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Launching Windx from the browser
Fax Software Suggestions
Adding a calendar to a Nomads panel on-the-fly
Display problems on Workstation
*OT* AIX and an AXIS print server
Increase Record Size
javx status
Slow session question
Re: Setting up a user with no password under RH 7.2
Where is CTL of -1017 coming from?
*OT* Red Hat 8.0
Count characters in a string
[ProvideX][ODBC Driver]Expected lexical element not found: <indentifier>
OT:Loss of focus on MAS200 startup
RE : [Pvx] [ProvideX][ODBC Driver]Expected lexical element not found: <indentifier>
Re: Count characters in a string [NK-P61NTV]
Question about the 'TEXT' mnemonic
Keyed File Index Check
WINDX installation problem
*OT* Looking for Software
*OT* ProvideX Package Pricing
RE [Pvx] Access granted to send emails to [TLB-1PEVBI2]
*OT* SuSE Linux 8.0
*OT* Gord's *web/mime and *web/encode/decode doc's
CRON job on Linux
version 4.02 vs version 5.01 printer differences
Windows Error: Windows was unable to save all of data (on Win2K servers)
PRovideX and Dual Processors? Mult-ithreading??
PVX 5.01 WINDX 5.01 error 2 after escape on the next print statem ent??
RPC questions
remote location printing linux rehat 7.? pvx 5.01 windx 5.01 nt 4 .0 server over 128 k line tooooooooooooo slow
Wav Files
RE : [Pvx] Pictures
RE : [Pvx] RPC questions
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] RPC questions
Print to file
printing 'picture'
more on printing 'picture'
one more printing 'picture'
ot has anybody had problems with linux print outs disappearing?
printing bold italic fonts
Get_File_Box (quick question)
RE : [Pvx] Get_File_Box (quick question)
Re: [Pvx FYI:] printing bold italic fonts
email question
Re: *OT* RPC questions
Pvx - Excel Why cannot read excel but can write
*OT* Direxions 2004
RE : [Pvx] *OT* Direxions 2004
*OT* Using CVS with Windows
*OT* Dos Printing
*OT* SCO Advice
How Do I Begin?
*OT* Duplidisk
Legacy Screen
Display grid
Line Feed
Using *VIEWER*
Is it possible to get event?
Linux to run PRovideX - *OT*
Serial communication problem
*OT* Postal Codes
RENAME not working
*Sales Announcement*
PRECISION 7 No Response In Nomads
Nomads and Grid
LOCAL directive question
RE : [Pvx] LOCAL directive question
Error 26 creating button with CTL value higher than 10000
opportunistic locking
Working with ini files
ProvideX Web server post back with a combo box
Can I write/read $00$ to/from a multi_line?
*OT* Running SCO Binaries under SuSE Linux 8.0
Dual Monitor application
automatic web server startup
*OT* where is the world is ?
date conversion
RE : [Pvx] *OT* where is the world is ?
Accessing SQL tables
Error 31
[PVX] Receive Sequence Timeout using WindX
Printer Ignore Font Setting
Direct/Keyed - What is the best for this...
Gui Previewer
Part Time Progammer Needed
Database modeling project *OT*
Dual Monitor Video Card *OT*
*OT* RE: [Pvx] Part Time Progammer Needed
*OT* Access to MySQL or other linux database
Can I do this with Embedded IO...
What port am I on.
Redisplay Fonted Text on a Panel
Hide and Show Tabs
RE : [Pvx] Hide and Show Tabs
How to get around a Record is Busy?
Link file question
Re: *OT* Windows printer information
Re: [Pox] How to get around a Record is Busy?
ODBC Field defs
Upgrade Issue
Additional Info on Upgrade Issue
*OT* Additional Info on Upgrade Issue
Windx on Tablet PC
Is this expected behavior?
Re: *OT* Is this expected behavior?
WindX SSH conection
ODBC speed over a remote VPN
COM ports under Windows
*OT* finding user real name from username, linix to windows
Hello everyone. SETFID question.
*OT* Mas90 3.23 CD for sco Unix needed
*OT* Outlook Integration
RE : [Pvx] *OT* Outlook Integration
JavX end task on server
E12 at line 30 in following code
MXC(0) reporting width of the prior panel
Change List Box Format
Bar code printing TSP700 Star printer
Base64 Encoding & Providex
& option
Web Server Stats
Dead JavX process won't go away
*OT* Open Server Install Problems
palette color ...
BB978 Business Basic Application Programmer
*OT* Allowing shift with caps lock ON to generate uppercase characters in Win9x
"Fetch without a SELECT" error using MyODBC to insert record in MySQL database
Window versus dialogue
Re: System time zone, DST settings (shell type preferred ?)
Multiple dialogues in Nomads
Error 1, logical End of Record on write to *memory* file?
Install Shield not uninstalling *OT*
Library Security in 5.10
Red Hat 8.0
MultiLine Scroll Bars
[PVX] ODBC with UPS Worldship
Re: How to specify primary key segments
Re: Long delay reading first record
RE : [Pvx] MultiLine Scroll Bars
Silent Demo Activation
USB Card Reader?
Re: Available *OT*
Setting the color of a variable
'IMAGE' contents
Adding images to the nomads stack
Position a MSGBOX?
*WISH* *IT paste behavior
5.1 OOP questions ...
Re: Error on generate program with NOMADS


*OT* Ultraedit syntax checking plugin
*AD* New toolkits available!
REDIM in 5.10 ...
Problems updating and inserting into MAS90
Icon files
Read Field Names on an IOLIST
Panel Problem using -hd or 'SHOW'(-1)
Wildcards in the SUB() command
Betr.: commando 'line'
Not Available
Phone system reporting
Re: Problems updating and inserting into MAS90 *OT*
Phone system *OT*
Question on *web/email
Creating TIFF files
Error checking on Variables
Re: Error checking on Variables *OT*
Printing a Chart
packet size
Word Object
Setting the font in the Dialoge Status area
JavX Sessions won't die
OT * Drivers license magnetic strip
Extract / MS SQL-Database
Machine Name Function
Error using def object
RE : [Pvx] Error using def object
JavX Sessions won't die - again
Using Case/Switch with List Box
User Functions
Exporting the ProvideX Help files *OT*
Telnet Windx
Next weeks meetup
WindX Plugin
DIM / ARRAY Question
Email methods
Extract / MySQL Database
With Statements
How to do a copy and paste from the command line screen
Colour on Message Bar
Append Data to XL
'Frame' mnemonic
DDE to Outlook
Re: READ vs. SELECT - some emperical evidence
*NTHOST takes user slot?
OT test
Re: *NTHOST takes user slot? - Empirical evidence day
Re: File Locking *OT*
*OT* MSGBOX with timeout ...
Editing running programs that are at a command prompt
Changing default fonts
input edit issue
Utilities in WindX at a certain moment
0t* *winprt* & linux redhat 7.3 pvx 5.01 when printing 'text' ta kes forever
'CAPTION' question
nonunique keys
Re: 'CAPTION' - further query
RE : [Pvx] nonunique keys
Re: Changing default fonts & setting colours
Adding to providex drop down menu
Multi_Line Format problem
Compressing numbers (alter PCK())
"Strange?" WindX behavior?
Re: Compressing numbers (alter PCK()) SOLVED
Grid Read ERROR 2 (Nomads)
GPF using Resourcelib32
Terminating PERFORMs and CALLs
Pack/Unpack functions
Error 12 Opening WDX ODBC File
Grid Select
ProvideX Activation
*dev and *udev
Xerox Device Driver
RE : [Pvx] *dev and *udev
Over DIMensioned???
Epson DFX-5000 in WindX
Corrupted filesHello List,
ProvideX WebServer as a Windows 2k Service
Providex eating too much?? a 100% cpu usage
calendar: what am i missing here
ocx to Outlook
Creating Multi-Keyed File
Nomads panel colors
Nomads V5.10 candidate 5
Default Folder
Window Close with ESC-Key
Formatting Grid Cells...
String Length Invalid
Workstation ID
Excel Spreadsheet as an Object
Error 46 with TEXT mnemonic
Panel Colors (resubmit)
Writing a string variable to a text file
printer on separate server
centre display
Edit Record Question
Strange problem
Nomads Query - Keyword Search?
win xp pvx client login problem
Tag_Field$ Question.
Release Announcement: ProvideX V5.10
Winprt link file
Multi Line Empty Value
XP look password prompt
Mixed environment printer control
Enter=tab on tabfolder
new nomads scroll folders
nomads 5.10
*OT* how do I get myself into these jams ??? RE: [Pvx] 5.10
Repost: [Pvx] ProvideX WebServer as a Windows 2k Service
Any docs on OCX events
nthost/ntslave environment ...
Read equivalent with the Read
Writing to keyed file
Error trapping in Nomads
animation while waiting
*OT* Canadian Postal Codes
Segmented Files
Hack for *viewer* to get zoom and maximum onload...
user limit exceeds
Pvx 5.10
*OT* SBS 2000 Network policy problem
NID and Windows Terminal Server
Flmaint - Conversion of Number Field
Windx and serial file
WindX 5.01/Pvx5.01 on SuSE 8.0 with activation of 4.23 Problem
5.10 Build Files
Any use @PJL?
Re: Any use @PJL? *OT*
*BITMAP* in Ver 5.10
Copy /paste from providex to another window
FontSize in Nomads
Query still disabled...
Logic on radio button >1
Using SEP=* type definition via Nomads in 5.10
Win 98 GPF in USER.EXE
File status flags
Multi_media PLAY
Custom Colour Creation
slow open on many files
Number of pages printing
New docs ?
Ability to record a sound from within Providex
Legacy Code Level 4.02
why is this happening?
DG/UX Not dropping PVX Process
Menu Bar
Winprt question
Windx 5.10 and TypeSizeLoc INI setting
Re: *OT* Legacy Code Level 4.02


Viewer in Demo Mode
'4D' in Demo mode
Info on Application Server
Prefixes with quotes and spaces
Wintab v5.10
Redhat 8.0 virtual consoles T7-T12
Change_flg question
Nomads Query (repost)
Developer available
TCB activation info
RE : [Pvx] TCB activation info
Timer in Nomads
OCX Status Bar
Info on client server - *host / *slave
Redhat 8 and *NTHOST
Progress Bar Question
ODBC Driver problem with PHP
[ODB] Open Question
*OT* Mas90 Ddicts
Another OCX Question
*OT* SCO5.0.5 autostart bbx
[PVX] General Report Writer
Re: Redhat 8 and *NTHOST - new info
Re: Redhat 8 and *NTHOST - new info *OT*
PVX and Mac
Re: Direxions - Memories
Add-on Packages
OK, what am I doing wrong?!?
*web/email and Unixware servers
Format a floppy
Problems with activation-key
Re: Direxions *OT
Registry Kind of *OT*
Outlook Appointment Problem
Debugging inside object method
Using exit err
Client Server Service
RE : [Pvx] WindX command mode
Re: Direxions *OT*
This should be easy but...
Re: PVX and Mac *OT*
Viewer Cutting lines?
basic four anyone?
Return from 'Jump-To'
Concurrent working with V4.11 and V5.10 Windx on 1 workstation
PF1 Terminal emulation
RE:[OT] [Pvx] Direxions
Webserver on Linux
Showing icons in a listbox
5.10 and using Enter for Tab
Strinping all Alpha Characters
ODBC update
*nomads object ...
[ADV] [AD] [OT] Distribution / Manufacturing Accounting Software - bbxpvx
5.10 Activation
V 5.10 Enter=tab on folders doesn't work
Re: Locked ML background color / diff V4.11 and V5.10 Windx
Re: Nomads Drop_box
*OT* Currency tax *Feedback*
DEL and INS Key Vs Window XP
Pvxwin32.exe Illegal Operation Error
Spell Check
Record locking on UnixWare
Reminder about Meetup this Wed
Confused about add on package activation
Multi_line focus issue
Outer Joins with ODBC
RE:[PVX} Error #87 Loading *IT
Re: Client Server ODBC *FIXED*
*ot* Spam Control
Grid Row Count
*picture utility on [wdx]files
[OT] Looking for ski buddy ;o)
Query Formula Definition with Julian Dates and Blank Fields
High speed server
[OT]Server type configuration suggestions please
printing a 'picture' as first command to *WINPRT*
Re: Query Formula Definition with Julian Dates and Blank Fields *OT*
Re: *ot* Spam Control and Popup stoppers
Nomads Panel and Unix - Why is this Happening?
Problem with *wingrp in 5.10
Nomads and passing textbox values
Adding controls to nomads stack
Shift-Tab Button Focus
Shift-Tab Focus Problem
ODBC - Outer Joins
Upgrading to 5.10
Licensing OCX-components
crontab write....
Re: 0xc00000022
How to manipulate Outlook from Pvx
ODBC server tar build suggestion
Typing in ListView Listbox in 5.10
Nomads - List Box On Select Logic Not Firing
Fixed Column and Fixed Row 510 Grid Control
Strange double-clicking problem running WindX over broadband is OK over dial-up
First Time Installation
[OT] Linux help
*OOP - 5.10 question
*OT XP network
Where can I find documentation
activation for Dir 2002 CD
Re: Where can I find doc.. THKS
*OT* Access question
Scenario to upgrade a running system from V4.11 to V5.10
timed execution
Clearing CTL in WindX V5.10
*OT* weird syslog entry on OpenServer 5.0.5
File corruption problem
Windx/Providex compatibility question
Re: Strange double-clicking problem running WindX over broadband is OK over dial-up]
Intel Xeon 2ghz processor
Utilities after 5.10 Install
WindX Alternative
Time to Kill
*OT* Testing my PVX list connection only - please disregard
OCX and Windx
PVX and Visual Source Safe
How to Know Your in Windx
OCX and Windx - restated
OOP on a Windx machine
[pvx] Error reading Access database
SDSI Conference?
Re: Error reading Access database
query selection speed
OLE Problem
Excel Column Format
Carriage return
Printing with WDX
Where to store link file and device drivers
TCB(1,0) on the Windx side
How to release a program after SAVE/ERROR 0
Re: Time to Kill - no, keep alives!
Keepalives in NT
Nomads Refresh
*OT* SCO sendmail antispam
GUI utilities V5.10
minus sign in grid (Windx 5.10 )
Folder on Folder Controls
*E and program editors
'FONT' attribute N (numeric data alignment)
Linux upgrade
Outlook - Specifying A Shared Folder
Windx bandwidth
Using ODBC to write data into a Providex table
TCP slowness
Key Size
Entry in Shared Calendar
Precision from subprograms
BB1002 Application Developer
OCX Question...
RE : [Pvx] OCX Question...
Memory Usage on RedHat
Scrolling in queries with terminalserver
Property Error with Outlook
Hide/Show control a multi_line in '4D' (5.10)
JavX Issue
Error 13 on Multi_Line Read 0?
*web/merge err=2 at stmt 1010
Delete Outlook Appointments
Get_file_box issue
Restore Directive...
ProvideX on new machine
New Language Reference Manual?
Re: New Language Reference Manual? *OT*
Re-Activation problem
ProvideX for end users as opposed to developers
Re: ProvideX for end users as opposed to developers *OT
Passing Variables to VBA Function
Segmentation faults
Inquiry Total
Passing Variables
*OT* Linux Taz via CD
SmartGrid in 5.10 Nomads
PVX 5.10 on Xeon Processors
Open Database with SQL-Authentification
Panel Flickering
Webserver stopping question
MultiLine Properties
** Off topic ** MS FT
Pictures on Nomads Panels
Errorlevel from INVOKE
BB1004 BBx Pro5 Programmer
Error 121 question
Toolbar ...
Linux Install Instructions
Printer link file problems
Different behaviour grids
Printer Link file using IP Address
To big file
Re: Select SORRY
Re: Select uuups
ProvideX Upgrade instructions
Error 11
Pvx 5.1 Licensing problem?
Nomads - Fonted Text
How to improve performance when adding alternate keys to large files?
RE : [Pvx] How to improve performance when adding alternate keys to large files?
I need a good suggestion
app server problems
oops app server never mind
app server windx plugin
Question on Client / Server Performance and the Web
Nomads window centered
Fonted Text Error
app server logs
Javx Applet Problem
cwdir directive
ProvideX Views in 5.10
Tabbing into a folder
Error 117 in a multi key file
dialogue 1 or 2 lines
Pvx unix test
Client server ODBC security
Cross-device link
Open Lock and Error Handler
A question about cookies
Re: Open Lock and Error Handler --- *OOPS*
Outlook Question
Grid Logic Question
MB Parameter
More Grid Questions
WebUpload program
Grid 'fmt$
More Grid 'FMT$ Questions
Screen capture under WindX
Re: Handling the email ...
Writting through MSAccess
Bar Code Font
*oop - Dynamic Properties - *WISH*
License ProvideX ?
Windx 412c and XP
pvx and urls
File Write question ...
I'm on Windows or WindX
Re: Safety Alert *OT*
Migration to XP pains
Re: PVX information
Provide OLE Server and Error Management
Detecting the current shortcut key (if any) Nomads is responding to
Icons on task bar
*web/email question
What's better?


Error #32 on a READ
Re: File Cache
*OT* - avocados
Re: Segmentation faults - Problem Solved
JavX Listbox
Message Box Question
Error 117 Invalid Segment Number.
*OT* RFC 3514
Intermittent Error 88
Re: [dde]excel]
Windx printers not returning correct MXC and MXL values
Possible Nomads Bug
Providex on Windows XP Tablet PC addition
Panel Display timing on resizable panels
ENTER instead of TAB on controls
*OT* Excel.Application Column Headings
Odd OPEN behavior BBx vs PVX
DIR= with embedded I/O program
Nomads File Layouts - Menu Structure - Change in 5.0?
Web Task Handlers and RPC
Save Control to the clipboard
Linux Slowndowns (WindX)
Re: Excel.Application Def Objects
Two (2?) minor questions
pvx 510 Data Dictionary Query... Lookup Table Name
grid input starting with a period in grid (Windx 5.10)
NT/win2000 Cron type Jobs
Post Display Logic
Pvx 510 *it
How to set the cursor to a block as a default
Re: Batch Command Line to invoke Pvx 510 *it when pvx is in P rogram Files\Best\ProivdeX VX.YY
Editor hangs in Nomads
List Box Won't Refresh...
Grid Read
[OT] Job shop / Production order scheduling tools
Error 16's
Re: *OT* Changing windows insertion pointer [was: How to set the cursor to a block as a default]
Error #71
Returning a files name
ERR=65 removing v_scrollbar
Microsoft Project
ot linux printing 'text' still takes forever has anybody else exp erienced this??
Query Definition Descending Keys
ODBC Driver for Linux/Unix to access providex
bbx to pvx
Right click on button
INPUT EDIT problem and Function key diifficulties
ERR=65 Removing v_scrollbar(again)
Jump To
Overlaying complex panels
odbc/mas90/ date
DTSRun Automation
Web Server Error
pvx510 vs. pvx501 Standard Query Keyboard Control
INPUT EDIT Behaviour
Re: Access to Adobe Acrobat Reader
File locking under Pvx 5.01 with NTHost/NTSlave
Crystal Reports and pictures
Descending index added with ADD INDEX
error 55 in nomads
pvx cannot read EXCEL
*OT* boot & root floppy for SCO
Major - Major problem with String Templates
Web Server Variables (Stats)
Web engine ?p routines...
5.10 Install error
Setting Panel Colors
LIST_BOX problem
Problems with the Calendar Program
Panel Resize
Multiline vs Drop Box Locks
Allocating unique fids and OPEN LOCK
Re: how can Excel read PVX files?
Browse for folder
Progress counter refresh problem running WDX
Web Engine Authentication with MAS90's e-Business
List Box wraparound in Windx
ProvideX program
Excel File
app server
app server slow grid
BB1006 MAS90/200 Programmer
RE:Excel File
Internet Explorer
5.10 '4D' and buttons
Re: Input Edit Behaviour code to demonstrate the problem
Re: Input Edit Behaviour code to demonstrate the problem - fixed
Code to display first line of a program
Create Sort File in Nomads Data Dictionary Maintenance
RE:[Pvx] Excel File
5.10 auto increment
KEY=VAR:VAR question
TCB(88) and windx versions
Peer to Peer multi-user
How to Hide/Show Nomads boxes?
App. server licenseng
Nomads File View and Update Utility
Class Maintenance screen locking in 5.10
Print Screen in ProvideX
Resetting the counter on "auto" key files
TCP question
Rounding Question
Strange error 47
Error #17 loading program via [WDX]
Running bat files from providex.
Re: Strange error 47 *OT*
Crystal OCX issue
Re: Crystal OCX issue *OT*
List Box - Unable to Set Initial Value
Webserver 1.3.13 (5.10)
PopMenu and Menu changes in the verion V5.10? Yes but
Can I use the Pvx's Mark/Copy feature from my programs?
Revision Control Software --Opinions
HowTo get to the Website Name on the ProvideX Webserver
PVX 5.10 on linux redhat 8.0
Recall: [Pvx] Error 117
Reading Access Database Directly using providex
Re: win xp pvx client login problem-FIXED!
Open [ODB]
next 5.10 update
More ODBC/Access stuff
Tracing [wdx] calls
Webserver - startup programs
Re: Nomads Message Box
error #: 15
WindX 4.23 on WinXP
Can windx LIST display faster?
How vulnerable are we not using VPN on our server to remote windx?
Problem Backing Up Activate.pvx
IT editor
Error 5
Crystal OCX Error 88
Dependency Definition
5.10 fixes
Accessing a class outside of the prefix
Defining global objects
ODBC client/server connect
Converting XML Special Characters
Spool control for mixed environment
Path to Server?
GPF in ProvideX
Unexpected Undo Behavior in NOMADS
WindX TCP Issue
Cut & Paste in WindX
Error 95???
LWD as UNC Name
Windx Logging
Announcing APIxTools
List_box selecting GPFs in 5.00
RE : [Pvx] Announcing APIxTools
Re: Announcing APIxTools *OT*
WINPRT_SETUP LIST in a Windx environment
Re: Announcing APIxTools *OT
Selecting a screen area with mouse/cursor keys
grids in nomads
grid/nomad/static column
DROP OBJECT doesn't drop everything.
Add controls to Nomads groups
Crystal Web Viewer and ProvideX Webserver
Question on auto increment
err 13 occasionally
FLMAINT generation question


*winapi shfiloperation copying a file from c: to e:
DIR= not supported in Windx...
Query - Can it be auto-maximized?
.bmp with transparent background
Error 47 at 6660 in *ucl
Re: *winapi shfiloperation FIXED
*OT* Visual Studio.NET Launch Tour
Re: Prewrite - setting file time and date
Re: *winapi shfiloperation COPY A FILE
Copy Files and Directories
v5.10 and DD security
Adobe Bookmarks
Email from WindX
*OT* Old providex
"Ghost" tasks and user licenses
Re: License ProvideX ? .. ok
IBM3161 terminal question
*OT* Questions about TCP parameters in RedHat 9
Error 2 in *web/merge Line 128
Re: Error 2 in *web/merge Line 128 **Resolved**
Re: *winprt* properties (now *OT*)
*winprt* properties
*upb in 5.10 Windx
*OOPS* Prevent an object from being dropped?
How to use a control
Bar Code
Any one in Newark
5.10 & Setesc
scrolling folder tabs
Hanging windx-sessions
File Maintenance with One Record
*OOP* How to fill MSG(-1) buffer on an error 88?
Clearning all Fields on a Panel
ERR 46 help ...
RPC and Large Data Fields
Re: Clearing all Fields on a Panel
Files changes logging
Web development
API for User Name
Error #31
Web Server - Maximum Idle Time
SQL Generation From Providex - Help
Array out-of-bounds error checking
Full User Name *OT*
Trick for flushing a serial file?
*OT* Gord - your mail server is having a fit...
5.10 Webserver
https post from linux box
Reading into Composite Strings...
RE : [Pvx] Reading into Composite Strings...
*winprt* and 'TEXT'
Webserver and hidden files
Conversion from BBX
Way Off Topic ! - VPro5 printing on XP
Excel Properties
tcb(-1) on ver 5.01 / AIX
5.10 install question
stunnel - some progress *OT*
error 84
forcing open a dropdown box
Hello List puzzling scernio
*OT* Web Programming Languages
OT Re: [Pvx] Hello List puzzling scernio
stunnel - RESOLVED *OT*
Can't Start Web Server on 5.01
Memo fields
Install problem 5.10 on NT4 sp6 no I/E
Nomads and on-select logic
SWITCH/CASE question ...
KNO= & Open
Query Question - Select Logic
Number packing
error 0 on an open input
Menu pannels question
Cygwin, Linux & Pvx
Strange Behaviour
Re: Terminal Server Issues
Grid cells format
Error 46??
A VERY Dumb question?
5.10 upgrade
Grid cell format
Grid - first column
Nomads data dictionary access
Victoria Day Holiday!
Forcing folders to be a certain color in nomads
Start Denied Status
Dot Matrix Printers and Winprt
clip_board write
Online List
button.ctl'key$ problem
Cell logic question
Unselect a List Box Line
Spooler on a Linux + Printronix
TCP open twice
windx with sco unix
Nomads Script/Macro
bill of lading
Hello list,
ProvideX & Spool32 errors
*ODB* No items found
[odb] and Mysql
Query start selection
Nomads Object Security
Nomads doesn't close file
ERR 32 help ...
Hide main windx window after spawning
N-TIER programming with ProvideX
Reading Excel Files
*OT problem with "The List"
5.10 Grid question ...
Child window maximize
ADDR command
Betr.: AW: [Pvx] Grid
Key operations
5.10 Grid Help Needed ...
NOMADS error 5.10 ...
A new GRID error at 5.10 ..
5.10 Grid Drag-n-Drop ..
Grid future plans?
5.10 Grid question
Form not showing up when you call it a second time from a jumpto in the menu.
5.10 Pop-up Menu question ...
Coversion Special Character
*OT*Regional options
Switching Sessions
Ultra Edit Syntax File
*OT* E-Commerce Credit Card processing
5.10 NOMADS & Pop-up menus ...
help writing to MySQL
*OT* L.A. Business Basic group
EXCEL OCX : Time to change the sheets
Error 90
Err 296 on WIN 2000 Data Server
Is the list down?
Providex Script
GRID 5.10 help needed ...
TEXTWDW and 'WINDOW' will not display in NORMAL form.
Detecting missing COM object properties and methods
Re: EXCEL OCX : thanks
Pvx Excel converting from DDe to OCx
SEP=* & file performance
Password Protection in 5.10
Sending data to a webpage
Linux magic file definitions for Providex file types
Some empty lines at first of the listing ... and TCB(12)
*OT write to a plain text file using a dsn
Using DEF OBJ in WDX
winprt_setup server input r$
*WINPRT* page length
USB Port monitor
manually "rewrite data dictionary only"


thanks guys
Re: PGM (forgotten answer to Ken Sproul)
faxing with WinFax Pro
Looking for references to: pvxwactv.exe command line parameters
5.10 Jump-to issue ...
*OT* HP Printers and FacetWin
Accessing LDAP information
*OT* test (last)
*OT* apologies for test
5.00 Grid question ...
ProvideX/MS Word interface question
Window XP Tablet
*IT Load Error
Windows jobs stucked ...
Getting grid cell column and line numbers in Nomads
PVX, Linux, Terminals
Nomads Libary Size
Duplicate Emails
Re: Nomads Library Size
New ProvideX Forums
Use PVX for login
'BU' mnemonic in *dev/windows
Application server question
Grid 5.01 help ...
Virus Warning to our Mail List Users
Worm attachments
Multi-line alignment problem
RE : [Pvx] Application server question
File check/rebuild
Error 100 on Viewer
Copying programs to Wdx
ProvideX in the SUN
Screen problems
"RegSetValueExA" gpf
[PVX] keyed files and index values
Variable Record Size, no docs
File creation date (5.10)
PVX 5.01 and Radio_buttons
*OT* lpr/lpd printer on xp
Imbedded IO Procedures
Variable Length Records vs Fixed Length Records
Scripting in ProvideX
RUN doesn't close the channels
Creating a simple benchmark to test CPU speed
*OT* Email Test
Copy files
How to determine version
Printing a Nomads Panel
ActiveX Adobe Print Problem
Date Question
Question on BackColour
Multiple windows
[OT] Kyocera Laser on SCO
How to check the no. of windx sessions running on the same PC.
*OT* Zip Utility
Nomads Menus - Bug
Nomads list box date sort bug
nomads grid alignment
nomads grid logic
*OOPS* What's the property that tells me my own name?
nomads app server
*OT* Open System conversion
a brick wall
IOL Statement
OCX Events
Function keys in Nomads
A Viewer question for all of you
Reading a Previous Record
Binding Error
Data Conversion
Error 5/261
Dropbox question - Resend
Indirect Variable Assignment
character set in Linux
Printing to a serial file
Dir=-1 revisited
Textcolor and Radio Buttons
Printing to a Serial file - more problems
*it wish
PVS Scripting
SQL Table Read Result Question
RE : [Pvx] SQL Table Read Result Question
Print Driver Program Error 0
Nomads DD Table Key Name
nomads panel print
Make a Fine Tune
Tool tip duration
PVS Scripting - Resend
NTHOST on SCO Unix 5.05 Windx Connection problem
WINPRT printing problems - revisit
Err 12's on reads/writes
*AD* Announcing, your ProvideX webserver hosting provider
Slave Printing NOt working
Vin Vis Via
Objects as parameters
*OT*Re: [Pvx] Make a Fine Tune
RE : [Pvx] Make a Fine Tune
Quiet List
How to run a PvX program as a SuSE-Linux daemon
Re: Vin Vis Via *OT*
Thanks for the features
Object past as parameter from script to PVX object.
obj(). I forgot.
windows showing behind other windows
*OT* Crash Trace/Dump from Linux
Err=0 on *VIEWER* Open
NTHOST Startup error on Win2000 Server
RE : [Pvx] NTHOST Startup error on Win2000 Server
FID with systemparameter 'FF'=1
Edit Text File
Array as Property/function in Object
UML -> ProvideX
'4D' Multilines
RE : [Pvx] Simple!?
Truncated numbers
wyse 60 terminal
Writing to a .dbf file
Re: wyse 60 terminal (wyse 150?)
task handler
Defining an embedded IO procedure without NOMADS
Multi_Line Index
JavX without Window controls???
How to make a several copies printings?
Crystal ODBC logon
*web/merge issue
Triggering the Dependency Logic after ocx event logic ends
Release Announcement - New Language Reference Manual
Release Announcement - v5.11
Nice Manual
SELECT statement at version 4.02
grid column -1
5.11 Object Property ...
WINDX displaying prompts problem
*OT* Release Announcement - New Language Reference Manual
Release Announcement - ProvideX Readme Library
popup menu
Urgent problem with WindX
ALT+"Key" interrupt
XML Parser (Reading An XML File)
Time stamp on a machine connected to a Citrix/Terminal Server
WindX 4.23 to 5.01
Release Announcement - ProvideX COM interface documentation & Type Library Browser
Terminal Function keys not defined after Upgrade to 5.11
Gateway on SCO
Re: *OT* Gateway on SCO
OS upgrade question
Additional 5.11 Ports of ProvideX
*OT* Re: [Pvx] Release Announcement - New Language Reference Manual
nomads mutliple active windows
Re: Format Masks ? - Release Announcement - New Language Reference Manual
Renaming an Excel WS
Re: grid column -1]
Folder Presets, grid properties
multiple active windows
Global numeric variables
Re: Writing to a .dbf file *ot*
*BITMAP* to clipboard?
Getting SEP's in the right spot for substringed IOL's?
Re: IOLIST sep]
hp ux
Fun with Grids
Interesting IF - ELSE IF


nomads link file in query
Progress Database
Install of 5.11 download
Level 4 e-commerce key on 5.10 and OOPS
nomads link file lockup
W98 Stackfault
Re: Interesting IF - ELSE IF *OT*
Pvx in combination with Citrix
GRID READ in 5.11
Re: W98 Stackfault correction
Error 296
Re: *BITMAP* to clipboard? *OT
*OT* Jane's email address
*OT* Help Requested
Problem with INVOKE WAIT when calling another Windows program?
client multimedia
Embedded File Procedures
5.11 dictionary
Acrobat Search vs Find (was: [Pvx] *BITMAP* to clipboard?)
How to execute excel macro from pvx
Examining programs recursively
*OT* Testing out of office reply rule
Another OLE question
Linux Redhat 9.0
*OT* LOADING 6.0 Adobe Acrabat Reader
Outlook 2002 warning message
[OT]Hello from OZ
PREINPUT and Nomads-Panel
Scroll Bar Problem
Error 12 /web/merge
Nomads designer
Grid & Mouse Scroll Wheel
PVX DDE to VB application
PVX Serial Port with Unix
Error 31 on listbox
Embedded I/O procedures pre_write
File limits
COM object / CPU
Really fast server gets error 0 at 3940 in *dict/maint
problem with it
pvxedit.ini and word wrap
Licence Query
License Question
Licensing Suggestions
app server log clearing
Re: pvxedit.ini and word wrap *OT*
Scripting issue.
Direxions 2004 - Announcement
Get_file_box read ...
Win2K Printers
grid best fit
File size
IOLIST advise
[pvx] warehouse software
app server client javx
*DOC* LOCAL directive addition
Acrobat 6
convert from Thoroughbred
pvx web site
multiple window
Base Pvx window
Licensing question re: Terminal Services
*viewer* and Application Server
pvxwin32.exe - Application Error
Re:[Pvx]Grid & Mouse Scroll Wheel
COM interop
Memory Stick & Pvx
Problem with Data Dict Utilities
Update on INVOKE
Application Error - v5.11
*OT* Acrobat 6
'RB' in WinXP
Web Table Filling (?T) and alternate KNO
Re: Web Table Filling (?T) and alternate KNO *OT
Web server table
Multi_line attribute question
Error 96
Re: Error 96 *doc*
Rounding Problem!!!???
CLASS directory search
Re: *OT Multi_line attribute question
Creating PDF files w/PVX
Extended Records
Graphics not updating
Send FTP file
KGN function behavior and the 'BX' System Parameter
Format Mask for Postal Code
Viewer Error 46
Rounding Problem & PhD in Math
Re: KGN function behavior and the 'BX' System Parameter *DOC*
WINPRT paper source
Math problem in 5.0
Re: Get_file_box read ... (Repost - bad system date)
Error in Nomads Menu Maintenance
How to list a methods parameters
LIST_BOX LOAD over Windx
14 digit precision
String Files
upgrade problem .. SESSION DISCONNECTed
upgrade problem resolved
local variables
Re: String Files *DOC*
Accessing more than 32k of data from an ActiveX
PREINPUT change in behavior
nomads fonted text
Best Software Canada - Internet Services - Maintenance Scheduled
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 5.12
drag on drop on nomads
nomads multiline how to ?
Embedded I/O procedure
System Parameter
Providex and Red Hat 9
Re: *OT* Amyuni Printer Parameters
[pvx] where is the docs for ..
DDE error 0
button focus
Terminal Services Connection ...
My bug or yours?
*OT* My bug or yours?
user defined functions
*OT* : Printing to a JPG or BMP
14 digits of accuracy
[OT] ProvideX on clustered machines
Grid Backcolor
Pvx on IBM AS400?
*OT* Mail list search web site
How do yu tell if a routine is Called or Gosub
Release Announcement - JavX Version 1.5
File in Open genereic TexFile
embedded io
user defined directives
IOL= with XEQ() function
JavX 1.5
Key prefix Queries
*OT* Exponential moving averages
documentation request
ODBC 3.3.0
*Web/mail leaves channel open
Open Files over NFS
*OT* Mas90 Small Project
user detection in windx
Multiline question and Grid question
Tab question
Doubled text on the tab of a folder
Nomads Error 5.12
Commandline program "F"
.NET remoting *OT*
How to hide the text window--nomads
Re: How to hide the text window--nomads *RESOLVED*
RE : [Pvx] How to hide the text window--nomads
Re: .NET removing *OT*
Remoting - Not removing...
Amount distribution
Grid changes not triggering
SQL result set through ODBC connection
Release Announcement: ODBC Version 3.30
OCX Syntax - Excel Macro Conversion Help
Multi_line help
Re: Multi_line help ..thks
that exe file
Storing records in a field
grid speed
RE : [Pvx] Storing records in a field
Speeding things up... File IO
Re: Speeding things up... File IO - a little faster
Webserver URL
ASP.Net Integration Question
Manual vs. Task execution
Err=11 on RPC
FTP question/problem.
Newbie Grid Question
Re: grid speed *OT
ODBC Version 3.30 - UNIX/Linux
Named Keys under RPC
Another newbie grid question.. Previous control values?


clipping screen to clipboard
Simple [odb] question
id assignment
LIST_BOX font and column lock
4.23 Upgrade
[Re-Post] Simple [odb] question
nomads query descending key
descending keys
Direct Command *WINDEV*
ODBC 3.3.0 Bug?
Need some assistance please.... Cannot recall how to set up a DSN
If you invoke a pvx process
*wish* [ ] = [ ]
window loses focus
ODBC, pvx5.12, standalone
ODBC 3.3.0 and msquery
Array affects the stack in 5.10
A Javx Licencing Question
Creating an Outlook Appointment in a Public Folder Calendar
Text missing in tabs
backing into a field ...
Re: *OT* backing into a field ...
max filesize reached !
copy directories between servers
Re: Sequential Read processes dragging system
nomads menu
*WISH* - New TCB( ) value ...
Control keys in nomads
Providex corrected missing key
Re: *OT grid speed *OT
Re: *OT*Direct Command *WINDEV*
Single-stepping question
*WISH* Query Select Logic
Slave printer on Linux
Grid "flashes" in terminalserversession
Tooltip in grid
GRID Cell Type "Lookup"
STR() Function via ODBC?
*OT* Re: [Pvx] Single-stepping question
killing windx sessions on the server
Tab Panel Init
Spell Check & Focus
Name of Server from WindX
Extra Blank Page Ejected
Copying a server file to the windx floppy
RE : [Pvx] Copying a server file to the windx floppy
Using *winapi;getuniversalname
DDE & Word
Re: DDE & Word (fixed)
Problem with KEP() with 'BX' on ???
Printing to Linux Postscript printer
F2 key remap
grid on focus
running App Server as an NT service on Win 2003 Server
RPC Stuck ...
Strange abnormal termination of pvx task...
MSG() feature
How to create a timer function in a nomads panel?
Napster & PVX?
Can't see the sticky attribute on 5.12 ...
grid buttons
Re: grid buttons *WISH* if it's not already one
PVX ODBC Question
Re: Can't see the sticky attribute on 5.12 ... (Solved)
Number of Records btwn 2 keys
Power Failure in Ontario
Scanning programs
FNFunction: Wish list
Re: *OT* [Pvx] grid buttons
kill windx port
Best Canada and the power failure
Accessing bitmap on Linux
PRINT 'RB' makes no sound on XP PC
[OT] Spooky!
Activation trouble
Starting the Pvx Web Server...
Help ! No login
Multi-line signal question
5.10 Grid problem ...
'timeout' when receiving small files from Apache
folder confusion
Re: Refile *OT*
Printing BMP Files
Re: kill windx port (SPEAKING OF KILL)
ODBC INI files ( first step )
winprt / Terminal Services / Default Printer
WindX 4.23/WinXP problem
ODBC / Excel 97 / MsQuery32 Stack Fault
Nthost Max 9 Windows
Re: Win32.Sobig.F (and moving *OT*)
Copying files from a server to windx
killing a windx session
Making On Change Logic Fire
Err=16 issues
Can't see the bitmaps ...
Is your message system broken?
Alternate key question ... Am I doing this correctly?
Grid 5.10+ question ...
*U/D/V question with client/server setup
Re: *U/D/V question with client/server setup (con't)
Re: WindX 4.23/WinXP problem - revisit
How-to start nthost on second nic
Re: WindX 4.23/WinXP problem - revisit again
Share names on Win XP
Copying a multi-segmented file
Picture Fields in Nomads
ole word and Applicationserver/windx
select with 'err=' clause
*OT* Abbott & Costello
[ADV] Introduction to Business Basic
Object code
*OT* Performance
Exiting Providex and triggering external program
OCX via WindX
touch screens.
Object Prefix issues
Dialogue and multiline
Grid 5.10+ complaint ...
Windx with different nthost versions
*DOC* 'SR'
RE : [Pvx] ole word and Applicationserver/windx
Shrinking Panels Programmatically
*OT happy anniversary Gord
Tab not moving off radio button group
Static syntax error
Multi_Lines with CR and LF
Re: Tab not moving off radio button group RESOLVED
*DOC* update on PAD() function
[pvx] varlist_box automatic (Signal all changes) attribute
[pvx]Control overlap
Icons on the XP task bar
Downloding Providex problems
PGUP and PGDN keys
*OT* Programmeur gezocht
MS 2003 Server
ocx - list appointments in outlook?
[ADV] General 6.0, with GUI, Enters Testing
The Business Basic Page
oops (the apology, NOT the technology)
Re: The Business Basic Page (Oops)
Convert GBL("CRUFTY") to %CRUFTY$
error 41
How to set 'PC' from the command line
*WISH* - *WINPROC versioning ...
Question on Bold Fonts
Labour Day Holiday.
ODBC ddownload for client server 3.22
scalar functions
the magic query
Re: Labour Day Holiday. *OT*
Radio button ON/OFF statement
Resizing the dialog ...
OOP Question 5.10+
[OT] Acrobat distiller problem
array assignment
5.10+ OOP Question ...


F5 *control acting strange after changing server.
[*LNG*]Option file=/+/-/filename on *WINPRT*/*WINDEV*
Grid problem with the "on focus" logic (nomads)
Some time the Query object is very very slow.
Why the error occurs in the list_box control
Grid challange ...
*udev interpretation
menu bar items limit
Bug tracking
EVN Method
Grid issues 5.10 ...
Menu Bar multi menu question
printer lines
pvx manuals?
How to set the mnemonic '+E' in the Vesion 5.12
Convert GBL("GLOBAL") to %GLOBAL$ format
understanding set error
*WISH* Views
TCB(13) - Converting from BBx
Workstation upgrade
I need DireXtions
FIB() & file types
print to TCP channel
Web e-mail
Pvx Config
*OT MAS90 status bar
Running Pvx as a Service...
RE : [Pvx] Web E-mail
MAS 90
ARG() is Empty
Re: ARG() is Empty -arg No Longer
How to efficiently clear a hidden list_box? 'ITEMCOUNT$ fails
Web E-mail code
Windows XP
ProvideX Environment
Crazy printer?
Re: MAS 90*OT*
SBBWIN error
Web E-mail results
Job opening
Job opening - clarification
Trun off Vertical Scrollbar
Nomad Panel Info
*WISH* - Scrollbars in GRID
Citrix and DDE
WindX on Linux??
Mac OS-X options
'CD' parameter
Additions to standard code
*WISH* viewing PDF
Converting Edit and Function Keys
Questions to all
bitmap images ...
Re: Questions to all *OT*
Signal on Exit & Change_flg
Determining if a browser window with a particular name is open
Multi-line control question ...
tcp/ip communication between pvx and vb6 winsock
RE : [Pvx] tcp/ip communication between pvx and vb6 winsock
Nomads query invoke
Multi_line with more than one line
RE : [Pvx] Multi-line control question ... *OT*
Install PVX Twice?
Largest Data Files Size
Re: WindX on Linux?? *OT*
Sequential read backwards
ASCII File Creation
Listbox report view not working in 5.11
BBx "cv" will not convert INDEXED files
Can NOMADS editing window have a vertical scroll bar?
How to Create a Program from a Text file
Empty Variable (Lazy Programmer)
Re: Empty Variable (Lazy Programmer) - the sublime to the ridiculous
How to tell if an object has been deleted
5.12 issue ...
testmail - please ignore
*DOC*sgn() functions
Strange Numeric Formatting
Fonts in Multi_line
web server JT suffix
Outlook OCX Read
usint *it from WAN
2 Data (physical) files with only a Data Dictionary
Focus Issue...
Required Field
[ADV] Training Last Call
Using Select *
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 5.13
Change in '*X'-mnemonic?
V5.13 new TCB() error/bug?
*OT* RE: [Pvx] V5.13 new TCB() error/bug?
Images on WindX over WAN
Re: Fonts in Multi_line *OT
Using *IT through Windx
Tell me your secret...
Print redirection to file
*OT* Is today a holiday.
pos function
START Windows Handle
DIR= and WindX
SQL Problems
M$ Server 2003 and ProvideX
Silly nomads question
Re: *OT* Silly nomads answer
Button image
ODBC Install problem
Re: Local parallel printer still has problems ... II
Views Problem
Mailing List Archives of Pvx
Grid Lookup
offset in winprt
Re: ODBC Install problem ..thks 4 help
RE:[Pvx]mask issue conversion from Thoroughbred
*OT* She's here!
Slave printing thru "telneting"
PVX Activation Upgrade
writeing a date field to access
[ADV] ProvideX Training
*OT* test e-mail
Run after Saving program does not show modifications
*OT* RE: [Pvx] Run after Saving program does not show modificati ons
PopupMenu Problem in the Version 5.13
Nomads OOP integration
*OT beware of new email virus
MAS90 TimeCard PVX module
Some (V5.13) NOMADS issues
*bmp/mybitmap.bmp doesn't display
GRID 'JoinRows
PVX Development Groups?
Converting Printer Definitions
Re: PVX Development Groups? *OT*
Enable Query
*OT* VPN Networking problem
Error 54 - possible causes?
Returning success/failure to calling program
Select region in multi_line in nomads
Display Text In Chinese
To change hour of the System ?
Create and submit forms
faxing winprt forms
Re: Select region in multi_line in nomads *RESOLVED
*OT* Who is Patrizio Lucci?
Top Hand QLS 500
[ADV] ProvideX/NOMADS Online Training - Last Call
PVX and Linux Clustering
ODBC Data Source
PVXWEB - Link Problem
NOMADS help ...
ProvideX v5.13 installation files for Unix/Linux
*Wish* LV
Re: *web/merge-dropbox
System Speed
*pg.cnv does not convert
*OT* - Text Editors
NOMADS file layouts ...
OT ? extension to a command
Windx 5.0 display issue ...
AIX upgrade
File Attributes in Windows..
Webserver string limit
*OT* - Text editors, again
Using { and } in IF/Then statements ...
Re: ProvideX for Windows under WINE (Linux)
*OT* New development team NEEDS Providex programmers.
List holiday?
Release Announcement: ProvideX ODBC Version 3.31
Linux console character mode graphics
Dummy question VARLIST_BOX
*OT* Surecom printer server
*OT* SCO Print spooler question


FTP problems
Time and IP address for both: Server and Client
CERT Advisory CA-2003-26 Multiple Vulnerabilities in SSL/TLS Implementations
*OT* DLL search
WebServer as a service
Using IF THEN { } constructs ...
Query Maintenance
Problem closing printer channel on RH8
What's the size limit on auto increment keys?
Staring to get consused...GUI utilities vs text base
New mail and web address for DSA
Error Killing Basic
Webserver traffic, damn it's good
OT Re: [Pvx] Linux console character mode graphics
Dumb question...Char based progbar?
Grid controls in Nomads
Select Error 27
Data dict compare strange
Drop box size
Error 42 in Flmaint
Re: question (now crappy docs rant...)
OT Custom Forms, emailing , EDI and faxing
Error 88 in grid control ...
File check utilities
Dumb Terminals On Windows
Use of Pvx with Sql Server
Hardcopy output problem
Release Announcement: JavX 1.52
RE:Mike Vande Bunt
DDE & Excel
Accessing Providex using ODBC
"OT" - BBx4 Re-Install
*win\calendar program changed in the Version 5.13?
Drag and Drop Funtionality Question - Nomads 5.0
Fonted text limit
Re: *OT* question
Excel Access
Corrupt Activation File
I need big buttons
Remote client solution
Re: I need big buttons *OT*
RE : [Pvx] Remote client solution
Filename containing an & and *IT
Error=117 Invalid segment number
Re: Remote client solution "OT"
Windx slowing and blinking out...
Re: OBJ(0) with Resizable Panels
*OT* Canadian Thanksgiving
Re: Error=117 Invalid segment number... caused by data dictionary update
docs ufar ufac
DDE with Excel
Best configuration for Peer-to-Peer
Re: Runtime licenses
wyse60 terminal emulation
Maximum record size.
MAS90 Reports
Printing in inches
PVX Equivalent if TCB(11) and indexed files
Strange Windx problem on server
Re: Strange Windx problem on server - RESOLVED
Printing to a Lexmark (USB port)
Viewer - blank first page
Spawned tasks left hanging...
How to put disable to F5 function key in runtime
Signal on Exit attribute
Betr.: [Pvx] rightmouseclick
RE : [Pvx] How to put disable to F5 function key in runtime
Webserver err 1 on printing text/xml
RE : [Pvx] How to put disable to F5 function key in runtime *OT
Re: How to put disable to F5 function key in runtime *OT
Webserver printing xml
Re: Webserver printing xml ot
Read Data
direxions updates
*wish *it macro buttons
'LE' list of long IF statements
Business basic support in Albany Georgia area
error 17 when ?'picture'
current IP address?
Nomads error 41
Re: Nomads error 41 *OT*
PDF Access
Checkbox focus highlight
Level 5 temporary key
Images on webserver
Spooler Document Titles
Join data Dictionary
WinZip Execute
Bad Image
peer 2 peer question
The Grid
error 17
Providex install to multiple location
Pop-up Menu & On-Select Logic
*OT* Nth Dimension changing servers
Multiple opens of same file & FFN
one iolist to another
*Viewer - Find doesn't Work
Florida customers
SIZ= question
WindX on Linux vs Windows
PVX OCX simple problem ?
Weird Error 12 with *WINDEV*
Re: PVX OCX simple problem ...thanks
*OT* RE: [Pvx] PVX OCX simple problem ...thanks
ProvideX on Knoppix
FYI about GIF Files
Controls & Fonts
Reverse memory sort.
San Diego Fire
Re: San Diego Fire *OT*
*windev* vs *winprt*
*wish* Check Box with Button on Right
Rename Files
NOMADS tabs/folders
Invoke Wait Not Waiting
Hello list, Question on List Boxes
Drop box in a grid
How big the File Size Can go for a Providex File version 5.0
Dictionary Import
Multi_line failure?
Who has the best UltraEdit word file?
Re: Who has the best UltraEdit word file? *FOUND IT
Re: Who has the best UltraEdit word file? *found it HERE
Timeout on opening file
viewer on windX problem
Cross platform ODBC calls?
*OT* Mas90 Question
Printing scan prints
*AD* Zip Toolkit now available
How can i copy to Ctls defined of panel
5.13 Grid problem ..
bbx onramp to pvx webserver (was Cross platform ODBC calls?)
ntslave command line
*OT* Programmer Available
Re:[Pvx] *OT* Programmer Available
Refresh Screen
Sending graphics printing to a text file for e-mailing
Problem with Window size on startup
Memory Error
*IT problem ...


*OT" list query
Opening a 'pdf' file with a file name
*OT* *IT problem ...
Problem to break out of Unix instruction under Windx.
Confused over 2003 Server
Slightly *OT*: Using PVX with FACTS 6.7 on AIX 5.x
*IT Bug
Reading a "mdb" file
How to reactivate a key
Auto incrementing file key
Windows Server 2003
Re: Novell adquires SuSE
KEP-function (in SQL Server?)
*OT* controlling a windows 2000 server via TS
Business Basic Training
SSN question
Re: SSN question - Thanks for Help
Sending Fax and Email from a PVX program
searching in a serial file
TCP with Winproxy
Lines of text in Nomads
Excel Error
Populate an HTML table
*OT* BBS's
Check Drafts
WindX Download is still down
Get rid of message bar
polling a directory
*Direxions* website is now online!
PVX on SCO 5.0.7
Re: General 6.0 Released
AppServer Question
KEP-function on ODBC-tables (again)
Re: AppServer Question **Clarify**
Working with SERIAL files
Re: *OT* DDE and WORD
Re: *OT* re fire
Maximize dialog help needed ...
KeepAlive variable *spawn'd sessions
Re: PVX webserver - determine server load
Changing the color of a Panel
*web/email with authentication
Re: *web/email with authentication *OT*
PUB() function not working as documented
excel com
ideas needed
Sending DATA to NOMADS panel
LIB setup
Wildcards in PREFIX
Missing list mail.
Release Announcement: The ProvideX Installation and Configuration Guide
MDY list box sorting
Emailing: testdate.lib
running vbscript from pvx
Is this mailing list up?
Exception Error using GetComputerNameA
Re: Exception Error using GetComputerNameA*OT*
Compare numberless programs
Two ODBC questions
Clear all %GLOBAL$ Variables
How to run the program via Windx
Drag and Drop in a grid
*OT* Clear all %GLOBAL$ Variables
Data dictionary security
How to use OOP via windx
DUMP usage
decimal places issue
Error on Windx Spawn
get amout of colors
Providex and CrystalReport
Business networking
closing / exiting a normads panel from pvx
Runtime Crash
Validation field in Nomads
Problem Opening Printer on Windows 2000 computer
Betr.: RE: [Pvx] Runtime Crash
Converting and getting a "Possibly corrupted file"
input(alpha char)
ACTIVATE.PVX permissions under Windows 2000 and Windows XP
License Question - revisited
Re: Windows 2000 freezes when opening a printer
Open a Star Office Spread Sheet?
Panel won't display until listbox full
re-size file
*OT* OCR Scanning
execute (WindX V5.13 Standalone)
How to react as soon as a grid cell is edited?
papersize in winprt_setup
Panel Resizing Error
Multiline numeric mask question
read question
NTSLAVE / NTHOST not more able to connect after installing McAfee v7.
BBx -> PVX issue ...
*OT* Back on the list!
^R = 'RS' (Refresh Screen)
multiple processors
Load Embedded Iolist in a listbox
Business Basic Chat
[PVX] PDF Format Coding info
Re: PDF Format Coding info
Embedded I/O in dictionaries
'VT' / 'S#' mnemonics...
Sounds with Providex
Using Escape on the Script object for Debugging
Floating Tip
Error Handler window


WINXP Peer to Peer problems
error 22 help ...
Numeric indexes
Change Image Size
*ot* USB tokens
List Box Contents
*IT Font question
HTML and web/mail
Web Server '404' Error Handling
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 5.14
Assign Variants from a com object.
Re: *OT* Assign Variants from a com object.
- Grid
Re: - Grid *OT*
Spawning a function
Duplicating a file for a work file
error 65
Strange File Error 278
Direxions 2004 Registration
query lock up
Re: Cloning Unix drive
expanding an Array
Re: expanding an Array *OT*
Firewall question
Re: Firewall question *OT*
ProvideX support
PICTURE mnemonic
*OT* Linux RAM Drive
Changing permissions on pvx.ini
Platform Question
Linked Queries
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Release 5.14, WindX Issue found
pseudo servers
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Direxions Registration
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Stuck on 'MB'
Javx / Netscape
'MB' more questions
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[PVX] Create Access table
Re: Create Access table
Nomads 3D frame question
Release Announcement: ProvideX ODBC Version 3.32
Outlook - getting mail documents
JavX - Drop_Box
JavX, JVM, and Windoze 9x
Question. def object
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Error starting nthost
Another stupid question ...
Date on activation
Performance: open or FFN()?
Re: Reading keys with read record. Was: Another stupid question ...
*OT* ODBC Auto Selection
ODBC Auto Selection
Preinput -1301
app server tcp port
MAS 200 and redundancy
PVX Parser Problem
read / record busy question
[OT] MAS90/200 Launche Avoidance
McBBx - (A little off Topic)
Windx user preferences
Printing with WindX
Re: McBBx - (A little off Topic) [OT]
Change in email domain
nomads grid lock up
VIA Problem
*OT* - repetitive stress injury ...
[ProvideX][ODBC Driver][PVKIO]Bad file type -- indexed file
PVXWIN32 application error
Extract in multi-user environment
Sudden and strange problem with ntslave
Re: nthost-ntslave START_UP doubt
ntslave problem
Re: ntslave problem *RESOLVED! :)
Re: ntslave problem *RESOLVED! :) *OT*
documentation question
username under windx
Finding a file using [wdx]
ERR 29 on @()
Re: Finding a file using [wdx] Resolved
Stop Initial Providex Window Display
*WISH* upper case on variable input drop box
NTHOST on Sun Sparc
AppServer testing
*Direxions* Save $100 on your Registration Fee
Views and Filters
*OT* Disclaimers (was: [Pvx] Views and Filters)
Pvx application(FACTS) on an EMc2 NAS
Viewer on XP
Linkfiles for printers on XP
nomads spinner control
WindX Plugin and *start.up
Ado Connection through ASP
windx telnet connection problem
Holiday Schedule for Best Software Canada Ltd.
Printing to main system from Windows
Cent character
Create PDF Files
Database connections
Severe performance problem using Windows XP professional
Caption not working...
Screen re-sizing
Issue with MS SQL
webserver and XML?
PVX 5.14 under Wine
monitoring devices
Error #42 using TMR(0)
printing a WORDPAD doc from pvx
Error=0 on Viewer
Big Problem with PVX
OCX Interface
Start on a specific monitor
Betr.: RE: [Pvx] Grid question
Re: Error #42 using TMR(0) - Correction
SendMessage through winapi
Zen Works
Re: Zen Works *OT*
GRID problem 5.13
Passing Pointer to a DLL via a String (Struct)
Betr.: [Pvx] Zen Works
print 'picture' with compressed TIF
Betr.: RE: [Pvx] Zen Works
multi line display
PVX Printing on Solaris
*OT Happy Holidays
dll calls "_cdecl" vs. "_stdcall"
E-Commerce flag
nomads import/export
WindX slow on XP?
Windows 2003
Re: Windows 2003 *OT*
is there online documentation available?
Windx connection failed:;10001
list box format
volume name
error with SH-F2 with date multiline and partial entry
*OT* Auto Run a pdf file from a CD
Fonted Text Expression
*rpsrvr on SUN Solaris 9.0
Query on VarDrop_Box
alignment in a multiline
PVX Script
Providex JDBC
nthost as service on 2003 Server
direxions-a way to save some money
grid problem ...
Program encryption
Windx f-keys
how to make the cursor stay on the same field
*OT* Notepad behaviour
Error 26 on execute
*OT* Happy New Year
Oracle interface on Linux