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Report Writer Version 7.00.0020
Jane Raymond
Pvxwin32.exe error
Antwort: [Pvx] Pvxwin32.exe error
Connect via NThost the program '*PICTURE' don't work.
PASSWORD performance
Printing with coordinates
v7 Nomads activation key
ODBC Query
Report Write ( small problem)
*OT* Function for days from today excluding weekends
Re: Report Writer Grouping Requirements
Color RowHiLight
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Color RowHiLight
RPC and an Error_Handler
How many Window there ?
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] CHANGE_FLG Variable
Segment Error
Can you set a Query to a Drop_box?
PDF signing *OT*
Questions on Citrix
Licensed Seats Exceeded
help! corrupted keys?
ODBC beta
Windx Ver7 issue
Error 11 in views
How to change the Physical File in runtime of Query
retrieving DPI
*OT* SCO Unix command help
Bonne Année !!! Tino Eric and all staff from Belgium
Brett - My email
Re: help! corrupted keys? *OT*
I/O Performance using PARAM 'FB'
Re: [Bulk] Re: [Pvx] I/O Performance using PARAM 'FB'
Re: [Bulk] [Pvx] Bits
Re: [Bulk] [Pvx] ISAM
Re: [Bulk] Re: [Pvx] Re: [Bulk] [Pvx] ISAM
Re: [Bulk] [Pvx] Re: [Bulk] Re: [Pvx] Re: [Bulk] [Pvx] ISAM
Re: [Bulk] Re: [Pvx] ISAM
pvx.ini syntax for activate key pointer
font object
User Defined Controls when using *NOMADS object ...
ER 65 in *views/views.edt
'SF' compatability
Providex User Defined Colours
History of E-mails
Re: History of E-mails *Sage, please read*
array in nomads
Starting Up WindX
DD - Views - RW
windx SSIWDX upper vs. lower case problem
Advisory type locking
another nomads question
Re: Looking for a web-based order system
Help with Core Dump Memory error when opening BBX files
Change in VIA() from 6.2 to 7.0
SQL statements with only one record
Passing IOLISTs
*OT* French speaking people
[TCP] Question
*web/email and [wdx] attachments
store ActiveX control
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] store ActiveX control
Jump Table /JT webserver
Providex.script documentation
Cross Platform rename
Safe to use CHR(0) -> CHR(255) in Keyed Files
Error #100 - No driver for terminal type or library missing
Pvx Network Issue
Re: Id "pvxo" respawning too fast
PDF from viewer
Case of arg() values
Button in Grid
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Button in Grid
Grid two (2) simple? GRID questions ...
text background in trees
Tri-state Box
archiving reports to a pdf using embedded io program
Linux Start_up
Report Writer "YTD" amount
Send numbers to Excel
Packing Integers into bytes
Re: [Bulk] Re: [Pvx] Bits
Re: [Bulk] Re: [Pvx] Re: [Bulk] Re: [Pvx] Bits
Re: [Bulk] RE: [Pvx] Packing Integers into bytes
bin 2 int..
Re: [Bulk] RE: [Pvx] bin 2 int..
Linux Demo Mode
Compressed print in utilities?
Ver 7 tabs, buttons don't appear
*winprt parameter to select tray
Antwort: [Pvx] *winprt parameter to select tray
Double <Enter> in GRID (Property 'entermode)
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: [Pvx] *winprt parameter to select tray
File IO Speed..
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 7.00.0030
Another File IO Question
COM Object Calls
Err 13 in *viewer*
Rendering Error in *Viewer v 6.30
version 7 'MB' Parameter windows xp
Objects with different constructors
Antwort: [Pvx] Objects with different constructors
Prefix Files
Numeric display on nomads is moving too far right
Trig functions
Too many files open ..
*OT* Too many files open ..
multi_line loses data
Drive Serial Number
Numbers are displaying too far right in multiline
[Pvxky2] ?
Looking for ideas
Nomads panel color
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Nomads panel color
PVX under Red Hat
Error 65's in PVX6
wav files with spaces will not play
Sorting an Array
Popup menus: Line 2130 in _winproc.mnu is REMmed in version 6/7
Adding Keys
Variable Length Files... Whats worth the '-' sign?
NEWBIE HTML Webserver question
webserver jump tables
Re: [Bulk] Re: [Pvx] Variable Length Files... Whats worth the '-' sign?
Extra linefeeds are removed from this message
*OT* JAVA Programming...
Writing to BBX files?
Folders in NOMADS
*OT* Bus Basic dead language
Sharp Printer FF Problem
Re: [Bulk] Re: [Pvx] Milliseconds
Object issue
Re: [Bulk] Re: [Pvx] Milliseconds (S-P-A-M 5.11/4.00)
Reading Keyed files by Index
Tab_table$ in Nomads
BIN() conversion tales: From BBx to ProvideX
Searching for ERR=20's
Start/Stop web server
Problem with String Copy....
64 Bit & ProvideX
hotkey for button
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] hotkey for button
Write serial files on Windows Share from Linux
Antwort: [Pvx] Write serial files on Windows Share from Linux
Re: *OT* 64 Bit & ProvideX
Precision Problem in PVX 7
ProvideX Error Message
OOP problems on Linux
*web/mail - User/Password
All my questions...
String Concat
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] OOP problems on Linux
Re: String Concat --> precision problem??
Notice: Version 7 has been Temporarily Removed.
Nomads Grid
*winprt* won't respect number of copies
Insertion point in a Multi_line
*OT* Re: [Pvx] All my questions...
Memory Limits for *memory* files
*web/email error message
generic controls in Nomads
Happy Australia Day !!
Odd delays in Fedora 4, Providex 6.xx
printing help
Web question - Merging into a <textarea>
ProvideX & Linux/Unix
windx font setting
Re: [Bulk] RE: [Pvx] PASSWORD
XCOPY inside webserver
VMWARE GSX Server and ProvideX
appserver session question
licensing an ActiveX control
clicked item
Sessions hung - Appserver won't terminate
Progress Bar OCX
Calling a DB' stored procedure with arguments
Citrix and Windx/App Server
windx window


Antwort: RE: [Pvx] licensing an ActiveX control
copying panels
Viewer without mnemonics
Convert programs
Linux: Problem reading directory entries when directory name contains spaces
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] licensing an ActiveX control
Linux Computer Name
missing event
Antwort: [Pvx] Linux Computer Name
Background loading List_box
Packet analysis
nthost/slave connection in V 7.000.030
Report Writer userlogic.pvc and deleting reports
sequece timeout
dictionary help
Notice: Issues Regarding ProvideX Version 7.00
Oop and Event Handling
Report Writer subtotals
About Nomads Security
conflict between Report Writer and userlogic.pvc
embed Data Dictionary problem with file block size
Get the # of records...
Re: [Bulk] Re: [Pvx] Get the # of records...
Emailing invoices from ProvideX
web error
Drop_box in Grid
GRID GOTO appears to Enable a Disabled Grid
Frappr at
Re: GRID GOTO appears to Enable a Disabled Grid]
"Page " watermark in Report Writer
Error 48's ?
NOMADS Query Error 65
ODBC 4.00 client server on Linux
Re: ODBC 4.00 client server on Linux - resolved
1st line following a formfeed lost using Citrix+Thinprint
embedding CUI window
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] embedding CUI window
Paperbin on different printers.
Antwort: [Pvx] Paperbin on different printers.
html webserver help
Error 84's & 32'S
accessing VIEWS from ODBC
Missing code in *ext\system\get_file
data dictionary user aid
Globals in Dictionary filenames and ODBC
Select and View JPG
user defined colors
Betr.: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: [Pvx] Paperbin on different printers.
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] user defined colors
html back button
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 7.00.0040
RE:{Pvx} html back button
Ajax vs. Flash
*memory* odbc
Using *utility.pvl
ProvideX as CGI script in Apache
file open options
open multiple files from same get_file_box
Memory Leak
App server security
pvx icons
Automated PRO5 -> ProvideX file conversion
Accessing a USB Device
Business Partner
*ot fax
Dictionary doesn't like null key
Nth Dimension's Web Integration toolkit
Webservice access using SOAP
[lib] Editing library programas
Providex Help File
Re: Dropdown box in a grid
EFF Performance
Shapes in NOMADS
Web Server working?
nomads & grid'loadiolist$ logic
Win 98
Conversion from OB
RE] [Pvx] Win 98
Back Base
FACTS6 Providex/Windx 5.14 and Unform 6.0
data exchange format
Error 11 on SERIAL
Release Announcement - JavX Version 2.50 (Open Beta)
sql server questions
Process ID's
newbie ODBC
*OT* mistech
Mnemonic 'CP'
Maximum files
Call Stack
*OT* Linux Batch File..
pvx to excel object
Call Stack - thank you so much!!
Controlling line terminator when saving a program as an ASCII file
API Call
FFN Problem with open object still exists
app server remote
redhat remote trying appserver
Customizer Pop-up
Font's Changed
Checkmark in GRID
Handling OOP errors
Does Providex support 'POSIX file locking'? / ADIC StorNext FS
appserver stuff
'DD' Parameter
webserver windows to Linux
Problem with HSH() on 7.00.0040
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Validation
An other validation problem
Renaming pvxwin32.exe
Validation again
Forcing upper case input
windows to linux
win98 username
Wireless Network *OT*
Active X Controls
appserver activation
List Box in Nomads
ERR=1 on serial
Betr.: [Pvx] ERR=1 on serial
A couple of items
* pgm
Getting a file off a *nix box with winapi
Printing statements to pdf
Button icons in Nomads
How to break a loop
Error 0 in webstask
moving the pointer
Default item state when using 'BitMapStates$ on a Treeview
Novel and ProvideX 7
AutoUpdater Repository Files
Printing to two printers with 'BO'
Antwort: AW: [Pvx] Variables POST_DISPLAY
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Variables POST_DISPLAY
Documents Imaging System
Antwort: AW: [Pvx] Printing to two printers with 'BO'
Browser (IE 6) Back Button disable
delete / drop object
name of workstation
MS SQL Date Writes
Any wild guesses on this error?
Control-break not being recognized by Belking wireless keyboard model F8E815
Users in Terminal Services
Locked TXT files
multiple image types
List of bitmaps?
*rpsrvr and pvxweb - I need some help
Interrupt WindX & *nthost/*ntslave connections
*OT* Delete *.* or Delete .
Updating Dictionary
Item selected in listbox sets next CTL


Antwort: RE: [Pvx] CHN and OPEN OBJECT
ComputerWorld Canada Salary Survey '06
ssl eR
Problem? with sub function
Whoops -- I'm late
SELECT directive vs reading and comparing manually
Table name
Padded Format Mask
[PVX] Grid sorting question
API for html to text
Report Writer big troubles V7.000.040 Windows
Windx 6.20 standalone download
Difficulty duplicating file structures
Attention: Email and Mail List - Server Maintenance
Need help reading registry keys
Test of ProvideX List - Test 1
Attention: Email and Mail List - Server Maintenance Completed
NOMADS file maint
nomads multiline inputs
Button text definition
Maillist much faster
list speed
Views (add Data-source) troubles V7.000.040 Windows
Re: Report Writer another problem V7.000.040 Windows
converting from Open Basic
Error 95 ...
nag message interfering with nthost
windx connection gets terminated OT?
OOP Classes in Web Server
Differences using [tcp] with/without [wdx]
error 36 with identical call/enter list
system_help using windx
multiline question
ZLIB & gzip
OOP and files
Global file in Web Server
How do make an Activex for Explorer
Input edit question
Re: Input edit question OT
how to output pdf to printer
display a jpg file on a panel
Accessing unix file by servername
WindX auto-update
WindX auto-update continued
lost fix in *winproc
Re: thanks [Pvx] how to output pdf to printer
Printing with JavX
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] WindX auto-update continued
Best way to cp files on Linux connected via WindX
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] WindX auto-update continued
EPad Signature Device
Error 20 on DLL Drop
Appserver and Users
Automatic upload to Windx workstations
WindX auto-update - WISH
[OT]Copying files to Windows customer sites
Antwort: [Pvx] WindX auto-update - WISH
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] WindX auto-update continued
webserver hit counter
Appserver Processes not dying
*WISH* How to automatically fire a query from a popup menu in Nomads
Re:[Pvx] Utilities
*OT* Setting up a XP computer to logon to a windows server 2003 machine?
Off the list *OT*
Panel Tabbing
RE:[OT] Accessing unix files on samba - Accessing unix files by servername
grid preset and expressions
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] grid preset and expressions
BBx to Pvx Conversion - Unknown BBx Filetype Message
Instances of a class
WebServer - 503 Error - Service Unavailable
Re: Web Server Error *Repost*
[PVX]changing a window size in Windx
Buttons on Tabs Version 7
Re: Dynazip gzip/gunzip
Report Writer Runtime/Views Issue
Error 12 Opening Viewer
ODBC connection fails on PVX 7 under Citrix
telnet to Windows
Filtering Queries
Help translating VbScript to ProvideX
Web Server Help
[PVX]Grid cell size on load
Case insensitve string match from ODBC query?
WindX and Nomads over a vpn
ProvideX User's Guide
Parameter 'PW'
v7 Manuals
Handling Classes in Web Server
ODBC ini commands
Msgbox in foreground
Startup options
release date for v7.10
More SQL Server Questions
Appserver Processes not dying *REPOST**
Clearing Iolist
Application Architecture Question for Mas200 Integration
[WISH] I wish the mouse scroll wheel would work in *IT
select/next record issues
Human Resources Software
Re: [*OT*] I wish the mouse scroll wheel would work in *IT
Web Server - Cookies
error 48, web/email relaying denied
[Wish] Autoupdate
speed of windx printing
Grid issue
NOMADS, Concurrent Dialogues and Drag and Drop
WindX and watch windows
HP Printer
Re: OT WindX and watch windows
Re: WindX and watch windows OT
Finding Printer User
Re: *OT* [Pvx] WindX and watch windows OT
Port Communications, Possibly OT
Windex Watch Window
Very hard to work with pixels in ProvideX
Input fails
You guys are the BEST!!! Thank you Input fails
Multi-line vertical scroll
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] speed of windx printing
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] [Wish] Autoupdate
Webserver - Dynamic Dropbox
strange rounding
*OT* Export to excel using DDE....
Hello List... Looking for the command to see how Windx is logged in ?
Zip Code Distance Program
Webserver - Data & Program Paths
ReportWriter bug?
Upgrading from Version 4 WindX to 7
conversion to ProvideX
Resizing side-by-side listboxes, like Windows Explorer
Re: connection problem repost
Cave Control 0
Webserver - Table Problems
SQL Server Help
Change an excel cell in bold
Auto-Assign Variable Data in Nomads?
Re: Save Control 0
Tbred's OPEN (UNIX,OPT="SHELL")"ls /tmp/*.csv"
Excel (DDE Access error (err/ret=2/16393))
save print output until later
Save print output for later
Odd behaviour with viewer
*nthost/*ntslave vs telnet - discuss
Creating XML
File changed time after copy from Unix to Windows via WindX
*OT* pvx to excel to pdf question
Filling more than one table row
panel precision in v7
Release Announcement - ProvideX ODBC Driver 4.10 (Open Beta)
PowerTerm / MAC running Providex
How to prompt user for a directory to create files in
PS Windows
*OT* IIS help on Small Business Server 2003
Throw Error from Object's Property Set routine - Trap it at the Property Assignment
Re: Throw Error from Object's Property Set routine - Trap at the Property Assignment
accounts and *nthost
net traffic
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] accounts and *nthost
*OT* Warehouse Management Software
Nomads Bitmaps
excel sheets
Grid Read Question


[Providex][ODBC Driver][FILEIO] Write mode access is not enabled for this driver
SYSTEM_HELP with Web Server
Invoke on redhat
Delay on RNO in a big file ...
*OT Gifblast
REMOVE syntax
'text' mnemonic issue
ODBC and multikeyed files
nested while loops?
login panel
Wine and windx
Error=0 trying to open the *viewer*
PDF Views
App Server 7 running in 6
Problem with Property and structured string
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] REMOVE syntax
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] REMOVE syntax
NOMADS - On Screen Keyboard
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] REMOVE syntax
Antwort: AW: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] REMOVE syntax
error 15 paging on v6 viewer
Font size on Menu_Bar
ODBC connection from RedHat PVX to MSSQL
creating 'window'
Betr.: RE: [Pvx] creating 'window'
Bigger windows on PRO5?
Assigning a very large number to a variable.
Macs To Run XP
Patched Programs
New to PVX and Nomds (Very New)
website App Server documentation
List View - color one line
Program Libraries
Spaces in directory or file names
*OT Web Page form to file
Quick Books SDK Interface
picture on a panel
monitoring process pvxwin32
Calling *PATCH from an InstallShield Script
CGI Example
NT HOST constantly needs to be restarted.
Printing under *WINPRT*, no Slew between jobs!
Grid - Signal on Exit
Sequence question
Error 29 creating drop box under XP Pro SP2
Re: Sequence question *OT*
Date in where clause?
Load on demand List Boxes
Running Visual basic program in Providex
Betr.: [Pvx] Load on demand List Boxes
Zebra ZPL printing help
Re: Zebra ZPL printing help - resolution
yes!! Grid - Signal on Exit
ODBC Data Dictionary vs .INI file
Error 99 with HSH()
Antwort: [Pvx] _winproc
Error 15 drawing a button with an icon
Monitoring the Web Engine
Server within AppServer stopped
user id setting and using
Dialing Properties
Going from CHUI to GUI
Re: ODBC Data Dictionary vs .INI file - a different tack
*OT* - Beta Testers Needed
field delimiter
Pass array to panel
[*OT*] Data security issues
Select All Items in a List_Box
Connection drop
Release Announcement - JavX Version 2.50 (Open Beta 2)
*OT* - Office Closed
Parsing embedded iolist with composite strings using lst(iol(x))
Set focus to window
Bitmap as watermark on the Report Writer
*Ufar message
Watermark on regular report (WAS: RE: [Pvx] Bitmap as watermark on the Report Writer)
FILLCOLOUR an attribute on a grid?
MSB Conversion
Serious *memory* bug
Switch to Password input on Multi_line
Outlook & Recurring Appointments
Dumping to $ on SCO during updates
windx connection problem
Thanks! Grid Question
Composite strings in objects
Nomads panel 2 high
ODB Error
Word integration
Using the ProvideX ODBC Driver to Update Files...
faxing from ProvideX application
sort numeric columns in List Box
Identifying the type of JavX connection
Why does this program RELEASE itself
ACCEPT Directive
MSB Conversion - Call problem
NOMADS - COM object
ProvideX ODBC Driver and ADO to Update MAS200 Files...
Announcement -[PvxAnn] Mailing List
Announcement - ProvideX CONNEXION
Screen config util and ctl values
[OT]Warehouse barcode & scanning solutions
Providex data storage (database)
Getting around _S1 and _S2 of AR_12CustomerContact file
ProvideX Views
Printing labels using Word Object
print to viewer in a window with line / rectangle
Storing Files inside of a Pvx File
Line on a Nomads Panel
translated Nomads messages
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] translated Nomads messages
error 43
How to use ON EVENT
Properties in OOP
Properties with Parameters
More v7 math problems
How to clean data when it have some 'mnemonics'
RPC server on Red Hat Linux and PVX 5.14
get_file_box write
Error 92: Invalid Class Definiton
File View Utility
Verizon Wireless Conflict with *ntslave
Events in ActiveX
windx and windows terminal services


Who Updated A File?
Figured it out - thanks anyway GRID DELETE problem
Fingerprint scanner in ProvideX
File Maintenance & Nomads Version 7
Printers in Terminal Services
Delete all child items in treeview (V7)
Extra characters
Binary to string in true binary format
Windows vs Unix
Handling several arguments with one CALLable program
Toronto BB Meetup - Notice and change of Venue *OT*
WindX executable
Read through a text file
Re: Read through a text file - Oops !
auto update
Sending Email with attachment from Providex on Windows XP.
Grid Examples
[OT]Graphical mnemonics
BMP to JPG on Linux
Antwort: [Pvx] BMP to JPG on Linux
Antwort: [Pvx] I feel silly asking this
Cheat sheet samples
Southwest Data System's Pluto
I feel silly asking this
*OT* - Re:
IT editor enhancements
merging libraries
Precision in *cmd/system/ver
Program save time is off by exactly two hours
Changing Providex Screen Size
reporting GPFs
MultiLine input
force a carriage return on a button
Grid Question - yet another one
Question on Menu Bar
Re: Read Data Command
Ubuntu Linux and ProvideX
Re: Ubuntu Linux and ProvideX *OT*
Consuming a web service from providex's future
can't set icon
Sending an apostrophe to SQL stored procedure
*OT* - re: Nth dimension discussion
Where is Chris Nolan and why has he .......
Connection drop II -- SCO OSE 5.0.7 and PVX/WDX 5.14
Re: Odd behaviour with viewer - resolved
Canpar Shipping System
Error 15 Problems
FACTS 6.07
PDF output & old-fashioned underlining
Re: *OT* FACTS 6.07
Large View in SQL
Calling a SQL Stored Procedure
*OT* - Stupid HTML Question
Hyperlink Excel
Program library documentation
Need a dictionary trick
Cannot Start JavX
File attributes
Error 278 - invalid argument question
Supressed UPC's
Grid in PVX base version
Changing the default font in *IT
Error 7
PVXPlus T-Shirts
Working with Excel
3 Tier
Release Announcement - ProvideX ODBC Driver 4.10 (Open Beta 2)
Window Close Button Quitting Pvx
ERR=46 issue ...
Barcode Fonts - what's your favourite font?
Composite Strings within a Defined Class
global arrays
Re: Barcode Fonts - what's your favourite font? Missed issue
Report RW
Check box initial value
Searching programs for FID( want to exclude FID(0
Optimizing code for large amounts of data transfer using [tcp]
WindX Title Bar
NFS issues?
*OT (MS Blocked Senders' list)
A multi_line Question
Grid Cell Lock Question
Bug in PVX7 after using fonted text with a rotation in Nomads
No data dictionaries dServe ODBC or PVXPlus
Automating Providex Installs
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] A multi_line Question
Re: Filter/translation in INPUTs
Pixel based screen
[OT] Re: [Pvx] Barcode Fonts - what's your favourite font?
'text' pdf
Providex on Microsoft Virtual Server 2005
pictures in nomads
Copying Access dictionary to Providex
VS Script
[ot] BBX2PVX
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] BBX2PVX
Just a Test
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] 'LPI'(8)


GPF when doing dumb things...
How to automatically remove temp files
Excel Cell Modification
[PVX] How do I create a group of controls in Nomads?
default ML attributes
SQL Help
Closing nomad window
excel dde question
printing a .pdf file to a printer
Need ideas on loading/using dropboxes
Slave printing using WindX and Providex for Windows.
*OT* Testing Out of Office Reply rule to make sure it won't reply to the list
*OT* Testing Out of Office Reply rule to make sure it won't reply to the list - Sorry, last time
Error 12 in *windx.utl
What is the limit on nested IF statements in a single line?
*inifile: remove items or sections from an ini
Error 107 ...
Dynamic MENU_BAR items?
Nomads concurrent panel error
docs on *VIEWER*
Err 58
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Need ideas on loading/using dropboxes
Release Announcement - ProvideX Client-Server Reference
Windx license to server
Query on a drop box
Excel Help
Release Announcement - JavX Thin-Client Version 2.50
Electronic signatures
Size Errors
How to change the backColor to StatusBar in the panel
Bad Files
Using VBScript to load a Providex Drop Down Box
Launching pvx from thoroughbred
Re: *inifile: remove items or sections from an ini *OT*
Another Excel quastion
prevent object instantiation
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] prevent object instantiation
Modified _windx.utl;spawn for *viewer* use
Re: Another Excel question
help with DLL syntax
ODB and Oracle
Process Server
Max lines in listbox
Monitoring Data Files / Replication
strange error 49
WindX issue
Verizon cards
Windx and Linux issue
Calling an XML Web Service
Message Lib Utility
Date & Time field in Oracle via ODBC
Sessions open in App Server
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] error 41
Web Merging with *web/Email
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 7.10 Open Beta
Novell issues
Uploading Pictures to the Web
Demo Creation Software
Where Clause ?
Nomads question.
Error in *Viewer*
error 117 invalid segment number
UID question
Save File dialogue
copying a file
Question about EFF and SCO
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Question about EFF and SCO
odbc licensing
Need Drop .. On Help
Javx as production environment
How to repair a file
masks in multiline
Outlook Security Warning and ProvideX
Nice Terminal Server Tip for hosting Providex apps
Re: Your List Box problem
Error 1317 during installation
Error 49 using MICROSOFT.XMLDOM with ProvideX 5.00
ODBC Driver for Linux
Err=11 in some sessions
Syntax for opening database files in WindX using ODBC and DDE
changing global functions
ESC closes panel
ODBC Connectivity very slow on one machine only ...
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] ESC closes panel
numeric input in grid
mas200 question
start javx trouble
javx / application server very slow
JavX still having problems
Application errors
Javx additional info
JavX more info
Release Announcement - ProvideX ODBC Version 4.10
Part-time contract work wanted
SSL Certs
How do I make it execute the associated code when tabbing on a radio button?
JavXSE displaying pictures
How to disable Case-Sensitive in Linux/Unix
Application Server Picture problems
Auto Updater prompting for updates to windx when no updates have been installed
Reading IOL=*
Autoupdate Win95/98
Stop a COM PORT scanner program
Switch focus away from current window
Do Grids work on the Base version
Nomads calendar position display problem
'FONT' & 'TEXT' printing question
switch window focus
ODBC and Oracle - more issues
*win/flmaint as embedded i/o
Err=1 copying an image
Button Text Alignment Question
ascii file problem
Windx on linux work stations
Chart Y Axis
Updating infromation into Simply Accounting from Providex
Shouldn't this be a syntax error?
Speed issue of Nomads?
'dialogue' issues
Get Next Seq No
Button OPT="O"
Strange NOMADS issue ...
Read file fast
how to get the creation time of a serial file


Nomads - making a standard query
Global filter/translation on INPUTS?
Bug in ODBC 410?
Report Writer and Views Questions
Problem with Windows 'XXX PDF' printer
*PDF* and certifikates
Dictionary path name and odbc
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] *PDF* and certifikates
PID active in Windows
List Box Multiple Selection
Re: Open & Read program code lines
Font selection WindX vs NOMADs
Antwort: AW: [Pvx] *PDF* and certifikates
Panel Groups
SQL question
Running Providex on Multiple PC's running XP Home
cell values
Providex Encryption
Set color in listbox
email confirmation
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] cell values
Non-normalised files - reading embedded iolist
Bulk edit Nomads
*OT* vpn problems
creating icons
odbc - server vs. WindX
Multiple properties in Windx
ODBC respawning too rapidly
Error 63
Pcket PC with Optical Reader
Multiple Lines in a Fonted Text field
streamlining output to Excel object
Nomads controls
Re: ODBC respawning too rapidly]
Usage of REC= vs READ RECORD
Error 41 in *msgbox.gui
Trapping the Home and End keys in a Report View Listbox
OOH - PXPlus - TCB(2)???????
business basic programmers guide
Mapping/Routing integration?
Version 6.1 How can you tell if a subprogram was launched from a panel?
reasons to upgrade ?
Post increment problem
Annoying beep during numeric entry
Menu Icons
Editing Text files
"load on demand" logic for a Nomads build in Query
host error
Trying to improve performance of sequential read of Keyed file
PVX File transfer using modem and xDSL
Set focus to message from Word object
BBX Conversion questions
Drag and Drop on Grids
capture/disable "CTRL+BREAK"
Problem with ODBC Connection to Windows 2003 Server
Attached Windows limit in Nomads
TIM= option on MSGBOX doesn't function if focus shifts to another window or program
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Attached Windows limit in Nomads
Merge-Jump to
How to get the name of the Mobile Device connected to a workstation
Activating Grid Autosequence ...
Displaying icon in a SmartList Query
Does anybody have an example of "Multi_Line Set_focus"?
Validate user against Active Directory
Interface with QuickBooks
Providex Treminal Services Thin client installation
RS6000 Configuration
[PVX] Programmer for hire
How about this....
Grid issue ....
Multiselect in Listbox
Hello List question on an error during a call to *web/email
Pocket PC- Experience
Senior Providex Programmer Available
Business Basic Programming Guide
Grid Property
Re: SPAM-LOW: Re: [Pvx] Grid Property
OT - Windows Login Script
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] invoke wait
Panel and folders problem
Problem with Windows 2000 Server - FYI
What Providex is Capable of...
File open issue
query return values
Output to Excel
Emailing: novellerror.jpg
PDF file creation query
Excel Formatting
OCX for text processing


error 11 from dropbox
Slight variation to *cmd\dmp
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] error 11 from dropbox
Why does NOMADS have a fudge factor?
reading excel
*winprt* question
Global variables after START
watchwindow malfunction ?
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 7.10
*progbar in *dict/dd_update;update_physical
arrays and objects
control.ctl'fmt$ not refreshing
Error 28
Spam *OT*
PVX Assigning prtr driver from different _dev via *UCL
PVX Redhat unzip command
does maximum open files impact system performance?
Excel - Pagebreak
Re: bbx2pvx *OT*
*nthost/slave ADS authentication...
DIM statement
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] arrays and objects
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] arrays and objects
Re: SPAM-LOW: Re: [Pvx] Grid
Is there a way to determine if a file has an embedded key?
MAI to Be Acquired By SoftBrands
MSGBOX query
Version 7 living with version 4.11
GET_FILE_BOX and default extension
Chart Control Fonts
err 88 ?
PvxTLB (Type Library Browser)
converting bbx database to datadict
open com port hangs session
passing data between objects
Chart colours
7.0 - Interesting Viewer Problem
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] passing data between objects
nomads uses wrong mode
Overriding F2 on a Panel
Stopping a List Box Process
create separate display window
*UFAC scan of files...
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] *UFAC vrs KEYED LOAD
instanciating OCX
*UFAC display
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] instanciating OCX
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] instanciating OCX
Re: CTL Problem*OT*
SQLserver problem
*ufar problem
Bar code - Interleaved 2 of 5
learning NOMADS
Pimping *OT*
Smart Drop List
CHUI Screen colours
using OCX
Current View for a List Box
Error 160
PVX what means RELEASE CANDIDATE EXP 2006/11/30
Round On Round Off
More than one ML control with scroll bar on one screen
moving Nomads objects
smtp servers rejecting bulk email from *web/email
Variable/Line cross reference
Error with ADOBE output under V6.10 UNIX-Linux-RedHat
Re: ProvideX & PVXPlus presentation in Scottsdale AZ
Link indexed file to query
Dynamically set List Box - When Selected Property
converting alpha to sequential numbers after 99
PVX 5.14 application error at address 0x00042b0d
Running Webserver as a service
TAB stop on folder
Re: converting back to alpha
switch control
[OT] USB Print Servers and Canon ip4200
Error in Xref Listing
Reading Multiple Input Files From A Directory
SORT file in Data Dict
Spam clearing
Web Table Fill with an Array
Data dictionary index limit
resize controls
multi line read into array ?
Re: Running Webserver as a service - try again
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] resize controls
Figuring out Index Number
Query: non-normal files
OT Font control of LST to screen....
Task hangs on write
Caps lock on/off
PVX hangs
Nomads panel text export - import utility hanging up
Make your own SSL certs
Locked record
Programming Constants
strange looping in nomads panel
Antwort: [Pvx] Grid question
a 'dialogue' problem
Antwort: [Pvx] a 'dialogue' problem
Re: Running Webserver as a service - try yet again
Outlook Call
.TXT files locked
"ClickYes" - Outlook Call
adding link files makes PVX hang
Scrollbars in Grid
Data Dictionary Import - kind of
avoid dups in query/drop box
Mac Intel
Drop Box focus
embdded IOL
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] embdded IOL
ctl resubission
MAI Basic to PVX
disable/enable maximize button
ODBC connection to Progress database
Multikeyed files - how safe are they?
using iolists
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] disable/enable maximize button
[Posible SPAM] DICTIONARY directive
Linkfile to *viewer*
Set focus to concurrent window
*OT* Sage Software Canada Phone System
Re: Keeping track of objects
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] disable/enable maximize button
Folder tab titles
[PVX] Is there a command to set desktop focus?
dir("") changing after open *winprt*
Re: Is there a command to set desktop focus?
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] auto-updater
instanciating FileSystemObject
Antwort: [Pvx] instanciating FileSystemObject
Getting field properties from DD
COM PORT access through Windx
Browse for a folder name
WindX START_UP woes
Differnce between times
Report Writer - forms with 6" & Laser HP 1150
DDE with Excel 2002 on XP Pro
Re: [OT]Multikeyed files - how safe are they?
PVX7.10 and insert record


convert *memory*
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] convert *memory*
large console window
how to search a program variable m[1]
Views/Report Writer
screen resolution - windx
printing to local adobe fails
Online documentation *OT*
Pop up menu from button
permission issue
Display current time
*rpsrvr performance
msgbox focus
Antwort: [Pvx] msgbox focus
left/right click in a grid
Laser Forms
Open input within same session.
Tree View List Box Optimization
BUTTON ON X.CTL does not work with 4D in windows 7.10
Slow performance on 2 PC's LAN
Re: lkjsdflksjfdlkj
File and object handling in Web Server
Timer on a panel
Re: Timer on a panel *OT*
Treeview expand/collapse index
Grid column lock/unlock issue
Embedded Panels
Auto expanding a treeview
Grid column lock/unlock issue - Repost
Dynamic images in *NOMADS ...
Dynamic images in *NOMADS OOP object ....
KNO= names versus numbers
Comment many lines
Re: Comment many lines *OT*
Radio Button Text
Reading subdiretories
general liability policy
odb access
Error 12 in *info's utility in the line 498/500
File exists?
Minimize/Close window buttons
PVX Calendar input
Calendar - day highlight
Antwort: [Pvx] NOMADS
accessing access via odb tag
Listbox OnSelect logic getting triggered un-wantedly
Help With Com Objects in ProvideX
Objects Not Returning Desired Results
transaction logging
Inserting records to MySQL using ODBC
basic oop question
Betr.: Re: [Pvx] Inserting records to MySQL using ODBC
Using Enter key after reordering a column of a list-view
Coloured Folders
Hiding a tab in folder control after its created or prior
Mission critical safe on JavX?
Odd Nomads behaviour
BCD (Binary Coded Decimal?)
Function key F5
saving and restoring object context
how to ....
accessing ACCESS table names that contain Spaces?
pvxplus apache interface
FIN In Javx
Destination paper on HP printer.
Small footprint PC for use with WindX
Unix/Windows Path question
Betr.: Re: [Pvx] Destination paper on HP printer.
Testing File Journal
Serial File - Append
Help accessing MS Access database from Providex
tcp connection, possible errors
Printer close for WINDEV
PVX - Using 'SetSignerDetails' & 'GetSignerDetails' with EPAD
Serial file export filling hard drive
Appserver Processes not dying Win2003
Reading SQL via ODBC
ProvideX 5.14 printing on AIX 5.2
Re: warning from
Bug in Nomads in query assignment to a listbox
valid file name
Grid Set Focus question
Strange results when switching multiline mask
*OT* RE: [Pvx] Strange results when switching multiline mask
Bitmaps in SmartListbox - Again
Windx / Pvxplus install problem
Get a Directory


pvx and web
Downloading csv file from the web server
How to turn off tooltips
Masking once again
Grid - On Change Logic
[OT]PVX/Sco backup help
BBX -> PVX Data file conversion
*OT* Serial Port Numeric Keypad
[PVX fast unix to pc method ?
Phone number masking
**OT** Re: [Pvx] Phone number masking
join variable names
Open BASIC's PS Forms conversion
Print failure in WindX
web programming, Ecommerce & xml
remote support options
[OT]Pvx unix thanks
windx 7.1 on win 95
NoDelay;Stream Error
*viewer* and bitmaps
Variable Values in Program with error
Antwort: [Pvx] Variable Values in Program with error
Screen shot
Dynamic CTL# - PX-Plus - Pvx
printer / viewer
[PVX] Nomads User Aid
App Server Command Line Length Limits
hidden methods?
Printer driver for TSC TTP-243 Barcode Printer
Need help on staying focused
Re: Need help on staying focused *OT*
error_handler when CALL a non-existent program
pid list on Windows
Prevent trace in class
VIA Bug?
Newbie nomads question
OCX dialogs
viewer versions
lead program specification
SQL - Quick Way to Initialize a Table
Strange Query Problem
Clicking X to close WindX on NTHOST
List box update question
XT parameter not set
Browse files using Get_file_Box
Get file Box - Problem Solved
[PVX] ghost task documentation
Re: never mind [PVX] ghost task documentation
PVX V6.10 - Panel Header Title
PVX V6.10 - Right Justify in a Multiline
text across controls
Table/Field Names in SQL Server that are reserved words.
Dumb MAS200 question
C/S ODBC access of BBx files
Providex Scripting Question
[pvx]tab key
FMT= for Listbox
err 46 on list_box load
focus in trees
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] FMT= for Listbox
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] focus in trees
Using TreeView ItemTag property
RE:*WISH* How to turn off tooltips
Data dictionary write
[pvx] 'CAPTION' isssue
apache pvxplus
Installing 2 different ProvideX in Windows
*OT Printer selection from *IT....
apache and pvxplus
ODBC file write permissions
ODBC Write Access problem
ODBC columns
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] ODBC columns
Calling Shell Command From Server
Program Libraries ISSUE
Error 12 in the line 190 in *views/view.pvc
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] ODBC columns
XML Reporting
OT faxing from linux
Providex Scripting Question (repost)
Resetting ERR
missing OCX
/H option for jump tables with webserver.
Nomads - Grid cell dropbox does not translate
webserver tables another questions
interrupt Report Writer while generating the report
Chris Nolan?
OT - anybody know of a utility that will remove a certain amount of data from a file
ODBC Conversion
NComputing's devices
Open BASIC Conversion was: RE: [Pvx] ODBC Conversion
XML Reporting (Repost)
Changing from V5.x to V7.x
MSGBOX formatting
Solved: RE: [Pvx] Open BASIC Conversion was: RE: [Pvx] ODBC Conversion
Error 121 on windx client
[pvx]how to upgrade question
57 GB file in 30 seconds
almost forgotten how to program, but I can still pop a few pixels
webserver documentation error
*web/email smtpserver parameter
Question about Redhat versus Providex
FileMaint with two key fields
Nomads Query (Bug??)
Hiding activation recoded message
Monday's behaviour ...
A little help here would be GREATLY appreciated.
SETESC in nthost/ntslave
*OT* SCO Unix OpenServer filesystem woes
A little ODBC question
Putting Providex in the system tray
MSGBOX Directive
[PvX] WindX client
Multi monitor
*web/email speed issues
Excel throwing error 88 at will
Is this a bug ?
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Excel throwing error 88 at will
Windx on WINDOWS Server
Report Writer for files with YEAR in physical name
Re: Report Writer for files with YEAR in physical name - and ODBC
Grid cell font
Syncronization of data with remote users
Reading and printing data in a Grid
Spawning WindX tasks
'SS' parameter
positioning problem
Re: ** OT** Syncronization of data with remote users
Unattended Maintenance
CVS(,16) seems to work only on Linux?
A simple question
V6.10 - Set_focus question
Mouse on on Nomads Screen
Object Inheritance and Functions
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] 'SS' parameter
Antwort: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] 'SS' parameter
Error 275 on A Serial file
error with query
starting a nomads application
Problem with ODBC server
A question about installing in Program files
RE:error=41 on SELECT with WHERE
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] FileMaint with two key fields
error 15 on Citrix
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] error 15 on Citrix
FTP file
Corrupt Key
IOLIST in a variable
Email to PVX.COM
odbc access questions
'DIALOGUE' issue.
MySQL Partners with Sage to Expand Reach
Compre program
wdx question on returned IPAddress values
Query formula/EVN
Re: wdx question on IPAddress RESOLVED
Can't start Editor


Cursor Size
Link File Device Name
Re: Link File Device Name (S-P-A-M 3.91/3.80)
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] menu_bar
Troubleshooting Windx connections
Application Server fails to start
background grid cell color set trouble
Strange error condition
Writing huge extended data record
Nomads & *IT
grid line feed
Var Drop Box Query
Time zone
Fax software
Betr.: [Pvx] Fax software
dying windx tasks
GPF occuring on Grid using CellTbl$
Re: GPF occurring on Grid using CellTbl$
** TEST ***
Tri-State check boxes in Nomads
PVRQ report writer source code
Renumber range, unexpected results
App server questions - 1st time user.......
Using *web/mail with Trend InterScan Viruswall on Windows Server SBS 2003 - Useful info
How to change Providex Window drop down menu
Re: Pvxreport.pvc
md5 Hash
Err=0 trying to convert from Open BASIC
[ot] DDO format files
browser in a window
Sage Software Canada - Employee email addresses
Drop Down Menu Follow up
*web/email to sent folder
Tool bar
grid properties
Rebuilding a file
nomads labs
web hosting pvx
Slowly working with App Server but lost within a manual definition
grid receive focus
Antwort: [Pvx] grid on focus
custom login panel for appserver
SQL Database question
*OT* ipod mini pink
OpenBASIC Multikey file Conversion
Nomads and fonted text
Providex 7.xx Printing BUG on W98 SE
Barcode printing with ESC/P
embedded iolist
Loading multiple rows of a grid
write to dictionary defined file
Old school question
Define ansi terminal refresh
nomads tab sequence
Windx invoke - missing the obvious
changing sounds for msgbox
Betr.: Re: [Pvx] md5 Hash
Providex/Windx Ver 7.10 and Citrix
instanciate 3rd party classes
Use of Escape key in Nomads
menu bars -supress
PVX V6.10: Help with converting Visual Basic Code to PVX for EPad INk.
Applications server session will not die
Text to Voice
post validation on multi-line
object values import
folders with drop-box errors
Mouse Wheel problem
Merge into Providex.ddf
Re: control value]
Couple of things about using an Outlook Object
ODBC issue
Windx Appserver problems
Converting a Multikey file from OpenBASIC
web server log display
odbc connection problem
Determining the size of a jpeg image ...
msgbox and 'MX' option
Color in Report View Listbox
ODBC client/server Company Code
Character screen and font sizes
Speed of *IT
dragin and dropin
MAS Products
Query program save state.
State of the Promt at command line
disable tab in nomads
[OT] several job opportunities in Monrovia, ca
Sorry, Rosalba
vertical scroll bar on multi line
Antwort: [Pvx] vertical scroll bar on multi line
Newbie ODBC question
PREINPUT to exit to specific line in pgm
How I can execute SqlServer's storage procedure from pvx
one control convering another
read records with a space separator
SELECT with or without BEGIN/END
nomads Vertical alignment
Nomads Grids - Tab and <ENTER>
GRID Philosophy
Numeric variable assignment
DLL execution
Word wrap
Re: SAPI.SPVOICE (VOICE assignment)
GBL and Global variable
Grid problems still
Antwort: [Pvx] DLL execution
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] DLL execution
Pictures and wav files over VPN
is grid the way to go?
pdf files and digital signatures
COM object references
Win98 Locks up in PVX 7
Conflict between Resize and Tabless Folders
READ and order of error sensing on empty file
Maximum fields in NOMADS form
Untagging Panel as 'Being used by' on NOMADS
error 10?
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] error 10?
internet access
hang / crash
[pvx]crash / hang
[pvx]viewer type sizing


Antwort: RE: [Pvx] COM object references
Current 'Font' Settings
Pulling BLOB image out of SQL
Re: *it problems *OT* - WAAAAAAAY *OT*
The Only Constant In Life is Change *OT*
PREFIX setting issue
Cell color
boxes and frames colors
Data Dict Utilities?
Is the list alive??
*it Error 29
Since you all think it's so quite
Re: Since you all think it's so quiet
Select an output medium in nomads
TXW and TXH and graphical printing
trapping error 88
Dissapearing buttons?
Outlook object
check box on a panel
error branching
Process a panel with a Drop Box in Nomads
The best way to create a copy of a file
buil links under Windows
*OT* spam info
Chek if pc, modem, router is up/down
timing problem?
convert decimal number to hex
string templates in objects
Appserver crash
Closed beta testers needed
Using TXW or something
Folder and tabs
Pdf and BBx conversion
Executing a function on a DLL
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] trapping error 88
NOMADS issue ...
tab onto check box
different panel sizes with PVX7
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] different panel sizes with PVX7
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] different panel sizes with PVX7
Exporting / Importing Panels
*OT* Program-associations with http, ftp aso
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] different panel sizes with PVX7
*OT* Another French guy
IT Error
web server time zone offset
Using ODBC ini files and Alternate IOLISTS
web server virtual paths
web server time zone difference
problem with ODBC 4.1
Using an OCX (Outlook), from WindX
Antwort: [Pvx] Using an OCX (Outlook), from WindX
Scan Acquisition
Antwort: [Pvx] Scan Acquisition
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] problem with ODBC 4.1
*OT* Human Resources Software Needed
Device Driver for fax spooler
SQL Server
Data Dictionary - Non-normalized files
Corrupted File
numeric multiline
Error 16 when reading an EFF file
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] numeric multiline
ODBC access to a single file without seeing all the others
training manual - grids
listbox - display attributes
Centering a Window
OT Building to building conectivity
webserver moments
wrong error 49
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] wrong error 49
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] wrong error 49
DROP_BOX List Values
MAS 90 development
Problems with writing to SQL Server
Bit-wise addition
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] wrong error 49
Windows Active Directory User ID
SQL field names
Graphical Characters
Connecting via a modem
webserver a links
Open input files for speed of processing
Any Mas90 people out there please help.
Error 42 in _winproc.dsp
_winproc Error -disregard
web server drop down lists/menus
MS Data Execution Prevention popup window
ProvideX as a SERVICE problem
Switching to pro-bundle - procedure?
Multi_Line - fetching wrapped text
Stupid Object Questions
Converting dates from SQL
associate ESC key
passing arguments via windx via a browser
Can an Object be duplicated?
Nomads copy from one lib to another
Drop box initialization
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] associate ESC key
List_box problem (WindX!!)
Word & COM
Re: Nomads copy from one lib to another *OT*
'TU' mode
get file box
"customize"-PopUp when right-klick
Antwort: [Pvx] "customize"-PopUp when right-klick
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Windows Active Directory User ID
OT html forms / webserver
Grid Cell Button Text Alignment
COM Programming
Antwort: [Pvx] COM Programming
dir= in SQL?
PVX conversion help
General Programming
Re: PVX conversion help almost resolved
*PDF* vs. *WINPRT*
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] *PDF* vs. *WINPRT*
'XF' param
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 7.50 (Open Beta)
Multi-segmented file
SELECT with alt key question
SELECT with alt key problem
Re: SELECT with alt key question *OT*
Blackberry ?
OT Re: [Pvx] Blackberry ?
Printing to Dymo label printers using COM objects
Load Drop Box with translation via code
*web/merge and email
com object wia repost
OT CHM Help files
Re: *web/merge and email ! return receipt free!!!
LookupHideBtn vs. QueryHideBtn