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[OT] Happy New Year
Unified Process Model
Question on large # of users under windows
disabled field - contents not easy to see
2007 ProvideX Training Class Schedule
*windx.utl question
Changing LIKE directives
Re: Changing LIKE directives *OT*
fix for #1601
Overlay panel question
PVX 7.5 beta: embedded panels
*OT* Screen scraping
*OT* SSH tunneling
SYS command on Windoz
ProvideX Training in Columbia, SC
Re: [SPAM] Re: [Pvx] Hard Copy
PVX 7.5 beta: possible memory leaks?
Column alignments
List of Objects on a Screen
Code example to process events
Folder Troubles
Reading lotsa stuff over windx
Overlay panel question - 2nd attempt
question about starthost
ReportWriter V7.10
How to determine if a particular file will segment
Frequent File Corruptions
Dynamic Image Display in NOMADS
image display
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] image display
Error 47s in *it editor
Error 47 in *it editor
renaming tree nodes
Nomads V6/PVX V6.1 - issue with query
ProvideX 7.50 Beta Participants
skipping records in SQL?
PVX for Win CE or PVXPlus for Win CE?
TBred -> PvX conversion
Report Writer aligning of joined cells
running on a macbook
query method
MS Vista
Release Announcement - ProvideX Plug-in for Eclipse Open Beta
*OT* Printing to DYMO Label printer 400 Turbo....
Re: Add appointment to Outlook Calendar
Grid Antics
Can you detect a hoover
Grids and Adobe
Re: [OT] Can you detect a hoover
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] image display
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] renaming tree nodes
PREFIX directive
printing - graphics
Time Dilemmer
DIRECTORY directive
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] DIRECTORY directive
unix vs Windows web engine problem
PVX PlugIn for Eclipse
Hovering over a button
Viewing PDFs
Upgrade 5.01 to 5.14
SETERR and Panels
Strange stuff with App Server on 5.14
system up-time
opening a PDF
question about printer
webserver error handling
Re: Time Dilemmer *OT*
Grid LockRows property
LockRows property
Specific cells in grids
Filtering a huge number of recs
Deleteing Outlook Appointments
&& in menus
printing PDF's
Communicating via SOAP
CTL value for pressing the INSERT key (TBred to PvX Conversion)
ODBC - MSQUERY Filtering
opening and writing to a remote file
*OT* Re: [Pvx] opening and writing to a remote file
Printing BMP's to *PDF*
Beginner to SOAP
Linux file update time
Characters per PDF row
Field separator
PVX 7.49: get_file_box
PVX 7.49: insert record
PVX 7.49: chr()
ssl in webserver
Linkfile to a printer
NOMADS Resizes a regular window
'*I' mnemonic how to use/format
Linux Version
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] PVX 7.49: insert record
Interfacing with phone-system
end-of- line terminator for serial files in Unix
Get a Ctrl-A
Command directory issue
question providex server/clients
Who has record locked
Default Font on Query Print
Grid column issue
** OT Test
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Who has record locked
Opening file in Novell
Reading a single key (0-9 .. A-Z)
Hitting enter in a cell
Ctl value behavior
Selected colour on Grid
PVX 7.49: merging panels
Screen size adjustments
Windows Vista
JDBC Drivers
*OT* Canadian CPA Cheque printing
*OT* Re: [Pvx] Windows Vista
Re: *OT* Windows Vista
Re: [SPAM] RE: [Pvx] Windows Vista
SAMBA issue
bbx to pvx conversion differences
internal icons
webserver still down
Release Announcement - ProvideX Plug-in for Eclipse (Open Beta 2)
webserver mime types
firefox problem
RW Print OutPut
Make <F2> like SHIFT+<F2>
*bmp Directory
Paste in *it
Encryption Levels
Error Zero Data Dictionary
Re: [SPAM] RE: [Pvx] Make <F2> like SHIFT+<F2>
RH Linux ES 3 U3: PVXODBC server 'pvxodbs' respawning too rapidly
Re: *OT* Paste in *it
Nomads - an easy question
error reporting
PCK UPK Function
tab VRS shift+tab
error 20?
converting Thorobred to Pvx
ODBC Local vs C/S Issue
system_help in its own pvx window
RPC examples
Conversion tbd -->Pvx : fonction PCK/UCK
jul err
PVX 7.49: fldr'gotoTab()
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] error 20?
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 7.50 (Open Beta 4)
Error 65 in grid
Re: Nomads select messages
ODBC Driver Upgrade
Margins for *winprt*
Querry option
List_box resize
HTML postings to Mail list


Update PVX 7.49.0300 -> 7.49.0400
WindXPlugin 7.49.0400 Update on MS-TS 2003
preserve type of writing
ProvideX Sales Flyer
FOR NEXT Loop not playing nice with SELECT statements
Tabs in panels
non-normal file & embedded iolist
Re: *OT* non-normal file & embedded iolist
Clearing an IOLIST
Antwort: [Pvx] WindXPlugin 7.49.0400 Update on MS-TS 2003
PVX 7.49.0400: signed integers broken with COM-objects
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] preserve type of writing
Re: empty file dialog
evs/evn question
Alternate KEY (KNO)
Web engine won't stay started
GRID row labels
disabled trees
Antwort: [Pvx] GRID row labels
Monitor positions
SSL on 5.14 for Redhat ES3
PDF in Bold
*OT* Vista issue with using Amyuni PDF Converter
Timer Control
very odd JavX behavior...
Providex initial loading speed on Vista slow when ini specified and UAC on
Printing to *PDF vs Printer or Amyuni pdf
Changing Fonts on the fly...
Get the server name
Drop box auto loading
Pre-Programmed Function Keys
App Server dies?
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: [Pvx] WindXPlugin 7.49.0400 Update on MS-TS 2003
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] wishlist
Translate VBscript to ProvideX
Negative numbers in Red
Vista again not allowing external Invoke *** Huge Problem ***
Have a Select Statement return just one key
ODBC Version 4.10 & MAS Version 3.71
Re: *OT* Vista again not allowing external Invoke *** Huge Problem ***
Grid presets
Printer Form Feeds
ERR 65: Windows element does not exist
Switching between printers problem
Getting to late to think well
V6.1 *PDF* printing alignment issue
V6.1 Nomads Issue
Scaling a bmp or jpg using picture command
[NOMADS] using a mask only for INPUT/OUTPUT, but no for storage
Timeout - no keyboard input
My PDF confusion
Nomads IMAGE control, where are you?
Statement of Vista Compatibility
Keyed file is being opened as a Serial file
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 7.50
Release Announcement - ProvideX Plug-in for Eclipse
Re: Release Announcement - ProvideX Plug-in for Eclipse - Line labels
Antwort: [Pvx] Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 7.50
JavX Issues
Eclipse and ProvideX or *IT?
Trial #3 - Timeout - no keyboard input
Local Statement Error
Re: *ot*[Pvx] Release Announcement - Pr"FovideX Version 7.50
How to get a file version
'!V' system parameter
flash movies on Eclipse
Re: Keyed file is being opened as a Serial file - Resolved!
*winprt* opens of Adobe Acrobat and 3rd party print to screen
*OT* Pxplus necklace
HTML Version of the Language Reference
Error 12 trying to open *viewer*
Documentation for where clause
adding tabs to folder
Help with drop-list buttons
Detecting multiple instances of the same ERR?
Grid problem in 7.5?
WindX on Linux
Embedded Iolists - Numerics variables that are part of a substring
Detecting syntax and other errors after loading ASCII text program files
Re: [SPAM] RE: [Pvx] Detecting syntax and other errors after loading ASCII text program files
How to Get Column List with ProvideX Version 6.5
ocx and changing focus
Urgent licensing question
Re: Urgent licensing question - RESOLVED
REC in Select
Unable to open NOMADS File Layouts ...
nomads query: sort by
Vista issues continued...
Re: nomads query: sort by - UPDATE
Upgrade problem
NOMADS record layouts ...
NTHOST task bar windx info
Printer 'ff' problem
Re: NTHOST task bar windx info - solved it myself
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Detecting syntax and other errors after loading ASCII text program files
Dictionary - sub strings within a field
Eclipse help
ODBC 4.1 vs 4.0
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Detecting syntax and other errors after loading ASCII text program files
Using ASP to access key files via Providex RPC
Re: nomads query: sort by - ERR 26
Non-normal files
Mail List Outage - Planned Maintenance
OLE/COM MS Word printout() ERR 88
printing new questions
question about MYSQL
RE : [Pvx] printing new questions
Move window to 2nd monitor
NOMADS - User Defined Control
Dynamically Changing a Windows Attribute
ProvideX Now Listed on Eclipse Plugin Central!
WindX plug-in activation
GRID help.
Error 13 in *windx.utl
which JRE for JavX?
Error 57 in JavX 2.5
Loading of a list box
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Error 57 in JavX 2.5
Re: Eclipse help (Bracket Matching, Formatting, Code Folding)
Winprt_Setup / *Winprt* Issue
appserver WindX remote disconnects
Scientific notation
Nomads error: unable to create display list
Re: Scientific notation **OT**
Dump from PDF


Inputting into multilines
Quick Vista question
PURGE/REFILE and resetting file size
Nomads: locked attribute on panels
Vista flying folders problem
Vista UAC control
Bulk conversion program ...
PVXFID0 on Vista
Mutilple fonts on a print line
Broken links at home page
file maintenance pgm is disabling controls
Unloading a program
*OT* Login from Vista work station to Red Hat Linux?
Null Key problem - returns
Changing fonts
Unform issue with HP 4050n
Excel Events
Differences between Open BASIC & ProvideX
Update a Word Document
radio button initial value
Rsync tool and Providex Data Files
More Load On Demand
Oracle Support
WindX communication drops (remote)
error 12 with *winprt*
menus / navigation - suggestions ??
Process directive: EXIT vs RETURN
More Oracle Questions
displaying message of update progress
Save file on a FTP site
Remote Process returns error on read
Providex Fault on Windows 2003 Server
Email test
message library question
Re: Differences between Open BASIC & ProvideX - Part 2
How to update our application from our website
Re: Err = 301, OS err=45: Deadlock situation detected/avoided
Import/Export in Nomads
Re: Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: [Pvx] question about capslock in providex
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: [Pvx] question about capslock in providex
PUT file to URL?
Classes Objects not creating all the time
List Box and Icons
question about registry com objects
reference to sum function
WindX crash with "pvxwin32.exe has created errors"
multilines & data dictionary
[OT] Re: [Pvx] WindX crash with "pvxwin32.exe has created errors"
*HTML* ??
Application Code/Rights for Sale....
Enable sorting a listbox
printer tray in *windev* vs *winprt*
Message in winproc
** OT RE: [Pvx] Message in winproc
Error 200
*OT* Mail list times
Network card and ProvideX Speed
Report print font size
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] reference to sum function
Call C++ DLL function from PROVIDEX
multi line validation
preserving formatting in file
Daylight Savings Time
Panel stuck in *winproc.mnu
'SS' parameter and program logical integrity
Antwort: [Pvx] 'SS' parameter and program logical integrity
Row highlight in a grid
Variant problem ??
ATTR from Open Basic
error 77 Unable to Prepare (Out of memory)
error 12 on keyed statement
transfering popups
ODBC sql
Re: transferring popups
Error 46 on PERFORM
License Issue?
Grid scrolling
Unable to connect to host:[tcp] Windows Server 2003
XML import
WDX and TCB(44) and TCB(45)
Daylight Savings Time - repost
Printing to Viewer and Printer is different
On Change Logic and Menus
Antwort: [Pvx] On Change Logic and Menus
Re: License Issue?]
Printing to Viewer and Printer is different - repost
gui or other menu system
reaching memory limits
print 'pop' DELAY
*OT* A Loss for us all
Web Services
HIDE fonted text
grid textcolor & buttons
Saving a SCREEN colour atrribute
Unsubscribing - for now *OT*
Nomads panel quick ?
OT - Basis PRO/5 License for Sale
Time Created
menu example for win-*nix envmt.
*WISH* On Change Logic and Menus
drag'n'drop from explorer
ODBC v3.33 - spaces in path
List_Box IOList Error
Text box problem
Display HTML Popups
Shapes question
grid CellTip
grid checkbox values
Grid box question
Re: Cell Tip/grid checkbox values
XML to Byte Array
Oulook object
Data Dictionary Array
[pvx] Outlook object
Renaming SRVANY.EXE when running PVX Host as a service
Newbie to PVX 7.5
celltip timeout
Testing for SETTIME
How to speed up printing a BMP on peer-2-peer
Resetting a printer
Webserver reference
Antwort: [Pvx] winprt
Confusing KEP Results
BUTTON content$ left justified
GRID based on Query
Rich Text Word processor control
Unix Network printer issue
*OT - Vista printer configuration woes
Re: GRID based on Query - got it
Developer in Chicago
Multiple PDF channels?
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] msgbox
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] msgbox
menu examples


*OT* Test of server
For, Gosub, While, ... stack
Testing, testing
Re: *OT* Testing, testing
Re: Testing, testing *OT*
1/2 character 189
Print to Excell
*OT* Email lost as spam
Set_param 'AP'/*pdf* question
Panel Title
generic method invocation
modify a moved listbox item
Windx Plugin TCB(32) value in PVX 7
Variable dropboxes in nomads auto-highlighted when panel is resized
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] generic method invocation
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] generic method invocation
Blue Tooth barcode scanners
question about protection
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] modify a moved listbox item
cash drawer command
*nomads and old style panel logic
SSH connection and terminal emulation
semi-colons as indents
*web/email - Sending Body as Attachment
EXCEL Object
Dropped emails from *web/email
Pro5 conversion
Returning printer namesl
Excel Object properties
Excel Object with WindX
Excel Object column width
ODBC and Excel
*wingrp (or *WINGRP)
Release Announcement - v1.2 ProvideX Plug-in for Eclipse (Open Beta)
tip on query column
Disabled Drop Box Font
*ot Whats with the attachment
Timed Traces
Remove Dictionary
Open Channel after using *viewer*
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Remove Dictionary
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Remove Dictionary
preserve controls
TXW Question
V 6.1 - Nomads Query Questions?
Providex Line number limit
Err=4 printing to windev printer through windx
Def Object, Error 88's
drop_box in nomads class
Support for Mac OS X on Intel Macs?
ZIP code advice
INPUT issue
error in constructor
reliability of @X()
Program editor *IT WISH
Thoroghbred Files
reliability of @X() continued
Tab Stop
Antwort: [Pvx] Tab Stop
Excel Object Delete
control groups and folders
printer suggestions
What's up with the silent list or am I missing all the fun?
Re: *ot* What's up with the silent list or am I missing all the fun?
Converting a CALLable program into an Object
Coding shortcuts
Vista and panel widths
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Vista and panel widths
FYI - EXTRACTs and MS SQL Server 2005
Serial Record Terminator
file header
Dropping trailing SEP
post-display-logic and folder.pvc
'TEXT'( mnemonic lengh limit?
Err 41 with screenresolution 2048x768
*OT* Mike King's BB
Conversion to SQL
Bin 1 or 2 from CSF Epson
FAST FOOD Point-of-Sale System
Head scratching IOLIST somenum:[dec(10)]
Resizable dialogue for images ....
Interesting List_Box Write Problem
Formatting Phone Numbers
Default CHUI screen size
Cursor in multiline
Locked Multiline is changing
PDF Err99
Record length for serial files
ffn Error still not fixed !!!
FFN Error still not fixed
Object problem
V6.1 Current Font Setting
ODBC licensing questions
Clean App Server Stop at shutdown
Multi_line not performing on focus logic
Multiline-query button
[PVX] Predicting User licenses exceeded
Server Side Window Not Minimized on Task Bar NTHost/NTSlave
Remapping CTL values
Taskbar Activity
MySQL connection failure
Odbc and Views
WindX Plugin Installation problem
How to refresh multi_line after popup panel closes?
App server with encryption - certificate
Re: How to refresh multi_line after popup panel closes? - RESOLVED
Dictionary Maintenance directory in Eclipse Providex Plugin
Can multi_line do word wrap?
Re: Can multi_line do word wrap? - CANCEL
formatting a cell in a grid
choice of printers
My UNDO button
Julian date
Viewer still closes down paging down report
Password Param
Sage Software Canada Responses
Nomads V6.1 - Title Bar Buttons
Error 12 in _winproc
Re: Error 12 in _winproc - CANCEL
Using 'WAIT 0' doesn't appear to be flushing the display cache


locking a column on a grid
Release Announcement - v1.2 ProvideX Plug-in for Eclipse
Resizing panel to a lower resolution
ProvideX on Mac G5's
Rediredting report to PDF
Automatic serial buffer flush
True resizing in nomads
Open Basic records
FieldMapping in ActiveX in Crystal
folder issues
close nomads panel from code
Antwort: [Pvx] close nomads panel from code
Providex Text-Programms under Eclipse
Smart Display field / No Data Msg
Re: Redirecting report to PDF
'SHOW' and Default Session
List Edit line length with file channel
Upcoming Web Seminar - ProvideX Plug-in for Eclipse
*ot* direxions name tag
Opening network printer problem error 12
ERR=65 inside an Object?
Providex V6.1 Select text in a multiline
small question
Focus Not on Current Window
Re: ERR=65 inside an Object? (Solved)
Service Booking Module
Thin client PC recommendations for WindX usage
optional parameters
Firewall dropping WindX connections
ODBC To FileMaker ?
Automation in ProvideX
Disable File Pre-write etc
ProvideX Events
printing pdf files using OCX from within PVX
*OT* RE: [Pvx] ProvideX Events
Smart drop-box question
[PVX]Eclipse and PVX Executable
Smart drop-box
Courier New Bold font pain
Re: Courier New Bold font pain - FIXED
Treeview list box queries
Execute Panel NOMADS
error 12 using winprt
Line Feed disabling ...
PDF Printing & Viewing
SSL Connection
Picture on/in PDF
Converting ESN Numbers to Hex
More info on ESN conversion
Padding/Stripping fields
OOP nomads secondary screens
Asterisks as PREFIX Wildcards
FTP and Proxy
Redisplay grid starting at specific row
MIS tech site (list archives)
Providex V6.10 - Display a graphic (.ico or .bmp) located on a Unix/Linux server
*FYI* - Microsoft looks to 64 bit future
Local Global Variables
delete folder over network
Windx Standalone 7.50 vrs 7.0
FTP with username and password
Debuggging Options
Re: [Spam][100.0%] Re: [Pvx] Debuggging Options
Re: Debugging Options
validation rules
Error handling with method call
Release Announcement - v1.3 ProvideX Plug-in for Eclipse (Open Beta)
Key definition problems
OOP - quick refresher ....
record size
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] record size
Would like to look at *web/email I get a Authorization Failure. Also having problems sending emails through PVX
truncated multiline conrol
password for _views\viewctl.pvc is not "password"
No Escape
Images in a grid
Serial files limited to 1500 bytes?
FACTS Software Xpert
Creating a PDF on a Windx Client
Antwort: [Pvx] List Box Question
PVX windows 7.10 crashing.
resizing *nomads-panels
Problems with COM functions
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] resizing *nomads-panels
Translating values in LIST_BOX
Error 15 while opening [tcp] channel
translated _mlfile
Deciaml point (or komma) problem
Re: dll - sorry!
Providex.script and error
waiting 0.5 seconds
Display sessions in use on server
multiple Excel instances
avoiding labels
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] avoiding labels
PVX V6.10/Nomad V6.10 - Signal on Exit causes control logic to execute twice
stk(-1) behavior


Re: Port reference for a cash drawer
Prevent an Object from deletion
F2 triggers Query
Providex.Script Question
Excel OCX access in non-English Windows.
Mixing telnet and nthost/ntslave
monitoring printer port
Searching *[
Eclipse plug in question
Proper Date Format
File Maintenance Folders
F2 openes query
WindX client dies
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] WindX client dies
corrupted file: Providex.ddf ?
*OT* Users Forum
Tablet PC with "hand written" input and PVC
Interfacing with outlook - best practices
'CP' using Lide Drawing chars?
A bug?
Disabling RELEASE
Crystal Reports 10
Redefine 'FF' to not clear the screen
Ubuntu Windx clients
Virtual Machine using VMWARE
interface to netphone
Incomplete copying
Key of extracted record
Menu Bar copy
COM port read/print question
verifying radio button value
Trapping grid cell termination keys
Pvx 5.14 on SCO
Providex Version 6.1 - Fonts on Folders not honored
*OT* Blue Bear Announcement
File Maintenance panel size
Accessing PVX data from external LAMP server
Eclipse ProvideX-Plugin Test
multiline with popup
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] multiline with popup
Apparent UTF-8 encoding in pvx socket
Data Dictionary using BIN/DEC packed fields
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] multiline with popup
Screen resolution second screen?
drop-list button
# of
Re: *ot* [Pvx] # of
Open 2 files in same Excel workbook as separate sheets
Exchange server / email addresses
Release Announcement - ProvideX ODBC Version 4.20 (Beta)
Append to .csv file
MSGBOX default button
Starting another session
Re: Cash Drawer help
color printing
avi animation on vista
grid lookup/query
[OT] Basis and Addon
'MX' and MSGBOX sounds
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] grid lookup/query
Load on Demand / Background loading
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] grid lookup/query
Printing the Euro sign
pvx.ini file
nomads - panel in use
*winproc change_flg problem
App Serv 6.2 on 64 bit
PURGE a SQL Server table
CPI command was: RE: [Pvx] color printing
auto tab after custom query
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] auto tab after custom query
Release Announcement - v1.3 ProvideX Plug-in for Eclipse
*dict/dd_updt question
linux printing
WindX with Ubuntu
Re: WindX with Ubuntu - going [OT]
grid sort by column
properties lose values
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] properties lose values
How activate the Report WRITER
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] properties lose values
Comparison Utility
Antwort: [Pvx] Comparison Utility
Funny in Vista
OLE automation of Word - OT
PVX ODBC from MS Query and MS Access
Using 'picture' with WindX
Tab order on radio buttons
JPG in Nomads
[ODB] issue
Simple Windx Question
Debugging help
inconsistent change_flg
Image printing.
Pete and No Repeat
Windx with WINE and GNOME
color pattern for disabled controls
it error 88
ERR=0 question ...
Proper syntax for something
Using external bitmap in a ListView
making a screendump
Providex ODBC to MAS issue?
Another Open Basic Conversion question
changed insert record
network considerations running providex
Sending messages
Cannot update identity column
*viewer* docs
Text File characters lost
*winprt* and dot-matrix printers
List possible Objects/Applications
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] chg()
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] chg()


preposition mouse pointer
Help with badly corrupted KEYED file please
display text of combobox
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] display text of combobox
Vista and PEER-TO-PEER
Release Announcement - v1.4 ProvideX Plug-in for Eclipse (Open Beta)
[OT] Nothing for 12 hours
[ot]Mistec - is it working
embedded panel with pop_up menu
PVX debugging windows for Unix/Linux
Odd problem
RE : [Pvx] List possible Objects/Applications
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] List possible Objects/Applications
Access to Controls on a Panel/Tab on a folder
com obj
deploy patches
more obj
*OT* COM PORT testing in Vista
re post- *VIEWER* options
Panel name
Query Selection Definitions
Reading XML
Multi-line Input Format
Re: re post- *VIEWER* options..Sage any thoughts?
Direxions 2007 - Time is running out!
Re: overflow
*OT* Sage Software Phone system
Dropping Objects and Closing Files in Web Server
Creating a New Window
Changing an embedded panel at runtime
Antwort: [Pvx] Changing an embedded panel at runtime
Encrypt an Export File
*windev* to local file
Re: Dropping Objects and Closing Files in Web Server *OT* :-)
Sample Encryption code
obj repost
Providex I/O ?
PVX and Vista status from the client side
Release Announcement - v1.4 ProvideX Plug-in for Eclipse (Beta Update)
GET_FILE BOX over windx.
JavX downloads
using non-standard PDF fonts?
Spawn and user slots
Windx connection error
Announcement - New ProvideX Website
RE : [Pvx] Announcement - New ProvideX Website
*WISH* Program Compare
Antwort: [Pvx] Announcement - New ProvideX Website
DLL help
Tracking all writes
*OT* Open Basic
type mismatch
*OT* Fortran
reading pipes
COM event handler
Free space within file
Release Announcement - ProvideX ODBC Version 4.20
drop box value-err 11
Windx connection failure
Err 15 using [DDE] interface
Executing pvx programs from shell scripts
Error 88 in WindX 6.20
Call Store procedure
download patches
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] download patches
Dummy event trigering?
Reading a SCALE from Pvx Program
Pie Chart Problem
Eclipse and Embedded Dictionary Tab...
[TCP] send/receive question
Type of Unix File Locking used by Providex
odd grid behavior
installing Eclipse plugin ...
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 7.60 Beta
[very OT] french translation question
Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer, Touch Screen recommendations
Input mask & Delete key
Nomads 7.5 - cursor key movement & Alternate Button Key
selecting multiple rows in a grid
PxPlus Window XYPOS OPTION question
Multi_line properties question
Print to screen compressing
SCO Unix 5.05 root password
question about capslock in providex
one panel for dialogs and windows
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] one panel for dialogs and windows
solid state drives
Err=41 trying to use the DD Maint panel
PVX V7.5 - Operator Coded Printer
Tag field variable
Re: Tag field variable -got it
Variable Names in a Program?
Backcolor$ in Multi_line
IOList help needed ...
problem with calendar
Automate testing
Release Announcement - v1.4 ProvideX Plug-in for Eclipse
VBA to Providex....
file permissions
Multiple images
testing tcp connection
*UFAR vs fixvlr


User ID
ODBC and numerics
Re:[Pvx] obj repost
question on nomads
Parameters in a CALL
Web Service Question
ODBC -Unable to obtain list of tables from data source
List_box focus
Antwort: [Pvx] List_box focus
strange error 22
File attachments in this list
Test HTML message
Mailing List and Attachments
Re: Another Open Source Business Basic
Capturing signatures
*OT* ProvideX classifieds?
GPF in PVX 6 & later
Debugging a PVXWIN32.EXE - Application Error
Comparing libraries
printing and faxing
PVX Views
Re: PVX Views *OT*
ListBox problem(?)
Nomads 7.5 - Folder Tabs Clear when switching
Google sidebar causing nomad screen errors
Error 92 at line 1020 in *obj/folder.pvc
concatenating variables from an iolist into one variable
Grid Auto load
Re: OPEN PURGE on Programs...
Flow Listing
multiline - ring my bell if hight greater than one?
multilne not beeping when full
Control not 'highlighting'
Copying an iolist
Backup & Disk Space Availability
checkable listbox items
multiline - ring my bell if height greater than one?
Missing data on print
ODBC Utilization of Alternate Keys
*OT* SQL last 2 records
special input multiline/listbox/etc
Suppressing date formatting when opening a text file in Excel
Generating a compact key
properties & methods doc
Folder Tab
*OT* Linux ruling
Folders cause funky 'COL and 'LINE values on multilines
Web Site Problems
*it problem
dynamic buildop of SELECT command
Redisplay a folder tab
Using debug tools on the Application server
Hot keys with button using the 'TEXT$ property
Missing list postings sometimes
Nomads checkbox displays different
Update a list box on a tab which is not active
removing password on the fly
time out on multiline?
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 7.60
Antwort: [Pvx] Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 7.60
Epson POS printer
font size = 1
Navigating tabs
Jonas software and Fabtrol software
*OT DireXions and BBx manuals
Microsoft Document Image Writer / Kind of a dangerous thing / FYI
MODI / clarification
blank all controls
thoroughbred to pvx
- Nomad et List Box
Pvx + Windx license question
Folder tabs post display logic
remote computer name
Does Eclipse requre file extensions?
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Folder tabs post display logic
Capturing keystrokes
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Folder tabs post display logic
DD parameter and DIR()
hiding a cost
Re: hiding a cost NEVERMIND
RE : [Pvx] - Nomad et List Box
time of last access
System command prompt
Generate Data Dictionary from a source database like Excel
redefine function key
LIST_BOX LOAD and long strings
.chm file display over network
funzy-wunzy *OT*
pvx error trapping
*OT* RE: [Pvx] funzy-wunzy *OT*
v7.6 AutoUpdater Repository
convert from BBx
*PDF* +80cols?
Not satisfactory output with viewer
equivalent to SET_PARAM 'XC' for PTY/TTY?
Command line option to suppress license warning
Re: Capturing keystrokes] - Repost
OO question
Listbox READ question
Grid scroll bar click detection
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] OO question
Direxions - Friday night
Re: .csv format
Query prefix file setting
List View - turn sort capability off & on by program control
variable assignment thru dummy function
stepping thru program
List archive down?
change panel background image
creating multikeyed files
cell button on grid - signal only
Query button on a grid cell
Antwort: [Pvx] Query button on a grid cell
nomads panel and character based programs
Direxions CD Question
Using ftp;receive
newbie: questions
[Nomads]Menu Bar
*OT* - Program - fixvlr Mike K
Query object 'file linked' to sort file
Pvx data via ODBC with Hyperion
Update on Direxions ?
Manual OCX Registration
*CONTROL when not needed
Vista install not responding
*OT* SDSI UnForm Conference Announcement
BBx <-> PVX
Unform Software
Re: Strange Behavior
[Nomads] : Dependency
Grid status msg$
Aligment problem
print select


version 7.x
newbie: Slave Printer
Report Writer - Sort
COM-record as parameter
Java RunTime Environment or JDK Needed for ECLIPSE
V5.x -> V6.x -> V7.x new version features list
Strange Behavior continued
Virtual paths Webserver
Antwort: [Pvx] JavX
Eclipse Source Code - Programm Code
counter over 99
Problems with folders
Parameter in COM-constructor
Carbonite Back-up system - Restore
Re: No data dictionary found for specified database
Right Justify
shortcut target changes
newbie Grid quandrie
More Newbie Grid questions
Drop Box Translation Issue
Background loading on Drop_box
bbx2pvx in sco6
running from cron
Downloading from website
"Smart" Drop_box ?
Calendar-based date entry
Still More Newbie Grid Questions
Seg fault with tbl()
GRID again...
Still more Newbie Grid Questions Again
tbred to providex
processing a query panel
splitting query result
Reading data from Bluetooth barcode scanners
printers again
Using _SFX$ in Nomads panel pre-display
Excel wrapping lines
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 8 Beta
Pvx 8.0
extended control attributes
RE : [Pvx] Using _SFX$ in Nomads panel pre-display
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Using _SFX$ in Nomads panel pre-display
Err 31 using memory files
Printers in Linux
Start_up sample
RE : [Pvx] Start_up sample
Value of Insert key
Another Parameter Question 'BX'
*OT* SCO filing for bankruptcy
Testing V8 features
vers 7.1 questions
V8 Nomads font size
BEGIN not closing large channel numbers
Nomads panel & ESCAPE
How to send username/password to *web/email
*continue label
Antwort: [Pvx] Nomads panel & ESCAPE
control on tab not updating
AppServer Login
Re: OT *proceed
ODBC upgrade - standalone 3.02 to c/s 4.20
Re: *proceed *OT*
Nomads Validator
2 more grid questions
Version 8 issues
Grid Bug ??
Antwort: [Pvx] Grid Bug ??
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: [Pvx] Grid Bug ??
Bug Webserver?
Dependency Def with a PROCESS
Application Server ?
Re: Dependency Def *NEVERMIND
color question
<Pvx> color question
Pvx 7.5+Nomads
no Indexed files in Data Dictionary
Barcode Printing to Zebra TLP2844
Which key causes the error 11?
Terminate another window
Antwort: [Pvx] Terminate another window
Version 8 4d buttons in Vista
Print to Screen question
Speed question
*OT what's that old computer work
pvx odbc timeout
RE : [Pvx] Pvx 7.5+Nomads
Mini - Amazon like providex Application
multi_line highlighting
Need program to terminate
Display order in nomads
Printers 'AGAIN'
OT Open Basic Printing
Re: Display order in nomads *OT*
printer woes
Nomads woes
[TCP] disconnected
Pvx+Nomads : Newbiz - Wan
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 8 Beta 2
Problem with *win/date


making a screen capture with 'TR' or 'RP'
Dual monitor message dialogue
ERR=15 DDE write to Excel
Pvx+Nomads : Newbiz - Wan - SUITE
numeric values returned by Excel
extracting from a multikeyed file
Re: PVX Views - Permissions
Appserver lock up
Beginners Guide to Reading from Excell
Re: Folder and tabs *OT*
strange IF...THEN...ELSE behaviour
RE : [Pvx] Pvx+Nomads : Newbiz - Wan - SUITE
color listing
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Pvx+Nomads : Newbiz - Wan - SUITE
Linux ODBC Question
close spool file in Linux
Re: Beginners Guide to Reading from Excell - if @ 1st U don't succeed :)
ODBC Strip Trailing Spaces
integrate to Quickbooks
capturing function keys in a grid
Grid Tutorial
How to pop a nomads designed popup menu
Scalablity help
replace text in Word document
Speed question - Continued
Nomads V7.5 - Global function on a multiline
Minor bug in About..Info
Sample I/O Library prog for Linux
Err=11 on a close of a [TCP] channel
TIM resolution on Red Hat Linux AS3.0
HTTP Header
preinput -1015
Error in query definition
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] preinput -1015
*OT views in Sage BIExplorer
PVX version 7.5 - export to Excel in Office 2007
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 8
Release Announcement - Views and Report Writer Tutorials
record lock in Linux RH
PVX vs. BBx speed
Viewer Zoom
Arrays in Nomads
Another newbie question or three
*OT* Anti-virus
Initial Windx Font
newbie to pvx-specific - READ DATA FROM
version 8 question
Star Micronics cash drawer open command
Image size
Release Announcement - v1.5 ProvideX Plug-in for Eclipse (Beta)
Eclipse Plugin
vanishing PVX windows
Debugging question
Odd List Box behaviour
INPUT not recognized after LIST_BOX
Providex and Sage ACT
retrieve first control on tab panel
Fonted Text color
Release Announcement - ProvideX ODBC Version 4.21 (Beta)
RLA 2008 Associate program
Change to *win/flmaint
OT - FACTS - newbie
open WORD doc as read-only
window numbers & windex
Re: open WORD doc as read-only - resolved
display .jpg
windex - newbie
*secure program passwd
windex mnemonics
LIST_BOX followed by INPUT
How an control gets focus question
Re: Windows Help Needed
next available control ID like UNT
Get a file from a website
Text messaging from providex
Data Dictionary Physical Update Test
Error printing data dictionary
Professional Bundle
Using %NOMAD_TIMEOUT with a concurrent window only
Disabling the Pvx Menu
Application Server date/time stamps
Static iol
JavX Queries
How to send BEEP to pc speaker windex to unix os
Tab Headings, Nomads
Remote printing
printers on USB port under linux
Strange ProvideX errors in Citrix environment
Pvx with faceterm
Folders and required fields
Blue Bear Status
Providex version 5.14 or 6.30 on Redhat version 5
Fire in San Diego *OT*
locking problems
OT - changing user name in xp
ACT! interface
How to handele bbx setops in pvx
last id
BBX To PVX Input Question
Err 11 on BEGIN
max # records in a file ?
Providex 7.6 Installing A Service
Another JavX query
method invocation
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] method invocation
Hi Need Some Details
Global Variable assignment
Release Announcement - v1.5 ProvideX Plug-in for Eclipse
Program File Size
Grid column and row resizing
Class Objects and their Speed
PVX on Mac
Re: [OT] Class Objects and their Speed
Phone Mask on Query
Nomads timer object
Cat'r read the COM port
NOMADS: Input format change on the fly
*OT* Mailman hosting companies
Release Announcement - ProvideX ODBC Version 4.21
Multiline Input Length
clarify SELECT BEGIN/END stmt
Paper tray on Pagepro
OCX - what is it 'exactly'
thoroughbred to providex-gui
TIP message in LIST_BOX


ODBC fields not showing
grid property error 0
Another oddity?
XML (second level) in ProvideX?
openport under providex
Problem with *web/email
PVX version 8 *ot*
Zebra TLP2844 printing
PVX V7.5
Smart List duplicates
*OT* - Testing email as my server had been down
events from tree view listbox
Keys with filters
Problem with tracking in joined columns
Nomads v8 issues
*it Editor - File Menu gone
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] error 13
Need advice
String template data
RLA 2008 Associate Lead program - November 9th
* OT * - ProjeXions - networking for ProvideX programmers ...
Integrating logtext.dll to PVX applications
Turning on date/time stamp in PVX ODBC client logs
Random character generator
Tabs, Enter and List_box's
Re: [OT][Pvx] RLA 2008 Associate Lead program - November 9th
Word Automation *OT*
Posting Guidelines
credit card processing software
highly recoverable
PVX 7.5 - Control ID
Program/line size limits?
DEFPRT in WindX requires EXECUTE?
Nomads panel movement recording
drawing images
radio button flipping me out
Sockets not reporting line drop
Multiline with Data Class - query won't stick
[PVX]Problem with *nthost in red hat 7.1
Font for specificCountry
Property GET override
*OT* - Projexions - a social network for Providex programmers ...
Re: Help -Again- with XML
Query link - multiple columns
hta command
modifying bitmaps
Character mode
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] drawing images
Prinitng BMP or JPG invoice forms
panel drawn beneath other windows
Running Windows defrag on a drive where PVX is installed
Open Basic Conversion Question
HPLAND For Legal Paper
File with internal IOL, open with REC= ?
Mailing list archives at -- site down?
How to open a folder and select a file to open
Re: How to open a folder and select a file to open - never mind - DUH
Documentation error V7.0 GET_FILE_BOX
get_file_box directory
Re: Mailing list archives at -- site
Getting a file name - more
New Field Separator
FID function
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Mailing list archives at -- site down?
Object Class Name ?
[OT] Linux server redundancy synchronisation
Nomads Panel - Multi-Line
Identifying processes with files opened in Appserver environment
grid cell tip display timeout
Menubar not showing second level stuff with "&"
PDF pages
gui - permission denied
PDF Output from Version 8
Company Parameter in the ODBC Driver
Nomads list box problem
grid cell tip display timeout / user32.dll
message box interfering with on change logic of button
Eclipse PVX Auto-Compile on Save
tbred conversion - bundltbd.asc
Announcement - Searchable List Archive
PDF File name in "PDF Printer"
Launching new email from ProvideX
ftp under Providex and Windx (Unix)
Frames in Nomads
Problem using 'longtext' column when writing to MySQL table
How to use Java with a Providex screen
Grid Button Bitmap Transparency
[ot] suse slow
Re: [PvxAnn] Release Announcement - v1.5 ProvideX Plug-in for Eclipse
GRID sorting error
menu switching problem
* OT * RE: [Pvx] menu switching problem
*OT* Programmer wanted
Re: * OT * program fixes
Windx siz= problem
Querry display issue
Grid Drop box Load


Execute and Windx turbo mode
*OT* ExpressLink Software
*IT Error
Mutli Line IF statement
Select all in list_box in Windx
connecting to ODBC from pvx
Eclipse Preferences ProvideX Builder Options 'Build ProvideX Data Files'
Eclipse Preferences ProvideX Builder 'Build ProvideX Data Files'
Re: Announcement - Searchable List Archive *OT*
Embedded IO docs
A simple test
**[OT]** Please ignore
Is the list working?
Re: Is the list working? *OT*
create appointments with MAPI
open share by UNC
Pvx+Nomad 7.5 : Freeze on Windows XP
Error=15 on LIST_BOX directive
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 7.70 Beta
Windx slow over VPN
Toolbar buttons
error 121 openning a file
Question about Licenses for Windx
MS Mail object on Vista
It editor program recovery
Mixing Pvx versions
PVX database Access on VB.NET using
File names with an asterisk
modal dialogs
grid cell backcolour
File buffering '-B'
MS Office Object Model
purge and wdx
Release Announcement - v1.6 ProvideX Plug-in for Eclipse (Beta)
Variable Assignment Help
bbx printing to pvx equivalence
Re: *OT* Variable Assignment Help
Chart dimension
error 11 from listbox
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] error 11 from listbox
Printer setup question
Latest ODBC for Ver 5.14
windex font sizing
printer select
execute permissions
Re: re-phrased: windex font sizing
nomads variable list
Re: nomads variable list *OT*
Customizer add-on message
RE : [Pvx] nomads variable list
Populating fields in folders
com port err=0
Announcement - Direxions 2007 Archive
Outlook Email Date/Time Format
Move a file
problems understanding TXW function
GUI -> ufv.w err=11
Pvx 5.14 on RedHat 4.6 64-bit
Custom Graphs
Active Directory
radio buttons - copy changes name
Nevermind.. Drop Box blank after FLDR'GOTOTAB(FLDR'CURRENTTAB'ID)
Re: **OT** radio buttons - copy changes name
little words in the Big Picture - winproc - meanwhile Merry Christmas 2 U
ODBC error with MS Access
ODBC access violation
unt vs hfn
'close box' attribute in Nomads
Error 34
nomads newbie documentation
Multi-segement files and PVX activation keys
Use of journaled filesystems in Linux with Pvx
Re: SET_PARAM 'XT' was Error 34
how to get the data from a database
Odd Nomads Behavior