location of nomads.trc
DireXions+ registration now open
SVN Commit as ane xternal pgm
* OT * Connection to China
Grid signals
problem with grid cells
Fwd: Windows Error
ERR=48 using *web/mail ...
W: [Pvx] problem with grid cells
Insert / Update to SQL Table w/ autonumber keys
WindX message
[OT] Backup for small companies/offices
job opportunity in the Netherlands
open a file without using the embedded io
using @X with *PDF
unixODBC on Redhat 64bit issues.
no activation found on new 8.32 windx install
err=0 on lock
Report Writer Output to Viewer in Landscape
starnge err=11
TMR precision
PDF output
Install file problems
(Antwoord) [Pvx] Install file problems
(Antwoord) [Pvx] (Antwoord) [Pvx] Install file problems
external hook into svn update
Future of Providex in USA?
Error 49 on IF
PVX V8 - Assign Query to grid cell programmatically
SVN error
[OT] Direxions bookings
AIX 7.1
permissions on directories created
Windx Err 43
Re: ODBC v4.21 semaphore problem
Linux permissions
*wish* local gosub / local perform
'PICTURE' with bitmap in VIEWER
error 15 on printer open
autofit for listbox
W: [Pvx] autofit for listbox


test email - Just ignore
Language Reference 9.10
Direxions and Nomads conversion
RE: Direxions and Nomads conversion
Error 15
Crystal Reports 2008 Runtime
PDF File
Report Writer Error
*OT* Programmer Required
RE : [Pvx] PDF File
WindX Installation
RE: WindX Installation
Grid Control - follow up
Grid Control - Resolution
Picture element
lp -d onversion to windows
PVX 7.6
Trapping SortOnHdrClick
Turning off *winerr error trap
Nomads Query doubt
Test message - Please Ignore
Sorry -- Second test
PVX Plus Conference Reminder
(Antwoord) [Pvx] (Antwoord) [Pvx] (Antwoord) [Pvx] Install file problems
iNomads & Apache
(Antwoord) [Pvx] (Antwoord) [Pvx] (Antwoord) [Pvx] (Antwoord) [Pvx] Install file problems
DireXions 2011 Twitter Hashtag
Re: DireXions 2011 Twitter Hashtag
Dialogue not displaying
Function pointer possible?
HIDE or DISABLE Row and Column Headers on a given GRID
eclipse docs
Printer setup question
MySQL db connection
small print font
Several complaints about WindX slowness
EDIAS FTP utility
dictionary merge
expressions for file names in queries
Windev Printers won't open


Printing 2D barcodes in PxPlus 9.1
Logins, Groups, and the Application Server?
Error opening the viewer
restoring panel position
Err=13 open viewer
IT Editor ini file
LEFT align text on a Grid cell
Error 43
Server Migration questions
Compiling PvxPlus program??
a question about a GRID
Apache HTTP interface & XML
Checkbox in a grid ...
embedded io
issue (bug) tracking software
embedded IO newbie question
*IT Pgm Compare Print Error
SortOnHdrClick on an Empty Grid
a question about a Greeid.
Strange *winprt* error
error=31 on MEMORY file
associative arrays
Method to update embedded iolist
embedded iol update resolved
Strange err=13
PVX Plus phone systems down
W: [Pvx] UTF8
Temporarily checkout from the mailing list
Time Clocks
trapped error fired
PVX Plus phone systems up
ProvideX versions and
"Providex has stopped working"
Job opportunity
Eclipse MAS plug-in gone?
A question about the size of a Grid.
Bizarre errors
Re: Bizarre errors
SSL Certificate Issue
App server hanging up - help!!
Testing subscription - Ignore
Testing Subscription - Ignore - 2
Open syntax for ODBC
Save Word document as a PDF file
error 88 with Excel
Images and buttons on a grid.
Best way to bulk enter dictionary info (perhaps twice) ...
*OT* Picture Display over network
reportwriter, cell backgroundcolour
Remote Access to App Server
W: [Pvx] Images and buttons on a grid.
configuration best practices
Win2000 file locks
Shopping Cart
Web Programming Tutorial
*ot* RE: [Pvx] Win2000 file locks
DLL thru WDX
SZ Limitation
Error 31 -SZ Option
Grid Cell Tag question
Moving around in a grid
Grid Cell Highlight - V 8.30
Opening MySql Table
bug (?) in calculated fields in reportwriter library
'Maxsize', control -1108 and maximizing the screen
Most efficient way to display a lot of buttons/images
Print sideways on a Zebra TLP2844
cmd programs
ODBC Client
Starting an application
idea - collaborative [slightly OT]
RE: Strange MAPI behaviour
Strange MAPI behaviour
FW: *web/email error 48
idea - collaborative *** REDEFINED ***
Identifying the control number of a menubar
object documentation
RE: Windx


Nomads Query
numeric input
RE: Display or Print Picture (Logo)
W: [Pvx] numeric input
idea - collaborative [slightly OT] - RLA
AW: [Pvx] numeric input
static iol
providex too fast for hp-ux?
Betr.: [Pvx] providex too fast for hp-ux?
PvxPlus Trademarks
Printing Question
Don't echo characters
ODBC Error
DireXions Reminder
30 day key
what can and cannot in ReportWriterObject
FW: unable to find ocx control dll lib
Acounting Software
AIX -> Windx -> ODBC -> SQL
Acounting Software *OT*
Finding Number of lines on a text file
Google Plus
In case you haven't subscribed to our Newsletter
Re: Google Plus
Fax service
a couple of questions
Grid Questions
delete grid rows
W: [Pvx] delete grid rows
UTF8-OS meets PVX
COM object 32-bit vs 64-bit?
COM object 32-bit vs 64-bit? **OT**
Young BB Programmers *OT*
can't change tab stop setting in nomads
Doing a hard kill in windows
Resizable nomads panels
converting decimal <>hex
Using '&' in a grid
syntax error after svn checkout
checkfilters() in pvxreport
Writing to a pvx file via ODBC
Query Question
ON_Change logic not firing
PVXPlus Forum *OT*
Strange issue with menus not responding
Error 25 on Def fn
Record Removal Question
Searchable Mailing List
Link FIle issue
Free Software in PVX
Associate Nomads Library in Explorer
Text wrap in list boxes
Changing the Serial number on WindX Plugin
strange error
SURVEY - UltraEdit - Part III
FW: Error reading a folder
UltraEdit Tool Set
UltraEdit Group Discount
RE: *ot* [Pvx] DireXions+ Reminder
DireXions+ Reminder
RE: *ot* [Pvx] DireXions+ Reminder
Changing CUI font setting
W: [Pvx] Changing CUI font setting
reportwriter begin key end key
Best way to do an inter-workstation communication?
ODBC access from a Web Page
RE: Strange issue with menus not responding
delete cell bitmap
dropbox display
Call a file with Visual dictionary
Time is Running out to Register for DireXions
Disconnecting spawned processes
email encryption
W: [Pvx] delete cell bitmap
Query Error


Line switching printers
Panama POS Printer
INPUT EDIT system problems
wierd problem
unreliable GET_FILE_BOX WRITE on Win 2008 R2 64Bit TS
Time is running out!
LIKE operator
Opening a UNC name from a Linux server
Composite String Templates
load on demand listbox
Associating Embedded I/O Program with a file.
W: [Pvx] load on demand listbox
ODBC Read Error
Eclipse, Subversion and Branches
RE: New question on Eclipse
RE: Eclipse, Subversion and Branches
New questionon Eclipse
ProvideX NTHOST not working in SuSE Linux 11.4?
String Mask
RE: String Mask
Controls resizable.
Bypass embedded I/O
RE: *web/email
RE: Bypass embedded I/O
IMAGE mnemonic
sha-2 (512) help needed>
opening command/trace/watch-window through ctl -130x
RE: opening command/trace/watch-window through ctl -130x
Valid Email addresses
IZ Parameter in Windows
OS-independent way to determine if a file is read-only?
Peter van Oldenburg
Unlock Multi-Line in Code
[OT] Grand Canyon visit
test for windows
Signature Capture
X Clicked
CTRL-ALT-DEL , taskmgr.exe disable.
Reading a directory
default radio button
right justify
Running PVX on Linux using WINE
Simple Client/Server Reconnect Yet?
Date conversion
How to recover unsaved programs when *IT crashes
Re: How to recover unsaved programs when *IT crashes
Property for field length
Where is the mailing list archive?
Keyboard navigation of grid of locked cells.
Confused...... again
wish list
fields of an iol
local stmt
W: [Pvx] fields of an iol
Input field length
Sending pictures by mail.
using ssl on an aix server
outlook email settings for the list
PVX-Plugin for Eclipse
Error trying to access Data Elements Maintenance (NOMADS)
if problem
=?utf-8?Q?RE=3A_=5BPvx=5D_Error_trying_to_access_Data_Elements_Maintenanc?= =?utf-8?Q?e_=28NOMADS=29?=
W: [Pvx] PVX-Plugin for Eclipse
Change the size of a Direct file without embedded data dictionary.
ODBC Data Conversion
concatenate RTF texts
Read error in ODBC read from SQL server


floating tips gone
W: [Pvx] Eclipse-plugin
jpg images not displaying
remote signature capture
Eclipse Question
panel auto close
Zebra Labels
RE: Eclipse Question
Form Ovrlay
Monte Carlo
Info on Heap size
RE: Info on Heap size
grid / multi-line / ampersand
(Antwoord) [Pvx] Install file problems : update
PDF-Xchange software
Pxplus - list difference
iNomads setup
PVX 8.32 'FX' param
Winproc 'move' problem
Eclipse plugin Win7
loop through a delimited variable
COM PORT Monitor
RE: loop through a delimited variable
Error #15 when using open statement to connect to MS SQL server.
multi_line with RTF
pvx errors (.NET)
Odd dom branch on *memory*
Global functions
List Box Heading
[pvx] Excel
RE:[Pvx] Error #15 when using open statement to connect to MS SQL server.
List search
direxions etc
Betr.: RE: [Pvx] direxions etc
W: [Pvx] COM PORT Monitor
Link File
printing spanish literals
Regular expressions in eclipse
Closing a dialogue.
Search and replace
directory command
Automation objects
Select & error 41
With an eye on iNomads.
2 questions
embedded IO program on an Indexed file ...
iNomads Network ID
Problem with Terminal Server on Windows 2008
grid newbie
Determined to live in the Nomads world - but cannot find how to load a treeview(listbox)
Apache Web Server
ProvideX 16-user License only allowing access to 14 users.
Very strange hang
iNomads with Embedded Panel
Grid cell size vs input len
ElipsisDrop in a grid question
Grid cell size *** STAND CORRECTED ***
Question on static
Nomads - TreeView creation.
identifier in a table
grid - row refresh vs No Cell refresh
Windows 2008 printers stop working
SQL syntax
grid issue
grid signal on exit
grid signal on exit *correction*
trashed object program
Problem removing records in a file
RE: Grid VarDropBox/DropBox
Resizable Grid
grid buttons
Grid Problem.
Grid Problem
Error 16
RE: Grid Problem
WindX client connection error
Linux spawned tasks ending when menu tasks closes
permission change command on linux
iNomads transaction starting directory
viewing pdf-files
Betr.: RE: [Pvx] viewing pdf-files


flmaint - not writing when object
control error 11
Failing to understand grid size and placement
Running Direxions inomads examples
nomads text control
In memory of Lalit Gupta
multi-line smart control
smart multi-line query list
*OT* smart multi-line query list
Placement of Image (Picture) and text on a PDF report?
TCP Server w/ multiple connections
flmain pre & post display
Custom Data Source Objects in PVX views
Language Module
Canceling Viewer with no results
AW: [Pvx] sys()
AW: AW: [Pvx] sys()
Overloading Functions - V8 PVX Plus
list box highlight
W: [Pvx] sys()
W: AW: [Pvx] sys()
*plus/web/request - windx
RADIO_BUTTON group - select each sub_id's text
query on key
Apology for repeated replies
*OT* RE: [Pvx] Apology for repeated replies
*OT Apology for repeated replies
POS versus MSK
Key length issue
CSV - documentation?
Fonted Text Underscore
Release Candidate - PXPLUS Version 10 now available
Job Opportunity - Remote OR Onsite ProvideX P/A(1794)
repost - Drop Box List values
check box
local client vs. terminal server
=?utf-8?Q?Re=3A_=5BPvx=5D_Job_Opportunity_-_Remote_OR_Onsite_ProvideX_P?= =?utf-8?Q?=2FA=281794=29_OT?=
Re: [OT] Job Opportunity - Remote OR Onsite ProvideX P/A(1794)
Test V10
Color selection
RE : [Pvx] Test V10
List line spacing
Version 10 iNomads Translation
long running event handle
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Test V10
Test message -- Please ignore *OT*
Test V10 and rich text control property
Test V10 and frozen panel
OT: Test
Spamhaus -- Update
error=0 on a grid
Version 10 Nomads Translation
Channel handling question
Passing args to iNomads
Release Candidate 1 for Version 5 Odbc driver and Updated IO libraries
Listbox Scroll Bars...
Edit Running Program On the Fly
error in PvX 10
drop box height in grid
drop box height in grid - re-phrased
Betr.: RE: [Pvx] error in PvX 10
check sql exceptions
Betr.: [Pvx] check sql exceptions
HP PCL & Check Printing
W: [Pvx] Betr.: [Pvx] check sql exceptions
OCX Error attempting to open MS-Word
Excel Automation
Set a folder control id with a variable folder name
RE: Excel Automation
Set a folder control id with a variable folder name
Windx v.9.00 (x86 64bit)
IO Library
Detecting window resize
Cursor at the end of text in a multiline
Licensing Question
Error 88 - Invalid IOLIST Specification
PVX Plus Technologies releases Version 10 of PxPlus and PxBasic
List Bounce Message
Dynamic Arrays
Temporary Variable Rename in IOList
*UFAR and EFF files
Google Translate Gadget
Error connecting to Oracle using ODBC
Nomads blues
W: [Pvx] *dict/database
Nomads drop box and legacy
Email problem with MS exchange 2010
Connection problem odbc to oracle db
64 bit ODBC w/ PVX9
Error 41 adding a key
Odd behaviour with nomads masked multi-line
V10 Manual
PxBasic ...
Hijack using Pxbasic
Personal Use Clarification
file corrupted twice in a week
Pxbasic and inomads
PXPlus Linux
Determining external key when reading by alternate key chain
Invoke command acting differently
Get displayed string in DB with Translation
Spell Check sample
RE: Pxbasic and inomads


Embedded IO - Channel
PxBasic Linux
Strange err=101
20004 Multiple Image Support Documentation & image manipulation
ODBC Driver
Receive Sequence Timeout
*OT*; Px+ and SQL
On Event logic
PxPlus Universal GUI
PVX integration with ApplicationXtender
SQL Mirroring
Hanging NThost every morning
start denied message
Problem with OCX and fiscal printer
Reading a CSV file
RE: [english 100%] Re: [Pvx] Hanging NThost every morning
Link Files
W: [Pvx] Problem with OCX and fiscal printer
Views and data dictionary
Print PDF to network disk using plus\cs\client
Error 16 writing to a file ..
V9 - Object Oriented Questions
V9 - Object Oriented Questions
Err=107 keyed load does not fix
MultiLine - rich text
Centos ODBC 32 bit
MultiLine - rich text bis
MultiLine - rich text trice
*OT* test
SVN Repository Question
simulate right-click
Picture in Query
MultiLine - rich text - SET_FOCUS PREINPUT
MultiLine - rich text - SET_FOCUS PREINPUT *SOLVED*
File SEP
MultiLine - rich text - LOCK
AW: [Pvx] simulate right-click
Function Keys
W: [Pvx] simulate right-click
Pvx on an Android tablet?
LB whch lines selected
Inheritance order ...
Grid left column - can I change the width?
Mouse pointer
Email/Report Viewer
*web/email settings
non-normalized data files
C++ statement
Problem with IT - end of file.
PxPlus AND ProvideX in the same server
MultiLine - rich text - open/new questions.
MultiLine - rich text - additional question.
counting records
Quick download to Spreadsheet
Application server limitations
Window/Dialogue shape
using rec= w/ a variable
RE : [Pvx] MYSQL
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] MYSQL
Logical Files
MYSQL pxplus v9
Multiple NOMADS Libraries
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] MYSQL
Off list question
iNomads and wav files
BBX conversion of French Accented characters
Update 1 for V10 Build 9300 Released
array question
smp - Symmetric Multiprocessing
array question [OT]
Launching Crystal Reports
Scheduled PVX Job
Eclipse Pre-processor
Archives of
odd result
windows desktop
nomads _EOM$ and back-tab


nomads _EOM$ and back-tab - *HACKED
W: [Pvx] nomads _EOM$ and back-tab - *HACKED
err=13 - Query
nomads grayed out
iNomads & Replacement screen
Using the FORM=FormName option on *PDF* Print Interface
Presenting PVX data on a web page
Nomads Generated File Maintenance
Cached pgm executing instead of revised version
Pxplus on Fedora linux
pass variable to spawn process
iNomads & popups
Did Dynamic Array feature make release 10?
Debug help
optimized TBL()
pvx.ini font setting
OS Comparison chart
check boxes
Betr.: [Pvx] optimized TBL()
W: [Pvx] Betr.: [Pvx] optimized TBL()
OT - Thin clients
*** OFF TOPIC *** RE: [Pvx] STP ?
updating data in PRE_WRITE routine of embedded I/O
[AD] Western Computer Services
launching maintenance panel from query bug?
Call CHUI old program
OT: RIM forced to change name of critically important new software platform
skipped keystrokes
BUG in NOMADS, write Non-NOMADS procedure
Inomads: Installation
RE : [Pvx] Inomads: Installation
Validation in a GRID
Eclipse Settings, Outline view
iNomads update message
eventnames in *system
mid(fin(chan),27,2) value of $0103$
Unicode conversion on Linux
Eclipse Resource Filter
Opening a serial file for append ...
OT - Calendar app
Default setting in dropbox.
File Server 4.21
How do I use the Translate (selecting expression not fixed) feature in nomads
RV: Problem with printer *windev*
pvxplus 10 - animated gifs - is this inomads or will they 'move' in Windx
LOCAL dimmed string variable
pvxplus 10 - animated gifs - is this inomads or will they 'move' in Windx
64-bit ODBC
information screen.
Plug-in V910
SELECT Question.
Popup calendar
FONT size formulae
PVX Plus Holiday Schedule
Problem printing 'TEXT' to PDF
*plus/pdfviewer question
PvxPlus 64 bits
PvxPlus 64 bits Correction
Timer feature in panel - pvxplus 10
Seems like a dumb question - but I'm not afraid to ask. launching a panel from desktop
*ot test new email address
ODBC problem