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Re: error 100 - FIXED IT!
newbie EFF & embedded IOL/dictionary
nomads - scrolling detail
Change button position (col,line) on the fly
NOMADS Panel Compare
'dialogue' question
Return a program line
ODBC driverand Citrix
Fancy Sequence counter goes to Alpha/Numeric
grid in Ver 8
'BI', 'EI' and negative CTL values
How to send a UDP packet
OOP programming question ...
TMR after reboot
Dynamic images bug
7.70 Release
Screen Manager Error 88
Can we access a WindX file From a background process ?
Strange variable assignment issue ...
err 12 in preview
Syntax error on a property
Interrupting PVX tasks on Unix when the keyboard is not being polled
Re: [SPAM] - [Pvx] Syntax error on a property - Found word(s) list error in the Text body
- RE: [Pvx] Syntax error on a property
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 7.70
clear vars
'Broken pipe' error attempting to close a directory channel
linuxvnc - taking over an existing tty session
Automatic print PDF Files
Re: linuxvnc - taking over an existing tty session *OT*
Gu9i Font Question
Date Format Advice
setting fid(0)
global function performance
global function speed
Digital signing of PDF-Documents
10 blanks in buffer
Importing flat file
WINPRT and drawer tray selection
Multiline not highlighting
How do you make highlighted text in a multi-line visible?
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 8.10 Beta
Connecting to Oracle
Resetting WINPRT to default printer
Release Announcement - v1.6 ProvideX Plug-in for Eclipse
connection lost
reports, queries, views & excel
detecting a laptop
Re: PDf doc generation..ignore last email
list multiple lines
circumwent error 88
saving and restoring window position
auto complete on a multiline
Window Resizing
Disable change v 6 to 7??
Dymo LabelPrinter
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] circumwent error 88
speed over VPN
Re: [OT] EAN-13 BARCODE FONTS - Feedback Azalea Software
Child Dialogue position
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] tree'expanded=1
Error 41 in unix2dos.wdx
Providex Main Window tool bar
Is it possible to update a multiline on a panel from and program that is "Performed"?
disable buttons on a panel
Windx in a multi-session envoronment (Linux, Sun OS & AIX)
open with option rty
Elegant alternitive to if statement
Re: Dynamic Assignment of Grid Column Names
Print formatting
file layouts
Re: file layouts (silly me)
ERROR 41 RPC's connection
Dep Def: strange behavior with sub-folders
enviornment variables
Error 3
keyboard map utility printscreen
Right click Windx Plugin
v8.0 NOMADS bug displaying column headings right justified on list boxes in report view


Re: [SPAM] - Re: [Pvx] PUZZLE (OT) - Found word(s) wrote: in the Text body
User defined Color under bulk edit not found
Gord Davey's Last Day
Re: Gord Davey's Last Day *OT*
*OT* Toolkit - Web Integration
screen resolutio
Noname opens when displaying Integrated Toolkit
[odb] access to MySQL
start_up program
report files
Using READ DATA FROM and Composite Strings...
Another SQL question
[OT] ACCPAC language
Webserver ports
Re: screen resolution changing panels
Attachments with *WEB/EMAIL
Reading Thoroughbred Basic Files (version 8.60)
RE : [Pvx] Reading Thoroughbred Basic Files (version 8.60)
Grid - 'rb' on length
Corrupted Data Files
Short cut keys
Re: Consistency check of all keyed Files on the fly
customizer add-on messages
Configuration Specs
Minimize to System Tray?
embedded i/o: INDEXED file
/pvx/lib/_pr.opn customization
Re: [SPAM] - RE: [Pvx] customizer add-on messages - Found word(s) wrote: in the Text body
*OT* RE: [Pvx] RE: customizer add-on messages
oop programming
Thoroughbred File IO Server - TBDIO
Re: Minimize to System Tray? *OT*
Caps Lock balloon tip
Dialog vs Icons in task bar
pdf - report writer
Sending .bmp file to bar code printer
printscreen copy/paste with BUTTONS
Timeout on Read
Re: Sam-export query
*OT* FTP troubles
Slowness when opening/closing files
tbred vs Providex - 'business'
EFF with unique alternate key
Embedding am image in an email sent through Outlook ...
Error 12 on a READ??? Blame the virus scanner...
v. 7.7 ctl'fmt$ property
Drop Box - no Uppercase attr?
Re: Blame the virus scanner... OT Boycott Info
specify font and size on OPEN
RTY option on OPEN
Re: [OT] Error 12 on a READ??? Blame the virus scanner...
A little problem with the querys
Wierd PDF print problem
How to get the CPU serial or Hard Disk serial?
POS FUNCTION - the ^ operator
printing BMP and text with PDF
execute statement
Input function
VLR file size
Auto sort List_box column
Date format with Report Writer
Input function (strip alpha)
Another Report Writer question
Re: Another Report Writer question ALL SOLVED
message libraries
Re: [SPAM] - Re: [Pvx] VLR file size - Found word(s) wrote: in the Text body
Re: execute statement (and EVS / EVN)
*WINPRT* keeping print file after print
Citrix, Windx - Max Window problem
W2K3 Providex/Windx 7 NTHost/NTSlave - Shutting down Clients
*OT - Office 2007/Vista problem - WindX connection
Override function
Linux flavour for Pvx
Function for Strings and Numerics
Populating Drop boxes...
Javx .jar file
read record behaviour
Crystal Reports is too low when read data from pvx's odbc
bug in increment?
Help dropdown
VIEWER font sizes
gif images in emails
BBGTK Forum Announcement
Re: [SPAM] - RE: [Pvx] BBGTK Forum Announcement - Found word(s) click on the link in the Text body
Re: [SPAM] - RE: [Pvx] RE: [SPAM] - RE: [Pvx] BBGTK Forum Announcement - Found word(s) click on the link in the Text body - Found word(s) click on the link in the subject
Example Aplication Needed
Using a PHP script from within PVX
Time and Attendance System
Nomads Object and Popup Menus...
Moving On
Re: Nomads Object and Popup Menus...(Pvx Site info)
Providex Web Site
mas-200 question
longshot Tbred Script.
v8 NOMADS issue
NOMADS issues ....
Eclipse Code Folding
another v8 NOMADS Issue
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 8.10
*PDF* outputting to Adobe Reader
PVX crashes after purging memoryfile
v8 and v8.1 NOMADS usability issue
Detecting right-click
User count on Windows Server 2003
Multi-Tabbed Folders
Email Activity
Pxplus 7.65 running on Linux
Err #48 in *web/email
Radio_Button GOTO
Windows Environment Variables
list box cursor position
Current Program PathName


Function keys don't work
ProvideX applications and CDP (Continuous Data Protection)
error importing a view
Checking my subscription
Line feed going to outlook
Installation version 8.1
RE : [Pvx] : Installation version 8.1
.csv file
[Pvx] : Installation version 8.1
Signature in Outlook
Live and QA systems using one license
Loop in *winproc validator
UAC stuff
UAC stuff *OT*
Daylight Savings Time and Background processes
Problems with STK
ODBC returns null or blank not sure
Keyed file types and speed
UAC stuff *OT*
grid popups help needed
ecommerce 8.10 /appserv
'drop' Window Error 13 With 'BX' Set
Adjusting screen size down
clip_board and Excel
Providex Fault on Windows 2003 Server
dates in grids
New mailing list searchtool
Nomads Dictinary
TCP socket
dep def & next_id
CHART colors and border
Will providex run on 64 bit terminal server?
Javx query
UnForm 7.0 Printer Setup
*OT* RE: [Pvx] New mailing list searchtool
Titles on a report style list box
Grid and JoinColumns and Mouse-clicks (oh my!)
event from locked multi_line
Mouse on default button
Open channels
[OT] test do not respond
Connecting to a SQL Server Linked Server
Is the list alive?
OT Testing Testing
Test message
testing..things are quiet?
kno behavior
is the pvx mailing list working
Testing my subscription once again ...
Numeric data is rounded when passed to a function
Automatic starting tasks
WindX and Shell32.dll
**OT Test message **
OOP Question - variable scope ...
Using PVX application to tunnel
Generate a GUID
Panel Processing Error
Vista Service Pack 1
*web/email error 48
Install error
VB .NET ODBC query syntax issues
Popup on Listbox
message bar on panel header
*VIEWER* Report/Update
Disable display of Nomads tab when folder is scrolled.
Activation on a removable hard drive
Strange error 11
'WD' and EFF
Problem printing with 'text'
How to read WorkSheet on Excel
RePost: Disable display of Nomads tab when folder is scrolled.
Tbred to PVXPlus
Re: [Pvx] Tbred to PVXPlus
Re: Re: Re: [Pvx] Tbred to PVXPlus
How to run a minimized Application
[ODBC 4.21] Dictionnary
Update mailing list search tool
RE : [Pvx] [ODBC 4.21] Dictionnary
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] [ODBC 4.21] Dictionnary


Unform software and VSIFAX
Printing question...
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] [ODBC 4.21] Dictionnary
Antwort: [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] [ODBC 4.21] Dictionnary
multiline password dynamic property
ftp error
MAS 200 questions?
disable excape key
Estimating used/free space in PVX keyed files
Excel current row
menu bar
RE: [SPAM] - RE: [Pvx] ftp error - Found word(s) list error in the Text body
Problem with HP/UX record locking
menu_bar question
Error 61 on Read
GMT offset and daylight savings.
template for panels
Yet Another Business Basic Group
Cloning PVX keyed files
Yet Another Business Basic Group *OT*
msgbox timeout
Nomads embedded panel
close current panel from pvx
PvX+ Windx session closes
Looking for J&E Software support
Fonted text not aligning
debugging options
Returning value from shell.explorer object
open tcp port hangs cpu= help
Error reading external webpage from WindX
cell editing
How to automatically open/drop a dropbox
Smart card/biometric validation
User-Defined F-Keys and Obtain
Mark/Copy and Paste on a dialogue window.
error 20 with new([wdx],arg1,arg2)
button bitmap error=12
Windx Clients
Removing 'TEXT' from a GUI window
menu bar text color/bitmap
*web/ftp file paths
ftp DLL
break out msgbox to console
Launching Software
tray selection
start denied status
*web/email return error codes
can we pass 'box' mnemonic to printer
missing change event
MAI 2000 Conversion
Providex run error
Windx Questions
Nomads Panel Refreshing Issue/Problem
Close a panel from PVX
W: [Pvx] *OT* SCO
window behaviour in a dialogue
tools active - end now
Err=12 "*dict/maint;Load_Tree
Compare Embedded to Data Dictionary
*web/ftp upload folder problem
windows ftp dll or 'callable' ftp
watch load of windx process?
Compare 'TL' & LIKE to POS
eliminating GOTOs
Determinig Keystrokes Within a Listbox
JSON Interpreter/Builder
Websever: How to send more tha 4096 bytes ?
W: [Pvx] Websever: How to send more tha 4096 bytes ?
print an ampersand in a frame?
error in *web/merge
How to get a file version
How to get a file version (OT)
Re: RETRY and/or TIMEOUT on a serial port reading?
Signature Pad
Error using *web/ftp
[OT] Problem with Mail List Search Site...
ODBC server
OT - test
Printing pictures in a stock enquiry
setting fonts
test only
retrieve event parameters from OCX
finding worksheet names
Ternimal service printing issue
ESC Key Not Running On Exit Logic
*OT* Tablet PC's


ODBC questions
drop_box item colour
ERR 95 in object ...
Release Announcement - v1.7 ProvideX Plug-in for Eclipse (Beta)
multiple-format files in Pvx
list box question
List boxes and multiline input - Frustration
translate VB code to PVX
Sending an email from your program
Storing all variables like a DUMP
Sending an email from your program - attachment considered a security breach
OCX events with parameters
Resizeable treeview and listbox
Panel background image
Autocomplete & Grids
Sending an email from your program - here's the body bit
Sending an email from your program - BODY & CC and BCC
Embedded panels & dependency def
FIN(chan,"KEY_DEFINITION") returns wrong info for MEMORY-files
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] OCX events with parameters
What is the syntax to add a new line to a list box
Setting tab order for controls
[Pvx 8.1] Panel size
Hebrew in Providex
W: [Pvx] Setting tab order for controls
More nomads issues with list boxes and logic
PVXPlus and Eclipse
Update file
Select issue
windx startup and spawn
error 60 in grid
More nomads issues with list boxes and logic - summary
Multiple companies
RE : [Pvx] [Pvx 8.1] Panel size
RE: [Pvx] What is the syntax to add a new line to a list box
*web/email error
update Eclipse PlugIn
multiselect in a list_box
select more that one
Eclipse: Providex ContrubutedTtools
Read row in Excel
disable print in viewer
Formatting text in a Grid
Problems with Eclipse Plugin
Desktop Font size
rw & windx
Beta Eclipse PlugIn
[OT]Windows display orientation
It's new to me
Saving attachments from e-mail
question on query
Error in *IT Paste operation in 7.60
Price of OIL *OT*
setdev program
Nomads - entering cash
Native MySql connection
Providex dictionary error ...
Access to an Informix Online Database
FW: Eclipse Questions
Reading CSV Files
Multiple languages
PDF margins
Hey . . .
Speed of keystrokes in App Serv
Query - linked files
*ot - HP Laser bin selection 4250/4350
Carriage return
*WEB/EMAIL problem
*web/email Suggestion
ERR=1 writing to WDX serial file
web/email problem - I'll try again
Release Announcement - ProvideX Service Packs (v7.71, v8.11) Beta
Starting a Nomads panel and stiil have access to my CHUI menu
search enabled control
*IT Bug 7.60
How to export a file definition from the dictionary
[OT]Asus Eee notebook
Typo in program *UFAM
query display
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] search enabled control
DBF to ProvideX
global functions
List of Windows folder programs
Adding the folder / file select as a mult-line query
*IT Bug 7.60 - I've done it again


How do you disable the X on a Nomads panel
GET_FILE_BOX question
GET_FILE_BOX - another question
Invisible file
DD: create table utility
[ProvideX][ODBC Driver][FILEIO]Table is not accessible
Embedded dictionary gives error 26 on read for non-normalized files
Embedded dictionary gives error 26 on read for non-normalised files
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Embedded dictionary gives error 26 on read for non-normalized files
*OT* Vista and Single Click VNC
Report Writer Precision in Calculated field
Enabling a button control programmatically
screen input
*dict/dd_updt;Update_Physical issue ...
Graphical Printing in Linux
Problem with SQL 2005
Printing a PDF document
and/or precedence
Dates and Builds in Eclipse
ODBC Excel 2007
Excel 2007 ODBC access
How to get the Width and Height of a JPG image file
OT Excel problem
continuous reading COM port
*OT* Employment Opportunity
ODBC SQL question
List box highlight
Spell Checker
test file on windx side
Excel workbook and worksheet open and cell update
*viewer* 8.10 STILL DROPS DATA
RE: [SPAM] - Re: [Pvx] Dynamics - Found word(s) wrote: in the Text body OT
Save documents in a file
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 8.20 Release Candidate
Graphical Printing
Simple question
Nomads Listbox Question
Help File link
reporting errors
*Wib/mail with authentication
Pvx 7.10 on FreeBSD
tab order on folder
Linux Upgrade
Read BBx files
Error 121 ...
embedded IO procedure
Unique ID for Handheld PDA
Pop Up menu not working
Nomads Manual
Program to Update Data Dictionary
Problem with *web/email
execute !nothing
W: [Pvx] PDF/A, PDF/X
LIST BOX READ Returning negative numbers
Release Announcement - v1.7 ProvideX Plug-in for Eclipse
Is Release 8.20 ready for download
Terminal in Graphics Mode
Corrupt File
Pvx upgrade in Linux
pvx web server apps/docs
AW: [Pvx] PDF/A, PDF/X
JavX installation
Release Announcement - ProvideX Service Packs (v7.71, v8.11)
Insert a record with ODBC with imbedded quotes
AW: AW: [Pvx] PDF/A, PDF/X
FW: Nomads formatter/ validation documentation
RE: [SPAM] - AW: [Pvx] PDF/A, PDF/X - Found word(s) wrote: in the Text body
W: AW: [Pvx] PDF/A, PDF/X
DLL function
WindX with Windows 2003 Server freezes
Nomads formatter/ validation documentation
PDF file
printing issue
Change 'ICON' on a Query (?)
Alarm Call issue
ZIP Files
*IT and program password protection - Suggestion


windx spawn repost
Wierd ProvideX Icon anomoly
Problem with KEYDEF on *memory* file
query & maintenance
PVX [ODB] problem
Outlook question
Programmer Available
READ RECORD on serial device hangs
printing through dll
[OT] Which Linux do you recommend
Outlook question - Vista
Data Dictionary and Non-Normalized Data Files
OT MAI Computers
Different IOLists in Dictionary
*memory* to disk
Inserting a record into a PVX file via ODBC with imbeddedquotes
W: [Pvx] Different IOLists in Dictionary
page scaling in PDF
[OT] Providex programmers
W: [Pvx] READ RECORD on serial device hangs
| (Shift \ on my keyboard)
Hiding Folder's tab
jpg image file in list box
fonted text
How to save a file on linux box
Picture Mnemonic issue
Image resizing
Nomads 8.0
International data location
Folder - Error 47
List Box with 2 Bitmap Columns
RE: [Pvx] Nomads 8.0
Re: RE: [Pvx] Nomads 8.0
@Doc-Tags for the PVX-DOCS Tool
Fonted Text blinking
Remote/automatic pvx installations
How to convert this?
Invoke Wait Issue
OT AIX ulimit and fsize
Auto Resize Images in LIST_BOX Wish
alt - key shortcut not working
Regarding for each loop
grid validation logic doesn't seem to clear
phpbb forum
Indexed versus Keyed Files
Application server
NOMADS property window
How to calculate the elapsed time
Re: [Pvx] NOMADS property window
Error 60 on grid lock property
Error in _winproc line 390 - PXPlus - Build 9181 - Version 8.01
How to calculate the elapsed time TMR()
file size limit for serial file
Get to Know ProvideX V8.20 Through the WebEx Demo Series
2 issues processing a Panel
EFF File Defrag
Clear drop box selection
force redraw of picture
FORM Input program : enter data and mouse between fields
instantiating Word
ODBC problems
SSL on Pvx 6.20 on AIX 5.3
Embed PDF viewer
*ufac for EFF file
Refresh tabs when click on BUTTON_NEXT
AIX copy of EFF file
IOLIST Variable Information
PVX+ Openbasic Conversion
OnFocus event of grid control
VIEWER as a Windows Printer
ODBC queries
Eclipse PlugIn 1.7.0
I'm in a jam
ADD INDEX issue ...
Re: Viewer using other ports?
nomads input format
WindX licensing question
Mask formatting ...
Example of declaring a 'PROCESS' Method
hardcopy and two monitors
Error '0' when trying to open/load file


[ODB] error 15 on writes to autonumber keyed file
Process hangs on *winproc line # 1120
A 'little' help with OOP please ...
importing emails from outlook
UNIX/Linux Timer Issue
Trying to run an old version of Providex and FACTS on Windows 2003 server SP2
compile under Eclipse
[ODB] error 15 on writes to MSAccess tables
Can't install new posted PVX811 on SCO UNIX OpenServer
High-Availablilty / Failover solutions
Legacy programs & BEGIN
Accounting Systems in Providex
Apology For Posting Providex/FACTS Windows 2003 SP2 Question
Assigning False in an M$ Object
NOMADS User Aids/Help Reference
Message Library in Nomads
windex size
AllBasic.Info - Basic Language Resource Site
Row separator for a Listview List Box
warning from
Ver 8 Nomads
ProvideX.Script in a VB 2005 web service
ODBC Licensing question
*OT* ProvideX.Script in a VB 2005 web service
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 8.20
how to protect software
ODBC on Vista
AllBasic.Info - ProvideX Moderator & Advocates Needed
How memory is managed with OO programming
*ot* AllBasic.Info - ProvideX Moderator & Advocates Needed
Timed trace (yet again)
rovideX v.8.20 Release Announcement
Error # 383 ( file compressing)
SQL neophyte
Resizable Child Window
oop class definition question
Pixels to Graphical Units and Cols / Rows
New AllBasic.Info ProvideX Moderator
Promoting Business Basic
*OT* Test of Blackberry send
Promoting Business Basic ... my one cent
Right Margin Justification (MULTI_LINEs)
ODBC 4.20 + Vista + Excel 2007
'FL' and 'EL' key numbers
displays & buffer
Display all files open (and channels assigned to).
DDE Excel
All Basic New Look
Updated NOMADS
ODBC table connection problem from client
please ignore..testing email
Too many files message
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] ODBC 4.20 + Vista + Excel 2007
refreah tabs in a folder programatically
v8.2 NOMADS Issues
ProvideX and Plus Questions
How to flush output to serial files
GUI files open util
preinput questions
*WEB/EMAIL - asking a send receipt?
Partially Clear List Box
preinput ..resolved...
Re: [Pvx] Partially Clear List Box
How to create DataDictioanary in NOMADS
help with this ? Re: warning from
App Serv refused
*Viewer* Minimized
Outlook integration in PVX
Generate a FileMaintenance Panel
ERR=11 on close of TCP
Running Appserver as a Service WIN2003 Server/PVX 7.05
ERROR=42 *winproc, STMT=7135
Webserver on Win2003 Server
Grid Presets
BACKSPACE keyboard problem maybe OT
Javx within BlackBerry
BACKSPACE keyboard problem .. resolved
program to bulk convert compiled programs to text ...
Should I use file or record locks in Client Server Environment
List_Box program
Set the output destination of a report to an Excel File


Pvx ini file
Need Terminal Services Session #
nomads newbie
F8 problem
Short cuts
Indirect Variable Assignment
FNFOO$(1,1) and FNFOO$(1,VALUE$)
PVX8 UlttaEdit Word File
Short cuts (Help)
Providex Windows or WDX printing
segfault on Suse Linux with SYS command
SHOW OFF your Shortcuts
change defaults in 'save as' window in Word
Smooth resizing
releasing memory
Use NOMAD's (default) font and then Restore system's font ...
List Box Question
New Server
windx via a browser
regarding [odb] tag
Windx Question
Pvx and scanners
Formatting Log/Serial Files for Printer Output
FILL Mnemonic
Raising a busy error in embedded IO
SERIAL file write > 512 charactors
Using the Centre command in a text lline
SELECT and non-unique alternate key
specifiying elements in composite IOL
ODBC 4.21 client server slow
Sending a PDF to a specific printer starting at a page other than 1
ODBC Communication Error
Web Server & static IP
Using XML converter with Eclipse
stepping with call bypass
Listbox query
Grid not scrolling while draging a cell/row
ODBC to excel decimal problem
Embedded Dictionary with partial non normalized data
Example of Variantinfo usage
printing via the *viewer/preview object
Nomads vs. Code
Function key F10
Data Dictionary : how to convert external ini files
ProvideX? Interesting
Webserver as a service
Add/Delete folder Tabs
Spawn detached
[repost] DataDictionary conversions
Data Dictionary, KEY FIELD Definition question
ProvideX Demo Mode
What Next?
Programming in ProvideX
Error 275 - "Invalid argument" opening printer
Issues Running Windx on Vista 64 Bit?
Nomads questions
Dumb Question
pasing composite to def fn
Re: [PvxDist] RE: Server migration
nomads how to question
Server migration
RE: Server migration
*OT* Programmer wanted
Platform questions
Providex on a MAC
Limit On Number of Elements In A Listbox?
OOP with *nomads attached
User Defined Color Expression
Excel Object close
Nomads Example
resizing nomads panel
Keyboard buffer input
Excel Object column width
resizing nomads panel - Off list
testing dim valiable
Pvxiosvr error
strange err=31
Scrolling while using drag and drop
MSE Usage
{I/O Procedures}
Problem starting pvxwin32 8.11
Grid Double Click
error 42 in call to *winapi;GetMonitorInfo
Listbox select
Grid Instructions
Reconstruct Dictionary
OT: Run UAC programs
Excel pagesetup'zoom property
Tab order using Embedded Panel
list_box read
How to open a chanel to a SQL table with the DSN
Error 88 wierdness
record lenght on a link file
How to open a channel to a SQL table with the DSN
Fw: Error 99 with Active Controls
ODBC Doc version 3
I/O Procedure
Excel copy method
*OT - client looking to buy 4315A's
Object methods and properties
Bold command on a text sent to a MS WORD
Windx on a Mac
kec with kno
Sudden high cpu usge of Windx processes
Sudden high cpu usge of Windx processes - SOLVED IT
Application Server
Refreshing a child window from main window
error stays in performed public
Send PDF file to the printer
Test message *OT*
Variable's question
Repost: [Pvx] Tab order using Embedded Panel
RE: [Pvx] Bold command on a text sent to a MS WORD
enable MultiLine control
8.01 version, Linux $TERM variable and unpredicatble Graphics mode
Mailing list restored
8.01 version, Linux $TERM variable and unpredicatble Graphicsmode


W: [Pvx] Repost: [Pvx] Tab order using Embedded Panel
Antwort: AW: [Pvx] Repost: [Pvx] Tab order using Embedded Panel
8.01 version, Linux $TERM variable and unpredictable Graphics mode
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: AW: [Pvx] Repost: [Pvx] Tab order using Embedded Panel
Linux Client to Windows MAS90/200 Server
TCB(83) - Break Window $04$ Not Working?
Test message - please ignore
data dictionary and embedded IOL issue
Tablet PC
Application Demonstration Pvx v8.20
Weird window behavior in V8
weird window behavior in v8 - follow-up
ODBC on 8.1 Pro Linux Redhat
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] print PDF files
Variable decimals and ODBC
link to FACTS software info
print PDF files
*web/email html file with images
Pvx v8.30
Importing views ...
Error 107 on PVX 5.14
Linux Hard Drive Ghost
activation problem
Composite Strings in a select statement
RE : [Pvx] Re: Pvx v8.30
PURGE or INITFILE and the Data Dictionary
Re: Pvx v8.30
err=46 ??
Windows CE vs Mobile
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Re: Pvx v8.30
Pvx v8.30 *OT*
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Re: Pvx v8.30
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Re: Pvx v8.30 *OT*
*nomads derived class
Fw: Danish characters
White background in *progbar
*OT* Office Closed
CentOS 5.x
eclipse download : which one ?
err=46 ?? - resubmit
How to list all of the channels that are open
ProvideX online work shop & wiki project
Open source Business Basic
ProvideX .. 1.5 cents worth
Adding to OnChange Event on the Fly
[ot] MASxx evolution : Good old days are not gone
BBFree List Active
Object Nomads background loading
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Crystal object, 'select printer' button property name ?
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Available Memory - DSZ (repost)
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& option with nomads
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Customizer Definition
System Control Menu?
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Graphical Printing with JPG forms and text
Nomads 8.2
Nomad Version 8.2
'Reliable' (Everyday) Javx working?
RE : [Pvx] Nomad Version 8.2
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Nomad Version 8.2
[Pvx] RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Nomad Version 8.2
Call Statement using Entry Point Labels
Bilingual Masterfiles
*PDF* and some garbage characters
Get calling program
SSL on Pvx 6.20 on AIX 5.3
ProvideX consol prompt in FACTS 7.6
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Nomad Version 8.2
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Nomad Version 8.2
Calendar Feature
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Nomad Version 8.2
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modem and COM port control
*WINPRT* and output bins
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GTK Introduction
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Int'l Address
*OT to change the T
*OT software sales.
Pvx+ MySQL connection
Pvx+ MySQL connection *OT*
Multiples folders
RGB Colors as column or cell) colors in LIST_BOX (V7.50)
Linux[Windx] and version 8.2
User Count problem on Vista
galaxy thorouhbred
RE : [Pvx] Linux[Windx] and version 8.2
Windx on thin client pc
RE: Display status message
Display status message
Deleting from List_box
Difference 7.5 - 8.2 : abnormal behavior
ERR=11 on BEGIN statement
*OT* Reading Pervasive SQL btrieve data
RE: Display status message *OT*
*OT* *Way OT* Reading Pervasive SQL btrieve data
V7.5/8 Is a package installed
TR : [Pvx] Difference 7.5 - 8.2 : abnormal behavior
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expand$ error
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Resizing Nomads Panels
Folder settext
defunct process left behind
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DEF DTE for French and Spanish
pvx odbc like vs equal
concurrent window
Viewer cutting lines in PVX V7.50 ...
3d vs 4d
Numeric value??
fin function
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] concurrent window
Enhanced File Format (EFF) Locking problem
(Julian) Date
embedded I/O trace
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LOAD "prog_name;label" runs the program!
fin function [OT]
NOMADS question/issue
RE: [Junk released by Allow List] [Pvx] LOAD "prog_name;label" runs the program!
jpeg image in grid cell
External Key
[OT] fin function
Dependency Definitions


enable spin button
Reading in text from Word doc
def msg/msgbox
PvxPlus & MySQL
Nomads multiline with neg mask
Error 117 on non-segmented file
Is this syntax okay?
Linkfile not working under Suse linux
[Fwd: Re: [Pvx] Linkfile not working under Suse linux]
strange behaviour when extracting a record in oracle
Error #13 using a program library
Text editing in a Window
Grid Speed Issue
Location Of PVX On Local Side
_udev folder
wait for COM event during execution
screen position through Windx
write blanks in SQL server 2003
Problems with 'rowdata$ over WindX
Conditional operator
Storage od Decimal Values in Providex Databases
Re: Cursor not displaying
*web/smtp and authentication
Zero vs null into SQL 2003 table
print multiple copies using ShellExecute
NULL vs 0 in French for SQL SERVER 2003
Error installing Windx 8.11 in an HP thin client with XPe SP2
File modified date
Documentation correction
Trouble opening an XML file
Is it possible to set the CTL value
Auto Carraige return
Message File
DIALOGUE BOX -t 500 charater limit ?
troubleshooting network problems
Creating a memory file on-the-fly
CRC32 checksum of a file
finding out what was clicked on in a chart
Nomads Panel Properties Panel
Convert .doc to .dat
Convert .doc to .pdf
Re: DIALOGUE BOX -t 500 charater limit ?
ERR 17 Nomads
sticky button
Changing IOLIST separator
legacy projects and Eclipse
monitor CPU process + load
*VIEWER* asking for a file
Why Err 11 instead of EOF
Multi-Image Support - Version 7.65
'TT' parameter
Small Panel
*OT* Holiday Schedule for Sage - ProvideX Technologies
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 8.30 Release Candidate
Release Announcement - UltraFX Thin-Client Release Candidate
COM port on Open Basic
Getting a CTL in Windx
Object property for SHOW
Compatibility with XP SP3
MAI and Open Basic
MAI and Open Basic *OT*
OOP newbie
OOP - tutorial
running providex routines from the launcher in MAS200 v4.x
Key Rebuild
RE:*OT* [Pvx] OOP - tutorial
multi line highlight
COM Object on terminal server
RE:[Pvx] OOP - Tutorial
OOP - tutorial - How to get
RE : [Pvx] OOP - tutorial
getting the hash data knowing the hash key!
bbx to providex conversion
*OT* Cash translation
Grouping with Regular Expressions