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Dictionary Notes
Compressed file
Multi_line and scrollbars
Problem starting JavX
Bug(?) in *it
Linux JDBC
Direxions 2004 - Earlybird Registration Reminder
Position of message box on the screen.
Help button
Re: one of ==> *wish* with arrays
Web Merge Suggestions
*Winproc and Dependency Table
Re: sys *OT*
Opening a file across a network...
*OT* Travel to Vegas from Toronto for Direxions
Invoke on WindX
Re: *OT* Travel to Vegas from anywhere for Direxions
popping a window
OT RE: [Pvx] popping a window
Will ODBC write to PVX table trigger Embedded I/O procedures
JavX and Application Server VS NThost
Graphical Interface With SuSe Linux 8.2
Re: popping a window *OT*
Windx over the internet
*OT* Popping a window
Adobe/PDF Co-ordinates
Error 12 using Windx / AppServer
*OT* 99 bottles of beer on the wall
Converting Mnemonics
Solaris error message
'*X' Mnemonic
Printing PCX files on thermal printers using PVX
Re: the disappearing cursor
TIM Funtion returning the wrong day and year
*BUG* - *win/control.msg (ver 5.14)
Direxions 2004 - Earlybird Registration *Extended*
Excel automation with Windx
Re: *OT* TIM Funtion returning the wrong day and year
Linux [OCI] Interface
App server in a different folder
nomads grid button
data property of a list box
equiv to TBD WIN(get text)
Access multiple keys
Error 86's
Access ERR 15 on write
Why use Oracle?
WindX from client back to Sever
Dental office management application?
Re: Error 86's *OT*
Re: Error 12 using Windx / AppServer *REPOST*
web mail / email
Possible bug in Nomads Dependency Definition
Embedded I/O program
Page Orientation
V5.14 - Slackware package Updated
[OT] Hardware available
Fonts in JavX
Linux versions supported...
Data Dictionary Right Justified String
*OT* Java
[Pvx 5.14]:Screen
grid cell focus
button on grids
change of e-mail address
Moving sheets in Excel
*OT* PVX and MS Access database
File Stamp Never becomes Odd
How to check for open file channels
[OT] RE: [Pvx] How to check for open file channels
PVX -Case Sensitive???
Enforcing the Dictionary Rules...
WIN2K problem opening keyed files
copying obejects
TCP/IP - able to read the ip address of work station or subnet mask
See Mouse Clicks in another application
Activation 2003 SBS 5.14
Precision and rounding problem in 'BX' mode
Gosub Var$
App Server Config
Win XP Professional as server
DSN paths
Button Label description question ?
Sorry, wrong verbage on button question.
'POP' don't returns ERR=13
USB Printers on Windows/Linux LAN
Apple Powerbook
Enforcing the Data Dictionary Rules
SQL error
Re: SQL error found
Countdown to Direxions
Suppress THEN in Listings
Composite String question ...
Precision function
Data Dictionary case support: CAP, MiXeD, lower, Proper
Maximum Record Length
Folder not switching
*web/email and length of variables
SQL to Access date field
Win registry
Basic stuff
Windx permissions problem
[OT] MS Exchange problem
Flagging controls to be initially disabled
SP/CP on HP LaserJet
Re: direxions dinner *OT*
Image transparency options in NOMADS
GRID in pvx version provided with 3.71
Another App Server Question
MSGBOX pictures
Clear App Server Logs
Issue in IT
Re: FFN() *doc*
Help with Error 65
Syntax error in Providex 5.00
Direxions - Dvorak
Error 20
file listing question
Arrays and TBL function
More App Server
Mac Batteries *OT*
*WISH* Drop Boxes with Multiple Character Translation
ERR=46 on drop_box write ctl,""
pvx crashes on opening a file
Question about START_UP and Printers
Absolute Panel Exit
Drop Box use?
How do you run two separate database systems from the same ProvideX directory?
Re: Hotels *OT*
*ot* looking for enhancement to mas90
Windows' version
ODBC dates
program size web server
How to use select instruction and sort by column
Panel runs on exit
bulk library file compare utility ...
CP/SP on screen or 132 cols
Designing a new database
Web Brain Freeze
*OT* Who's got the virus?
Re: ODBC Error Log
Windx Wont Start
Re: Windx Wont Start - Resolved with a big helping of humble pie
Providex as a service
Package 20011
ProvideX Mailing List Policy - UPDATE
Nomads training...
*OT* Virus Checker Free for Personal Use
random number generater
Re: random number generater *OT*
Window Control
*upb - Scan and Edit Utility
How to merge a different panel
Icon in dialog corner
Strange variable assignment behaviour in called program
CTL=-1999 on Windows close icon (X)
Changing Font Size for Printing
Remove a picture
HP LaserJet 2300
WindX and graphic printing.....
javx *NTHOST problem on Sun Solaris
JavX problems
*OT* Looking for cheap handheld barcode scanner
File Properties *OT*
HP Laser 'BU' Mnemonic
Re: *OT* barcode software with PVX
Strange escape code problem printing to HP -- WindX vs. spooled
Re: Strange variable assignment behaviour in called program - Resolved
PVX and Outllook
Mac operation
PVX 5.14 issues with multiline masks
Upcoming Web Seminar!!!
Conversion to pvx - lost label printer
Dialog box with no icon
GUI Interface
Windx over vpn on Win XP HOME
*server;spawn on SCO unix


Confused with Appserver
Marty,Re: [Pvx] Confused with Appserver
Views Error 65
*OT* Direxions Attendees Page
System_help URL to Web Server Question
Crystal NULL with Pvx ODBC
Tabs showing as buttons in 5.14
"Error - Receive Sequence Timeout." during WindX printing to local printer
*OT* web browser feature
*ot* canadian temperature chart
read tcp connection over web
JavX buttons
Generating Emails
Simpler Call
SQL "File Lock"
Bulk Edit Query
File Repair utilities
Re: File Repair utilities & Bulk Edit
Getting the userid
ProvideX and Direxions Web Seminar
Generating Emails Via Providex
ASP request.querystring help
Very slooow JavX startup and error
Structure of a POST
Appserver - possible *wish*
Deleting directory structures
[OT]Providex Web Broadcast time
Word and OCX.
[OT] who
Re: *OT* ProvideX and Direxions Web Seminar
Line Labels in Read Data
Grid in WindX
*OT* ProvideX and Direxions Web Seminar hiperlink
Printer Error
How to changes the ODBC in runtime
*OT* Pvx 6 Web Presentation
*OT* Today's List Activity
Invaild Property in Excel
Windows XP Home/Professional
Concatentated string behaviour
Re: Concatentated string behaviour -please ignore previous post
Writing serial files
Re: *OT* port security (morphed from Simpler Call)
Re: *)T* Writing serial files
Sporadic error 2
direxions dinner
*ot* Pictures of Chris
SELECT question
Routine to PUSH files to Windx client....
Convert excel macro
Error at line 100 of Program Viewer
Zebra Printers
NTHOST as a service - Identifying Windx users in Task Manager
Creating web based applications using PVX
Nomads file flmaint problem
Data dictionary - " Non-normalised format"
NTHOST on Server 2003
Cannot Renumber program
How do I set up an USB-printer?
Dictionary Layout
Text programs, Mac text editor
WindX Window Size
ODBC Dirty Reads
Error 42 in nomads
Upcoming Web Seminar
Script object
Fileaccess very slow
Logarithim Fuction
*OT* Logarithim Fuction
*winprt* stange behavior
Accessing a remote server over vpn
*ot* Direxions Dinner
Open files limit
Appserver Issue
SpyHunter finds two (false?) parasites in pvx folders
Re: SpyHunter finds two (false?) parasites in pvx folders *ot*
Re: *OT* SpyHunter finds two (false?) parasites in pvx folders
Change Hand to Arrow
External key - Embedded IO - Embedded dictionary
How can I tell a printer is Windows-only?
program control
Mas90 & Version 5.14
Data Dictionary File Layouts
Assigning values to multi line fields
error 60
SEND E-mail with PVX
Re: Window Control *OT*
ODBC : setting up each workstation
Understanding WindX
Error Sending E-mail
Err 117
Getting out of Unlock Region Failure
Proper use of *getdir
ODBC connection failure
ODBC connection failure with log file
ODBC connection error - It works now
Dictionary data type definition
Recommendations for VoiceXML gateways?
printing picture on a screen
Read Receipt via web/mail
File Corruption / File Checking
web\email utility
Re: Dictionary data type definition -working now
Receive Sequence Timeout
STATIC directive problem
*WISH* - With/End With
WindX support for Windows XP Embedded
PROPERTY Arrays ...
Menu Staying in Focus
*OT* Using embedded IOLIST in Mas90
*OOP* - STATIC directive again ...
system clock time
Using the (REC) function
Mas90 ebusiness winsock error.
*ot direxions dinner
C:TMP Directories Created Everywhere
Dynamic filtering of Smart List Box
*OT* Browser based software for PDA's
Re: Dynamic filtering of Smart List Box *OT*
A Big Thanks to Howie Amberg *OT*
Link file with queue
DEL and INS key Invalid Value
dde to OpenOffice
Question on a keyed file with multiple keys
How to print a barcode
Bad Value in Del and INS keY
Re: *OT* Browser based software for PDA's - good idea
Time since 1970
MULTI_LINE READ CTL_VAL,TEXT$ takes long time.
Relationship between tables *OT
Deleting an Indexed Record
Not taking error branch
eom character
Slave Printer Locking on Unix
Windx 5.10 Standalone
Date Fields
Multidisplay and queries
Question about 'LU'=1 writes to Serial File
Search Array
Crystal ODBC connection
number of records in a file
Performance question...
Performance Question
Converting Pro/5 application
Users closing JavX web window
DD Element named TYPE
String Optimization...
negative ISZ value in OPEN statement
ODBC and UPS WorldShip
v5.13 and W98 2nd Edition
Error 12 while trying to print in FACTS
Read XML into Pvx Data File
odbc writes to a web site


*OT Direxions Attire
[PVX] connection failure
Received Sequence Timeout
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 6.00
prime time
The ProvideX Price List
File Maintenance System - too many key segments
Nomads - Data Dictionary - Format Mask defined
Preventing multiple instances
Nomads _x
Nomads tab order & focus
multi_line dynamic properties ...
*OT* - Processors and PVX
keep alive in windx 5.10
RFID Readers
Posting through ProvideX [TCP] connection
How to refresh automaticaly a smart list box
ActiveX help
Creating A DSN-Less Connection to A Database
NOMADS and 6.0
version 6 speed
composite string question
Displaying Time
Installing on MS Terminal Server?
new readme search
Nomads Issue
Shares on XP
Error 99
See ya at Direxions
error 16 write to file
ODBC INI file issue
V6 error 29's on wrapped lines
error 29's gone in new sessions
Re: *OT* Installing on MS Terminal Server?
Contract Programmer needed
Re: Version 5.00/5.10 files? (previously ODBC INI file issu e)
Font printing error
Current screen font?
Excel Printing
PVX 5.14 issues with multiline masks *REPOST*
Nomads and Data Dict Maint
How do I know who my parent is?
Re: *OT* Current screen font?
Alt-keys nomds
Speed in accessing Acces tables
Internet at the RIO
Memory Leaks?
VIA on object properties?
Direxions 2004 day one
Num Lock
Report for the Conference.....
Printing question
Nomads and OCX
OCX-events in Nomads
Display full nomads screen
Trade Show Pic of the Day :)
Business Basic MeetUP in Las Vegas TUE evening @ 9pm
Syntax Error writing mnemonic
Hanging proc's
JavX Window
Checking server event logs w/ pvx
File Check Function
Direxions concludes!!
reading a delimited string
Direxions 2004
Error Printer Okidata ML
error 42
V6 EFF files
EFF file function suggestion
Precision and WindX
Set (or clear) a Variable Upon Closing a Device
Simple Grid Question
*OT* S~P~A~M
*WISH* for V6.1
[OT] Well, it's over...
Dirty bits at Direxions
Re: Direxions 2004 *OT*
Selling App Server
*OT* DireXions Humo(u)r
V6 *PDF*
ERR=0 on SMB Open
App serve %APS object
How to Pass a composite string on a call
*PDF* and bar code fonts
Function to convert numbers into words
conceptual question: pvx to sql
Changing the Archive bit...
Re: *OT* Function to convert numbers into words
PVX Web site suggestion/Comment
*OT* RE: [Pvx] PVX Web site suggestion/Comment
'TEXT' question
Command mode window question ...
printing .BMP
WindX and Zebra Printers
Proportional Fonts
Re: Validatorin grid err 36
Unwanted multi-windows functionality
Re: Error Printer Okidata ML-Cutlass Solution
Web Server and feeding files to the browser
Re: Web Server and feeding files to the browser *OT*
Writing a DWORD
Re: Validation in grid: err 36
*OT* Yvonne - Nomads % Variables
ODBC file writes
*OT* IQ Report Writer and Linux
automatically read and sort outlook messages?
'OPTION'("WDWICON") and alt-tab
Web server and cold fusion pages
outlook handles (using lilit's code)
Direxions Views
help with this
Re: Symantec Mail Security detected that you sent a message containing prohibited content
Objects within Objects
[Pvx 6.0] Erreur 42
Nomads Auto Refresh Problem
Webserver and OOPS
Err 11<>DOM
Linux - Win2003 Terminal Services - thin client Appliances
Copy question
Request Comments on Idea about Launching
Text to Speech
Data Dictionary & Embedded IO
Unwanted multi-windows functionality (once more)
SSL & Webserver
WindX screen size
Comments on Launching
ODBC list tables
key & data
grid stuff
Error 100's
App Server Config Lockout
Login Script with App Server
*OT* Someone @ IP: has one of those new worms
running OS commands w/o waiting on them
Full of questions today...
KEP on Multi-keyed files
Re: KEP on Multi-keyed files *Corrected question*
Refreshing variables from field values in Nomads
'CF' Mnemonic
ODBC : Wish : user defined class
Question concerning mnemonics and [WDX]...
*Variant string with null's - data changes when assigned to variable
Windx over vpn just stops
Open Files
Internal Pictures and LIST_BOX with lines on WindX 5.14
Error 42, line 58030 in Nomads, Dependency table
Re: 'TEXT' and Line Feeds
Conditioned INPUT
Nomads Startup v6
Twain interface
*ufar question
Using OOPs to open Excel file
Read REC
version 6
Re: SETMOUSE question - side question
Test -ignore
telnet vs. *nthost
Possible Version 6 problem with LFA
Providex on Pocket Pc.
Get_file_box with Windx
(OT) OpenBasic
Panel CTL
Unable to load ICON...
GPF in 5.01 question
Tab key
EOM$ in Nomads
Error 54
STATIC ... Does it work or not?
Strange Error
EIO performance question
Fax or email from WindX+Pvx
Variables being reset in v6 Nomads
Conversion of Excel Macro
Finding the PID for a open file on Windows
WindX and 'B0'
Windx Memory Limits
Tbred Dates - Level 8.4.1 *OT*


Unix install notes
V5.14 Installation errors
nomads query prefix
[ADV] Contract Programmer Available
Windx on SCO 5.0.7 wont start
Re: Windx on SCO 5.0.7 wont start - I solved it
Appserver out of licenses
Memory Limits Reached...
Cisco router *OT*
PVX 6.00 / WindX on SCO 5.0.7 start_up problem
Re: PVX 6.00 / WindX on SCO 5.0.7 start_up problem - still not right
[OT] dsdinc - Your AV is too sensitive - I can't imagine what it found in my post that was unacceptable !!
How get the network ip address of the windx client
Re: PVX 6.00 / WindX on SCO 5.0.7 start_up problem - the fid is right
Encryption Failed
"When Button Pressed" programmatically"
Re: Encryption Failed - Seems ok to me
Re: Encryption Failed - Side note
(OT MySql re-indexing management questions)
Error... Anyone?
Printing w/*WINPRT*
POSTing to a form using *vararray SAFEARRAY
Faxing with ProvideX on Windows
ODBC TimeOut Error
*OT* Election is Tuesday, April 6th
Icons in Treeviews
*viewer* trouble
EXCEL (Formerly from sheilasda)
Location of Classes
Export to Access
Ver 5.14 WindX -> Ver 6.00 host
Pvx Scripting
Scheduling software *OT*
*OT* Almost...but not quite
Providex licensing on linux
Panel Persistence
Object Resize?
ssh windx client
Memory load increased in 5.14
Individual items in a listbox having different tooltips?
Large Strings
MENU_BAR options and error 87's when combined
Re: Large Strings*OT*
[ProvideX][ODBC Driver]Expected lexical element not found
Alignment on Buttons
Caption of a concurrent window?
Concurrent window without a menubar... Causes other window with menubar to lose it?
Maple Laughs
*OT* Office Closed
Listbox question (maybe OCX)
255 keys???
Re: 255 keys??? ->>> Mailing list out of sync????
Excel sort method
Invoke / Sys on windx side
Host operating system from Windx
Web Server timeout
Open using opt="ONCLOSE".....
Nomads Button question
Minimum windx client
Using Epson TM-T88III on XP *OT*
Re: Start PVX App within VB
Reading Server Certificate
multiple copies on a laser printer
Flat/3D Multi_Line
OLE Server
Sending Escape Codes to the Printer
Re: OLE Server *OT*
OCX OOP question
Printing problem on sco unix
PVX Team Question BOI
Copy file
'Virtual' windows?
Release Announcement - ProvideX ODBC Manual
ADO vs [ODB]
Release Announcement - Updated ProvideX/WindX V6 for MS Windows
Nomads Initial value and err=
DB2 connection
Linux printers from a WinXP computer
Changing subscription e-mail address...
[OT] RE: [Pvx] Release Announcement - Updated ProvideX/WindX V6 for MS Windows
Re: Printing problem on sco unix - more info
Error 42 in *WINPROC
NOMADS auto-sizing dialog boxes ...
Clearing List Box Selection...
Linux MDK 10.0
Run PVX in Cold Fusion
Re: Run Cold Fusion in PVX
zip files
Display time on a panel
OT RE: [Pvx] zip files
Weird fault with NUM
ODB/OCI: OPT="...;REC=foo;": syntax of foo?
RE : [Pvx] Linux MDK 10.0
*TEST* - Please Ignore
WINDEV Printing problem
$TERM on Linux MDK 10.0
starting the appserver in *nix
Creating Views Using INI Files
IT on Windows 2003 SBS Server
Refreshing/Redrawing/repainting window/panel
need help, Error 34
Re: AntiSpam Alert from chiefwiz
*OT* AntiSpam Alert from chiefwiz
Re: *web/ftp question
Re: *OT AntiSpam Alert from chiefwiz
Re: need help, Error 34 - RESOLVED BY REBOOTING
Post message
Disappearing Fonted Text and Frames
Newbie, integration with Providex
Opening files in Web Server
Bug in views
PVX Installation
Remote object WindX
Providex Reading from Mobile Device (Pocket PC)
Printer Offset.
more list_box control
*OT* Microsoft.XMLDom
ProvideX process stays in a loop
Upgrading older pvx users question
> 64K
Re: PVX Installation - AV effect
Re: *OT* Providex Reading from Mobile Device (Pocket PC)
configure App Server on Linux server
Nomads Bug?
TLB thingie
Called on [wdx]
How to determine pvx version without running pvx?
Can activation keys be entered programmically or automatically?
Forcing a value
Independently Windows...
Dialogue Windows Close Automatically...
Re: Independent Windows...
Deleting files
Password Protected Data files
'Minimize' box
*web/merge and template errors
How to print labels
OOP and Visual Basic
DROP location in a MULTI_LINE
*OT* XP ppp dial to SCO Unix
Printing a Form
pvx web/email stooped working
Forcing translation on a Nomads dropbox with SmartListbox
Menu Bar Problems
*WISH* Renumber Enhancement
How a web server sends files
V6 on SCO 5.0.7 with Windx
Windx Edit - mark - copy
Numbers in ODBC
*OT* Somebody else with a virus?
[OT] Barcode Solution
ProvideX... MAS200 ... Citrix
Radio button select with keystroke
How to compose fancy web pages
*OT* RE: [Pvx] How to compose fancy web pages
Getting files off the web server
*OT* ProvideX Survey
Bug Maybe ?
dialogue window sometimes closing if LIST_BOX Signal All Changes is checked
web/email failing ( continuing )
ctl question
Call Programs & Errors
Web browser question
Re: dialogue window sometimes closing if LIST_BOX Signal All Changes is checked - RESOLVED
[odb] TSQL to get selected data from two Access tables


*OT* XML Parser!
ADSL and cable load balancing
*OT* Just a test
Reading an Excel file
*web/email ... where is the doc's
Error 48- *web/email
Command line options for WindX install
Testing *web/email
Views and odbc
DD 6.0 Error using ODBC
*web/email - Bug in *web/email??
Permission error on HP/UX pvxactv
Tabbed folder issue ...
Speaking of Email...
get into Linux from Windx?
Voice Mail Problems
Testing for two different strings
Recall: [Pvx] Testing for two different strings
Can't run exe
*ot* Nomads to HTML Converter
[OT] Automatically starting NTHOST on Windows 2000 server
Writing/Reading a SQL Server Data Base
Email interface
The Future of ProvideX (What's on the books for version 7)
question on exiting panels?
Easiest way to send a fax from Windx?
printer link files vs config.bbx alias lines
PREFIX with embedded spaces
first attempt
Ok to keep pgms as serial text files?
How to get query button to enable when multi_line does?
Another question about asci source/development cycle
*OT* RE: [Pvx] Another question about asci source/development cycle
Debug option
[ot]HP Laser 5L on a printer server SCO 5.0.7 / XP Pro
NTHost as a service on Win 2003
Question for Steve Roberts and Scanning of Docs
Question on Prefix path name
Weird err 11 on NEXT RECORD statment
ProvideX & MAC's
*appserver - Launching of Application requested Failed
Renumber Syntax
Moving pvx to another drive, same pc
Resizable window with no fat border and no icon in the corner?
*OT* document scanning
Not sure how *pg.cnv works
Error #14 in Dictionary Maintenance
Tiff files
Copying IOLIST
Convert mass pgms to serial format
ODBC driver connection
Version program compatibility....
ADSL and cable load balancing.
Prefix Program
Web Server Template, filling just one row/none
Skip Key Field
New routine to check activation levels etc on Version 6
Job/Contract Opportunites
Error 13 running .pvc as text serial file?
WindX 5.01 with Pvx 5.13
Version 6 Install
Re: Version 6 Install - PRIME TIME
*OT* - The changing times .....
Object Questions
OOps and Excel .. the program code i forgot
Re: Objects and Excel never mind
Email ToolKit
Re: OOps and Excel .. now, how to read the data
Command window for debug through windX
Bug in NOMADS?
windx versions
Can Providex run on VMWare or VirtualPC?
Report Writer - Data Dictionary
identifying AppServer users on Linux server
reading excel via object one more time
Timing of COM objects
Convert Betrieve 4-byte dates to normal
GRIDs issues in WindX V6.0
Input buffering with Nomads
WindX running under MAC VirturalPC
Date comparison.
tcb of highest object
Pvx Mac
unique FID
Clustering pvx?
gene schultz are you there?
*OT* Microsoft Outlook Data
Relocation announcement
*OT* Calgary?
Date Validation
Report Writer Question
Report Writer (Another Question)
Page Numbers
Strange windx behavior
Input buffer - Key ahead
Password Protected Programs
OOP iolist
OOP and Grid
Report Writer
Reading comma-delimited files - Again
Testing email reciepts
tty using AppServer on Linux
Grid scrollbar
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 6.04.9500 (Open Beta)
nomads and file maintenance
Err:"257" OSMSG:"" when logging into AppServer
Feature in *IT
5-sec delay between AppServer login and WindX
Some Question about Version 6
How to load LIST_BOX in a grid?
Re: How to load LIST_BOX in a grid? ...correction- DROP_BOX not LIST_BOX
Preview and Print to File
Files and OOP
Disappearing MULTI_LINE when clicking a folder tab
Slow printing over a vpn
Access to Application "Server_Name" is denied
Printing French Characters using *windev*
ProvideX host access violation on windows 2003 server
V6.0 *Viewer* working on SCO?
How call a query in a grid
monitor blinks when select printer
Another *it Question
Re: Another *it Question *correction
Re: Another *it Question *NOT MY DAY
input on line 23
Report Writer and using a filter
Error 42 *winproc stmt 7135
*OT * monitor blinks when select printer
WindX AppServer Hang
Where's the LIB?
LIST_BOX refresh
calendar error - Input validation faliure msgbox
ODBC very slow over Windx
Nomads problem?
EFF and platforms
windx speed problem
Re: calendar error - Input validation faliure msgbox -CANCEL
Windx on a Terminal Server
KEC behavior
ProvideX ODBC & Mas90
Writing a DATE to a SQL 2000 Table
Comm Ports
Print Driver
Nomads and Object Oriented Programming...
Re: 5-sec delay between AppServer login and WindX - RESOLVED
Max line Limit
Report Writer Sorting Problems
Linux Spooler & Forms
Using the webserver with long processes
*ot* XML Parser
ODBC and Redhat 5.2
pvxhost/nthost arguments
Number of returned records on a SELECT
PVX 5.14 Activation key
Hover Colour
Folder questions
Re: Folder questions - how I got left align in -1 column to work
Activex Object ID not visible in a multi-level called program
My Documents path
BBx conversion of windows
Save bug program lib???
Special characters input
Dictionary Compare Utility
Program Libraries and Objects...
Report Writer/Viewer Question
Problem with [WDX]ERASE on PVX 5.14 for Red Hat Linux 9
Web Server - bad variables from IE
Bulk program saving utility
Providex ODBC Driver...
(little) bug in *it
Error 17 with LOAD[WDX] {was RE: [Pvx] Problem with [WDX]ERASE on PVX 5.14 for Red Hat Linux 9}
Regional and Language info
RENAME...INDEX questions
OT - Help Wanted
WindX Colors
*OT* Dual monitor in Win98SE -- desktop icons rearrange across reboots
Tracking WindX keys
Webserver webpages display gif but not jpg
Re: Webserver webpages display gif but not jpg ***STUPID WINDOWS
tristate box doesn't show current status
How to open a drop box programmically?
PVX Word Interface
Virus Affecting Outlook Express
*ot* New Search Engine
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 6.05
Release Announcement - Language Reference V6
Last Day at Pointforce
Release Announcement - JavX Version 2.00


Flash + Providex webserver
Problem with graphic activex
Escaped URIs
Type of Window
Chart colour
How to launch Nomads from Command Line
WindX Locking up
ProvideX 5.01/Windows2000 server question
ODBC Syntax Question
Full screen
New file behavior on Version 6
Preventing trace thru a called program
Providex field seperators
Automating WindX install.
ODBC Integration Question
Full Screen for Providex
Colors on a Multi Line LOCKED control
ODBC, Locking provideX files
JavX connection error
Sense the mouse or keyboard
Windx processes haven't gone away on SCO 5.07
Re: [PvxDist] Re: Windx processes haven't gone away on SCO 5.07
Text Formating
Programming work, Mas90
ODBC ini syntax to pass datetime
[pvx] Superscript/Subscript
error =15
*OT* General OOP question
Data Dictionary File Formats
WEB SERVER: Illegal PERFORM statement?
Changing the separator during a read
Data dictionary compare
Web Server Form Questions
How to index a view object by alternal key on file
*OT* General OOP question REDUX
Dictionary Compare
ways of finding the last sequence number
Error 19
How large can a single field be?
Got it - thanks anyway - How large can a single field be?
arrow keys and alpha in windows printer selection
*OT* ProvideX Miltstone ...
nulls at end of indexed file records
Re: *DOC* nulls at end of indexed file records
Need help with Error 15 -> ODBC Error 24000
Query fails using process
[pvx] Query fails using process
Font picker
ODBC and alternate keys
Report Writer and Views
Re: Font picker [OT]
PVX Web Server and Crystal
Best's Integration Strategy?
How to implement OOP in File Maint
'picture' color quality
Web Server Apps
Disable/hide a tab
timeout importing to access
'EG' Mnemonic
Calling external programs from PVX
Class property from a cell (GRID)
Grid design
Re: Programs staying in memory
EFF Files
Providex Demo Installation
Adjust Process Priority on Linux w/o WindX
Pointer Returned from DLL
Is there a quick easy way to update a data dictionary file for old users?
Conversion from VB
Re: Conversion from VB [OT]
create work files in sub-directory
Add contact to Outlook
EFF File Default Block Size not documented?
DLL hangs additional pvxwin32.exe sessions on startup
*WEB* Getting access to the full headers of a request...
NTHOST / WINDX port numbers
Providex Web Server "Too many files Open Error"
PVX.COM - Email Issue
Automatic (signal all changes) and Signal when full attributes
Write record to UNIX pipe.
Error 12 in *NTHost
This is a test - Please Ignore
Write Record to a pipe
Nomad help
Detecting defined size of a dialogue
Scroll on a Grid
TCP communications problem
BBx 'C1' mnemonic
Direct SQL Access
Program Library question
File Errors on Conversion
Security questions
Re: Security questions - (ignore previous post of same topic - reply to this post instead)
ESC key generating $1F$ instead of $1B$
Getting the windx session id
Printing to Windx Window Title
Re: Printing to Windx Window Title - I solved this myself
LinuX Mdk10 + Windx
WindX +MDK10.0
Double Posts
Next question
timer on nomads panel
stuck in CAPS
Views and Report Writer
Citrix connection - error 100
printing from utilities
Windev Printer not feeding page at end of job
Error 13 on Nomads Query
error 29's
EFF File Integrity
Issue Using ODBC Driver with MS-SQL DTS **Semi OT-MAS90**
OLE server activation
Precision difference between BBx4 and WindX 6.05
genicom printer
Please Guide me for Report writer
performance issues
Trabajando con Excel
Emulating VB resume next
WindX GDI leak
strip literals from listed code
Looking for suggestions on bulk edit variable conversion
Windx Cut and Paste Question
password recovery
Windows XP Home Opinions
Custom Colors in the listbox
Views and array
ProvideX Appserver
Zebra printing
lost records from large file
ODBC 3.32 and Red Hat Linux 8.0
Tab stop issue ...
*OT* Best Software MD 'ProvideX Object Oriented Training'
*OT* MS SQL Question


Break window
Functions in Views
Negative ctl -198
*OT* Offline for a few weeks
ODBC - Index fields
Canada Day
GDI bug in ProvideX found
*ot* Activation Key Required ODBC MAS90 3.71
Error 20 using *[ALL] at windx prompt
Setting font properties in a grid cell ...
What is LV?
Release Announcement - ProvideX ODBC Version 3.33
ODBC, Multiline, Memo Fields
Segmentation fault on WRITE RECORD
Error 284
Control-C breaks program (*IT) in WindX
'CP' Mnemonic no longer works with Slave Printing to Laser
found reason for lost records in large file
Javx on Windows CE
Data Dictionary & fiile creation
Error 42 in folders (bug?)
Re: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
CALL "*dict/dd_updt;Update_Physical" generates an error on empty files
Data Dictionary Field, Left Justified, Zero Padded
WINDEV and *C on windows server 2003
Problem with EPSON LX-300
*OT* Providex vs. BBj, Pro/5
Install shield
Active Directory Permissions?
Goto folder
JDBC Connection to Providex ODBC
Function keys not returning CTL values
[PVS 6.05] Err=12 *WINPRT*
RE : [Pvx] [PVS 6.05] Err=12 *WINPRT*
old BBx version
Business Basic --> Visual Basic Compiler
Linux ODBC assistance needed
ERR=0 attempting SAVE a program
printer driver for 7" paper
Global variables a WDX call
How to send a report to text file
Identifying different windx sessions
suppress start up message box in windx
Watches in Windx
Problem with TCB(13)
16+ Colors in Windows Background
List box field & record terminators
How to determine the value of a variable when you're in a deeper call
JavX and nomads
CU parameter with printers
Calling DLL's in WindX
HP Priner
Re: 16+ Colors in Windows Background 'OT'
Re: GDI bug
Creating a text file
Strange error 0 on open
Excel - OCX
Am I back??
Error in windx/ ODBC-CS
ach format direct deposit information
Re: *ot* ach format direct deposit information
[OT] Virus warning
Re: *OT* LIST_BOX question
Irregularity message updating physical in data dictionary
Grid Control question
More than 25 lines
'Raw' printing on LPT1:
*web/email and version 6.05
Syntax to define data types
ODBC Log entry
Copy a text file and save it to another directory
'MOUSE' mnemonic in bbx
ODBC - Unable to obtain list of tables from the data source
ProvideX Internet Service Interruption
Trial Version of Application Server
Editor *it
Why I Would Un-subscribe After Seven Years
** OFF TOPIC ** RE: [Pvx] Why I Would Un-subscribe After Seven Years
Re: Why I Would Un-subscribe After Seven Years "OT"
Ring Bell locally
Printers and Windows XP (Again)
Cheap Programmers - *OT*
MAS 90 ebm question
Re: [OT] MAS 90 ebm question
File creation with attributes in variable
form feed on printer
JavX and Grid Control
Syntax on Composite Variable Arrays
HTML Web server question
File (re)creation issues
*ufar help
Masks in Nomads
vertical scroll bar
Printing jpg on 6.05 latest release.


Printing jpg on 6.05 latest release
Printer properties don't seem to get to the printer
BBX to PVX Conversion
AIX 5.3 and P5-series
help / nomads / message lib
Ejecute command ESC/P ...
How to close a socket from the server side
MS Word (ODBC) doesn't works ... but Excel does
Initialize IOLIST
ODBC disappearing
Can the Viewer's utility print more than 83 columns per line?
"Broken pipe" while printing to remote printer in SCO
Error reading from LIST_BOX
Providex and Terminal Services
LIST_BOX error
Webserver and cookies
Pausing a Printer
Mass button manipulation ...
Reading Excel .xls files
Windx printing jpgs
Error 107 reading keyed file pvx5.01, SCO 5.06
PVX Licenses
Working with Web server and App Server
list_box delete
WAIT on Unix
*OT Re: [Pvx] list_box delete
Webserver and Server Side Includes
DDE Error question
App Server programs open
Error #74: RENUMBER rejected -- Line numbers too large
App Server and Web Server applause
Command Mode Window - WindX
Files size limit?
Multi-Line previous value
Redirect Output To WindX Sessions?
Configure App Server on the fly
Providex 7 Question
user slot number TCB(27)
Logical And
Report-Writer, Designer
ODBV Server S.u.S.e Linux
Question about RET
Aperum aquired by Agilisys
Web Server Variables Not Converting Properly
A question about tcp socket handling
open local file with dialog
Inserting a row into an sql table...
changing the text color for all cells in a grid
Re: setup - Unform Version 6 with pvx 6.05, on Windows 2000 Professional on a single machine.
Startup sequence in Objects
WINPRT Printing jpg forms and printing the text at 10 cpi and 16cpi
Viewer On Unixwear
PVX 4.23 on Linux RH 9
Function that does the same as SUB()
web/email : need a work around
Global Variable on a called WINDX program
Re: web/email : final resolution ( i hope )
Cellformat in grids
RE:[slightly OT] [Pvx] WINPRT Printing jpg forms and printing the text at 10 cpi and 16cpi
multi_line property
Puzzling Nomads Library value
ProvideX COM over Windx
Web Server and IP Binding
windx not working for all users
Newbie - Nomads Event Firing Question
Historical Question
How to handle binary standard input
Re: *OT* Image printing (at the other Basic)
Image printing (at the other Basic)
ODBC Scalar Functions for date
Re: Spammed!!!! *ot*
KeyP and SQL ?
Printing data dictionary to a pdf printer - pvx 6.05 - UnForm - ODBC connection
From MS Access, through Providex ODBC driver I am trying to link providex files. Single user machine : Windows 98 pvx6.05, odbc 3.33 MDAC
HelpDesk and Change Management *OT*
*OT* Demonstration software
How to Print Data Dictionary definitions from NOMADS, Utilities, Print on Providex selected printer (not Windows default printer)
nomads help
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 6.10 (Open Beta)
[pvx] How can get enter ASCII
Assigning Variables coming from a Web Page
App Server processes
font size
File definition
*IT font size
6.10 beta
How to enumerate a collection in an object
How to Copy file ?
Key block size & performance
How to get GBL("VARIABLE") into "*viewer.prg"
Re: Key block size & performance 'OT'
auto windx install
*OT* Multi-Server Backup Solutions
Re: Key block size & performance *ot*
[PVX6.05] Query Question
Speed of Printing to slow WindX *winprt*
Mobile Devices
Customer Satisfaction Survey
DSN issues with INI file?
6.10 transaction processing
Margins problem
*OT* Red Hat server hangs
WindX and VPN's
Doubt Multi_line box
Need Suggestions
Print Screen function not working
WindX LWD from local to remote
PDF Scanner Recommendations?
How to Access DLL via WindX
Re :Re: [Pvx] Doubt Multi_line box


Current Time running
F5 in Nomad
Differences between *viewer en *winprt
Distance between (x1,y1) (x2,y2)
WindX error "Unable to connect to host"
Providex windows not closing
OSAS help
Print Screen (CTL+P)
List_box Control
New Viewer
*OT* EDI Translators
Betr.: [Pvx] *OT* EDI Translators
[pvx] survey
MAS() and ODBC
Utilities PDF
Transparent Bitmaps
Printer properties set....
use different paper sources
PDF question
Webcam handling
[PVX.6.10 - NOMAD] Error 88
[PVX 6.10 Nomad] CHART
[PVX 6.10 Nomad] MultiLine
Problems in *IT
Error in providex
EDI integration
Run App Server as a Service
Highest key in key-file
ODBC and external data access
Web development question
NW Chicago Suburbs - ProvideX Programmer Wanted
*OT* PCL to PDF Converter
Select Item From Drop Box
error 65, message translation needed
*OT* Saari
Turn off windows XP with ProvideX ??
Ejecute Eject in printer Lx-300+ with ProvideX ??
Err 14 - Nomads panel on V.6.05 and V.6.10
Arg(-1) result
'BO','EO' causing problems
Hello list looking for a way to get to the last day of the month
Leap Year Calculations (*OT*)
Re:[Pvx]Printer err=12 Windows 2003 std
Multi_line Read....err(20)
Re: Leap Year Calculations (*OT*) moving even MORE *OT*
Displaying images in a FACTS environment....
*web\mail and time sent on email
Re :Multi keyed files
Car Dealership Software
Re: Hello list looking for a way to get to the last day of the month [*OT*]
Hello list looking for another date solution
*OT* WinXp reseting desktop folders
problems opening a [TCP] channel
reading Outlook files/attachments
Web Server port security issues
Re: *OT* VB App function for Invoke
Parssing Emails (.EML)
Weird printer problem, something to do with network config?
Re: Weird printer problem, something to do with network config? *OT*
printers, yuck
%BODY_BUFF encoding issue
ProvideX email - Creating LINKS in the email message ?
Read (FILE,KNO=1) Returns Incorrect Nun Records if a Space is in the Alt Key
Hitting PostLoad() method before panel is displayed
ProvideX VoiceMail HELL!!!
Get_File_Box folder option ?
Spawn Error
Pictures display through Windx
CASS postal verification
Log file question
Providex Training Class in Phoenix
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 6.10 (Open Beta-RC3)
New preview viewer
MJC Software Inc. Domain Transfer
[Pvx6.10 RC3] Print viewer PDF
Update files for WindX using UNIX2DOS modification
Thoroughbred & Chapter 11
Thoroughbred Clarification Statement
Transparent Window
Joel Hoffman/RnD/MSI is out of the office.
All remote windx sessions are losing connections after a few hours
ini file
ODBC Client
[OT] Stock Control software question
'Window' on chui systems
Re: 'Window' on chui systems - I got it to work
GFN problem
Debug Question
Moving to Nomads?
Jarett's white paper on OOP
Mail List Question
*OT* UNZIP problems on WINXP SP2
Color of titlebar
Mikes XML tool
Flow Chart
Grid Lock command
Dual Router/Dual Connection
Ending current session
OOP object assignment tracking
Binary File Security - Brainstorm, please
Activation assurance
Re: All remote windx sessions are losing connections after a few hours - RESOLVED
Installation on CD/Removable media
Nomads - Automatic triggered query
*OT* Re: [Pvx] OOP object assignment tracking
Nomads "Z" order
File Transfer w/ProvideX
When making a pie chart
Same control ID on different folder
Run from command line
Get out of the stack
cr/lf question
Web server url syntax
[ot] list reply test
*PDF* - new page variable
Java Menu
Web Server <PVX>
SMTP authentication by user name and password through the Providex smtp mail utility (*web/mail) in 4.2.1 version?
Secure Cookie Parameter
PTH function
Panel processing error
Waiting time on W2000 server platform
Array of Controls in NOMADS
PDF & PvxWeb
Mnemonic Question
nomads function keys
ProvideX training in Phoenix, Arizona
printing from the viewer
Mask a text INPUT?
Bold Print font.
4 Sheets Per Page
%nomads_fkey_handler$ trap F1 and SH-F1
Dual WAN Router
Providex.Script error
Slow Link message box
Slow Link
Filling Combo Boxes (web server)
Re: MAS200 dealers in So Cal
Web Server Bug?
App Server files locked


Update flag using embedded I/O
App Server file manager
Win95 incompatibility?
*OT* address brainstorm
how to find out the iolist and rec= of an opened file
ProvideX Web Hosting
[ot] Test- ignore
How to link SQL to PVX
Err. 88 panel nomads - V.6.05
Bug in *progbar?
Host connection timeout
Access ProvideX data file through ODBC
Teach an old Dog new Tricks
[ot] Test- please ignore
! HELP ! Error #117 Invalid Segment Number
ProvideX v6.10 ???
Bug in File Maint ???
Bug in logic Pvx
How to determine if program was PERFORMed or CALLed
[Pvx6.09 RC3] Print 'CS'
colorized listings
HP Laser and 'BB'
WebServer: Untrapped Error
Re: WebServer: Untrapped Error: FIXED
OOP Crazy
File segments and Keys
Trademark Symbol
Printing with graphic mnemonics
Colored Text in Status Bar
Best way to prefix Viewer (V6.05) to 132+ columns
Nomads and grids
Re: *ot* File segments and Keys
Error 19, opening device shared ???
Frequent Errors in *IT
Windx printing MS Server 2003
windx.utl delay
UK Localization
defining shift-keys
Copying Files between mapped drives...
.ini ToolBar=
Full Screen Mode In Windx
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 6.10
Windx installsheild build
Error -1
Invalid token
ODBC to read MSAccess
MULTI_MEDIA directive
recovery Username in Nomads security
Re: *Viewer* - New V6.10.0001 Release
ODBC to read MSAccess - Insert
Changing password in Active Directory
Read a Cell in Excel
How to link SQL ?
[RE]RE: [Pvx] Read a Cell in Excel.
[RE]RE: [Pvx] [RE]RE: [Pvx] Read a Cell in Excel..
File Maint Panel for multiple files
embedded mnemonics
ProvideX Hosting/Domain Registration
Unix/Linux Process interaction/control
Faxing from within Providex/Windx session
Crolling Nomads screen
Advance to end of Listbox
Load on demand Listbox
Re: Scrolling Nomads screen
Problems printing price labels
Weekday Function
Multiline not triggering validator
[PVX] slave printer in linux
Who's using (Lock'd) the files (Linux)
Re:[PVX] FID assigment under linux
Program Length
Choice of view/print/fax from printable document
Selection logic in nomads query
Query in nomads
ERR= in IF/Then
saving grid changes
Possible ProvideX Message?
printing from Win98 to network printer
INSERT to MS Access
MSAccess with OBDC
Web Server's SMTP Setting...
2 OOP questions
cron jobs
Viewer in 6.1
any way to identify Win98 workstation?
PVX 5.14 Windx and Frame Relay Question
Trouble with Data Dictioary update
what is differents?
title in a folder tab
*OT* FONT CHANGE IN *U Print Programs
Nomads menu editing
Font problems in Nomads Grid
New spam filter
DELETE from MS-Access
Picture printing


Re: permissions on *PDF* output file
Re: Web server performance
Image transparency in built in images (NOMADS)
Web server poller
Menu bar in no-gray panel
Re: Bitmap as a record
Error in OOP Nomads window
Application Server
Having trouble using kgn() function
Utility Programs
Public (Free) UUENCODE/UUDECODE routines
Web server and SSL
Adding data class attributes on the fly
How to you Print Barcode on PVX?
*OT* Converters for old Word documents
How to capture events from an OCX
Re:[Pvx] *OT* Converters for old Word documents
Betr.: RE: [Pvx] Web server and SSL
Best way to handle locked records on WindX (NTHOST)
More on scrollable big window
Viewer v6.10 using Windx
Change Control Software
Conversion Advice Needed
_REQD$ in File Maint
BarCode / Crystal / OKI Printer
ODBC server
Scanning problem
Webserver merge problem
WindX + LIST_BOX slow on Cell connections
Re:*OT* Converters for old Word documents
Windoze nthost/ntslave find version
Viewer 6.10
Err=15 accesing SQLServer with WindX connection (NTHOST)
Nomads error handling
OOP for rookies
Grid drag-n-drop ...
Is the List Up ?
Looking for Chris Nolan
ODBC 3.3x on unix
ODBC 333 on Sco Unix 5.07
Re: ODBC 333 on Sco Unix 5.07 - fixed
Report Writer with Providex 6.10
Re: Looking for Chris Nolan *OT
Re: OOP for rookies - Part 2
MULTILINE : Don't execute When receiving FOCUS
Function keys in grid control ...
Radio button 'Text property
*OT* Bar Code Printer needed
Windows based terminal
*web/merge annoyance
dot stepping
Activation Message Issue
*IT Strip Line Numbers issue
*IT Strip Line Numbers issue 2
Need to read one or more rows from an Excel Object
Betr.: [Pvx] *web/merge annoyance
STP and quotes
App Server stops
Read / Update SQL TABLE
ODBC Timeout problem
Re: function's KEL/KEP/KEF doesn't work under ODBC ?
Autocomplete in ProvideX
ODBC Server SuSe_Linux
Report Writer - Removing Fields
Print Preview - Report Writer
VERY SCARY EFF file operation
Report Writer --- SLOW
Ver 6.2
*OT* Sun Launch
KNO & Report Writer
Windows printing problem (OT ?)
Scroll single line Multi-Line
Report Gen Problem/Bug
Local with array
A couple Grid questions
Access MAS90 SO2_SOEntryDetailLine table via SQL
Dump local variables in a class
App Server stopped in middle of day
.PVX file extension
Re: no package visibility
Record Expansion factor
*OT* MAS 4.x Menu Edits
TCB in Windx
Run Config in App Server
NUMLOCK key code error
Nomads Dictionary Block Size Bug
Internet Access to Our Offices - Web, Mail, etc is DOWN
Panel problem in Nomads
Release Announcement - ProvideX ODBC Version 4 (Open Beta)
Internet Toolkit Contents
How to look at open files in Windows
pvx demo install questions
I/O Library
Embedding mnemonics in a string to be passed to device.
Help Setting up pvx 6.X web server to run as a service, on Windows Server 2003
*OT* Using SMTP on the Internet
Tree-view Listbox Background Loading
Updating physical files with dictionary
Hiding tables in ODBC
String limit on DROP_BOX
colours in character mode
Excel and ODBC
Focus on Nomads Panel after DEF OBJECT
Re: GPF reading ODBC
printer trays
Unixware *Nomad
Maximum string length on invoke?
DTS access via Providex ODBC client
Slow web response
Signal on Exit
PVX 6.10 and Nomads on Unixware
Optimization Needed...
PDF and EFF in 6.x
What means: 'HTSMT' in a SQL Server connection?
*OT* CCRA XML file formats
Permission for User
strange behavior on nomads panel
Printing mixed text and 'text'
Unixware vs Windows
Re: method PostLoad
Program and data file names
EFF and stuff
ProvideX 7.0
Printing to [wdx]*pdf* with a form=
PC-DUO from Vector and Providex
POPUP : repost
*Winprt* - Providex/Windx
ODBC keeping file open
Keep Alives
Dll call error
Load on Demand
Running App Serv Config in my window
Uploading a File to PvxWeb


changing paper trays
User Defined CTL Values
Sh-F2 and Query Logic
Checkbox in Listbox
Re: Large Windows Network Configuration
[PVX] ODBC, Field-preparation, DataDict
trial period expired
Re: *OT* Cert vunerability web site
Supressing watermark text on Viewer (V6.10)
Big *memory* files
Error writing to SQL files from Providex.
Error trying to write to SQL file
MySQL ODBC - Error 15
Linux & Samba
*PDF* file=variable$
Web Server & $0d0a$ / <br>
Re: Error trying to write to SQL file - help
FIN()-Function for Terminals
Re: Error writing to SQL files from Providex. - new error
*OT* 'XC' parameter
Assign numeric variable
System rebooting (probably *OT*)
System rebooting
*OT* RE: [Pvx] Keep Alives
Return from err branch
Windx plugin doesn't connect to unixware server
Re: Windx plugin doesn't connect to unixware server - solved
winprt file size
List box headings
VIN, VIS question
w98 freezes after pvx 4.22 to 5.14 upgrade
Nomads 5.x Fixes
WindX, AppServer & auto login
[PVX] Metafile in the clipboard
Function key inconsistencies with WindX
Record Separator
Nomads 5.x Fixes - again, sorry.
Next Directions ?
Re: OT [Pvx] Next Directions ?
Re: *OT* Next Directions ?
Background panel color in NOMADS
Suppress the escape key in nomads.
Re: Font Atributes (was: Hello List)
Bitmaps in Nomads
SETERR to a variable
Who extracted a record?
Program Execution Sequence
Bitmap - jpeg size
[*OT*]Drawing forms, saving as jpeg and printing in Providex
Data from a MS Excel sheet
Excel worksheet access from PVX...
Switching focus.
Data Dictionary -> OBDC problem
Error 60 in Grid control
Local start up connected to Linus host
Re: Local start up connected to Linux host
Key Weirdness in *memory* files
Alternate Keys - Seems ok in 6.10
web and cookies
Opening *.PVX programs
Drop Box Selection
System Call (SYS) function
Call "_browse" in PVX
Re: ODBC Installation
Escapes in OOP
Drop Down Box
Grid Logic
Grid Question - Expanding a Column
*OT* MAS Crystal Question
Release Announcement - ProvideX ODBC Version 4
OT does anybody remember how to expand a file with an err 2 in business basic
Strange behaviour of CTL-value
Old Viewer
New Viewer in 6.10
Chart control
Merry Crhistmas
Change the font in the 'message' bar
Re: Web Server Performance *OT*
*OT* Web Server Performance
*Direxions 2005*
How do I move the record pointer
A bit more elegant than EXECUTE?
Something like TS DataServer for MS SQL
Loggin off from Windows Command Line
Terminal (Blue screen) enlarging
bug in nomads(?)
File Maint Panels
using err=* on properties
Direxions 2005
How to invoke editor
Re: *OT* How to invoke editor
*OT* Linux telnet passworded
Listview LIST_BOX List Style Bitmap
Converting graphical units to columns and rows
Maint & Query Panels
Viewer Error=41
Pinting Under DOS console environment on Windows
Menu option
System_help in windx
*OT* Happy Holidays
EEF/File IO Bug Tracked Down
Merry Christmas Eve Day everyone !!!
SQL-syntax ?
ERR=11 and DOM=
UNIX Providex host command
Routine to compare records
DSN less connection
benchmark script?
*OT* MAS90 Files
Testing SSL
Multi User WindX
Nomads bug ver 6.10
MultiLine Inquiry Link
Adding Controls to a Panel
Is MailList down
*OT* Spanish word for May
Translation for "puede"