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[pvx]pvx excel
List_Box updating
merging panels in nomads
Re: Problems printing
SSL - Almost there
Tree view
Help needed with Error 64
Re: Help needed with Error 64 resolved
WIN 2000 & nthost
WordPerfect Merge codes
Re: Error=4 or Printer Buffer
Using Obtain
UTF-8 Decoding
Auto WindX client update upon login
Function to return week number of year
link file for VSIFAX
NT Cluster
Shift Tab Question
windev printing
How to restart a *UFAR if it dies @ the "Recovered x records, do you wish to proceed"
Nomads Fonted Text Rotation Question
*wish* *IT
Error 4 or printer buffer error
Formatted Date in Smart List Box.
List Archives/Registry
Smart List Boxes
Re: Viewer Busy
Re: *OT* [Pvx] Error Handler
Errant *memory* file/select behavior?
EW0826 BBx Contract - 6 months.
NFS Mounting under Linux
Press <ENTER> to continue or <F4> to exit
*OT* Cdn Postal Codes.
EW0823 6 - 12 month onsite BBx Contract
Left & Right Arrow Keys
NT Host Error Message
SCO 5.0.6 (six) pvx and bbx
SYS function and 4.21
*ODB* Alternate INI file to override embedded data dictionary
Hex Values
KeepAlive in *windx.utl on Unix boxes
Linux RedHat 7.0
WINPRT_SETUP INPUT A$ and Enter a file name.
*OT* Crystal Reports DLL - Parameter Count
Re: *OT* DLL's and structure sizes, byte lengths for different data t ypes
*WISH* NOMADS enhancement
*WISH* Block moving of controls in Nomads
Best Help solution
*OT* Little Devouard User Interface
Debug in NOMADS
*OT* Valentin's Photo Gallery
*pg.cnv Illegal operation in pvx4.21
Re: Called Program in WindX
Re. [PVX] ODBC Open command
Vertical Scroll Bars.
Where's Infinity?
Re: File dates
It is a HOAX!
Printing to Samba with CUPS
Turbo Mode
*IT editor question.
Re: *IT editor question. *WISH*
Conversion Error 5's
Internet Attacks
MAI conversion to pvx
Re: su and fuser
*OT - ODBC Drivers Update
*OT* RedHat worm
*WISH* Pre and Post logic on Smart List Box
Re: Conversion Error 5's ..solved
Embedded IO Proc, Open Purge
min hardware for wnt client server pvx ?
Multiline IF's and ELSE IF's - something to watch for
NC or not NC?
Problem with FIN 13,4
Using multiline as a status box
We can be millionaires. Podemos ser millonarios.
EW0827 BBx Programmer / Analyst.
How to use SETDEV
'picture' question/wish
SCO Unix processes question
Why ? When I use "*viewer*" utility the following options come disable
Re: *OT* *IT editor question.
Custom_Vbx Hide/Remove on Win2000 problem
Delimited File Structure
Mai to Pvx wire-wire Conversion
*web/mail question
Calling back to the server side from a [wdx] call?
Control Names
'F,' parameter and STR() function
Good Software wint documentation.
Grid example
INVOKE WAIT on trace file on NTHOST/NTSlave
parameter help
Re: [Pox] Delimited File Structure
*WISH* RE: [Pvx] parameter help
*OT* InstallShield & ODBC
*OT* launching ODBC Control Panel from your app
Contract programmer available
Nomads bulk compares
opening Oracle db/table with ODBC
PVRQ Download 1.31
PVX Report Writer PVRQ Release 1.31
Re: *wish* - Memo style fields in Providex
Blank pages printing from Linux
Brackets and compound statements
disabling a whole panel...
Re: Programmer looking for Business Basic or Unform work.
Re: RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT: ProvideX Client-Server ODBC for Windows, Ve...
Re: RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT: ProvideX Client-Server ODBC for Windows, Version 3.10
*ODB* INI files and external keys
Error 1 on Web Server
LOCAL and Array's
Pass output from SYS()
Re: Performance Issue
Scrolling large panels in Nomads
VIS/VIA for Array's
"Link" to a panel and then set NEXT_ID
*wish* BBX compatibility
Input Validation
Query selection logic question
Restoring data on a Nomads panel
Windows ME and PVX
SQL with native file system?
Suggestions wanted
*OT* Version checking a dll
Re: [PVX] SUB command
4.21 and more errant select behavior
Changing Alt Key
CVS ("",256) and apostrophies - *BUG* ?
Embedded I/O, PRE_WRITE
Re: How do I start a Providex (MAS90) program from Visual C ++
Refile question
Setting up a Data Dictionary for a Multi Record file.
'sort Property
*OT* Re: [Pvx] Refile question
*OT* mailing list etiquette
*OT* refile / necessity for continued open communications
Access Violation on NT
How to get multiple copies
Re: How to get multiple copies..SOLVED
Nomads Sample Project
ODBC File Reads and Writes
Printer Mnemonic
*OT* mailing list etiquette - Thoughts
*OT* sdOffice Announcement
Checking what packages are installed/available
Looking For Woek
Web Server Unique Condition


A${ALL} on %WDX$ enter list
Tool Kit Commande....
*ODB* ODBC driver and win2k
*OT* Topics
*OT* Translation for Linda
Email Attachment from PVX server only
How to set up a PVX job to run AT a certain time ?
Re: HOW TO's: Printing to serial files then reprint from them ..
NTHOST running on NT
ODBC from .INI
PRINTER guidance ?
Release Announcement: ProvideX Local ODBC Version 3.11
Scrollbars appear automatically 4.21
Typo in "About Providex"
Web and Email overview ?
Info-zip DLL
Using windows 'boxes'
Re: List Rejection
Nt Terminal Server
Shorten the Time to report an error
Terminals Disconnecting
Re: *NMD* Dynamic Properties
Re: *NOMADS* Query List, "Now you see it, Now you Don't", after Activa...
*NOMADS* Query List, "Now you see it, Now you Don't", after Activation entered
*WISH* *NOMADS* - Validation in File Maintenance panel
Clearing Global Variables
File size limit
Help in update from 4.12c to 4.21 for Windows 2000
How can I refresh my web-page?
How many sessions started ?
OT Fractional T1
Outlook Express attachment logic
Providex of a 16-bit Novell fileserver
settrace pauses on a very long lines
TCP/IP communications interface
ToolKit Email.
Windx Plug-in Session Time out.
How to determined who is logged in
internet.access problem
Release Announcement ProvideX Version 4.22
'SL' and 'EL' to Load VFU
Windows 2000 Server and ProvideX
windx and multiple automatic logons
*OT* Gord's backlog
*win/registry;WRITE & creating a ODBC DSN from within a program
Bug in 4.21a?
Error in 4.21a
Re: SETTRACE ,SetTrace Print, and Ctrl-F12 in *winproc
Off Topic. Looking for Jeff Johnson
Re: PVXMAPI.DLL - Outlook Express attachment logic
Title on Windx screen
Printer mneumonics
Strange Windx problem
RE:[Pvx] Windx Plug-in License
*WINPRT* mnemonics
beginner's nomads question
Re: BBx4 Slave printer
ERROR 8 problem - HELP!
Flat Buttons & Alt-Commands
Nomads - Key definition attributes question
*OT* - Here you go Linda!
FID(1,1) in 'FF'=3 a 05 instead of 0D for directories...
printer help !
Re: printer help !..resolved
*UFAR slow
Blocages sous Unixware 7.1
Handles from DLL
lotus and windows dropping
McAfee Virus Scan & PVX
Non text/html files on PVX web server
Printing from Providex on Windows Terminal Server
'BB' revisited
Embedded I/O disable
Grid Lock in Nomads
GRID Utility
Linking Files
List View Help
RENAME & multisegmented files
Connecting with outlook addressbook end contacts
Web Server and Web Trends
Opening files thru [WDX]
President's day
pvx web question
"Professional" bundle and ODBC Local license
Re: Opening files thru [WDX] - Resume?
Samba, WIN2K and ProvideX
Check my logic ...
How to print shadows on HP laser
Upper ASCII on Unix
Windx and Dial-ups
Open any file with *it from explorer
REC= and VIS...
TCP Sockets and such
Telxon and ProvideX
Windx Plug-in
File With A Descending Key
large strings & DLL calls
Mouseover event
Thanks for Upper ASCII help!
Updating a dropbox in Nomads
OT Re: [Pvx] Calendar
ARCHIVE BIT On New files
General and PVX 4.12c
invoke wait "[wdx]" ... Bzzzzz
Question sur les tableaux---DIM QUESTION
Urgent - 4.12c and General Report Writer
Windx connections via WANs
Nomads and arrays
Euro caractère
help over printing Laser printer
NThost/NTslave vs Windx
Using local with string template vars
*OT* Job Opening
How to assign ALT-F4 as a keyboard shortcut in Nomads
Pvx User licence activation
Question DIM synthax


Activation from a providex program
Crystal PVX Access
Distinguishing from Keyboard Enter and Numeric enter
Re: ERROR 8 problem - HELP! - RESOLUTION!
File Maintenance
Re: [BB] Looking for developers
Group functions for Menubar items
How to get the XY position of current window
How to pass parameters to Pvw32412c.exe
Label Program
New *cmd - StackDump
Problem password documentation
Data dictionnary
Interesting Questions for all / TIMELESS... / Data dictionnary nomads QUESTIONS
Linux 7.0
Can the *viewer* utility print more than 80 columns for row?
Re: I need print 230 columns for row using the *viewer* utility.
wy60 slave printer thru modem connection
Looking for a Human Recourses package.
my problem persists with *viewer* utility, printing more than 80 columns for row
looking for job cost package
Close at end in *Viewer*
*OT* Internet LAN connection
Re: Does the latest work with Older Keys?
Re: INPUT buffer problem
Re: UNIX FTP Script?
Re: Loading Function keys
Re: FTP Send and Receive
Re: Wish List addition
Re: Keyed file question
Re: *OT* BeOS anyone?
HTML File Transfer
Shortcut keys for data entry
Re: **OT** Y a Plus personne ????
Re: Tarantella + ProvideX
Re: slave printing on wy60 - inquiries
Ghost error 107
WEB Server e-mail
mac platform?
Multi-language message boxes
Re: Viewer Problems Revisited
Back on the list
*OT* Business Basic on Apples
How can I set the PVXTMP variable?
email archives
LFO and Imbedded IO on an open
Returning an IOL from an SQL stored procedure
Access violation when using EXIT ERR
Mailing List Archives
Re: Error 31 and the SZ parameter
Re: Multiline function doesn't recognize error 0's
Re: Returning an IOL from an SQL stored procedure - *ODB*
Re: Providex from the ground up...
Re: AIX : killing processes question.
*OT* Win2k performance..
Re: NOMADS-CONFIG-default screen size
Why error 15 in Multi_Media?
Re: Screen Resolution *OT*
excuting a unix command
Error 15 Again (Multi_media play..)
Weird memory leak
Re: executing a unix command
Print gray areas with HP Laser
How does embedded I/O work?
WindX Plugin - why aren't all the library programs there?
Re: *Wish* Password entry
Re: Once again - Version Information
*OT* Version Control
Re: Version Information
Errant behaviour?
Print Gray area with HP Laser with providex under Unixware
Portable Computers?
Re: Portable Computers? *OT*
Re: Windows 2000 Terminal Server Questions
Re: Switching focus to a control on a different tab.
Break Window settings
Re: Performance problems with IBM 3151 terminals and AIX 4.3.3
Re: Status of wish list item #55
traling nulls
Re: Reading a basic file in Providex
How do I read a flat ASCII record into an IOLIST
Success Stories Announcement
*OT* Snagit/32
Re: NThost/NTslave vs Windx - REPOST
Installation nightmare
Re: String and numeric Masks.
WJ0832 Senior Programmer Analyst
Error 404 Page Not Found
*OT pc to phone program
Mail List and E-Mail changes
*OT* This is a test of the mail list
Re: *OT* tree program for a programming wars competition
Print Gray area with HP Laser
Re: JavX Question #2
More than one dialogue in PVX
Second, third, fourth... sub-menu in menu_bar
*OT* ProvideX Articles
Re: ProvideX articles
Re: Screen viewer
Re: JavX Question #1
Re: ProvideX articles *OT*
Test of Mail List Reply-To
*OT Re: [Pvx] ProvideX articles
Need information about RPC
help using the 'SYS' command
Re: failure notice]
failure notice
Nomads - Padded Right Justified Field
Re: Javx security - failure notice
new mailing list
*OT* RE: [Pvx] new mailing list
OT Re: [Pvx] [Fwd: failure notice]
Version 5.xx
Printing a specified paged in *viewer*
Nomad button not Displaying in Windx Session
EW0833 Onsite Support Programmer
Printing Trouble
label printer
Cron job
*OT* TCP/IP, but useful nonetheless
Re: *OT* Cron job
Re: Providex
Executing code following a JUMPTO
VIA and ,ERR=
Labels - Linda
Unix & pvxactv
TEC B-472 Label Printer
UNIX Activation
MA/NH/RI Full-time position available
First Time Linux Install
Signal on exit and query.
Query in Grid
AIX to Windows98
*ot* printers
Printing documents in Word from Providex
Opening Excel
*WISH* - user friendly *ntslave *windx.utl
Client/Server ODBC
Need pvx driver for Lexmark 4227 in 10, 12, and 17 pitch
*OT Test only
Re: Clearing Formatted List Boxes
Pvx programming on a hand-help PDT
How to dimension an array based on a variable
Re: Pvx programming on a hand-help PDT *OT*
List speed *OT*
*WISH* Viewer page width, maximized window
*OT* test
*OT* RE: [Pvx] new mailing list - Thanks. Once again.
PVX version for Digital Alpha
LINE_SWITCH with windx, nthost, ntslave?
Defining a composite variable with an on-the-fly IOLIST
JavX User Licence
Re: I am 'THE' mike, of course. j/k
The [tcp], STREAM param. And more about LINE_SWITCH.
WebServer and Dropboxes
WindX and PVX Development Fonts
*OT* Bar Code Fonts.
Re: WindX and PVX Development Fonts *OT*
Kermit for Linux
Dropbox / Variable Dropbox question
Re: Too many columns to display at once
Direxions 2001
Web server MIME
*OT* Wanted..Nomads Tutor
TCP/IP Problems
Access Violations on NT - A final word


RE:*OT* [Pvx] Nomads - Padded Right Justified Field
*WISH* INSERT-mode in *IT like *E / Printer defaults
PVRQ Relese 1.32
Colors in a Nomads Panel List Box
*BUG* in FIN function
List view Panel Problem
Triangle arrow display on Report View & clearing a list box
Nomads F/M Questions
Terminal Emulation in Linux
Window not in focus when using Windx
CGI separator character & "Validate" HTML standard
Time, Linux and ProvideX
*WINPRT* tray control
Print a logo
Re: Too many columns (Repost)
Which control is in use?
Grid READ syntax
'BU' Doesn't work
Nomads. Packed dates in FACTS software
*OT* - Long filename library getting renamed on Windows machines
Third party software to print forms
Ping the list
Re: Ping the list *OT*
*Nomads* Strange problem
Printers in Windx
Printing with *windev* on NT
Capacity Question
Excel DDE and 'DD' Parameter
Re: Excel DDE and 'DD' Parameter - one more thing
Re: Capacity Question *OT*
Floating Tips in List Boxes
Re: Floating Tips in List Boxes *OT*
Extra error reporting in *dict/maint
Print Logo
File integrity
*OT* Testing
Reading BBx files with ProvideX
E-mail address capturing
*OT* Command line fax software
Opening file in shared directory
EXTRACT vs. READ to set the key pointer...
UnForm .. does it work with PVX ?
seven questions
Font difference in Standard and List View (with Report Format) listboxes
*WEB* "Stop Requests" on the webserver
WindX Process
WindX Dialup
Global variables & System Resources
Unix client
*Control question
Mouse problems in Windows 2000 Professional
spawned Windx question
Trapping a Double-Click
Re: WindX Process - shell programming
TAB Order
Ctrl+C in *IT editor
pvx won't run
FID(0) in JavX
Re: #!/bin/sh
Linux Host Process...
*OT* Pvx session dropping in UnixWare
RGB nemonic
Logic on new panel objects
New to Linux Question
_UFAR issue ...
Invalid Argument when reading directory
Choosing a spooled file via WINPRT SETUP
Linux host process
Where to set flags for an order entry system
Detecting 800x600
Sessions dying on Win2000
EW0835 BBx P/A 6 - 12 month contract
Error 291
isz = -1
Re: isz = -1 Moving Data Files
isz = -1 followup question
Re: pvx won't run - ODBC error message
How to compare two files fast?
Word question
MessageBar problem in 4.22
WAIT 0 behavior seem to be changed in 4.22 compared to 4.12c
Load Error
*OT* - Error 15 in reading Access Table
*wish* additional binary functions
Re: *OT* - Error 15 in reading Access Table (Nailed)
NTHOST/NTSLAVE question - new round
*OTO*: Wish: Restoring MENU_BAR position
Help|About ProvideX|ProvideX Version
using size mnemonic
Windows 2000 dialer
city/state/zip verifications *OT*
Dr. Watson
System default font
RE:*ot* [Pvx] System default font
Tracking [wdx] connections
NTHOST on Linux
*OT Test
List of DDE commands
Signature capture
Win Fax
Windx won't repaint after a drop box
Clearing the PC cache
Write with Select
WinFax from Providex
*OT* SCO Open Server Default Route
*WISH* - Nomads supporting multiple dialogues
Multiple Colours in a MULTI_LINE
Passing a 'TYPE' to a DLL
Creating a graphical document ?
Experienced programmer available...
Re: *OT* nomads
ENTER (A$),B$,C$
Automatic index number for a multi-keyed file
* OT "sort of" DDE access
Re: Keyboard shortcut to Query - List of DDE commands
Arrow Keys...
ping *ot*
Multi_line 60 by 10
Break and Continue in SELECT...
Re: Error Starting Program
Creating files using providex.ddf
remote windx connections
EXCEL read data in sheet2
Trapping Up/Down when entering Data in Multiline
Report Style List_Box Sorting
*DOC* RE: [Pvx] Report Style List_Box Sorting
RE:*ot8 [Pvx] Creating a graphical document ?
PVX DNS Server
Looking For Programmer
*wish* about Error #0
Wyse60 terminal question
'PICTURE' mnemonic question
Wyse60 terminal question - fixed!
HELP! - F5 key question
HELP! - F5 key question - FIXED!
TCP client
Macrofun info
pvxwin32.exe NT exception error
Linking data dictionaries
Multiple *kybrd.cfg files on one client-server install
TCP options
Smart-List box to Grid
Windx taking focus on the host.
Java Client
Windx questions
Refile directive not returning disk space to the system
Re: Smart List
List Box 'Read Only'
Print Imagen in HO LaserJet
Terminal Services on 2000
List_box question
*wish* - Smart-Listboxes
Creating SQL Server tables from Nomads
Smart Listbox Column definition *wish*
Re: Smart Listbox Column definition *wish* *OT*
%BODY_BUFF in webserver - note to use READ RECORD and not READ
*OT* Internet Connections (long)
Re: Information Please
Looking For Business Basic Work
*OT* - How to find the DEF OBJECT name for an OCX
[PVX] WinInet.dll for win2000 dialer
PVX and webhosting
Solaris to NT?
[PVX] invoke wait
Copy Command
Browse Buttong for Explorer
NOMADS Environment


Re: Nomads menu structure
Re: Updating ACCESS from PVX
Graphical Printing
Strange List Box Behaviour
Deselect all radio buttons
DTE behavior
mas90 runaway processes
Nomads list view report list boxes
Validation & auto-refresh
ODBC 3.11 and Access 2000
Buttons on Message bar
Changing Text in Boxes
[PVX] Form and printers
RE:[PVX] Form and printers
Do something then drop panel
Which came first- The panel or the Query
*WDX* Disabling the eXit button
Re: Which came first- The panel or the Query - figured it out
Re: Devmode for a DLL call?
Re: Query is not available for this input field.
Force enter key for multi_line entry
Mail list
Pre-input doesn't cause On_Select for Multi-line
Re: *OT* Mail list
*OT* DTE Command
How to change the sign "?" in Multi_line query related
Input mask for a multi-line field
RCD() and TIM=
*E Editor... Need Help
Grabbing data from websites programmatically
how can avoid when I run providex programs that this aplication open many sessions
*WISH* Have *UCL default on printer driver
using list box and vertical scroll bar
PVX Maintenance
PVX Maintenance Continued
Multi Line
Training in Canada
Gpf's in 4.22
WindX Communication Errors
Windows 2000
SELECT a single record
Retrieving item from list box ...
*DOC* RE: [Pvx] Input mask for a multi-line field
Anyone have experience with PVRQ
PDF revisited
**TIP -- Multi - line labels ...
Icon on Query button attached to Multilines
Web Server & Graphic Display
thanks Larry Ridder
uncompiling statements
Re: ** OT - Thanks RE: Retrieving item from list box ...
*Wish - Icon on Query button attached to Multilines
Excel and OLE
Error 10's .. more info....
Child windows and minimize
Re: IPC *OT*
Re: IPC *OT* - personal file sharing and personal firewal ling
List_box questions
KeepAlive on SCO 5
*ot* RE: [Pvx] ERROR 49
Error 4's with RPC files
DDE and Excel Macro
KeepAlive on SCO works!
System Menu
console on SCO Open Server 5.0.6
Bizarre Text Display
Wide List Box
EW0837 Business Basic P/A
Re: PVX to EMAIL .. success ...
Excel Spread Sheet.
*ODB* Sort files and the ODBC driver...
EW0838 BBx Programmer / Analyst*
Providex v4.23 Release Announcement
nomads file maintenance
BB Programmierer
Web Server Wacko
Re: *OT* Am I in a time Warp or what? Debug in NOMADS
Re: Pvx and Linux
Grid'Lock Re-visited
WindX vs WindX Plug-In
Excel Driver
*OT* Testing, ignore.
Dr. Watson errors ProvideX Client Server
Horizontal Scroll Bars
mail list issue
Re: *Viewer* window maximized
*Viewer* problem with version 4.23 and WindX
Re: Excel Driver - '@@' mnemonics
Win2000 invoke
Re: Programming
Jump Table with the Web Server
[PVX] Victoria Day Holiday
*OT* Unix script help
NTHOST Timing issue
Closing down NTHOST to perform backups
Serial reading using Read Record
OOP from direxions
Imbedded I/O on a Serial File
WNDX not working after disk crash
*web/email - question #2
OOP Thanks
Weird return on a Query
*web/email ERROR 15
Re: *web/email ..PROBLEM SOLVED
PvxNET fuera de línea!/PvxNET off line!
Nomads trace
get incoming email attachment?
AFTER THE disk crash .. weird problems in utilities
Sessions dropping
HELP ! ...after the crash
Re: PVX to EMAIL .. not solved
thanks Gene and Midware
Help me unscrew this .. p
Error 17 with *memory* file
Disabled Query Button
Webserver, and it's Friday
Upload File through Webserver
Consultant Available
How to avoid error 40's
Re: Webserver, and it's Friday (example code to upload a f ile to a browser)
*OT* Friday
ProvideX Version 5.0 Release Candidate
Announcement: Update of Version 4.23 now available
& character
list box logic
Automated Out of Office Reply Re: [Pvx] *OT*
Direxions 2001?
I/O library calls
Weird behaviour in a query using the mouse on the scroll bar
Re: *wish* - *PREVIOUS
folder object
Re: Some questions *wish*
Grid load performance
Sharing OCX objects among Providex sessions
Re: Re : Requesting information please
Are global functions CALLed or PERFORMed?
*OT* Muxes for HP 800/G40
[TCP] Opening sockets
Will Providex 'Windows' features work under GUI Linux ?
Problem with WindX Activation
Viewer Problems
Re: *ot* Are global functions CALLed or PERFORMed?
NTHOST - Hung Sessions
tab problem
Communications with COM port
Providex for windows and Windx question
IO Libraries
Cron job revisited
Windows 2000 & Windx
Multi line Signal when full attribute
PVX Host error running on NT 4.0 Server
ProvideX 5.0
Drive Mapping
Trouble installing PVX on Win2000 server
Re: Windows 2000 & Windx fixed????
Oracle interface
Re: Communications with COM port - Update
Windows/DOS temporary
Re: Communications with COM port - Update 2
Return Receipt request on emails
Infinity File System
write record
Corrupt program causes GPF (Dr. Watson error)
Mac's and the web server
Using bitmaps on buttons
Window Location
Depends table for 5.0
*OOP Questions
Re: *OT* <F>emale of <M>ale?
*OOP - More questions/clarifications
WHO system variable ...
Jump Start
*OOP - Error 36
Multi line Signal on exit problem
Precision Issues
*OOP - REQUIRED or not REQUIRED ... that is the question
Space in Printer Name
Hidden controls while loading - speed improvement
system_help "mailto:."
EW0840 MIS Director
EW0841 Programmer / Analyst
EW0836 Sr. Systems Analyst
Newbie needs Editor
process logic on when presed event
*DOC* 'PW' system parameter
Passwords & Multi_Line
5.0 nomads
Direxions CD and OOP
nomads 5.0 chart
4 Character Extensions...
*OT* Terry Bauer??
*OOP - Using Arrays
Bug in *win/bulkedt
KEP Function
iol=* and iol=^
RE:*Ot* [Pvx] iol=* and iol=^
New embedded I/O list
Next Available Global File Number
How to set focus to next item in tab list
*OT* Mike King Owes me!!!!!
Installing PVX 5.0
pie / chart / nomads
5.0 *VIEWER*
Nomads Variables
SSL certificate samples
Reading the emails
*WISH* - OOP addition
[PVX] File format changed...
64 bit Operating system.
Exception Error
Composite strings & numeric arrays...


JavX Printing
JavX Disappears
Voice Recognition
Using the system_help to print from within JavX
macrofun ?
Excel Error 10's .. resolved .. FYI
START_UP question
Terminal Services?
Printing to PDF
Windows Spooling
JUL and DTE Functions
*OOP Issue ...
*OOP - One more question ...
GPF on Query with embedded File I/O
MSE row and column readings..
Samba login
Right align a word
Reassign Shift-F2 Key to Button
Pvx to Excel : cannot change part of a merged cell (almost *OT*)
PVX to Excel : How to read ( ie erro 32 ? )
Generating a unique ID number
Programmer looking for Business Basic and Unform work.
need installation ODBC help!
HFN = -1 ? GFN = - 1 ??
Help with files
pvx downloads
Re: *OT* pvx downloads
Loading/appending multiple records at a time in a Report View listbox
Pgm w/o Lines to Pgm w/Lines
Logon Name
Close Box Attribute in 4.23
Handling of the _udev directory
RPC dropping without a close?
Missing key message
message_lib question
Data Access
Nomads Block Paste
Windows printing
DG - Linux
*DOC* _SFX$ variable
Graphical Form
*OT* -----> Looking for a Job?
Possible problem with *ufac in 4.22
Font printing
Cancel Call Programs
Re: need installation ODBC help! - fixed!
system hangs when writing to a file
FIN byte 7
RE:*ot* [Pvx] Font printing
Error 117 and 107's on Win 2K Network from Win98 (no windx)
*ot* GroupSex
Re: *OT* system hangs when writing to a file
Re: *OT* DG - Linux
Next Id on Providex
Job Posting Addition...
*OT* Ed Merrick
How to merge two data dictionaries
Hp print server connected to Redhat Linux server
setdev () program problems
Line Feed in Query Header
More example code...
Sample web app...
*OT Anybody home today?
Bulk edit library panels
Follow up to Linux Redhat 6.2 spooling problems
WebServer and Security
Re: WebServer and Security *OT
Problem Windows
Error 284 with DUMP
Answer to Christophe Gacem
Query file open
'RS' mnemonic messes up Openserver 5.0.6 console
*OT WebServer and Security
OT : How to change Excel from PVX using MACROFUN
Read Excel Files
Panel resizing
WindX bandwidth requirements
Query file open cont'd
Property Management Software *OT*
Problems with NTHOST/NTSLAVE install
Re: Jane - Query open
RE:[Pvx]conversions from other basics
DDE Error...
Redhat linux spooling
Nomads Drop box as key in FM
*OT* SSL wildcard certificates
Cant run windx setup
Thanks --------Problem Windows
nomads II 5
Re: Installing PVX 5.0*OT*
*OT* Installing PVX 5.0
"Invalid Argument" when opening shares on NT Server after changin g admin password
Professional licensing via the plug-in and [wdx] processing of ad don's
Block Cuts
Disabling ESCape in Nomads
Re: Spawn
Linking files to grids
WindX Spawning
Credit Card processing
Re: Credit Card processing *OT*
PVKIO32.DLL problem
Time conversion
Pvx RE:Pvxconversions from other bas
Automatic CR
Clarion data file 'conversion'
Turning on a button if any data has changed
PVRQ Release 1.33
nomads next_id
PVX Program File Layouts
Last record in Serial File
Web Server - Multiple Network Cards
LST() & PVX Program Layouts
SEP=* on *memory* files?
Scale Reading
Segmented Files on HP-UX
Unix 'tee' command to print to 2 printers
Resolution of problems
windx plug-in installation and ODBC
PVRQ ProvideX Report Writer
Setesc & Seterr
INPUT EDIT changed between 4.11 and 4.21a?
NOMADS - Error 20
Postscript Printing.
Typo in NOMADS 5.00
Resizing panels with NOMADS 5.00
Text screen capture from WndX GUI
Problem when invoking utility program under Nomads
Re: *OOP
OCX Event Support
File lock'd
Slightly *OT - srvany.exe
*OT* Kermit for UNIX
help with nomads validation
Strange err=29
Field problem
nomads query on multiline
slow learner, drop boxes
Multi-Segmented Files: RENAME, ERASE, Detection of
Citrix & Windx Plug-In
Scroll Bars
*wish* Nomads doesn't clear my caption
How to define linkfile for *HTML*
*Web/Email Inserting Text File to Message$
*OT* Out of Business
*OT* A Public Thank You
Operating System Commands
Windows - err 29 problem
DIM(READ MAX()) with a variable-named array.
Slightly *OT* - Excel
Mas90/Visual Basic Programming Example???
*OOP Question ....
Signal when full in NOMADS 5.00
Max Col in Viewer
Reading and overwriting values to a file
Re: 'XF' ..thanks
USB Ports
WebServer (English)
WebServer (Deutsch)
WebServer (Nederlands)
drop box oddity
Web server file access
Userd definable fields using Nomads
Printing in Landscape
Pass program for AR terms
PVX Programmer
USB Port access
*NOMADS* Query Selection Logic Problem
Grid sort
Core dump on Sun Solaris
Re: Operating System Commands - *Resolved*
Nomads File maintenance trouble
Am I on Unix?
OOP Syntax
Accessing the users file on windows NT
Testing... Testing...
Pvxwin32.exe Errors
Numeric keypad on Compaq Pc's
ODBC error in other apps after WindX installation
List view
Can't remember how to clear all IOLIST's variables
*doc* REC() - format #4 typo
List Boxes and Printers
Error 0 opening network printer
Re: Nomads - Signal Only
How to resize a dialogue window
nomads / drop box / initial value
*OT Email attachment behaviour
Windows XP and 64-bit processors
NOMADS 5.00 typo
[odb] access problems
Canada Day Holiday
NOMADS Menu bar ...
*OT* [Pvx] Windows XP and 64-bit processors
ODBC Padded Fields
Re: *OT* Canada Day Holiday


invoke or spawn?
VarDropbox in Grid Control
modems in AIX
ProvideX Version 5 RC2 available for Download
Client Server ODBC with INI files
Merging code into many programs
Grid Containing VARDROP_BOX
Flmaint - padded keys
Printer time out (error 4)
Web Server can't start
Defaulted Entry in a DropBox
Lines per screen after WindX upgrade
Translate of MSGBOX options
Release 5 - gui conversor problem
Something new in DUMP ?
I have some printers and I want to uses it's a process using PVX
Summing an array
Re: Summing an array *OT*
Re: Summing an array *wish*
grid and properties
Menu limitation
Any ideas?
Converter tools... from PVx file to SQL database format.
Network user id
pvw32423.exe: Windows 2000 Message: Can't run 16-bit Windows prog ram
JavX 1.0 Release Announcement
Release Candidate 2 - OOP problem
Does anyone recognize this command line
MapPoint OCX via ProvideX
Version 5 Development
Zebra Printer Problems
Re: *OT* Does anyone recognize this command line
Print Problem ?
Using folders
JavX Startup Error
Some WindX Doubts
Re: ?*OT*
File type .pgl
*OT* Re-connecting to floating psuedo login sessions
DLL Versions
*OT* - Chris Nolan
ProvideX/Windx over VPN: Error 100's / pvxwww Core Dump
PVX Activation Screen
Re: ProvideX/Windx over VPN
Drag and drop problem
Dialog Height Limits
*OT* Looking for Dave Syrja
Epson POS Receipt Printer
Nomads and NT Host
Pvx 4.23 and ODBC driver 2.10
Epson POS
Host Connection Time-Out
*wish* regarding *nthost & *ntslave
does anybody know what font to use for check micro codes
Key board problems
ProvideX Programming Language and Tools
VBX support on Win2000 systems
Nomads and CHANGE_FLG and Signal All changes
Unused DIM'd arrays and performance
Changing the value in the middle of the tree view...
Case sensitivity in Dropboxes
Performance Tip
uid, nid, who
Hp 5N Tray Selection:
List Box - Multiple Selections
Print driver to output 2 copies to different settings
Disabled Query not enabled
Windows version
XKEYED files...
'EP' Mnemonic
Break Key and SETESC
Math Function
Increase in System Resources
Identifying User
MSGBOX Timeout
Dictionary print.
nomads binoculars
Need Static 'WINDOW's
Communication with cu
How to get a double click in grid control
Client Lock-ups
Error 100 on Win 98SE
READ DATA from one IOL to another
Floating tip disappears.
Lots and lots of fields
Bitmaps on buttons
EMAIL .. HOW TO make it look good
SMTP email loses characters
DLL to find network user ID
Find a date
!W slowing down WindX sessions?
Disabling tabs to columns in a GRID control
Different Icon on Providex windows
Pictures on grid
Pvx help file
Re: Different Icon on Providex windows *OT*
Re: SMTP email loses characters..RESOLVED
Level 4.21 - Bug in List /Merge
Pop-Up Menu
Displaying tips
'MB', segmented files, and ERASE/PURGE/REFILE
*nthost as a service
Configuration Mismatch
Formatted List Box
MAS90 Date Field
*OT* Check Stock
Corrections to SMTP resolution
Re: Testing*OT*
can we read write xml files in pvx?
WindX Terminal Colors
Backup Exec / Activate.pvx
connecting multiple locations and home offices
Default Fonts
Data Dictionary Field numbering
-ARG on pvxwin32 and quotes
SETCTL in 5.0
*OT* setting an icon in the favourites list of users that visit y our website
Problem in *win/calendar
Formatting a 3.5", 1.44MB diskette from within PVX
segmented files & link files
Multi-word retrieval utility
DLL call
Providex 5.0 pre logic problem
Nomads problems
Checkbox text
Always on Top
List View with report format
Another List_box question ...
Another error handler question
output buffer flush
Viewer in the same session
Default font
Update file struc from *.ddf/*.dde files
Loop Problems
Re: Microsoft drops Java in XP
Read program lines
Grid Questions ....
Help Documents
Moving data from one composite string to another
Windows ME - Dropping Character 80
List Box Function
Drop Box Variable Input
LOCKing access to NOMADS
Error 20 on a KEYED statement?
Release Announcement: ProvideX Version 5.00
Hp8000 with a stapler/stacker
[PVX] Formatted List Box in Nomads
5.0 Installation
ODBC problems
Drag and drop bug
*VIEWER* problems on Linux
ERR= on EXECUTE & [wdx]
Directions Presentations
Re: 5.0 with Informix
*OT* Oh well, that's life. Or so they say.
Out of the office
Print Location


Novell Spooling conversion
Using XML with pvx programs
Another GRID question .....
EW0850 UniBasic Contractor 3 to 6 months
Problem with Windx and CIRCAM Virus
Hp 5n Printer Codes
Smart List Box
Windows 2000 & Lock-up/Freezing Issues
Smart List Box (more info)
Date Format
PVX 4.01 and Win 2000
first steps with JavX
*OT* web site not accessible ?
Dimming a line in a treeview
Data Validation Logic
Using OCX to print Crystal Reports
Grid font problem in column -1
Error #13
File Corruption...
Using RGB ...
Re: Multi keyed files in Providex
MAS 90 TRSG install with Acrobat 5.0 already loaded
Grid control questions ....
Problem with printer Epson
Re: Problem with printer Epson (spanish)
Re: XML - Here's the official word as posted by Gord
Next folder problem
How to make a menu option grayed out
Grid question ...
next folder ... again
JPG Images on a folder panel
Print in a file
*OT* - The Queen's English
*HTML* - Font Size
Convertion from VisualPro5
Alpha-key names from dictionary
ODB and IOL=*
CTL keys
*viewer & working directory
Binary response in WindX
WindX Error
*OT* Prime number generator
'PICTURE' mnemonic locks me up...
Re: *OT* tags
Color in a locked multiline
Winsock Error
*VIEWER* Connection Failure
ERR=43. Dynamic iolist
EW0851 6 month Contract w/ Right to Hire Option
Grids and Fonts
Recieve Virus From Pvx????
Variables and Web Server
Annoying (blessed) CLIP command
CHPFX Utility
Re: Novell Spooling conversion - solved
'PS','PE' mnemonics
SELECT ... NEXT RECORD record locking problem
Error 117 on KEYED with 'MB'=0
viewer font problem
Re: Prime number generator
A few more Grid questions ....
LIST=ERR 61 after upgr to v5
List view item selection
Print File Name
Product Launch!
RE : [Pvx] List view item selection
Problem reading PRO5 files
*OT* Pvx Manuals
Possible Webserver application... comments?
Toronto Product Launch.
Version 5 and ODB
How to clear MSG(-1)
Text on Radio Buttons
OOP - Initialize
Re: Version 5 and [ODB]
Problems with printer close
Printing TIFF documents
Multi_line editor behavior
*OT* RE: [Pvx] Text on Radio Buttons
*wish* localization of file channels
Multiple Pvx hosts
*OT* Standard Crystal Reports formatting
Switching windows
BBx to Pvx MKEYED Files
RE : [Pvx] Switching windows
Re: Standard Crystal Reports formatting
drop box problem
MidWare's New Support Person
Error 276.
Invalid segment error (117)
WindX Sessions ending
Multi-Threading & [TCP]
EW0852 Product Developer
Change focus after query
grouping tab folders
Compound IF/THEN
Opening Access DB
Re: Change focus after query II
Re: Change focus after query II - Excel/ODBC
Why does this act differently?
JavX, Samba, DG/UX and turtles
*OCX* ADO and wrong type
E-Business Shopping Cart
Invoking A Query...
Print Codes
Re: Info about WINPRT WINDEV
ProvideX v5.0 Product Launch!
*WISH* Display *'pvxerror$ automatically when in command mode
CRC function
*SQ* Internal/external sorting on grids
Overriding mime types
Re: CRC function (gradually going *OT*)
HTML Based Mail List Messages
Re: HTML Based Mail List Messages(*OT* a little)
Re: HTML Based Mail List Messages *OT*
Program size limit
*OT* Import Tables
OCXViewer utility
Copying one object to another
*IT and 'MC' (Mixed Case variable names)
Trapping function keys
Excel link file
JavX - Will this work?
Grid properties and behavior
Updating a list box
first steps with javx [part II]
Re: Windx problem - Fixed !
Demo programs (free)
How Many Users are On?
Web Server - E-Mail size
This is a quick test message Please Ignore *OT*
Reflection TE vs WindX
Strange function mis-behaviour
grid cell max length
Difference between an error 121 and error 49
winprt and Escape Codes
+V system parameter?
New to ProvideX
anybody knows FACTS in the list?
Printing Envelopes
Envelopes in a perfect world...
More printing...
Error 49 ...
OOP and error zero's
system_help and excel
fin(chan) values
Truncation when reading stdin on PVX for *nix
pvx500.txt disponible en español/now in spanish
*OT* Thinking out loud.
List view select
When Button Pressed
Objects within objects...
NTHOST on SCO UnixWare 7.11 dies
ODBC on ?nix
Re: *OT* [jonas]
WJ0853 Software Installation & Support Engineer
Turn off '-E' mnumonic for quiries only
[PVX] Terminal emulation
Re: ezmlm warning
RE : [Pvx] HTML Based Mail List Messages *OT*
About reading excel files
Re: ODBC on ?nix (also eroding into *OT*)
Extracting Print Property settings using Winprt_setup
*OT* SCO Virtual Domains
Font in START
Additional VPN problems
Query List
relative on panel header
*ODB* Invalid String or Buffer length
*OT* IE 6.0 VS IE 5.5
Linux and NTHOST.
Re: [PVX] Purge
Unsubscribe PVX
Providex and Linux 2.4 kernels
Hello List BBx Conversion
Graphical Program Listing
Printing from the Nomads Designer
Command window & Mouse
Setting value to a Grid DropBox
nomads date entry
Blank Page Using Unix Queues
docs on start up
WindX/VPN problems revisited
*OT* Printer recommendation
Error 109
RE : [Pvx] Error 109
Drop Boxes
Removing the V-Scrollbar from a Multi-line Box
Re: List Command
Error installing PVX on Windows XP
Solved - RE: [Pvx] Error installing PVX on Windows XP
*OT* ProvideX Freeware Ansi Emulator
Problem with slave printers
UNIX File Manipulation Using WindX
Upgrade from SCO with printers on Novell
Listview Listbox Formatting
How do I change the icon in the title bar and taskbar
Auto Close and replacement screens
Labour Day Holiday
Totals in Query


Err=65279 in dos2unix.wdx
pvx y Excel
How Time-out en MSGBOX?
Re: WindX/VPN problems revisited (Connection Reset by Peer)
How can i move sheet and sheet through [dde] connection
Another listbox formatting queston
error 12
*ufar error 47
Initial Value
Port Forwarding - JavX
RE : [Pvx] How do I change the icon in the title bar and taskbar
Re: What happened to ?
Re: WindX/VPN problems revisited - Update
error 13 on file write
Data file versioning
Standard Query
Alt-Key's on textless buttons in nomads
*OT* Virtual Domain Aliasing
Named keys
Barcoding using an OCX demo
*wish* Flat query buttons
*OT* Message Quarantine
There is a way the create a MDIForms Using Nomads ?
Dates and ODBC Driver
Error in WebServer Port Monitor
Grid Changes from 4.12c to 4.23
Printing again
*OT* Dialpad
Dynamic CALL
*OCX* Excel/Word processes left around when using OCX
Drop Down boxes
Day Format Question
*GRID - Preserving column swapping???
spawn arg
*OT*Re: [Pvx] Day Format Question
Error 105's
Celltype grid question
WindX Terminal emulation speed
Error 32 when running Query
Excluding called programs from a trace.
Printing over VPN
Unix/WindX & [OCI]
Error #0 opening a link file in WDX
Invisible multilines
Business Basic Developer Needed for Product Development
Business Basic Developer Needed for New Product Development
Re: *OT* [Pvx] Business Basic Developer Needed for New Product Development
Query Font
EXTRACTs on two channels
Results of a standard query
initialize file
Folder Focus
radio buttons nomads
Loop interruption
*wish* Option for BBx compatibility on mkeyed files
BBx/Vpro5 To Providex (All you need)
Case of the Reluctant Refresh
Process Not Dieing????
nomads the flow
*WISH* *OT* 2GB Strings
More than one F1, F2, F3, F4 function keys
ADO on Win 200 vs Novell
*OT* How to ask a good question online
RE : [Pvx] USA
Re: JavX Help]
American Flight 11
RE [Pvx] Nomads Form resizing
SWITCH branches Control
Programming Wars: ProvideX wins smallest Prime# Generator
Re: USA (Atcs 16:31 ..Lord Jesus Christ)
JavX Help
Tim= hangs on read from Equinox port
EXTRACT failure ...
Signal on exit and %NOMAD_ENTER_TAB
Query - Error 26 ?
Dynamic Multi-Lines
nomads charts
ACT! and PVX
Sage Windx is showing in the title bar.
RE : [Pvx] Sage Windx is showing in the title bar.
Launching a third party label software package ?
Windows ME and Autoexec.bat
How To: Pvx to FAX
chart legends
Error 100 using WindX plugin
Form Feed on Xerox printer
Unix Console
Unix process in WindX
*OT* USA Prayer
Upgrade to 5.00
List box sort
Re: [PVX] *OT* USA
Creating string files
RE : [Pvx] *OT* USA Prayer
free control ID no.
pvx 5.00
*OT* United we Stand
*OT* - USA- Sad Picture
inform us
Web Server Docs
PLEASE HELP - I have job to fill right away
RE : [Pvx] free control ID no.
Package 20001 -Email Tools question
Re: USA *OT*
Port Forwarding
*OT* here is our true feelings
Currency symbols and separator characters
More 5.00
embedded iolists
Data dictionary / embedded iolists
Re [Pvx] Nomads focus and tab order
How I can execute commands of OS
Hola Edinson, como estas?
Null entries in a dropbox
RE : [Pvx] Null entries in a dropbox
dde Windows ME path
csv file
precision in NOMADS
Re: Sobre OCX
Grid / Enabled question
Re: Sobre OCX (Spanish)
Re: *OT* Sobre OCX
path ; dde excel
Re: Heartland Consulting of Northern Ca.
*OT* Re: [Pvx] path ; dde excel
Win2000 Professional
smart box query open file
Re: *OT* Way Off *OT* Sobre OCX
ODBC access and Nomads Data Dictionary
Mouse not working with JavX
Sorry - Web is down
*WISH* Auto sizing
Re: *OT* Language Suggestion
RPC Server
TCP/IP Packets...
Read only attribute
Much needed *WISH #1*
Much Needed *WISH #2*
*Viewer* printing images of the same name
nomads moving data files
Setting the property of one object to another object
Faxing through MS Outlook
Re: Faxing solutions alternative
*OT* Looking for a Job in the Toronto Area
odbc - Secondary key access
RE : [Pvx] start_up
Serial File
RE : [Pvx] Serial File
Getting iol() on ODBC connection
Modem Lessons
error 13 returned by ken(fileno,ind=3) on OpenServer
[odb] documentation
embedded bitmaps
*OT* AOL Email structure/types
Core dump
Opening a file using Nomads Logical Name
windx display images
embedded io procedures
RE : [Pvx] embedded bitmaps
Pvx Modem Lessons
*OT Pvx Modem Lessons
Re: *OT* [Pvx] Pvx Modem Lessons
RE : [Pvx] windx display images
Folder Properties and Focus
*OT* Aditional documentation
*OT* phone response systems
*OT* Relevant UNIX Humour
RE : [Pvx] Clipboard
IF THEN { } ELSE better look
OpenServer version of client/server ODBC
Terse Message of the Year Award
"No such device or address" opening printer
folder properties
How to open drawer on a POS
Print Bar Code's
Pvx *OT Pvx Modem Lessons
*SYS* FIN() for a device in 5.0
*LNG* SUB() in 4.23
'With' command when dealing with objects?
Re: *OT Ed Merrick
RE : [Pvx] 'With' command when dealing with objects?
Get well soon!
removing a file with OS command, while in use in Providex
*OT* 'WithOUT' command when dealing with objects?
Length of Field from IOL=*
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] 'With' command when dealing with objects?
Parameter 'NR' not staying set
HTML & Port Forwarding
Library Compare Utility
RE : 'With' command when dealing with objects?
NTHOST question.
E-Mail going down again . . .
ID Question
multi-segmented files
Question sur NT ou Windows 2000
Channel 2 closing
Old Threads
Parametre SZ
Strange behavior in NOMADS
Re: [PVX] Automatic Disconnects
Re: If it's authentic it's incredible
Clearing a variable set
*OT* It's a Fake
Re: *OT* If it's authentic it's incredible
Converting from OpenBasic to ProvideX
Assigning a Function Key
*ODB* KEY="?" for list of tables on an ODBC source
ODBC Client/Server installation
Field Lengths
RE : [Pvx] *nthost as a service
*nthost/*slave - sco Unix
file copying
String manipulation
MySQL from Providex
Top Margin on HP Lasers
Grid Scrollbars /resizing
New P5's features
more windx
*OT* RE: [Pvx] String manipulation
windx and invoke w/unix
Transferring files
*OT* WTC Hoax Link
Text Files
Windx Continued
spawn syntax?
multi-character string manipulation
.lib Files
Unlocking a field based on a global variable
On the move, offline for a few days
More Windx Again
ProvideX Workshop in Deutschland
ProvideX Workshops in Europe
Windx - One more time
Byte count in current file
Windx Invoke Wait Hide
JavX Process Not Dieing
*WISH* SELECT on [wdx] channels
Jim Snider/RBG is out of the office.
Re: *OT*Jim Snider/RBG is out of the office.
How good are the /pvx/lib/_conv.ob/* files?
Hidden Fields
Re: Printer Type
RE : [Pvx] Hidden Fields
Mouse Movement
FindWindowA DLL
Strange behavior with %NOMAD_ENTER_TAB=1
RE : [Pvx] FindWindowA DLL
Windx One More Time


RE : [Pvx] FindWindowA DLL *OT*
print form feed
PVX.COM update
screen ?
+P and what it means
Sessions starting on Level 3
Scale image to fit button
Re: Parsing comma delimited data
Re: Graphical performance question
Re: wyse vdt
Frequent Lock ups, Locked Files, Etc... Cabling Problems?
Re: Parsing comma delimited data *OT
Re: error 0 on a WRITE statement
Graphical units and mse
Re: Frequent Lock ups, Locked Files, Etc... Cabling Problems? *OT*
Shouldn't this return an error #43
Re: ?"ZFA"+STR(++UNIQUE):"0000000000"
Timeout error on serial device
how to read data from FACTS to EXCEL through ODBC utility of ProvideX?
Alternate keys on *memory* files
*upl : error 47
NOMADS - How to load an image to the panel
# of alternative keys
Windx with Win2000
WindX 'PW' parameter
ODBC Files
how to Setup DSN
Images in string fields
NTHOST Command Line
Erasing files
Possible Wish...
RE : [Pvx] Possible Wish...
Landscape printing to PDF's
Updating Outlook Address book
Photocopier with stapling feature
Generating Reports
Formatting Text in MSGBOX
Re: Updating Outlook Address book *SOLVED
*OCX* and .LIC files
Windows Meta Files
Sun Solaris and NTHost client/server
Having the utilities fire off inside of nomads - 5.0 related?
Need to wipeout PVX
RE : [Pvx] Having the utilities fire off inside of nomads - 5.0 related?
[LANG] Problem with DIR("") and DSK("")
*OT Holiday
Re: Thanksgiving Holiday *OT*
*OT* Windows 2000
Non-standard file maintenance in Nomads
*WISH* Turkeys in boxes...
LNO() function
Cash Drawers
Help needed on computer name and nid
Web page update
Runtime error
*OT* Pictures of a 1-year-old
Turning off 2G string size
RE : [Pvx] *OT* Pictures of a 1-year-old
*WISH* Move Display
Nomads Library File Layouts
Nomads Library File Layouts - II
Err=61 - what?
Providex over the Internet
Sage Canada Employment Opportunities
'*X' Mnemonic messing me around!
Re: embedded I/O procedures -- hang
Re: Providex over the Internet - Second Question
Dropbox problem in 5.0
Removing passwords from code
WindX DLL OCX Question.
Extra Secure Program Protection
A better way to suppress program listing *OT* *DANGEROUS DON'T DO IT!*
Re: *OT* *DANGEROUS DON'T DOIT!* A better way to suppress program listing
OCX - This is a prime example, any ideas??
Re: OCX - This is a prime example, any ideas?? CORRECTION
Adding the Flmaint program to an existing Panel
Undocumented reasons for an error 46?
Re: Printing Problem *OT*
Windx as an emulator
*OT* Thoroughbred IDOL 4
*web/email error 48
Re: *OT* FYI: embedded I/O procedures -- hang
Any special setup when installing on Windows Me?
Multi_Line Muscling In on Buttons!
Seeking Business Basic Software Engineer
file maintenance and direction buttons
wish in Tracewindow
RE : [Pvx] ODBC and Dates
Bulk edit
Multiple Sessions
The theater of the good and of the wrong
questions regarding PVX
*OT* Quiet Weekend
Null Printer on Linux
'RN' Parameter
RE : [Pvx] Nomads trace
*WISH* - multiline headings on a List Box
Transparent Flat Bitmap Button
2D or Not 2D... That is my question...
Mounting NT on DG/UX *OT*
Dual CPU NT server running ProvideX
Trapping an err100
NFS Not Accessible to ProvideX
Query Lists
File DLL Interface
Base verses Professional
The Ten 'Type' Conversions... Need a pro
User sessions
*SP* (Spanish) Links files: El misterio ha sido develado
READ DATA dropping trailing spaces
Printing using Windows Dialogue box
is there a known problem with windows 2000 & hp 5s1 printer/drive r?
ProvideX Preventing LOCKING in DG/UX??
*OT* Linux and large files
WindX and ID=
printing PCL question
Re: *OT* Linux and large files ***OOPS
Groups in Nomads
RE : [Pvx] Groups in Nomads
JavX - Cursing the Cursor
Record extracted by a non-existant process
Accessing randomly named files
Updated Documentation available for using the OCX interface
Error in Message Manager
PVX 4.21 on SCO OSE 5.0.5 randomly purging files?
Passing iolists via enter, call and return
resizing folders
DLL Heck
Sage Canada Ltd. to become Best Software Canada Ltd.
'OT' humour
Re: Sage Canada Ltd. to become Best Software Canada Ltd. [O T]
RE : [Pvx] Sage Canada Ltd. to become Best Software Canada Ltd. [OT]
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Sage Canada Ltd. to become Best Software Canada Ltd. [OT]
Re: [OT] Sage Canada Ltd. to become Best Software Canada Lt d.
*OT* - Out for the Week
OT add on software web address
Slow conection with NTHOST/NTSLAVE
Strange connection error message, but still able to work.
Mime Needs defining?
Ftp through Firewall
Disabled Buttons & Tool-Tips
Pvx.ini and windx/spawn questions
Multi_Line Format problem??
*OOP* - Some practical considerations
Placing bitmap on a button
PVX 5 vs. pcAnyWhere 10
*OT* Re: [Pvx] Multi_Line Format problem??
*web/ftp SINTAX
ODBC and Windows 2000
Webserver problem
FacetTerm and MAI 4313 terminals
Co-processors and ProvideX
OCX question
Why is this?
Activation Directory (KEY)
Re: Nomads When Receiving Focus
'WI' clarification
*OOP* Arrays within object classes
String Magic
Re: Webserver problem *OT*
Unique alternate keys?
Of Grids Mice and Men
problem with Input Edit ...
Integrating email into a ProvideX Application
How to AUTOSTART PVX from boot
RE : [Pvx] How to AUTOSTART PVX from boot
ODBC connection to Linux
TCP/IP & DWORD values
Accessing data from a remote server
Debugging environment in Windx
ODBC Write
client / server ODBC access control
How can I know what triggered the on-select logic?
*web/ftp SYNTAX
Single User
Stripping Hex stuff after Reading Excel Files...
Cannot open the printer dialogue window.
*viewer* in Windx
Re: Nomads? Pvxwin32.exe?
Antivirus Test File
Error 26 Writing & then Reading ML String larger than the defined Dict IOL
Re: Error 26 Writing & then Reading ML String larger than the defined ...
Initially Hidden on Frames
On Focus only triggering on back-tab and not tab...
*OT* Com21 cable modem
Password authentication on Windows NT/2000
Io Procedures
OT * MAS90 PRICE LIST dealers
Transparent Bitmaps in Nomads
Re: *OT* - Gone Fishing
Microsoft's Infamous Memory Management?
Testing for low speed connections
*info & WindowsXP
*OT Net Meeting
Client Server ODBC problem
MULTI_LINE Scroll bar
Win2000 and Windx
TELNET sessions disappearing
[LNG] Undocumented limitation on SUB() function in 4.23
Parameter WD
Re: *OT* Free S/WAN
Re: *OT* Internet Appliances
'FL' parameter
Enter in Multiline
Dr. Watson Error
Re-visit WD


Close an application
Re: *OT* Close an application
Printer Conversion
Trial Activation Keys for 20001 e-mail tools
Re: Printer Conversion*OT*
Query in grid cell
Re: ODBC Multiple Left Outer Joins
Comma delimited string
RE : [Pvx] Close an application
"X" in corner
Silly nomads question about drop boxes
Error 293, No Locks Available sporadically on Linux
Print screen utility
ODBC error: [Providex][ODBC Driver] Expected lexical element no found: <identifier>
Verrry Slooow Building a File During Conversion
RE : [Pvx] Silly nomads question about drop boxes
WindX support for RENAME
My first steps in sending E-mail. (multiple TO addresses)
who have a example of OCX for execute a report's Crystal Report in Providex
nomads multi line query select logic
Grid future question
Color Foreground & Background when Field is Disabled
nomads focus control
RE : [Pvx] nomads focus control
using methods from whithin a class...
DLL for list of workstations on network
WebServer ~~variables~~
Possible error in WINDX.SGN..... (Important or not???? )
Nomads another focus problem
Sending report to a file in Text format...
Recommend Java Runtime
ProvideX Runtime
Re: WebServer ~~variables~~ *OT
Re: Geez..... *OT*
Nomads - Contolling program flow
Palm Status
Medical Office
START Command is killing my prefix...
windx spawn problem
Pocket PC, Palm or other
Value in LIST_BOX
IBM AIX 4.3 and ProvideX - Performance Issues
Error 41 - dd_updt
changes to saved program
rapid drill down
I have a question
A pure providex coding question (Not OS, Hardware, or Objectrelated!)
RE : [Pvx] A pure providex coding question (Not OS, Hardware, or Objectrelated!)
RE : [Pvx] Pocket PC, Palm or other
dde Excel Oddities
Unform *OT*
HTML in WebServer *OT* kind of
dropbox write within for/next
Muli lines
dropbox clear prev value
Windx ctrl-f12
Panel Logic - Post Display
Pocket PC's
*WISH* Added for Purge
How do you find selected index in list box?
*OT - Wyse60 and multiple sessions
Debug and Global Error handlers
Smart list vs list_box
Pop up Box using Answer Driver - Initial Value doesn't display
*OT* Pocket PC's
OT RE: [Pvx] Pocket PC's
RE : [Pvx] Nomads - Contolling program flow
Error 41 on MSG()
PVX 4.21: IBM3151 and having to redefine keys in other emulations too
Disconnect Windx
RE : [Pvx] Disconnect Windx
*OT* Direxions to Pocket PC's
Terrorists? *OT*
WindX *memory* and objects
Joining grid cells
Read data from strings
Read data from strings (correction)
*WISH* - TOKEN Command... Read data from strings (correction)
File Creation Date
*DOC* Time option for DTE() function
'F5" Utilities
512 byte rec limit for Windows serial files?
auto update of DLLs on workstations
What is TCB(84)
JoinColumns and JoinRows on grid control
SELECT questions ...
RE : [Pvx] SELECT questions ...
Error 32 - ?
Red Hat
using @X @Y and pixels on printer channel
Unsigned integer
Error 408 from WebServer
ODBC Client/Server on HP-UX
Providex BUG?
Multiple text styles within one multi_line
Howto: Determine current Nomads window & properties
Partial Keys in the DD
2 GB string size
WindX client config and graphics
RE : [Pvx] WindX client config and graphics
PRINT to 'TEXT' Conversion utility
virus' again
Modems, Com Ports, Etc.
Documentation for *inifile
Error 20 Pvx-WindX 4.23 on AIX4.3.2
Citrix & windx
Radio Button as button without graphic
JavX Host
List of All Files in a Folder
RE : [Pvx] Citrix & windx
Dimensioning a composite string
EPROM's *ot*
Sage Canada is moving
ODBC and Windows ME
I forgot the subject line: Calculator problem
Re: *OT* Sage Canada is moving
Validate Nomads Drop Box
ODBC Server & Linux
Re: One for the masters.
PVX for Windows: Mousing shortcut for Edit->Mark/Copy and Edit->Paste
PVX File Maintenance
ODBC Server on Linux
*OT* Windows Tip...who knew?
File size limit or segmented files
Suse Linux
Cursor position in a multi_line
RE : [Pvx] Cursor position in a multi_line
*OOP - Global variables
RE : [Pvx] PVX for Windows: Mousing shortcut for Edit->Mark/Copy and Edit->Paste
One blind mouse.
PVRQ v1.34 Availability
Re: *OT Mouse Shortcut Enhancements
Need Info
Overlaying Text on graphical controls
Live time display within a panel
Date & Time question ...
*OT* formatting a floppy
Unform with SCO Unix
OPEN INPUT and shared directories
Merging panels
A Reminder of our Move.
*OT* Re: [Pvx] A Reminder of our Move.
Keyboard focus inside panel
*OT RE: [Pvx] Verrry Slooow Building a File During Conversion
JavX - No Buttons
MESSAGE_LIB directive
Windx plug-in vs Standalone
User counts going whacky in a NTHOST/NTSLAVE environment
8k limit to single line in list box
Number of users
Epson Laser EPL-5800
Colours in formatted list_box
Change Button Text
Windows XP Client / NT Server
*OOP - Class definition problem ... maybe???
Lower speed in 4.23 as in 4.12C
Scrolling Panel
Telnet Help!
Word's Mail merge from ProvideX
Variable values within panels withing objects
*OT* Identifying visitors to your website
*OT* Optimization Software
Limit on # of arguments to call [wdx]
Keepalives and WindX/Spawn sessions
FAQ/Causes of Error on
Line# that called a function?
Caveat on ++ operator
Disconnect problem omt
Validate Fields.
Problems printing to HP 1200n laser printer.
4.02 vs new pvx speed issue
Question ??
File Maintenance question.
Testing for a locked file ...
Extracting integers from strings
Windx & firewalls
Error 2 on OPEN
Mouse click, or click and hold?
INI documentation
Question about WindX
Embedded I/O gives error 36
UID with NThost
Hefty numbers...
PVXNET.COM is on line ...
*OT PVXNET.COM is on line ...
Re: *OT* PVXNET.COM is on line ...
ODBC client/server
Providex: error message
Preinput vx next_id in nomads panel logic
Balancing Problem
Input Macro
Re: Preinput vx next_id in nomads panel logic **updated info
** I need a programmer **
Re: Preinput vs next_id in nomads panel logic Dang'd _oem$
Citrix Terminal Server
Some Interesting Network Admin info
PVKIO for MSVC 6.0 Examples ?
Re: Citrix Terminal Server *OT*
How I can set to print pages (8.5 width with 3.670 the long ) using *viewer*
DEF DTE examples
Difference in print times over WAN
RE : [Pvx] DEF DTE examples
Background color on locked/disabled ctls in pvx5.00


TBD Conversion
'EXTRACT' on an ACCESS-database.
*OT* Users to my site
Windx & system time (TIM)
Public Thanks to Chris Nolan
disappearing Floating Tips
Attached Printers
Windows directory
Re: *OT* Gord's title
SELECTs from a directory
Excel Link File/Driver
I have some report's in Cystal Report!
Two Channel Reads
Grid clearing when it shouldn't
Process ID??
Search large datafile
Command to continue
Buttons 101 -
Using DD with "Suppress .VAL"
Icon Advice.
F2 lookup within a grid
Nomads Checkbox question.
Grid Scroll Problem
message_lib pop error
inittab on AIX
Strange error 12's
*OT* VisionFS
Miscellaneous forms printing.
Mac address of a windx terminal
Using translation table with drop_box load, read, etc.
Print confirmation *OT*
*OT* Script for directory bowsing
Dependencies & File Maintenance
HTML Upload *OT*
Question about 'image' s
RE : [Pvx] Question about 'image' s
Question about '-T',' '+T', '-U' and '+U' persistance
RE : [Pvx] RE : [Pvx] Question about 'image' s
Differences in printing?????
Checkbox question
Blink a graphical object, still have a slight flicker
Graphical plane, grids and buttons
*oop - How do I ...
Make Image of Directory
Translation Software,
Hot Keys
Bit Maps is List Query
Keys in uppercase
Listbox on-focus logic not executing
INVOKE question
Bitmaps for query buttoms
RE : [Pvx] Bitmaps for query buttoms
*00P - *memory* file problem ... maybe
Remote control for support
PVXWIN32.exe and Batch commands.
RE : [Pvx] PVXWIN32.exe and Batch commands.
BBx/Pvx String Template Difference
Remote control for support *OT*
Color in List Box?
Gateway in SCO *OT*
Getting Windows Login ID
Converting from bbx to pvx
Re: Getting Windows Login ID *OT*
Re: Getting Windows Login ID *OT* *** I fat fingered that
*nthost, Samba, DG/UX, and a sigh . . .
Using RGB
RE : [Pvx] Using RGB
Client Server ODBC and Providex licenses
Splash Screen
Re: *oop - getting an error 92
Grid future question REPOST
Question about using "foreign" objects or controls and WindX
Problem when INI file pathnames have spaces
Result of Calc in Multi_line
Query from a listbox
Max record size (variable)
Retaining controls/data on tabs
Licenses for ProvideX other packages...
command line activation question
It's best to know where one is headed.
RE : [Pvx] It's best to know where one is headed.
Maximum file size question
Extra message in *ntslave
Trying to specify PVX.INI
CPU Usage jumps to 100% with WindX
WindX stand-alone and Win XP
HOW TO: Print logo on forms...
Dir= on read
VIEWER enhancement
Tabs on Tabs question
Picture Boxes...
Corrupt file problem
ODBC Security
error=4 opening printer
*it Copy with No Lines: Lines prefixed with a Space
CPU Usage jumps to 100% with WindX (Gord/Brett)
What would slow ProvideX down...
Weird problem with program ending
MAS90 version
Windx network pauses
*OT* WISE installation scripts
*OT RE: [Pvx] Listbox on-focus logic not executing
Dependencies in File Maintenance
GRID FIND for entire grid
Pre-Release Announcement
OPen a file from Windx
*OT* 2002 Circular E
CPU Usage jumps to 100% (still scratching my head)
Nomads Meltdown traced to folder size.
How to Read Multiple selection in List_Box?
Cual es último Manual de PVX?
Easy way to transfer file from/to Windowx to/from Linux?
ProvideX 5.01 Release Candidate 1
Embedded I/O question
Program Listing
web/mail and web/email
web/mail Timezone issue
SETMOUSE question
web/email timezone incorrect
Functions versus calls
ProvideX Interface with Oracle Database
File Lock
Re: File Lock *OT*
Re: ** OT SETMOUSE question
_winproc - strange behavior
BMP and Linux
NUM( ) issue ...
*OT* Seasons Greetings
Core Dump Open Server 5 version
Command line arguments
_dict\maint program change in level 5
** TIP - Constants using OOP classes
Festive Season!
error 32 reading excel
Radio_button - selecting item as the focus moves
strange key behavior
Array question
Text Message Search
Pvx Web site problem
Array elements limitation
RE : [Pvx] Array elements limitation
AIX launch of nthost
WEB/EMAIL .. there must be an easier way..
*OT* Day Trading
ProvideX ODBC driver and OpenLink ODBC-ODBC bridge
PDF Printing using *WINPRT* and an OCX Demo Program
Re: NEW DIREXIONS 2002!!!!!!!!!
Re: WEB/EMAIL .. thanks Gary
Re: [PVX] ProvideX ODBC driver and OpenLink ODBC-ODBC bridge
String manipulation..
Move IOL variables
FID of *WINPRT* file?
XML Support From ProvideX
Re: El Error y El Terror
RE : [Pvx] XML Support From ProvideX
Linux ODBC client access
File size differences ...
console mode in windx plug-in
Tab Delimited ASCII File