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Ocx in Nomads?
Break Signal
Windows ME question
Release Announcement
Re: Break Signal *OT
re Windx
Error in Program drops completely out of program and to a prompt no program ?
Pvx Developer Wanted
Mouse movement event processing
Poor performance on NT4 Server
Signal On Exit Issue
Adding controls to a nomads panel at runtime
Crystal reports question
RE : [Pvx] FW: GRID FIND for entire grid
RE : [Pvx] Adding controls to a nomads panel at runtime
FW : Crystal reports question
Secure Communications accross the net
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Adding controls to a nomads panel at runtime
Flat list box...
Environment variable
Strange Error 11
Re: Strange Error 11 ** ignore *** 4am nonsense!!!
Version 5 features
Re: Strange Error 11 ** ignore *** 4am nonsense!!! *OT*
Conflicting DLL on Dell systems
Grid Training
Error#26 in query when using file links
Wrong CTL value driving me N*ts
Printers getting crazy with data switch
Linux and Extracted Records
Locked ML bgColor
Setup ODBC in demo mode
[UTL] IT editor
*OT* *uck
Welcome Announcment
Re: Error#26 in query when using file links -FROM Jorge Moncada
OT* Business Basic Developer Wanted (01-07-02)
Check_box signal
[PVX] Error 12 opening windows printer
Re: *OT* DLL's?
copy Loop in Windx 5.00
ProvideX Workshop Deutschland
question from newbie..(Vinit)
Get Serious *OT
Scanning question
LIST_BOX Question ....
integrating 2 pvx apps on different platofrms
tab delimited record
Re: tab delimited record *OT*
Challenge for someone
HP Laser Reverse 1/2 Line Feed Command
*OT* Introduction
*OT - Keyboard problems with XP
[ODB] Sort file error=1
Slow Button Removal
Additional form feed in Linux RH
*OT - Printronix Mnemonics
Web Engine Message
Whats next?
How to print using *nthost/windex in SCO Unix
print preview for remote windx
Printer porblem
Where is Providex?
*OT* but not entirely irrelevant
webserver fprotate.class question
Again - Slow Button Removal
Re: RNG - Back to the Question
NOMADS *win/flmaint
clt-4 / escape
How to bypass SaveAsWindow from WINPRT ?
*OT* more on *uck
Pen Resolution
Error 11 LBX.CTL'Value$
[ODBC]WRITE without KEY= or IND= after EXTRACT
Acrobat writer setup.
Spinner control
Tokenized Printer File
File Date Conversion PVX to Windows : repost with subject
Stop Picture
RE : [Pvx] Stop Picture
Re: File Date Conversion PVX to Windows
[OCI]+[ODB] LOCK(chan) and PURGE give errors
Making pretty button type grid cells
Major problem with bin keys on 5.00
Multiple instances of nthost
Nthost 5.01 vs 5.00
Re: ODBC setup question...
Bad Etiquette (on my part)
*OT* Hand held Providex?
'SZ' parameter
Connection Failure
Need a little help
Re: File transfer via xDSL
Other uses of *web/merge
How to completely clear an array from memory
RE : [Pvx] How to completely clear an array from memory
Serial Files
COM port monitoring
Opening Windows commands file
Can I automate sending e-mails with attachments?
ISZ on open
Bin format keys on delimited files
Current 'caption'
*wish* *web/email - ErrorMessage$
Getting Brave...
Testing tools
Re: *OT* Getting Brave...
Now JDBC ODBC question...(Vinit)
[ODB]/[OCI] EXTRACT doesn't cause ERR=0
RE : [Pvx] Query Options
Re: Hello
*OT RE: [Pvx] Testing Tools
*wish Access conversion
String of Numeric Contains carrage return character
weird screen print
Re: String of Numeric
*OOP inheritance and on_create
Trap scanner or cardswipe within *nomads panel
*OOP straw poll
DDE and Wordpad
Require and delete on *OOP
terminal input out of control
Re: TBL & CSE - Correction "A" should have been B$
terminal with XENL glitch
POS Reports
Re: POS Reports **** Wrong embarrassing!
[OCI] Differences regarding [ODB]
Error in export of Nomads.
radio button question
Re: [PVC] radio button question
ON_DELETE and inheritance *OOP
*OOP beginnings
Terminal Definitions
*OT* Test - Ignore
Warning message "ezmlm"
PVXNET on line ...
Web Server PROGRAM requirement?
Using the Browser Object on a Nomads Panel
NOMADS Error 47 attempting to add field to global dictionary
ON_DELETE and Inheritance *OOP -REPOST-
Rookie NOMADS data dictionary question -- multiple flags in single variable
Windows Message Values ...
Re: ODBC Error --more info
Re: Rookie NOMADS data dictionary question -- multiple flags in single ...
Screen Flicker when using the mnemonic 'TEXT'
[ODB]Occasional SQL syntax error
changing working directory
RE : [Pvx] changing working directory
ODBC Local works CS doesn't
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] changing working directory *OT*
RPC and JavX
Providex INI file
SCO Ntslave/Nthost problem
another GRID WISH LIST ....
Re: fonts - Making a '.REG' file
EW865 Business Basic Programmer
SDSI Training Conference
Auto Load on a drop box
SCO 3.2 vs. Pvx 5.00
Colour Control
*winprt* help
Setmouse question - repost
Windows XP and field jumping
Re: *winprt* help - FIXED
clearing Smart List Boxes
Client Server
Show part of string in Query
Local or Client-Server ODBC?
OCR A Extended and Mouse click
Interesting phenomen
Voices Message via providex
Colour indication
Re: Colour indication *OT*
NOMADS Radio Button problems
*WISH I could spell WISH* - NM
SmartList box in Nomads
Key Trapping in PVX for DOS
Bin data and ODBC fields
sco vs linux
*OT* XP Home Edition upgradeable
Archived Mailing List Threads
Generate File Maintenance in Nomads
Updating Access Record
RE : [Pvx] Bin data and ODBC fields
Re: scow vs linux
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Bin data and ODBC fields
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Bin data and ODBC fields
Different approaches to reporting
64 bit OS
Re: RE : [Pvx] Bin data and ODBC fields - Storing binary files
Testing Mail *OT*
ODBC Write (Update) Problems
*winproc error at line 7072
Re: Norton AntiVirus detected and quarantined a virus in a message you received.
Re: new photos ***VIRUS***
[[Pvx] *OT* Virus myparty
Configuration nomads
Command Window
*VIRUS WARNING* Beware of the MyParty virus which was posted to the ProvideX Mailing List
Playing with then LEX Tables (kaboom)
Error on printer open in class object method exits?
ODBC A different Question
*web/email error
OT * Windows 2000 SERVER LOCK UP
Excel and Macrofun
CHG() bug
ADDR question
'=' in the data prefix for ODBC driver
RE : [Pvx] ADDR question
Providex OCX Problem
Re: *OT* Excel and Macrofun
Re: Excel and Macrofun *OT*
Printable string
Re: Printable string *OT*
OT* Re: [Pvx] Excel and Macrofun
Nomads on-select logic exeuctes twice
telnet works...windX in telnet mode doesn't
Client/Server and accept/obtain
Background color in bitmap
Shift-Tab on a Grid
File manipulations
Printer Handle (hdc)
Printers & Trays
Strange error 2 in WindX printing to a Unix Print queue


help file /
*ODB* Key= with a numeric field - anyway to control the formattin g?
Nomads Cant't change Font setup
ADO code from VB to open a ProvideX DSN
MAI Printers
Error 15 Reading MS Access File via ODBC
Success Story Announcement
looking for Mas90 programming contract work
NOMADS Resizable dialogue
Direxions 2002 - Announcement
Checking my email
*OT Checking my email
test email
Re: *OT* test email ~ (forgive me for adding to the madness)
MidWare's Voice Mail
Group assigment
RE : [Pvx] Group assigment
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Group assigment
*OT* MAI Printers
[PVX]MAI Printers
Correcting Missing Key
ProvideX ODBC startup script in Linux
Dump comparisons
FHM Client/Server
PODC321 is stomping on UPS Worldship
ctl+click on a button
*OT* cell phone device
pvx'window Questions
provideX dictionnary
Drop Box Expression Values
Var_listbox behavior
Re: WindX - Nomads - When Receiving Focus
Prefix and Windx
Re: PVX UPGRADE Q ..thanks Chris
More PDFWriter question
How can i activate a folder
More PDFWriter question (with sample)
providex & ipconfig
Embedded I/O without NOMADS dictionary
Call parameter problem
RE : [Pvx] ctl+click on a button
Number of files OPEN
PDF Format and web server
Opening a browser without fluff
ps Formatted reports in unix
RE : [Pvx] ctl+click on a button - Gord
Utilities getting triggered for no reason ; CTL -1
nomads capture
RE : [Pvx] List box
Re: RE : [Pvx] ctl+click on a button - Chris
Movable Objects
help OT memory problem
Property declaration overrride rec= *OOP
Novell Verify Switch??
Text alignment for grid cells as buttons
Re: RE : [Pvx] ctl+click on a button - Mike
Call/Enter with Global Variables
Tree View List Box
Input Masking
open file & extracted record
RE : [Pvx] F10
How to make a LIST_BOX terminate?
PVX Proxy server and/or chat
Wireless & Bar Coding
For *winproc gurus...
How can I maximize the screen (in WindX)
Smart Drop Box
Performances AIX 4.33 and NTHOST
what happen with that, call"*progbar;init",tit$,siz
*viewer* revisited
Re: Pocket PC's *OT*
ctl-4 and escape
Re: [Pox] Pocket PC's
Var Drop Box
List Box Sorting
Nomads objet control
RE : [Pvx] Nomads objet control
Thanks great Providex Open House. Status Bar question.
space compression
RE : [Pvx] Thanks great Providex Open House. Status Bar question.
RE : [Pvx] space compression
Signal On Exit issue (5.0)
*OOPS* Question
lines between related items in two lists
RE : [Pvx] *OOPS* Question
Safe Array's
Re: .Net *OT*
Long dropboxes
Tag field for data dictionary
Launching *NTHOST as service
Smarter NTHOST
.Net (not off topic)
Re: Smarter NTHOST*OT*
Hello list a question to ponder.
Data Conversion From PVX data to SQL Tables
pvxwin32.exe and ME
WindX and User Counts
Mr. King
Window position
Corrupt library files
Re: *OT* From Toronto to Washington
SQL backend benchmarks
Linkfile problems
OS's Command via WindX
user Counts
nomads folders
Grid bitmap
*OOPS* If ON_CREATE fails...
Re: Window position (*info)
Converting to ascii, tokenized, and passworded
Visible screen size
*OT* Visible screen size
Resize zone's
Re: Error 29's in Folders after upgrade to PVX 5
Personal Finance in PVX
Multiline mask question..
pie chart
Fancy Fonts on Invoice
Setting default colors
Reading a pop3 mail account
Re: *OT* Personal Finance in PVX
Ok, I'm an idiot...
SQL syntax checker
Re: Ok, I'm an idiot... *OT*
RE : [Pvx] Reading a pop3 mail account
Re: *OT* Personal Finance in PVX - Resend
Reading Exchange Public Folders *OT* Maybe
Backup Exec and *NTHOST
*Windows ME, ETC*
viewer is minimized
Lecture d'e-mail en POP3
RE : [Pvx] Lecture d'e-mail en POP3 *OT*
*OT* Nueva lista de correos en Español/New ProvideX's mailing list in spanish
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Lecture d'e-mail en POP3 *OT*
Re: RE : [Pvx] Lecture d'e-mail en POP3 *OT* Repost
Change the write date
Printer Trays...
Folder Manipulation
Re: Change the write date **Repost**
Windx Port Numbers
Formatted Listbox *** REPOST
DT-4314 Terminal Emulation
Console mode commands
Grid Bitmap ** Repost
compress mode on HP4050
Quick question
Pixel resolution with 'LINE'
[PVX] Nomads refresh question
Grid Dropboxes
Virtual Key codes
Nomads and Fonts
PVX on Open UNIX 8?
Error installing WindX 4.23 on XP
Activation error
Help from within Nomads
Interface questions
*OT* Valentin's Photos
XP Pier to Pier
Printing Issue
*OT* Hockey Madness
*C in printer drivers
Playing with JavX
*OT* Killing print jobs in Linux through a print server
Mail List Archive
S/B easy Iolist question
Re: *viewer prints fine but directly doesn't
HP Business Basic
Progbar cancel
toolbar / messagebar size
Screen lockup with 2nd monitor
.MDB I/0 Via Providex
Checking for error 20's...
will 4.12c windx work on XP?
Calling a subprogram (Providex 5.00)
PVX and SQL ? *OT*
*OT* Apache-Tomcat
Little bug
Pvx/windX licenses problem
'box' on a printer
Graphical Viewer
Problem using *windev* to WinFac Pro 8.03 via WindX
Grid Refresh Problem - Sorry for the extra long message


CHECK_BOX SET_FOCUS , no syntax error
Prefix length
Automating retrieval from a Web Page
String Length whiner
Novell Region Lock Failure
Re: String Length whiner *OT
REMOVE ME -> Your UN-WANTED and UNSOLICITED email was not read.
Mr. Becker *OT*
Re: REMOVE ME -> Your UN-WANTED and UNSOLICITED email was not read. *OT*
[OT] automatic microsoft networking password
Loading/retrieving grid data in Nomads
Grid 'Celltype$
Declaration problem ... help
RE : [Pvx] Declaration problem ... help
Extracting multiple records
-ID= command line option
Regarding JavX
Duplicate Variable Names
Windx and Samba
Providex based EDI Solution
Making the ini file read only
RE : [Pvx] Making the ini file read only
who locks a record?
Error 11 on a NEXT RECORD
I have a question on OCX control
Pvx 4.23 on UnixWare 7.11
NTHOST shutting down
Performance NTHOST on Unix vs NT
ERR=120 on def object
Formatted IOLIST question
RE : [Pvx] Formatted IOLIST question
XOR/LRC Spec Question
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Formatted IOLIST question
Enter vs. TAB
Bits & Bytes
Printing Bitmaps
Re: OT - paperless [Pvx] Printing Bitmaps
KEYED LOAD reports different # of keys on alternates
Setting default and return values for radio buttons in Nomads
Re: FW:*OT*
Re: KEYED LOAD reports different # of keys on alternates *OT*
No change_flg with Drag & Drop
Pvx activation while users in Pvx
[ODB] expected lexical element not found
*OT* List handling
Strange error 20 in printer driver
RE : [Pvx] Strange error 20 in printer driver
Err 41 at 6110 in *UFC
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Strange error 20 in printer driver
Programmer seeking permenant employment
curso providex
Programmer/Analyst seeking permanent employment
list box with multiple selections
SUN Sues Microsoft
open unix 8
listview bitmaps
Re: SUN Sues Microsoft *OT*
'dialogue' problem
*web/merge and pad
Any way to disable 2's Complement?
Default MENU_BAR
Validating a date from a multiline
Dangerous & subtle Email *NOT* from Microsoft!
How to make 'window' work in 'dialogue' screen?
How to spawning a different text plane screen size programmically?
*nthost/*ntslave [tcp]
error 105 hp-ux and winnt
Printing on the graphic plane & margins
Select/Next Record
READ DATA FROM: complimentary directive?
'PW' parameter
Win95 and WindX 4.23
Return Error 0 from Printer Driver
Re: Excel DDE example
Re: Private mail - not the list
Error 105 - Private Mail
!W parameter and the Type ahead buffer"
Display different colors in PVX in AIX environment using Dynacomm
tcp through a linux squid proxy *OT*
Refresh Question
*OOPS* in the webserver
Error message : Big Problem
RE : [Pvx] Cursor
To load List_Box but quick!!!
RE : [Pvx] To load List_Box but quick!!!
Grid Issue...
pvxactv problem
Different Query!!!
Re: Webserver problem - addendum
is there any way to display which programs are running?
vi kills my key mapping for xterm
Experienced Toronto-area BB Programmer/Analyst available
MULTI_LINE font attribute question
WindX Printing in AIX
Follow on from previous thread
ODBC driver and alternate IOLISTs
init window
DDE Error #15
RE : [Pvx] DDE Error #15
Dios Te Hará Justicia
Julian Function using the DAY String Format FYI for the list
Logically pushed button status
NOMADS Folder in another library
[pvx]rno() function
*it - AND($1F$,"C")
*wish* Parameter for two-digit years in JUL()
Strange behavior radiobuttons, bug??
Providex vrs BBX rounding
Windx Users Count
Error 14 Doing "*" or "/"
"Best Software" & .NET
Re: *OT, was OT
XP and it's new task bar
Printing only images
CSV file from XLS
RE : [Pvx] XP and it's new task bar
RE : [Pvx] Internal vs External Keys
XP and it's new task bar *OT*
*OOPS* function to return properties
Web Server %RAW_TEXT
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] XP and it's new task bar
Re: *OT* Best Maintenance Renewals
RE : [Pvx] XP and it's new task bar *OT*
RE : [Pvx] Web Server %RAW_TEXT
Follow up to the WindX/Citrix TS discussion
Re: *OT* Maintenance Renewals
Re: [PVX] slave printers
Re: OT - Leasing of Software
Re: *OT - Leasing of Software
Re: *OT* - Leasing of Software
*OT Browser move mouse pointer with tab key
Signature Capture help
*HTML* print device
Re: "*OT" Translate
Bit shifting
Excel Magic yet again
Problem with ' PEN' and ' RECTANGLE' !!!
Find and select a word in a MULTI_LINE
*ODBC* unable to locate record
resizing list views
Trying to figure *web/merge out ...
*OT* PVX Help In NY City
Icons in my Panels !!!
Multi_Line's higher than 1 on WinXP
*OT* Easter Recess
Looking for an employee
Icons in my Panels *OT*
Importing Packed Dates to SQL
Dictionary Query problem
Easter Weekend
Re: *OT* Easter Weekend
*web/merge & ?JT
RE : [Pvx] *web/merge & ?JT
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] *web/merge & ?JT
Dr Watson - Bulk Edit
Version client
RE : [Pvx] Version client
Re: Funny... *OT*
Re: *OT* Funny...
RE : [Pvx] Funny...
On the subject of tools...
Re: *OOPS* using properties on IO functions - was [Pvx] Dictionar y Query problem
Re: Funny (Best Support)...
Re: Support service from Best (aka "funny")
MAX_ROW & *web/merge, Colored ?JT
[OCI] update stmt help
windx 5.0
DB Stability
Re: Funny (Best Support)...WAY *OT*
Webserver ?JT suffix


SQL Database
Re:*OT* [Pvx] Funny...
WINPRT_SETUP for 132 Columns on 8.5x11 Paper
MAI 4320
Re: *HTML* - update
Screen Viewer question
licensing problem
WindX and Terminal Services
Scrollbars in a Window
Spooler software
*OOPS using * on a method list
Error=26 in *gui/u
Novell - Reluctantly asking this question
Computing Age
NTHOST refuses to work
Netware 6 question
Tab and Shift-Tab question
WindX focus failure problems
WinXP Flicker
Re: Tab and Shift-Tab question *OT*
Automatic matching "
Auto DropDown Drop_Box
Re: Automatic matching " *OT*
Re: NTHOST refuses to work II
How to pass options to spooler
Porter Stemming Algorithm
Recreating the stack
Copy files to WDX
send options to *nix spooler
[DDE] vs. OCX
Biometrics - finger print scanning
Property managemt
wdx updating excel in browser?
WebServer is slow at downloads
KEP()?? Help!
Re: WinXP Flicker (also in Windows 98SE)
Multi_Line Limits please??
Webserver webstask process
ODBC definitions
Launching PVX in Unix
Nested Jump Tables
Nested Jump Tables (revised html example)
RE : [Pvx] ODBC definitions
Tip of the day
RE : [Pvx] Radio Buttons
Fin() function question......
dependency tables
List Box question
Re: ODBC PVX/Mas90 *OT
Listbox with listview
RE : [Pvx] Listbox with listview
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Listbox with listview
Re: ODBC PVX/Mas90 *OT*
*web/server & jump table
ODBC access to files in use
Grid Refresh Problem - Sorry for the extra long message *REPOST*****
RE : [Pvx] mode$
RE : [Pvx] SWITCH/CASE Syntax
Get_File_Box Question
Printing True Type Fonts
Error 0 in Panel Processing
Buffered screen I/O
Pvx 5.xx for Mac?
RE : [Pvx] Get_File_Box Question
The Case of the Missing Records
Remote Install - problems?
pgm-controlled scrolling in 'DIALOGUE' with OPT="*"
Re: Get_File_Box Question - FYI - FSO
NT Connections
Path Issue
RE : [Pvx] Path Issue
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Path Issue
HP 2200
How do you know what's been DEFCTL'd?
*OT* Recommend a laser printer
Need help with *web/merge jump tables
List View list boxes
Re: Start Providex (Win32) with Script-Program
Maintenance Options
Multi-line question
RE : [Pvx] Multi-line question
Client/Server ODBC server startup
Grid Input Length
button enabled?
Does a button have focus?
Window Background Color
Threaded processing...
*OT* Mfg Software
NOMADS - shift_tab
Wyse60 keyboard problem
Re: Wyse60 keyboard problem - FIXED!
1.3.7 Web Server
More OCX help
*OT* Application Load Time
Threaded processing *repost*
RE : [Pvx] Named Keys
Excel Application
bivbx30.dll floating point invalid
saved program code
Ejecting a page in WINPRT
WINPRT_SETUP error 12 on NT
Using SSH with WindX/ProvideX
RE : [Pvx] *OT* Application Load Time
buttons & multilines
Problem writing in SQL-database.
Am I still here?
Re: Am I still here? *OT*
Folder panels from another library...
slave printer problem
Re: *OT Am I still here?
slave printer problem - fixed!
OFFSET question
FILE command
Undeliverable mail--"to close"
A IE 6.0 patch
All - Regarding 2 strange postings you just received
Window2000 and variable
Re: Cheque printing *OT*
.DLL calls
*OT - Attn: Any MAS90 dealer in Florida - please contact me via private email
Window display on Wyse60
*OT - Integration to QuickBooks
Re: Cheque printing *OT*.. nothr 2.08 cents
Need a book...
tty terminal
Re: tty terminal (never mind)
RE:**OT [Pvx] tty terminal (never mind)
Building my own grid....
*OT* Hats off to Mike & Crew
Generating truly random numbers
OCX/Active-X Help
Re: OCX/Active-X Help *OT
Printing check amounts
Button Text
Re: Generating truly random numbers *OT*
Re: *OT* Generating truly random numbers *OT*
Bar code printing
Yes you can generate truly random numbers!*OT*
Re: Number 42
Re: Number 42 *OT* <-- i get it...
Re: Bar code printing, duhhh!
Screen Colors
Novell question
Terminal Services???
Swap Data
Grid scroll bars
'FL' help
Re: EZMLM *OT* Steve here?
NOMADS Error 87 starting 1st time
Re: 'FL' help ...
Re: EZMLM *OT* Oops...not Loren...Norbert!!
Re: NOMADS Err87 FIXED ...thanks CHRIS !
Re: Swap Data (Gord help me please)
input editing
Image display on WindX C/S
Re: Swap Data (Thanks Gord )
restart in win 2000
VisionFS on SCO *OT*
Re: Number 42 *OT*
SSL Docs
ODBC Config file
Spawning another windx
RE:*OT* Printing check amounts
Re: Printing check amounts *OT*
Re: *OT* Printing check amounts
VisionFS on SCO with ME clients *OT*
Cookie file
Re: *OT* Cookie file
Behaviour of drop boxes after update to 5.01
Creating a panel with no focus-able objects
Opening a File Share
Re: Opening a File Share - ALSO NOTE
Be still, my wiggling window!
Creating File Fron Dictionary
Line and other shapes tales ...
RE : [Pvx] Creating File Fron Dictionary
Bulk edit doesn't change font alignment
Tab Control size
Lookup button is no longer visible
Terminating input on a grid control
Windows internal error?
RE : [Pvx] Windows internal error?
dictionary automation
RE : [Pvx] dictionary automation
Re: THANKS FOR ALL dictionary automation HELP
Var input drop box doesn't update
Perl DBI or HTML::Parser for ProvideX?
RE : [Pvx] Perl DBI or HTML::Parser for ProvideX?
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Perl DBI or HTML::Parser for ProvideX?
Announcement - Direxions 2002
Error 25 - Limit exceeded on number of recursive calls to user -defined function
Linux/ProvideX 64 bits
Netware 6.0 workstation hangs
Weigh Scale data capture
'Error #0: Record/file busy' opening folder shares
Re: Opening a File Share - Anyone???
Getting "System Activation Notification" upon auto-activation
Dates in Formatted List Boxes


*winprt*, how to get information about current font, fontsize, at tributes etc etc
Data Dictionary - key definition - translate button
Numeric sorting in ListView box in 5.01
TCP connection
FAST nthost/ntslave
Multiple selections in Library Selection
ODBC Err Message
Termination Process
RE : [Pvx] Termination Process
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Termination Process
Re: prc()..more
windx printing problem with lexmark z42
Mikes Splash Trick
Transparent images
*nthost/*ntslave program end
program trace
Copy a file definition
Re: RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Termination Process *OT*
*OT - LPT1 capture routine
activation command line parameters
RE : [Pvx] activation command line parameters
Re: Termination Process - repost
Multi_Line sizing
*OT* Stallion EasyServer2
File not being closed
Debug tracing
May 4th *OT*
pvxwin32 error on client server
windx with xp
Trasparent backgrounds on images - Repost
RE : [Pvx] TCB(88)
IOLIST formatting
CPU/User question
*OT* Ruminations
RE : [Pvx] Trasparent backgrounds on images - Repost
REPOST Window display on Monitor
Packed date conversion
Ntetware/Select problem
Multi Sessions
[PVX] Writing to Excel File
Trapping Right Click & Char conversion (Legacy conversion)
Write Record to Excel File
Write to Excel File
Trapping Right Click & Char conversion
Annoucement - Direxions Showcase
RE : [Pvx] Trapping Right Click & Char conversion
Passing an object question
Re: Multi Sessions *OT*
*WINPRT* problem.
Please Wait page using web server
Re: Passing an object question - Resolution
Printing binary data
Serialized Objects
Syntax question ++
DD in a single variable record
New ProvideX 5.01 Ports Available
Re: *WINPRT* problem OT
DD Day?
user.dmp File
Grid Refreshing
Keep alive
Re: Syntax question ++ *OT
Re: Syntax question ++ *OT*
As Decompiled a Compiled String with CPL
More on random #'s
Re: Syntax question ++ *OS*
ODBC Install instructions??
ODBC - Record types?
*OT* Grid Refreshing
Nomads variable for Auto-Close Files
Query Button
RE : [Pvx] Query Button
Using object properties in nomads
Re: translate *OT*
Importing ProvideX file to Excel
Printing on XP
Re: [*OT] Importing ProvideX file to Excel
List_box limits
Minimize PVX Window at Startup
Having a panel larger than the maximum size of the screen
*ntslave freeze
WebServer or???
Checkbox as a button doesn't recognize enter
Announcement - Direxions 2002 Registration Now Open!!!
Re: *OT* Announcement - Direxions 2002 Registration Now Ope n!!!
Re: *OT* Need a translation dictionary
Re: WAY *OT* Need a translation dictionary
*OT* eCommerce patent lawsuit
Grid column headers
Re: Treeview with icons
RE : [Pvx] Grid column headers
Printing graphically - looking for a how to...
*OT Name tag coloUrs
Dialing out on a modem in an Windos 2000 / Terminal Server enviro nment
Running WindX 4.03d on Win 2000
Nomads Query List Colomn Format for Date
spawning a windx host session
Error #0
IMPORTANT - I have a job for a PVX programmer
translate ascii to ebsidic (i know its spelled wrong... i just know how to say it)
Embedding the Data Dictionary in single variable records
Re: *OT* translate ascii to ebsidic
Nokia Firewall-1 and JavX
Ring Bell
RE : [Pvx] Ring Bell
NOMADS *win/bulkedt.xeq
Victoria Day Holiday
Printing through Citrix
Re: Announcement - Direxions 2002 Registration Now Open!!! *OT*
NT Error:
Passing arrays to functions.
Sort file
Re: NT more experience
Pvx language information
Message Box
*cmd/system/lv & Objects
Function byref and String memory variables
LOCAL question ...
Passing parameters to OOP objects
Multiple Extant Files
Share name
Re: Segment Counts
Calling Providex from the Mas90\Home directory
Do I have this font?
Logging Into Multiple Servers
security options
XP Professional srvany.exe
RE : [Pvx] XP Professional srvany.exe
Auto refresh gets clobbered after JUMPTO
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] XP Professional srvany.exe
CPU Cyles on Unix
Error in Called Procedure within a program.
contents of a directory
Too much E-mail for Read-Sugestion
More freakish function problems
Resizeable panel won't show last couple lines of fonted text
Is there a "WindX" for "Linux"?
Re: security options (Spanish)
How to put a fix panel where the mouse can't move up or down (English/Espanol)
Need some PC Valium
How to avoid that the mouse move...
On_Focus not firing!
File Access Speed
Strange looking code ...
[ODB] Without DSN Entry
Segmentation fault, system dumps core.
*OT - Web Page Design for Wireless Units
'PICTURE' command
Large files reduce speed?
tcb(25) question ...
quicken qif files
upload files to web server
RE : [Pvx] tcb(25) question ...
GET_FILE_BOX via [WDX]-Tag to get local path
Drop a 'PC' memory added program
RE : [Pvx] Drop a 'PC' memory added program
Error 60 in a grid control ....
Adobe Acrobat 5 vs. 4
Grid objects
slow ascii file creation
Error 112 installing WindX standalone
Append to a Serial Files
Appending to an existing serial file
SELECT question ...
Re: security options secmaint
Window caption/Printer Document title on *ntslave
RE : [Pvx] Window caption/Printer Document title on *ntslave
*OT* Epson TM-T88 POS printer
RE : [Pvx] *OT* Epson TM-T88 POS printer
Winprt_setup Input on Windows Me
JavX grid support
*winprt* hp with preprinted forms positioning?
NUM() and what is allows & ODBC
Transferring string array to a variable
Window flash
Request for payroll program
Novell Client Settings
IPX/SPX again
Password Protection
DEFAULT and *win/colour
Re: DEFAULT and *win/colour *OT*
Hyper linked program listing
Skytel Pager and SNPP
Need a payroll program
*OT* IPX/SPX again
Excel & DDE
Changing list view column text
Project Manager available
Regression testing software


Smart Drop Box as part of the file key
*nthost/*ntslave on Novell TCP/IP
RE : [Pvx] Spawning another windx
*ot Direxions
Repost NO Cert.
Grid Refresh Problem Status?
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Spawning another windx
listbox treeview
Open Financial Exchange standard
spoiled by NOMADS
Novell problems continue
Non port 80 dns entry
ProvideX 4.01 and WindX 5.x
btrieve interface
Screen Dumps
Printing to UNC
Question about 'CP'
Re: Question about 'CP' *OT*
Looking for a programming job
Re: Non port 80 dns entry INFO
Whitespace around a grid and scroll bars
Spawns and user seat count
Controlling focus on a grid
Windx spawning error
Graphical Plane
Connecting to our providex dB
Re: *OT* Looking for a programming job
Programmers/Jobs Ratio is all out of whack *OT*
Runaway telnet processes on linux
DUN disables network?
Direxions 2002 - Special Offer!!
jeff johnson posted something about 4.something and windx taking the cpu
Application Server And/Or Providex.Script
Parameter that locks out INVOKE and SYS
Importing a Program File from text
See WindX screens on server?
Need ODBC Help
*OT* Friday humor
Select IOL problem?
Need More ODBC Help
Providex tim=events and spawned processes
Problems with DLL and Windx !!!!
Nomads window
Is it a holiday? *OT*
Opening shares
RPC with JavX
JavX and JPGs
RE : [Pvx] JavX and JPGs
'PICTURE' problem
RESOLVED: RE: [Pvx] Resizeable panel won't show last couple lines of fonted text
Auto-end ProvideX process on system shutdown?
IOLIST question ...
'OP' parameter doesn't work
PVX editor.. ?
*OT* Char Far in a DLL call
Security system - User id
Re: *OT* Char Far in a DLL call *wish*
Query on non DD file
RE : [Pvx] Query on non DD file
[ODB] change on 5.0 ?
Select processing
Select processing [Vcard Free]
Nomads Export
Re: JavX and JPGs *OT*
OCX and Direxions
Quicken 2002 link
Quicken 2002 link *Repost*
*OT* Web services and pvx - thinking out loud
Excel dde providex
Select processing - continued
Blank Page Using *winprt*
Enhanced Grid - Direxions 2002 Showcase
Re: Enhanced Grid - Direxions 2002 Showcase *OT*
Telnet process just keeps going and going ...
RE : [Pvx] Telnet process just keeps going and going ...
RE : [Pvx] Enhanced Grid - Direxions 2002 Showcase
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Telnet process just keeps going and going ...
True binary file read...?
Re: True binary file read...? NEVER MIND!
OPEN question
ODBC Errors - will there be an end?!?!?
Printing single labels?
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Enhanced Grid - Direxions 2002 Showcase
*OT - Providex/Btrieve question
FONT in Grids
ODBC Problems resolved
check boxes in nomads
Starting a nomads based program
RE : [Pvx] Starting a nomads based program
RE : [Pvx] check boxes in nomads
Working with 'graphical units' when printing forms
stripping $0A0D$
*ufac & *ufar on whole directory
Special characters and fonts
Re: RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Enhanced Grid - Direxions 2002 Showcase *ot*
Composite Strings
Damaged files
Retrieving email within Application
Nomads multiline with query
RE : [Pvx] LIST_BOX LOAD Speed
WindX Keys
*OT* New Mas90 Module
nomads persistent window
RE : [Pvx] nomads persistent window
Licensing Issues
Error handling in Functions
Re: OPLOCK Feature on Win2000 Servers
deleting directory
Assigning Nomad objects to groups programmatically
a question
PVX licenced users.
A precision/rounding question
'TEXT' printing problem ?
Pvx Licensing Issues
ODBC & Mas90
Array Question.
is there anyway to set a control value without input?
a quesion
*OT* Virus attacks and spam
Scroll wheel support *wish*
WindX via telnet (internet)
nomads smart list not quite smart enough
*HTML* link file
Re: Scroll wheel support *wish*; more info
problem w/INVOKE
Setup Linux *OT
Error in Tabs/Folder
RE : [Pvx] Error in Tabs/Folder
Pos and Non standard Characters
function requested
Error 0 in web/email
Identifying locked records
Red Hat 7.2
Red Hat 7.2 & *nthost/*ntslave
locking on windows vs. unix
Re: Error in Tabs/Folder OK
*OT* Checking if a web site has SSL encryption
Program tracing and hiding repeditive code.
Re: Program tracing and hiding repetitive code. *wish*
web server port specific globals
*OCX Issue
Double // at the front of a URI
Drop Box Indexes
Error #106 Keyed file error (Bad key block hdr)
String Assignment & '()'
IDOL Expert
I have two questions
INVOKE response/output
*OT* host name based port mapping?
File Transfers via WindX session.....
Downloading a pvx program instead of running it in the webserver...
*OT* Help wanted
Direxions 2002 - Time is running out... Register NOW!
network hp1000 printer
Chasing Sybex's Stumped Tail...
RE : [Pvx] Chasing Sybex's Stumped Tail...
*wish - Extended error reporting


Please don't feed the trolls
Re: *OT*[Pvx] Chasing Sybex's Stumped Tail...
Re: Chasing Sybex's Stumped Tail... *OT*
*Web/email file name
Removing Bad Cintaks
Re: PVX LIST functions
What? *OT*
Re: *OT* SIN-TAX identity clue?
Grid Refresh Problem Causing Chaos
SSL for TCP connections from Linux
Object overhead
*ot* Lord Viper Scorpian
'TEXT'..."WF"Error 46 ??
odbc network connection error
Copy serial file to diskette
Data Dictionaries
*OT* RE: [Pvx] Data Dictionaries
Re: Copy serial file to diskette *OT*
Reading a .txt file backwards
Drop Box Translate
nomads format/validate date
Re: *OT* nomads format/validate date
Query External Key return value?
TXT ... "WF" ........ ERROR 46
CD Burning ProvideX Interface...
Application Server - Direxions 2002 Showcase
*ot Friday morning humor
Run Away file process
BBx to ProvideX
Backup Exec Agent and ProvideX NTHOST
web pages
color in radio_button
error #100 no driver for terminal or library missing
Spawing a session.
Direxions 2002 - Only 1 Week Left... Register NOW!
Error=43 in "cv" conversion utility
*OT UNIX script help
Read Data/ Function Error
*Announcement* A new ProvideX Resource
RE : [Pvx] *Announcement* A new ProvideX Resource
print screen utility won't work on pvx 5.01
losing query records display
Print Screen
nomads grid labels
Telnet Scroll-back emulation
IP address
Re: IP address *OT*
Other form fields on a webupload
CV Conversion of sort files
ERR=0 on Windows 2000 Terminal Server
ODBC causing error 105 and 117 on write
Re: Release directive
Direxions Session Question
RE : [Pvx] function keys
Using Passwords
ODBC on Red Hat 7.2
Red Hat 7.2 *OT (I think)
*OT* Batch process exit
stopserver (HP-UX)
Re: Separate-Key Select and Extract
How to search mailing list archives?
Re: How to search mailing list archives? *OT*
Unwanted "Tab" character is printed (in graphic mode)
*OT* - ADO/ODBC connection from within PVX to a PVX DSN
Webserver & SSL Public Key
Graphical reports
Direxions 2002 - Only 3 Days Left... Register NOW!
LIST_BOX List View Report Style sorting
RE:*OT* [Pvx] Graphical reports
Graphical reports revisted
Re: *OT* Contract Programmer Available
[tcp] Giving the boot to a client
[Multi-] Keyed Files - Limitations
DDE server question
Re: quiet *OT*
LIST_BOX multiple selected items
RE : [Pvx] LIST_BOX multiple selected items
Looking for an open source parsing engine for http returns from web server
Pre-defining large files
Linux Distribution
Windows ME and USB as COMM port
Viewer Behavior
Re: *ot* Viewer Behavior
reading programs
EBCDIC Conversion Tables
Questions of mouse
Web Server %Authorization$
Return codes from PVX to DOS batch file
URL on panel
Re: *OT* Return codes from PVX to DOS batch file
If.. then .. else if?? ..
Error 47 in Genmaint.gen
Ncheck *OT*
Webserver won't run
Webserver won't run *repost*
Bitmap size to BUTTON dimensions
A bunch of buttons
ODBC Read/Write Mas90 Index files.
ISO8583 Financial Transcation
RE : [Pvx] A bunch of buttons
Re: ISO8583 Financial Transcation *Only one typo that I see so far :)
Re: Bin at Higher powers
Error in fuction AUTO
power outage leaves task on server
Who's who on the list and @ Direxions
Re: *OT*Who's who on the list and @ Direxions
Cannot update dictionary
msword and pvx
CTRL+BREAK like a blinker
*ot* PSP - Challenge
*ot* PSP (More information requested)
Re: ISO8583 Financial Transcation *OT*
Win98SE and nthost
All The Reasons NOT to Attend Direxions...
* OTRE: [Pvx] All The Reasons NOT to Attend Direxions...
Re: *ot*[Pvx] All The Reasons NOT to Attend Direxions...
Re: *OT* All The Reasons NOT to Attend Direxions...
PSP Update...
Just a couple of questions about your psp thing *OT
Release Announcement: ProvideX ODBC v3.22
Re: word.psp code
DOS attack against
Nomads Lookup (Query)
URGENT -- Loss pvx Activation
C Library lookups
losing query records display - resolved
Urgent , problem of execution Ned help
PSP - Still up (IP address Changed)
Pr0videx Installation with Aix 4.33
PSP Challenge
A trip report to ensure training ROI *OT*
windx licensing problem on XP
Large File conversion
Mr. X
msword and pvx, in conclusion
printing 66 lines on an inkjet
PVX Requirements
winproc and errors
Odd Invoke Behavior
Japanese Character Set
WIN2000 Compatibility
Return specific version of MS-Windows is here
*OT* SysAdmin Day - don't forget to thank your sysadmin
Resize WindX base window
Backup reports ACTIVATE.PVX as a corrupt file
ERROR in class definition count
Defect tracking system, collective effort *OT*
Error 16 on Aix Unix
Reading a keyed file backwards
RE : [Pvx] Reading a keyed file backwards
PDF files and the Web Server
PVX 5.01 and WebServer
pvxhelpdesk @ *OT*
Re: error handling *OT*
data dict
*OT* The weekend after direxions
Finding a misbehaving program
ODBC upgrade question
*viewer* with both font and 132 columns
Colors in Locked Multi-Lines
GB908 FACTS / BBx Contract Programmer
'dialogue' on two monitors with an multiple display adaptor
Re: ezmlm response
*OT* Where is everyone
CERT Advisory CA-2002-23 Open SSL vulnerabilities
Nested For Loops
*OT* I found a great spam solution!!!
Mnemonics with *winprt*
Decalring an array as a local variable
RE : [Pvx] Decalring an array as a local variable
Error No. 15
Error 65 in *winproc
*WINDEV* Link file


*Viewer - Error #100
For your information...
copying files
Program trace window
Re: *OT For your information...
how to optimize list box loading
Checking for a changed record
dll guru question
Network connect error trying cs odbc
Mike...go to bed! *OT*
RE : [Pvx] how to optimize list box loading
nomads query panel
test, ignore
*OT* [FPC] Fridays Crypto Challenge
Jeff's programming challenge for today...
Minimizing application -RESEND
Bug in *UFC
Resizing the tools area.
WindX and F1,F2,F3,F4 keys
Nomads not reconizing shift-F2
*OT* Error handling in JScript
Error 16
CHG() function
Ocasional lost of characters when printing to LPT
Files/Records in use on W2K Server
Re: Web Server Question *Update*
Direxions - More to do in Toronto
nomads panel exit
RE : [Pvx] Memory file
BSY= question
Getting index# in a grid dropbox
opt=onclose with printers
Windows printer versus preview
Setting colours on disabled Multi_lines
My ignorance
Check this out... *OT*
Local ODBC 3.22 Change
Key Options tab disabled in File Maintenance Generator
Direxions 2002: Only 4 Days left!!
Re: Getting index# in a grid dropbox *OT
Shrinking Large Files - on the fly...
Help - GUI Printer is shrinking!
OCX from WindX
READS with IOL and *
Can I get the filename that called me from within an Embedded I/O Procedure
ERROR 41 using DIM[]
Re: Getting index# in a grid dropbox *OT*
List speed.
Using *web/date with the web server
Unexpected extra token error
[FPC] *ot*Aug 2/02 - Fridays Crypto Challenge... ANSWER
[FPC] *ot*Aug 9/02 - Fridays Crypto Challenge...
Re: [FPC] *ot*Aug 9/02 - CRACKED
Business Basic Meetup next week
Nomads Big problems
Webserver timezone
A few more webserver questions
Slow on Win98 compared to Win2K
drag 'n drop
the scoop on drag and drop
Direxions Tuesday night dinner?
Re: *ot* Direxions Tuesday night dinner?
did support leave ?
nomads bug
Printer MNEMONIC question
Alternate Key problem
Re: *OT* did support leave ?
Nomads Help Reference
*OT* OpenOffice??
Big troubles on DD land
Long Hand
nomads formula
upgrade from pvx 4.02 windx 3.53 to pvx 5.01
Way out of my league
Processing Question
Treeview List in Nomads
Help on getting a ProvideX table on the web
"see" you @ direxions before you get there?
this might be off topic
Disappearing pvxwin32.exe
Direxions Passing
*OT I lost my archive
Re: *ot* "see" you @ direxions before you get there?
*OT* and rated R Thursday Humor
'!W', focus logic, WindX revisited
Remove Button with BEGIN
Scrollable folders
Graphical editor
Re: [BB] Aug. 14th, 2002 - International Business Basic Meetup - Orange County
Webserver ?F option
*OT lost archive
List Box Column Width
question about MS SQL
Ask for Directory name
Preventing commands from bad users
COmmand Mode Window & WindX
Redhat limiting number of files open
eCommerce Registration
Line numbers present when LIST but not when saved to serial file
Problem with ?a in webserver
Re: Problem with ?a in webserver - Resolved
Stephane's POP3 HELP???
Err 260 (too many open files)
*OT - SCO Unix mount question
Re: *OT* Preventing commands from bad users
ODB error 33
*OT* Toronto Locals
We challenge you to a...something *OT*
Cosmetic *IT anomoly
SQL issues
Checking an e-Commerce license
Question: Internal Keys
Re: *OT* Toronto Locals MISTAKE
Get a jump start on 5.10
Re: *OT* Get a jump start on 5.10
Re: Detecting the connected users in WindX
WindX Plugin Question
Printing a .BMP
Display a picture (bmp format) that is in a variable
*OT* Point of Sales Equipment / Software website down
Fax-Sending from Linux
OOP Ondelete logic when used like
C i/o libraries....(help)
Imaging Solutions
Text programs and .pvc
Packaging ProvideX Programs
Re: *OT* Packaging ProvideX Programs *tongue in cheek*
Accesing PVX files through Access/Excel
Btrieve file read routine
Direxions Print Management question
Utilities for debugging....
OOP Question
Send a postcard to my son's class *OT*
Re: Utilities for debugging.... *OT*
Re: error 105 *ot*
ODBC via RPC??
Maximize Query
RPC in Prefix?
Error #3 via RPC
Open Systems terminal settings
Error 17 on passworded pgm using 5.10 pre-release
Re: Error 17 on passworded pgm using 5.10 pre-release *OT
Re: Utilities for debugging.... Some on topic, some *OT*
*OT* Windows based TCP sniffer?
*pg.cnv usage
Re: UltraEdit Word File
*OT* Ignore, just a test
Thank You!
Re: *OT* Thank You!
Scott's wordfile with lowercase directives
xterm driver for Linux?
Proper use of end_if command...
Windows API Court settlement
error 105 - file name
winprt / tray
*OT* CRC error under linux
Re: error 105 - file name *OT*
web site
Re: END_IF & programming nervana - *OT*
Button hide x_/hide control x_
Accounting/distribution system needed
Re: web site *OT
setting new_location with # in webserver
default editor behavior
Searching Text Docs
Error in CLASS definition reference counts.
Pop-up menu in Nomads doesn't appear
err 13
*OT* *web\email
attach a document
Adjusting left margin using *WINPRT* and "FONT' mnemonic
Help with real time screen editing.
*OT* Primes...
Need help with SYS() Function
Allowing WRITE with null keys ...
*ot* directives
Client/Server ODBC over WAN
Direxions Photos
Yes I'm off but...
*OT* Busman's holiday
Re: Direxions Photos *OT*
I'm Baaacccckkk
How to know current size of a resizable Dialog box
partial program search
*winproc and folders
Re: Yes I'm off but...*OT*
*OT* The cryto challenge is too hard for me this week...
Hiding tabs
Is Best Can closed Monday?
Labour Day Weekend!
Re: version control *OT*


RE : [Pvx] version control *OT*
*OT* RE: [Pvx] Yes I'm off but...
Stripping Characters with STP()
*tech* color custom
Including C routines in PVX
New member
RE : [Pvx] *winproc and folders
Providex Utilities Popping up.
VB and PVX
RE : [Pvx] Providex Utilities Popping up.
VB and PVX solution
Re: *OT* User Counts
Using the command ?LST(IOL(FID))
Grid enhancements in 5.10 ???
RE:Visual Basic "Visual Integrator"
Re: JavX *OT*
WinXP and Windx
JavX and Borderware
Get File Box Write
Windows XP font problem
*DOC* - Documentation error
Re: *OT* Postcards
Webserver timeout???
TIM update
PVX and Excel
Win2K Printing
RGB and System's Resources
RE : [Pvx] RGB and System's Resources
Can someone explain this nomads behavior?
[PVX] PVX reading ODBC Microsoft Access Error 33
strange error 2
how many pvx on one machine
Error 100 - No Driver for Term Type ....
*wish* message library reference
RE : [Pvx] Tip Of the Day
Web Server Version
Translating a smart drop box
*WISH* not a smarter, but a better list box
Read data to rec...or, having a Friday moment
RE : [Pvx] *WISH* not a smarter, but a better list box
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Tip Of the Day
RE : [Pvx] Read data to rec...or, having a Friday moment
*nthost as a service (RH 7.2)
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] *WISH* not a smarter, but a better list box
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Read data to rec...or, having a Friday moment *OT*
Error 27
RE : [Pvx] Error 27
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Tip Of the Day *OT*
GET buffer size
*ot*RE: [Pvx] How to know current size of a resizable Dialog box
*OT* Check out the new and improved help desk stuff
*it editor crash
*web/mail file in message body
RE : [Pvx] Error Handler
ERR=42 in _winproc
Retrieving a Grid format ...
global variables getting lost?
_winproc difference at 5.10
"Unable to start editor"
Unable to start editor - MORE
Accessing Nomads controls
RE : [Pvx] Accessing Nomads controls
*OT* Testing the help desk site
Defining numerics in Nomads
Corrupt files on Novell
*OT* mailto:
GRID AUTO gridctl
A program to find probable primes
Another rookie question
Resizing window event
How To Read DataBase in Oracol
Setting precision inside library program
Ok Ok, how about that *web\mail
Thanks !
Dependency Table Enhancement?
RE : [Pvx] Dependency Table Enhancement?
*OT* enctype=multipart/form-data
Tomorrow's Meetup
Re: Tomorrow's Meetup *ot*
Bug in Nomads list box definition
'F4' PARAMETER on Solaris
Settle an argument! *OT*
Error 2 to memory file write
Re: Error 2 to memory file write **NEVER MIND
RE : [Pvx] WDX
Suggesting a name for file downloads
RE : [Pvx] Settle an argument! *OT*
*OT* September 11
How can i read .dbf files
*OT* _Kevin and Kell_, September 11, 2002: "Remembering"
RPC Question
Field Level Encryption
ERR 33 with iz=1
pvx sessions
How do you correct damaged key from a multi key file
RE : [Pvx] Field Level Encryption
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Field Level Encryption
Data packing
Re: Field Level Encryption - Use this...
Re: Field Level Encryption - WOOPS
ProvideX Seminar in Deutschland
Re: *OT* September 11 : )
Topics NOT for discussion in technical groups:
Steph's POP3 working
*OT* Freedom of Speech
Column chart
Re: *OT* Changing the thread
Sales Order ALE Query
Strange Printer
control keys
String limit
Popup Menus...
multi media
Error starting up WDX
WebUpload and multiple variables
Why does position 0 not go to 0 in a dialogue?
rgb number of DARK GREY
*OT All Quiet ?
GRID Question 5.10
Premature exit of loop
VR and VW parameters
Index building/Database design
Virtual Mailbox print
Too Quiet *OT*
openssl reports error: ordinal 194 could not be located...
Keyed files turn to serial files
Introducing 3D Tek's New Site!!!
RE : [Pvx] GRIDS
Re: [PVX]*OT* Linux printer permissions
error 11 in LIST_BOX
XML files
Determining the contents of '*X', '*R'
Windows 2000 freeze ups
Re: XML files *OT*
Access granted to send emails to
Position Available
list box read
'SF' not staying on
ODB and Access
RE : [Pvx] ODB and Access
Re: Windows 2000 freeze ups *OT*
Split Packets?
Debugging Tools
WindX / resizing base window / DEFTTY
Re: test*OT*
query return
OCX and Word
XML documents
How I can Read data in DataBase File?
Results from Windows 2000 freeze up investigation
OCX (I think)
Dynamic control question
New IE6 SP *OT*
sorting a memory file
NOMADS Data Dictionary Merge
Nomads Help File
err=29 in _winproc.rsz
Access ODB and memo fields
Is there a way to use Oracle / Sql Server using ADO ?
ODBC - MS Access
RE : [Pvx] ODBC - MS Access
ie6 sp1 *OT*
nthost/ntslave connection
OCX *Variant *Vararray
Problems with WindX
dependency definitions in *winproc
About the use of ODBC with Nmads
String Encryption
HP Command ESC "%#A"
Resize-Custom over windx...
Assigning a HotKey to a button with only a bitmap...
Compare Records
%ARGS$ in WebServer
Reading file using RNO=
ProvideX and FACSys
*WISH* Find in Trace Window
Repair using RNO=
err=86 in winproc
Something for the Wish List
List of Variables in a Program
nthost/ntslave 5.01 host vs 5.00 slave
*OT* at / cron
OCX Mappoint
RE : [Pvx] Wizards in Nomads
RE : *OT* Valentin's pix
select from memory file?
*viewer columns wiggling
Re: *viewer columns wiggling *OT*
Visa 1 and 2 protocols
Pop the call stack
*OT* Getting a Wiggle On
Smart ListBox Question
RE : [Pvx] Smart ListBox Question
OT - V/I question for Mas90 Developers
Selecting a directory with GET_FILE_BOX
Nomads Telephone Number Formatting
Click / Double-Click on OCX controls
direxions photos on pvx website.
Re: *ot* direxions photos on pvx website.
Get external IP
Printing Hex CC B9 B3 Using Winprt
Repairing a file Update
providex to microsoft Word
[OT] windows xp screen settings
Reverse ODBC
Windows Printer
*OT* Looking for a "scripted" backup system
Direxions 2002 Binder & CD
Support code 88
Meetup Update for Toronto


Accessing a website using [TCP]
ODBC on Linux
Hello list.
Re: ODBC on Linux *OT*
Windows ME hangs at write
*CMD shortcuts CLIP/PASTE in non-MS-Windows/WindX
Authentiication with PvxWebserver
RE:*[OT]* [Pvx] Windows hangs ME at write
*OT* Dll call in Pvx vs Dll call in VB6
Pvxweb Task Handler
Minimum files for 5.01
How to assign program query to a multiline
*OT Sage in the news
*OT* Way OT
WindX 501 Install on NT 4.0 locks up server
Novell file corruption
Copy Large segmented files
Text file handling
Setting MSG(-1) from within an object?
%authorization$ in webserver
DEF CLASS and comments
* OT * What sort of platform to use.
+= operators on object properties?
RE : [Pvx] WindX 501 Install on NT 4.0 locks up server
*OOPS* 'PVXParent for our own objects...?
Read IP Address?
VPN users not connecting WindX to *nix
Anyone using Amyuni PDF Converter with Providex?
Re: Nomads *OT*
Output to PDF
winterm vs ansi on WindX
Adding Groups on the fly
Copying a file data and definition
Link in Nomads Only
Pvx 5.1
ODBC and Office XP Standard
*OT* Virus ?
PVRQ/ODBC v 2.0 Announcement
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] SYSTEM_HELP Help
CTL Problem
*OT* World's funniest joke.
Re: *OT* Virus ? GOOD ADVICE
Err 27 *CMD
nomads user aids
RE : [Pvx] nomads user aids
reply to nomad user aids tab
RE : [Pvx] reply to nomad user aids tab
Providex starts very slowly after system crash
*OT* Distributed Computing
*IT Editor and Password Protected Programs
Data Dictionary Import
DDE command to set range in Excel
Help Requested
Help Requested - REPOSTED
Grid Minor question
more GRID quiestions
RE : [Pvx] LIST_BOX and BUTTON Logic
Pvweb Task Handler
binary from Webserver
*OT - Anyone knows about .mkd files
*OT ICQ 2002a banner removal
*OT* open relay on SCO with MMDF
*wish* *IT Editor and password protected programs revisited
*OT* Writing help files and manuals
SELECT statement query
Passing an array via DDE
VB code to Pvx Conversion
Determining GMT
*OT* Psion Teklogix and Telnet
Select problem ; error 45
ANSI and BUTTON and Err#98
I have Found .... Select problem ; error 45
Opening a share
Transferring data records to a new iolist.
VIA VIS. Select problem ; error 45
*IT* Distributed Computing... So are we going to start a PROVIDEX team?
Msgbox & loss of focus
ctls again
Cannot get activation keys
WindX printers and Citrix
Temp Keys
JavX Connecting - Gord??
spaces in command line
Multi line in XP
Re: JavX Connecting
Pvxwin32.exe Ilegal Operation!
Re: JavX Connecting*ot
*OT IE6 (help!)
Pvxwin32.exe Fault
*OT* Wanted accounting software salesperson
Printers and Citrix (repost and update)
EOF reached, 5.01 will not reposition with KEL(....
Integrating data from AIX running providex and AS/400
ML character length
Disreard last email
Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday!
Re: American Holiday!
[OT] [AD] Programmers available
Converting from Pervasive .MKD files
ML in Nomads
Grid Focus Problem...
Bar Code Printer
[OT] A little Friday humour
Trying to simplify a function...
[OT] [AD] Wanted - Outside sales rep
*OT* Providex Team
core dump opening file after *dict;update_physical
Error 13/internal keys/ HFN channel mystery.
E-mail from reports
ODBC : how to
default network printer and Citrix
Providex program execution security
Web Server and Start_up Program
chat on a web site *OT
Err=31 in NOMADS Compare
Export to Excel
Re: Providex.Script
DLL with trigger...
Problem generating SSL certificate
Error 12 in Nomads Creating a query
Bubble Jet Printer drivers
Re: RPC and KNO *Resolved*
IIS and PVX Web Server
ProvideX OLE Server
Client Server ODBC
OLE and Word question
Re: Unattended BBx Conversion
Option Explicit
Re: Unattended BBx Conversion II
Printer location
Re: Upgrade 4.12c to 4.23 Problem
Error 59 in ProvideX Class
Error 117 & 105
*dev devices and embedded IO
Can't install WindX
Btrieve Utility
Error 1 Nomads
How to make MSGBOX the active panel?
Multi_Line Question
dropboxes on a grid in 5.01
RE : [Pvx] How to make MSGBOX the active panel?
nomads code
Re: Can't install WindX *ot*
Newbie question
nomads grids
Re: Providex program execution security *OT*
Setup icon on a windows machine in Program Files folder
*OT convert Progra~1 to Program files
Extra files in my data directory
E-mail from providex
Recovering multikeyed file using index - what is the highest index?
DDE - Excel - Error 10
ODBC Server side question
*OT* Service Call Tracking system
Grid cell Type
Grids & Arrow Keys
Another Word OLE Question
Re: Another Word OLE Question - ignore, figured it out
multi keyed file blown
Select * and REC
Re: Select * and REC *OT*
Printer naming convention
TCP open
REPOST - Expanding drop down lists in grid cell
Looking for ProvideX Programmers
RE : [Pvx] Web server
Re: Integrating data from AIX running providex and AS/400 *ot*
"WINPRT_SETUP READ" Returns Mangled Printer Name
List Box and colors
Font question
Journalize files
Webserver App Redirect
RE : [Pvx] Journalize files
RE : [Pvx] List Box and colors
Mouse Wheel question
Journalize files : SETDEV PROGRAM?
RE : [Pvx] Journalize files : SETDEV PROGRAM?
RE : [Pvx] Error 29
rtf mime type
*web/merge and <th>
nomads panel lock up
Using JDBC inside a providex program on an AIX box
GUI printing question
Using other editors for providex programs
Error starting NTHost after reboot
*OT* He's bigger than he was at Direxions 2000
Error No. 2
_Winqry problem??
[OT] [AD] Help wanted
One PC will not work with Nomads Security
[OT] Business Basic Meetup
SQL questions
JavX question
nomads lock up problem
How to know if a program is password-protected
Size of clipboard - Sort of *OT*
Err handler, Clear the stack, resume next
*web/email with *nthost/*ntslave
How to change 'type from a *variant
Performance PVX on Windows 2000
Is the 'Wish List' dead?
multiline query nomads
RE : [Pvx] multiline query nomads
Creating .XLS file
RE : [Pvx] Creating .XLS file
OLE Question
Using VIA or ENV ?
*windev*/*winprt* ERROR 29
Control ID in Nomads
RE : [Pvx] Control ID in Nomads
Win XP with two monitors
Re: MICR Font
Re: Win XP with two monitors *OT*
Overwrite mode in multilines on Nomads panels
Nomads capability
*OCX* oleview.exe *OT*
RE : [Pvx] *OCX* oleview.exe *OT*
system running slow
Listing Programs
Nomads question Tab control
TCP Buffer
getting a directory using get_file_box
Quizzical about UPDATE_PHYSICAL
Bar Code printing from PVX
*OT* Local Toronto Accountant
ERROR_HANDLER, *winproc problems!!
winNT workstations.
ERROR_HANDLER, *winproc problems!!!
ProvideX & voice recognition
Eltron TPL2742, Eltron TPL 2604 Printing
RE : [Pvx] ProvideX & voice recognition
Is nthdimension really in the nth dimension?
Problems with Novell Netware 6
Re: *OT*ProvideX & voice recognition
Using MAPI from Pvx
PVX OLE Server
Trace confusion


Cursor used during hover over of a button
RE : [Pvx] Cursor used during hover over of a button
help with breakpoints
PVX and multi-processors
*OT* Unavailable
SysMenu in INI file
odd Nomads execution
Installer Software
Excel Separator
New to PVX - How do you access Unix printers?
Nomads - Tab control
Load error on listbox
extending line numbering
Possible error in *UPL
Viewer in Win XP
Watch window
Release Announcement: ProvideX v5.01
memory program problem
*windev Error Message
programmable PVRQ...
*OT* Customer System Firewall
Command copy in windows Xp from povideX
index file
Nomads - Data Dictionary
Unknown Error Message
Btrieve Program Available!
RE : [Pvx] Command copy in windows Xp from povideX
ERR=46 on VARDROP_BOX load.
*OT* NCR band printers
ODBC conceptual install questions
IN operator
Re: "IN" operator
Re: Thanks [Pvx] ODBC conceptual install questions
System_help and outlook express
Disappearing EMAIL
pvx and Outlook .. maybe *OT*
PVX startup on Windows
Printer Link file Problems on Unix
Tree view with color
Scanning program files for REM lines
*NOMADS pet peeve
Re: *ot* *NOMADS pet peeve
pvx to excel setup question
How to: pvx to pdf
thanks Re: [Pvx] How to: pvx to pdf
Re: *OT* Business Basic Meetup
*ot* How to: pvx to pdf ..thanks all
*OT* hooligans in Canada?
REPOST: Tree view with color
PVX ODBC and MS Access
File Size Limits
Printing barcodes on standard laser printer
*OT* Reading POP3
Workshop ProvideX - 24 Janvier 2003
MS Access "Combo-Box" equivalent
Nomads QUERY query
ON_FOCUS not firing on a particular OS
Windows Only Printers?
Multi-Line background
Re: unable to load ResourceLib:90wres32.dll
Windx PlugIn vs Standalone
Always flag for multiline in Nomads
Re: Multi-Line background Solved, by the incomperable Chris Nolan
RE : [Pvx] Windx PlugIn vs Standalone
Business basic support
PRECISION question
Exporting in Crystal from PVX
Crystal function called from PVX
XP vs 98 printer issue
*OT* Netgear PS110 print server on SCO Unix OSE 5.0.5
Supported Fonts in PVX character mode?
*OT - yet another ole question
Reading POP3
How are you doing GUI Print Screen?
[PVX] TCP SSL Connection
Re: TCP SSL Connection
Multi-Line Signal on Exit
System Parameter for Extracts
Crystal and PVX question
ERR= on a select...
Random Rounding
*memory* file ...
*web/merge ?T
Get File Type : Keyed, Direct or Sort ?
Key number ?
RE : [Pvx] Key number ?
Javx and ActiveX controls
Menu question
answer back
Performance or Style?
GIF files and PVX
Web server stops responding
File does not exist
RE : [Pvx] GIF files and PVX
*OT* BTW Re: [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] GIF files and PVX
Hello list
Question re error 8/261
Re: *OT* He returns
Terminal server printing problems
*OT* What port number did I come in on
Changes to specific ProvideX User Email Addresses
Re: *OT* Changes to specific ProvideX User Email Addresses
Opening COM port through WindX
PVX and MS Access Database
pvx objects and vb
Delay in WindX??
RE : [Pvx] Delay in WindX??
*OT - OLE Thanks
NOMADS - Refresh Multi-Line
*OT* virus and 'RB'
*OT* Browse with MS IE? Better patch
PVX OLE Server - Multiple Command Lines
Sellect multiple entries in a list box
Nomads Input format?
Nomads -List_box and Del Key
Strange panel behavior ..
pvx objects and .asp
How to get data into a table Of type index?
TCP Timeouts
*WINDEV* on multiple OS's
Sybase Data Base read/write samples
another object question
Reading past CR/LF
return array from function
[pvxdef] files?
Question , excel and pvx
Error 0 on a file RENAME operation ...
Re: [pvxdev] files?
John recently posted you an e-card :
Re: *warning* John recently posted you an e-card :
Reception error
BBx conversion
WRITE to serail file behaviour
Distributed computing conference (Markham) TODAY
pvx, def object and excel
pvx def object excel
Use EOF as a variable
[PVX] Input edit issue
Err 86
To all , pvx, def object and excel
RE : [Pvx] To all , pvx, def object and excel
RE : [Pvx] Editor
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Editor
Printing to a Fax
How to create a file in another server via unix os.
*OT* New feature on my website...
Invoke Panel
Starting PVX session to Win2k Server via Dial-up
To all , def object/memory problem
Integrating Crystal Reports in ProvideX
NTHOST error
Logging on the Web Server
Playing with numbers
How to know if a file is locked or not?
John Spikowski [] & Winshell.dll


Re: ADO connection to MAS90...
*OT* meetup
Web server shutting down
*OT* turning off netscape webserver
Re: John Spikowski - Contact Info
dual monitors / command window
Sort signal on List Views
Hello list : Need syntax to copy a file from a win98 workstation to a server running Unix (windx)
Select Help
Business Basic Meetup
Recommended 3rd Party OCX Controls?
*rpsrvr start
OPEN vs. OPEN INPUT on device link files
[OT] How to configure a vpn on XP PRO
RE : [Pvx] Select Help
Record extracted or not?
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Select Help
Newbie Crystal Question
Appreciate Nomads Enhancements
Compare programs without line numbers
New database
RC5-72 Project Started
Providex Web Server's Form Variables Retrieval
*winprt* Client/Server
Nomads panel colour change
Button Text.
Popup Menu questions ....
Viewer won't move off task bar.
File rebuild
Nomads - xxxx.GRP$ format
Fonts and colours
*OT* VsiFax and Pvx
Weird Non-PVX Problem
Re: Content Warning from MailScan to Mail-Recipient!
Re: Content Warning from MailScan to Mail-Recipient! *OT*
Re: Executing a SCO Binary under Linux SuSE
webserver task handlers
Re: webserver task handlers: Thanks Gord
Text size in nomads and it's screen...
info us
Voice to Text
Antivirus and WindX
Crystal Selection Formula
Windx Connecton Failure
System Tray
Tracing *nix webserver operation
[OT] [RANT] Our own demise, possibly
Multi Line OnSelect Logic, Variable Name in ID$
RE : [Pvx] Multi Line OnSelect Logic, Variable Name in ID$
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Multi Line OnSelect Logic, Variable Name in ID$
Re: [OT] [RANT] Our own demise, possibly [CP-XT99R2]
print nothing using mask
Contact Info - ProvideX DLL Extensions
Delete all records.
MAS VI using PVX Direct
Windows XP COM ports
Sorry For Reposts!!
Datek streamer type field for inventory *OT
Telephone Software Interfaces
Re: [OT] MS Word OLE Questions
keystroke logging/audit
Windx license failure
CR Record Selection Formula
Dual Monitors
Crystal Property Not Supported??
ICS Packed dates in Nomads
RE : [Pvx] Dual Monitors
Resize problem in 5.01 Nomads
Suggest a New computer for ProvideX
RE : [Pvx] valid
Delete all records from MS Access Table
Access Database AutoNumber Field Update
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] valid
[*OT*] RE: [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] valid
Frequent error 106's
Suggest New IBM Computer for Providex
Serial Files & WindX
Error 60 on Grid
Dr Watson...pvx ....disk crash
Re: Access Database AutoNumber Field Update - No Suggestion yet
Re: [*OT*] Dual Monitors
err 47 in *control @ 2170
RE : [Pvx] Sort signal on List Views
Pvx - Unform linkfile - Slightly *OT
Sort files
Referencing Access Dates
Re: Dr Watson..resolved .pvx ....disk crash
writing to a memory file inside select
PVX 501 and Windows XP
Functions and Keyboard question
Right justifying a multiline
Question 2
RE : [Pvx] Question 2
RE : [Pvx] Question 2 *OT*
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Question 2 *OT*
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Question 2
Font size via Windx
Best Software Canada Internet Access to be down for Maintenance
Invoke wait
Nomads Disabled Multi_Line Forground and Background Color
Re: change_flg [MB-12ULWL4]
Run VI job from PVX code
RE : [Pvx] Run VI job from PVX code
List box fill speed
*OT* Perl Security Question
Best Software Canada's Internet Access, Server's, Web, Email, Mail List will be going down
Best Software Canada's Internet Access is back online
WindX, Putty and SSH -- Linux
*OT* Specialix
*OT* REFORM forms generator
Forms Shading
*OT* Javascript with REC
dual monitor / 'picture' warning
Converting junk to data
IOList Referencing Error 32
RE : [Pvx] IOList Referencing Error 32
Can I force a refresh?
RE : [Pvx] Can I force a refresh?
System time zone, DST settings
AIX Not logging out
Nomads and security
switching from unix to linux and printing truncates
Advanced web design stuff
Multi-Line Query
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
DG Conversion
why doesn't the mnemonic command work?
*OT - OLE/Word Perfect question
*IT Menu Bar Error
RE : [Pvx] *IT Menu Bar Error
Timeout on a Button?
Looking for Way to speed this up
RE : [Pvx] Looking for Way to speed this up
Re: Timeout on a Button? [DF-S122T62]
Error 0 on Samba Share??
System parameter question
RE : [Pvx] Progress Bar
*OT* Christmas
Error 46 in GUI Utilities
*OT* Happy Holidays!
Seasons Greetings
Error 41 in winquery
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
List Box Limits
Best Software Canada Internet Services
pvx updating ms word
Re: Converting junk to data Continues
jumpto vs process panel
linux and fid of zero
Problem with STR function...
Properties in a ProvideX Class
Reading data from a web page
Print BMP file resident in Lexmark Printer
Re: Properties in a ProvideX Class [HCA-SQE5JH3]
Testing Internet Connectivity, Please Ignore
*OT* Crystal Report formula help ...
Telnet question
*OT* Broken Telnet connections on SuSE 8.0
ProvideX Toolbar
Reading Large POP3 Headers
Re: PVX Error Message on XP Tablet