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Are You There Y2K Check?
SPACE Y2K Check?
Y2K Story
GPF when starting PVX on NT Service Pack 6
list_box : first column display troncated
4.11 vs. 4.12?
spool32 erreur
Rép. : RE: [Pvx] spool32 erreur
gbl() function with err= and a function
linux modem
Wyse50 slave printing
ProvideX Training and Direxions Conference
print 'rb' to PC speaker
Linux Related
adobe acrobat
Reposting a Question
Re: Linux Related - Thank you's
Re: WindX not connecting
[PVX] Off Topic
'*C' & '*X'
Modified pgms flag
Re: Printer control - 10cpi,12cpi, 17cpi
EW0649 Thoroughbred Basic P/A
EW0646 Business Basic P/A
(no subject)
Red Hat 6.0 release corrupt?
os reload
Nomads Picture Output
Called Programs with a nomads Query
ODBC How to?
watch windows
ODBC Questions
Program Compare Utility (*UPC)
Query Question - Passing Variables
[pvx] Novell ?
[pvx] off subject B-2 B
ODBC problem
REC( ) command
How to translate
Hang'd local print
EW0650 6 Month Contract BBx P/A
Nomads and Grid question
NT 4.0 Service Pack 5, speed improvement?
EW0652 Onsite Trainer - ProvideX, Nomads II, BB
EW0651 Application Developer
Finding a fixed space Font to print to any printer
Shinking files
EW0653 Technical Sales Support
ProvideX Web Server
An unwilling printer
network printer help
Which OS
ODBC performance
Re: Pvx Nomads and Grid question
NewOld questions
INVOKE problem
Date display with FMT
Text on Button
Re: TERM=linux or TERM=xterm
Folder Disable
Collating reports on HP5000 under NT
vsifax overlay forms
HP not accepting control codes
IBM 3151 terminals on serial connectoins
Incorrect times returned by fin()
About using Crystal reports in PVX app.
Error 117
Bold Line mnemonic
Alpha Micro / Alpha Basic
Pvx] Keyboard "Forgets" things
How Dictionary and Binary element (field) ??
Windx sessions lost
Windx Version 4.12C NOMADS search problem
Corrupted DB files
EW0656 Project Manager
EW0655 StoreSystems Programmer / Analyst
(retransmitted) unable to write to data files using ODBC drivers in r/w mode
Change text on a button control
Great news on "Keyboard Forgets key assignments"
Alpha Micro convert
eom-string $1F$
Group assignment in nomds/4.12c
A way to call Character from Nomads.
Access 2000 error with PVX ODBC driver
pvxwin32 has caused an invalid page fault?
Windx version vs. Providex version?
New ProvideX Report Writer
Shopping Cart in PVX?
Clearing Program cache
Access Word Documen
EW0657 ProvideX Project Manager / Team Lead
Open Word Document
Re: Pvx INVOKE problem
Re: free record list error
*ufar free record link list error
List of commands
Windows Wizard programming
Print Preview
Windows NT Connection
IDs on NT
Font trouble in *winqry with 412c
A most interesting coding error
Customized Start_Up
Report Fortmat listbox does not support colors ?
Help in Nomads , LINK
converting from pvx to "the other basic"
Nomads "menus", treeview, etc
Move Disk Drive
Providex Programmer Wanted: Mississauga, Ontario
New PVRQ Pricing
more printeing pb...
Is file LOCKed by you?
Folder colors
Set_focus question
Re: more printing pb...
pvx activation
Alt Key assignment on button question
More questions....
About _REQD$ var (Nomads)
DEC(MID(MSE,20,2)) question
Graphics forms - Data Transmission problem
Erasing printout with 'TEXT'
Conversion "FILL" command
HP Laser Printed Page Length
DUMP except for current program level?
BBPRO.ORG Down and Up
edias web seite
BB expert for Orange County
Pvxwactv general protection error
*tools/keyscan errors
Does List Box Load reset PRINT 'CURSOR'(0) ??
Running Batch files under Windx
*WISH* update
Re: Security and Group Assignment
Re: Migrating from Open Basic to Providex in SCO Unix
EW0615 6 Month Onsite MAS/90 - ProvideX Project
EW0661 Sr P/A 6 month Temp to Perm.
Named Pipes/TCP-IP
Data Dictionary Problem
Pvx Data Dictionary Problem
Internal vs External keys
'IMAGE' ENABLE not able to print in an solid rectangle
An unsual UNIX/WindX Occurance
mnemonics beginner question.
New version of PVRQ released
EW0662 Applications Developer
Peachtree file conversions
HP Laserjet 4000 PCL - *dev request...
WindX with Sun 2.6
[OT] wyse60 on redhat 6.0
question and suggestion
EW0663 Lead Programmer/Analyst
[OT] wyse60 on redhat
How do I document a Pvx program really extensively?
Folders and their Tabs


TCP Lost Connection - Heads UP
Re: pvx Passwords
Re: TCP lost connection -
*wish* Allow arrays to be passed to [WDX] calls
Error in 4.12c
Search for [ in program
Web Servers
*memory* and KEP() is not able to access last key
Data Dictionary Field Pad Left
Nederlandse automatiseerders
Introduction to TCP/IP
Button alt-keys sometimes don't work
Dialogue Box Flickering
Version Control Software ?
4.12c over SQL heads up
New ProvideX (UNOFFICIAL) site ...
Re: Pvx BB2K Up
error 33 on execute
Referencing a subsection of an array
from BBx to Providex
About Nomads,queies and formulas
[pvx]Kep not working?
Function keys on an NT Server
Printer Problem
PVRQ PVX Report Writer
PVRQ PVX Report Writer, Deutsch
EDIAS, European Sales office
PVRQ PVX Report Writer, Nederlands
Licensing Question
Licensing Questions
EDIAS, Vertrieb Europa
Office 2000 interfaces
Viewing Source Code
Re: *wish* - global Iolists
[OT]Little help with VB
shortcut to UNIX
Formatted Messages
Re: Pvx Licensing Question
Re: Pending Legislation Re Internet Surcharges]
Grid problem
External Program Editor
lpt1 Printing
_dev files
Dialogue coordonates
Computer Name
Printer Allocation error
EW0665 ProvideX/FACTS P/A - Lead
ProvideX w/ ORACLE
Disabling an entire panel
Problem with an array
About .hlp files
Changing providex icon....
Linkfile to *viewer* problem
Locked Multilines.
Variable Line Labels
FIB(17,1) & PVX 4.12c
Error 32
FACTS 6.7 WindX sessions terminated
*WISH* Moving the query button to the left of the multi_line box
Fonctions key
Defining new 'commands'
Re: Pvx Variable Line Labels
Re: Pvx Version Control Software ?
Pvx Defining new 'commands'
SELECT on a text file that has $8A$'s in it
Re: Double Byte Language Support
Tips for speed improvements with dialup access
Re: Pvx RE: Pvx Variable Line Labels
Problem with GUI_CV and BEGIN EXCEPT
Error =105
GRID WRITE question
Re: correct me if I am mistaken
Screen Resolution
WindX - Basic Useability Question
EW0673 ProvideX - MAS/90 P/A
Query Tab on Locked/Not Disabled control
Peer to Peer network protocol question
IOLIST SEP=<character>
ignore key= on multi-keyed
Universal Browser Demo
THEOS conversions
EW0676 Telecommute / REMOTE Contract Position
EW0674 Thoroughbred P/A 6 months Contract
Pvx]*memory* and KEP() is not able to access last key *REPOST*
Multiples Data Dictionaries
List Box Selection
Test of My mail server
Global functions question ...
Providex for Linux Slackware 7.
Mas90 & Providex errors
Radio Button Strangeness
TCP Server
Inconsistent Errors
Microshare Conversion Tools
'TEXT' var max lenght = 246 ?
Truncated printer output under Windex
XML Parser
Providex for Linux Slackware 7 - Segmentation fault
Re: Multiples Data Dictionaries]
VBX Processor under Windows 2000
Printing Data from Serial file
SWITCH/CASE complaint
EW0678 Application Developer / Contract
unix printing
pvxedit.ini - Ini file for *IT
Pvx Multiples Data Dictionaries
Watch when you reply to job postings
TD (was SWITCH/CASE complaint)
C Libraries
Truncated printer output under WindX
Re: Pvx Inconsistent Errors
WindX Versus TinyTERM
How to generate an error 11 on a listview box
"Load Error" on List_Box LOAD
[pvx] printer problems
EW0681 3 Month Onsite Contract Position*
HotDocs Integration
Report writer "Discover" and ODBC
[pvx] dual printer problems .. linkfiles .. help please ?!
PVRQ Pricing Clarification
Alternate sorts on queries
*web/mail question ...
Unable to start Providex/Windx sessions
Font scaling problem in Nomads.
NT equivalent to Unix 'fuser'
Web Server User Count
Rép. : Re: [Pvx] *web/mail question ...
EW0685 Business Basic P/A
Win/NT vs Unix
Default behavior?
Record Terminator
EXECUTE with err option
3 questions ?
3 questions - name send
EW0686 BBx Pro5 P/A
Err 55 in *win/usrmaint
Couple more questions....
Multiple OS commands
Ctrl+C within WindX
Several problems with Pvx under Linux
Error 260 on WinNT
Slooowww Grid
Re: Several problems with Pvx under Linux]
Minimum Client Install File list
EW0690 BBx Pro5 P/A Contract
Grid behavior
Question about "Asis" Word.
High road and low road.
Rép. : Re: [Pvx] Query mind
A Question about Switch command
Fat fingers
[odb] write is dropping data
Need Help
Tip shows extra character at the end...
General SQL and Providex questions
error #49 listing a program
Direxions 2000 - The Sage ProvideX Technical Conference
Status of Viewer change
Wine Wine Wine
Re: Wine Wine Wine - Fat fingers
Nomads Window Panel is Not Full Sized when run
Help authoring help....
Rectangle, erroneous position.
Keyboard shortcut to Query triggers on-select logic?
Datadictionary Files
NT Server Windx server sessions?
*offtopic* [dde] staroffice 5.1
[PVX] Worm
Invoke command
EW0697 VB/Clipper - Business Basic P/A
EW0527 Business Basic P/A


Crystal reports: A to B / A to C reports
Form Problem
Fonts in Panel Definition
upgrade server now, workstations later?
[ENTER] from Providex as part of a DOS command.
Nomads receive focus
list_box write
Report View listboxes - determining the column widths
What's up with the list?
Conditional List_Box formatting?
io procedures in nomads
*UPL error
Re: Pvx'TEXT' var max lenght = 246 ?
BEGIN/CLEAR after ENTER in an CALLed subprogram
dual printer problems, round 3...lost data
Seeking Full time or Contract work
He's back
ProvideX ADO / SQL Interface Announcement
Nomads question....
Getting stuck in radio buttons
Nomads 4.11a Function Key Handler for Multiline Input
Transfering data to Microsoft Outlook
address changes
PVX 4.03 with multi-keyed file over 2GB
Nomads query problem
simultaneous queries on a sql database
SELECT directive
IBM 3151 terminal tech. manual
EW0705 Business Basic P/A - IL*
Copy to Clipboard in Viewer
Nomads documentation
Grid Help
New product announcement
More Grid Help
LA Area Entry Level?
Rép. : [Pvx] More Grid Help
Dictionary question...
Dissapearing NOMADS buttons
CTL strange behaviour
Numeric field
Folder-reading controls on subfolders
The best font on town ...
Looking for: Application Frame (Menu/Security)
Error 65 on Windx 412c
Internal IOLIST confusion
Easy Reports
Pvx The best font on town ...
*wish* Font Justificaiton for Queries
Error #100 in setting up slave printer for UnForm
Resetting Windx screen size on the fly
changing my email address
Re: unsubscribe
Slave printer with UnForm
Radio button 'ID property
samba on RS-6000
ODBC Help Again
[PVX] ODBC question
Ini file specified with the windx:// syntax
Re: Sub report in a report
Want to do a good deed?
Windx previewer error 65
Re: Error 65 on Windx 412c]
SCO help?
Re:[Pvx] SCO help?
LAN performance
EW0710 BBx P/A 6 month contract
windx question
New PVRQ Version 1.15
Interrupt key
*OT* For those supporting legacy systems...
Nomads screen size
Right Click Menus?
Single vs. Double click in listboxes
EW0711 Business Basic P/A & Team Lead
Shortcut key for manually created buttons....
Determining if F4 is pressed
Session lockup
Flow Control
Providex 4.12c
Re: Specifications and Bureaucracies Live Forever...
Strange situation with -1999
Outputting a pdf file
Another twist with -1999
Last control with focus
EW0712 Business Basic P/A
Traced Trace
SYSTEM HANG on Input statement
Shutting down NTHOST from another program via DLL calls
Mime-Version: 1.0
Slave Printing with UnForm / error 12 on link files
Nomads not executing logic
How check if array element 0 exists?
Dual parallel printer problems...continued..
decimals lost in ODBC reading
Re: decimals lost in ODBC reading & [Pvx] PROBLEM WITH ODBC
Error 0 opening file on NFS Mounted Filesys
Re: Pvx Traced Trace
Windx under Linux
How to get IP addresses..
Assitance required
Message (Status) Bar question ...
Contract Programming Available
accidentally deleted PVX messages folder
Re: Wanted: to beg, borrow, rent, buy or steal...
LOCAL variables within SWITCH statements
global variables .. where?
Using default windows colors.....
Linking to Outlook or ACT or Goldmine....
*web/mail program question ....
' operator
BJC 5100 - HELP!
Re: Grid Control
Icon Change
More on printers today
Welcome Announcement
Over user limit access
Printer dialog box
GRID cell lenght
Error 0's and 2's on AIX
Updating fields in a Database
*OT* Sage Software radio ad?
Picture command
Re: SYSTEM HANG on Program Loop
Re: MAS 90 (was Updating fields in a Database)
Error 65 on Windx 4.12c finally Identified!!!
Numeric fields
*WISH* Windows Debug Trace window to show the Nomads Events like the Nomads Ctrl-F12 Trace window
Listbox does not display until program is done loading
default background colors on a grid
*OT* GIFS Picture command
*viewer* and automatically trigger a zoom?
How to write to an Excel spreadsheet
*WISH* transparent color
SCO Price Increase
New files on PvXNET
Picture command *wish*
JPEG files
Terminal emulator
Error #61: Authorization failure
Test - Please ignore and delete
Re: Pvx Error #61: Authorization failu
Re: Pvx JPEG files
*WISH* Multiple Folders, ref existing wish #00066
OT- for those of us who have to answer how do I questions..
Image in button
Error 33
mnemonics & Windx
Dynamic ODBC filenames
EW0714 Business Basic P/A
EW0715 StoreSystems Programmer / Analyst*
Bitmaps - who, when, what, where, how & why
ProvideX WebServer (English)
ProvideX WebServer (Deutsch)
EW0716 OpenBasic Programmer
IOL Procedures on *MEMORY* files as a way to avoid error 31's?
email utility announcement
Pvx 4.12c on SunSparc 2.6 issueing error 9 to OS on exit to OS
More Query Font problems
Copy/Paste Program Lines
Windows 2000 Printing
Error 20 on OpenBasic to Providex
alt-3 on the number pad sending a Ctrl-C
Font aendern in Multi-line
Re:[PVX] DBF Files
Pannels higher than the screen
Bitmap printing loosing resolution.....
Rép. : [Pvx] Re:[PVX] DBF Files
Two way pipe
linux driver
*wish* Grid/Listboxes to be Data Aware
List Up?
My fonts are dissapearing!!
Re: Panels higher than the screen
Properties of a control?
Re: Pvx BJC 5100 - HELP!
Screen Flicker
FTP Help?
Grid & Memory
Grid Loading
Fixed Fonts
TIM with a higher precision
Etiquette - Norbert Knops
FTP Help
System Performance System Parameters
I can't believe that I have forgotten how to do something so simple.....
Re: I can't believe that I have forgotten how to do something so simple
*DOC* Version Identification
Pvx TIM with a higher precision
Rép. : [Pvx] I can't believe that I have forgotten how to do something so simple.....
How to turn-on spinner control on a manually drawn multiline
AIX 4.3
[pvx]*OT*Time and Billing software?
RFC 2795 - The Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite (IMPS)


*memory* / SEP
Cursor Visibility in NOMADS
Pvx Cursor Visibility in NOMADS
Sad news
Western Computer Services
[BB] Re: Sad news
How Disable in PVX Screen?
Error 262 - Unlock Region Failure - Network Issues
ACTIVATE.PVX trashed due to invalid date
Queries on legacy sort files
Grid read problem
[PVX]412c Form feeds on NT
Re: Folders within folders
problem reading class "date" fields from ODBC
Time tracking for FACTS affiliates that used TS b4 y2k
Accessing webserver (any) from PVX
Is there a function?
Printing NT 2000
HTML files
ODBC v3.01 Release Announcement
Webserver Trace
Nomads menu bar question
Button on Toolbar
Forcing uppercase file & program names within program code
EXTRACT on *memory* files
Performance On SCO
Flow control on a parralel printer
Rép. : RE: [Pvx] File type
Imbedded HTML tags in fields in web server
Re: Flow control on parallel printer
Odbc Driver Version
The Windows Close ('x') button ....
Perform a routine after closing a panel....
Connection errors
How disable menu bar for users in Providex Screen?
Windx Sign-on-Logic
ODBC 3.01 Error
Adjusting Printer Default Font
*dict/keys loop 4.12c
File with multiple record type
Windx connection over modem
Nomads formatted list box refresh?
Locking Records while using ODBC as the datasource
[PVX] Locking Records while using ODBC as the datasource
Re: Flow control on a parallel printer
Rép. : Re: [Pvx] File with multiple record type
Auto In/Decrement
NOMADS question ...
What is an Error 86?
INVOKE directive
EW0721 Senior Programmer Analyst
[REPOST] Session lockup
Nomads Query Question for y'all...
key code problem?
Line feed in Excel Cell via DDE
*WISH - Maintain relative path names when copying panels
Global Variables lost when passed on an enter list
X25 Protocol
Unpack UNIX install
How to ...
How do I create a Data dictionary?
Jumpto with code
*memory* file , max record size
Date fields via ODBC
Preinput without Enter?
single or double click
Query button.
EW0723 Business Basic P/A*
EW0724 Business Basic Programmer
EW0725 400 to 500 hour Project
Why do not close a file?
Menu tool bar
'MS' & 'MP' mnemonics
Error routine
EW0727 MIS Manager
Packing numbers
Right Mouse Button
Writing to the Windows Registry
ODBC dictonary on Unix
Re: Problem with launching Logon panel on some machines
PCK and UPK functions
Some little questtions
Printer Escape Sequence
Begin Underline
Flashing pictures
Re: What is an Error 86? [Off topic]
Lexmark Escape Sequence
Text justification on a button?
Company Logo Printing on a Laser Printer
GPF opening any libraries in Nomads
How to password protect libraries
How to use OBTAIN..
Re: Printing Logo's
When is a pgm not a pgm?
Editor Start Up Problems in Nomads
Spell Checker
Experience with Winfax
Translate month and day's names
How use Variable IMAGE name in Nomads?
Reading Files via IP addressing
GRID ADD problem on older PC's
Windows 2000 and Windx.
Windx and PVX releases levels
EW0730 Application Developer
Re: Problems with GDI32.DLL & Providex!! Please Help!
Re: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 23:41:47 -0400
Re: GRID ADD problem on older PC's SOLVED
Reading dictionary file by IND=
Error 11 in _WINQRY
Hardware suggestions?
Problems with ODBC 3.01 and Crystal Report
*it Start up problems in Nomads
*it call from _cmd/it
Drag & Drop
Thin clients and PVX
*uck for PGMINF
Reading PVX data files thru ODBC
Re: Windows 2000 and Windx (resolved)
Re: Pvx Hardware suggestions?
ListItem in Listview: Wish there was a key, tag, something.
Re: Listitem, Listview:boy you guys are good
e-mail problem
Reading Btrieve files from Providex


Re: Task lockup]
DIREXIONS - The Sage ProvideX Technical Conference - Registration now open!
Record size limit on Windx serial file
PCL 5 Commands
DDE links to MS ACCESS
load a function key
Multiple items in a list box
Execute in Windx
Error 31's
*nthost/*ntslave that spawns with different user id's on Unix
Err 65 ??
EW0737 Thoroughbred Basic P/A
Help in Query windows....
PVRQ Version 1.16
Accessing Open Systems Files
Multiple list box selections
Spell Checkers (If you are interested)
Tab/Shift-Tab in Nomads
Millions of Colors
EW0738 REMOTE BBx Progression 5 Contract
Execute in Windx - Conclusion
Main panel
Re: Spell Checkers (If you are interested) [OT]
Custom file maintenance panel not updating changes
Unattended transfer
Reading word doc. thru DDE
Client update utility
Print to file from WindX connection to Unix
Memory fault - core dumped
in *E editor, add next line to end of current line
Printing a .JPG file
EW0739 BBx Programmer
Re: Reading word doc. thru DDE]
attempting to modify .doc files from pvx app
netscape command line...
*NTSLAVE: Uses 2 activation keys??
[pvx] Err 2 in "_BBX2PVX.BBX - Convert BBX to ProvideX"
Browse button - List view
Re: Alert from SuperNet] "ILOVEYOU" virus
Pass-Through option for AIX spooler?
Write in a serial file
Hotel Registration for Direxions 2000
Re: Err 2 in "_BBX2PVX.BBX - Convert BBX to ProvideX"
Updating WORD document from PVX files
tcp file open
Programmer Needed
more ftp stuff
Quiet day?
[OT]Re: [Pvx] more ftp stuff
*wish* winproc change for location of TraceFile under Windows
MAI PS Forms Conversion to Providex
Re: [[Pvx] more ftp stuff]
A 'SHOW'(2) on END
Re: [[Pvx] more ftp stuff]]
Programming Contract
Re: tcp file open]
Response to tcp file open
Personal Firewall Software
E-mail reader
EW0741 Information Systems Co-ordinator
Error 26
DireXions oportunity: I choose be there!
PVXNet Trying to use the new features ...
Need the keys associated with 'EL'
Re: Response to tcp file open]
California Training
Printing with Word Wrap
ascii file output?
Calling Crystal Reports from PVX
Rules of the Road
Report Writers for ProvideX
*Wish* - Frames
Re: Programmers required (Orange County, CA)
OT Re: [Pvx] Programmers required (Orange County, CA)
System Commands
Err 29 in _winproc
File type change
Re: [[Pvx] File type change]
Programmers Required - An Apology
*WISH* substring replacing
RE:*ot* [Pvx] Programmers Required - An Apology
Rép. : Re: [Pvx] File type change
function keys on windx-aix
CRC Errors in WindX
Command system information
How do you display the number of Licensed Users
Speed of connection?
Printer driver?
Large Files Not Copying
Cystal Report
select ?
Creating a Visual Basic ActiveX DLL to work with ProvideX
DDE and Excel
Workstation shutdown issues
Error 61 question
Re: VB definitions for PVX I/O
ODBC Pricing
Writing to Outlook Folder
Picture/Images Object
Help Defining CALL Variable
Data Sort Keys
HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
Jump-to ....
EW0749 BBx P/A 6-12 month contract
EW0748 Thoroughbred Basic P/A*
PvX web server question
Printing Graphics.
Samba & Locks
ÄÖÜäöü in Programs
EW0750 BBx Programmer / Analyst
EW0752 Programmer - Telecommute Option
Business BASIC Software Developer Opening
DDE to Excel
Re: [[Pvx] Picture/Images Object]
List_Box which scroll sidewise...
Re: [[Pvx] Picture/Images Object]]
*WISH* Grids
ERROR_HANDLER, Calls, Enter's
UNIX wall command and WINDX
problem with calling a subprogram .......
Re: problem with calling a subprogram .......]
New person
Nomads flms & Compound K
viewer questions
EW0755 IMS BASIC Contract P/A
How to launch an associated Win app
How to hide a panel until it is done loading dropboxes
Re: Pvx Nomads flms & Compound K
Telnet to SCO 5.0.4 being terminated
Reading a directory
Validation logic in nomads
Re: Pvx Nomads flms & Compound
Re: Here we go again: Another Email Virus
Drop box on a Grid
Nomads folder
Resize Folder on Main Dialog
Re: Pvx RE: ERROR_HANDLER, Calls, Ente
damaged alternate key....
Monday May 22 is a Canadain Holiday
NOMADS Folder question
NT Terminal server & WindX
EW0759 6 Month Onsite Contract Position**
Page with Graphics Mnemonics too complex
INPUT EDIT and mouse click
Change precision
*WINPRT* - strange
Static columns in grid
"Jagged" list Box contents
Rép. : [Pvx] "Jagged" list Box contents
Nomads not responding
Conversion File is out of sync?
More DireXions info/Información sobre DireXions
Re: Yet another stupid question
Closing PFX File Channels in Novell
Is there a difference between lpt1 and /dev/lpt1???
Informix Databases
Flmaint problem
wireless connection/graphical err 13??
why no error 47?
hide utility menu
Writing to Excel
Defining a dialogue at an exact position
Re: Solaris 8
Re: read only files?
Geschwindigkeitsprobleme mit WindX?
Performance problems with WindX?
printing in windx???
Help ...
Fonts, Files and Fears ...
Quiet Saturday
Re: Mon, 29 May 2000 13:21:35 -0500
RND() - was: RE: [Pvx] Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 13:21:35 -0500
!U parameter - *DOC* ?
ftp (send)
Conversion from BB90 to Providex
PvxNET Actualizdo!! / PvxNET Updated!
*viewer & performance between 4.03 and 4.12
Pvx Fonts, Files and Fears ...
How to auto activate Providex....
Pvx How to auto activate Providex....
Learn Providex
Terminals Tales
Re: Pvx Pvx How to auto activate Provi
Providex Pricing
Re: RND() - was: RE: Pvx Date: Mon, 29
Viewer Errors
Goto End of Field
EW0766 Business Basic P/A - IL**
How to recognize the [Enter] key?


Re: Quiet Saturday]
Numbers Display in Listbox?
Re: Quiet Saturday]]
Re: Quiet Saturday]]]
color test
Windoze printer selection
Re: color test]
Re: Windoze printer selection]
Re: EOL_Value
General Response
Data Dictionary update window not scrolling
Re: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 10:53:13 -0300
Direxions 2000 Announcement
*OT* Dr.Watson errors
*OT* UNIXWARE and serial printers
Time from NT Server.
Re: DDE link to Excel
Re: some questions
*WISH* colors in listview listboxes with report format
One more time - fill
Lost data
No Maximize?
System Time
The most stupid question made ...
Slow printing
Mouse hot spots
Re: some questions]
ProvideX odbc and word document
Thoroughbred conversion
New to ODBC
BMP files ...
Link file help
more information during a trace
*WISH* Library Object Selection Modification
Help with SETMOUSE
Providex in demo mode
'FB' and 'BF' parameters
Re: RECAP Conversion
Re: Package Activation
Very Bad Video (Off-Topic)
Webserver Information
Error Handler
Rép. : [Pvx] Error Handler
Maintaining File Sizes
Excel via DDE, redux
Send Fax using a program in Providex
Windows Pocket and Providex?
ODBC Errors
Path to Data Dictionary *WISH*
WindX & UID
Font for ProvideX
Check_box defined in Nomads rather than program
DDE & Windx & NT vs Unix
Re: Maintaining File Sizes *WISH
Import function in Data Dictionary maint.
EW0772 BBx VPro5 Programmer / Analyst
EW0773 Business Basic P/A*
Using properties to disable a radio button ....
Array handling
OT reply -- Using properties to disable a radio button ....
serial modem with Windx
More on *NEXT versus *PROCEED
*Windows Question* - Launching Web Pages
Re: Mouse hot spots]
Using LST with line labels
How can I link to another form ?
Providex workstation setup
ProvideX on-line Wish List
Rép. : [Pvx] How can I link to another form ?
[DDE] Winword
Video_palette (pallette)
ftp read
Weird behaviour of INDEXED file!
How to download a PVX-program
Multi-line _eom$ value in Nomads
Order of Alternate keys
Re: A new shingle
Link Diles Revisited
Re: [[Pvx] ftp read]
Composites - assign values from one IOLIST to another
*OT* she's back
New Printers
Enter behavior in WindX
DLL's within Providex
[PVX] DLL's within Providex
Canon BJC 1000 printer
EW0774 BBx Programmer*
Scott Ryan R.I.P.
debug windows
Touch Screen
EW0775 Business Basic Application P/A
New Project $$$$
Sorry, for re-posting these question....I need help
Re: DDE to Excel - Calling Macros Resolved
Search & Replace
String templates
RE : New Printer
multikey memory file
Pvxwin32 not releasing
Print to BITMAP?
Disabling 'Job Control' in bash for WindX
Video Addressing
Retiring BBPRO.ORG
Nuevo manual de ProvideX (Spanish)
WindX Command Mode
PVX connection stability
RESENDING Video Addressing
Direxions 2000 -- The Sage ProvideX Technical Conference
memory fault?
OT - Add printer Win9x problem
Emailing from PVX via API??
Strange sounds
Re: Using Windx with Microsoft Proxy Server
Debug command window
tree view expanded
Re: Debug command window *WISH*
CTL's for Escape and Enter...
*VIEWER* and controlling the font
EW0779 Business Basic P/A*
EW0780 BBx Programmer / Analyst - CANADA
Help files
Value property of Radio Button
Announcement - Updated Training Schedule
Dictionary Read & Write
PVX on RS/6000 44P-170 (64 bits processor)
ODBC v3.02 Release Announcement
My tech-guy made me do this!
WDX processing
Error 41 in the Viewer
Seeking approval of a topic ($)
Nuevo programa/New program
AIX/PVX problem
DIREXIONS 2000: Only 4 Days Left for Earlybird Registration Special
Is there a variable containing a list of open dialogues
DireXions (off topic)
printing 'text'
File locking
Re: Pvx Seeking approval of a topic ($
Re: Windx over serial modem
Transfering files to a Windx pc...
Re: Grid, Retrieving Data
Re: *WISH* [Pvx] Is there a variable containing a list of open dialogues
File reads
Question regarding workstation update
JUL() function
'FMT for a Grid
MAI HIS Sale Is Off
Sending Hex codes to printers
*winqry and only 2 sort keys
File I/O Library Access From VB - Declarations
Grid Colours
Direxions 2000 - Earlybird deadline is tomorrow... Don't Forget!!
dSERVE Beta 2 Announcement
Happy Canada Day !!
Searching in a Drop Box
About exporting query panels
Hangs on Win NTnetwork
Microsoft e-mail security patch warning


exporting queries
programmer needs work
Re: problem Screen definition
DLL Questions
ODBC Setup
ODBC Drivers questions
Linux device driver
*OT* Just testing if this list is still alive
Simple Question - Last Day of Last Month?
WindX & Dual Monitors
Merging Programs
DEFPRT/MNEMONIC maximum lines
Month End Day
WebServer error msg
Upgrade question
AIX question
EW0783 Programmer/Analyst
EW0784 REMOTE ProvideX/FACTS Project
Excel 2000 and DDE
EW0785 IT Sales & Marketing Manager
Simple Question - Last Day of Last Month?]
Enter or Tab Keys in Nomads
Re: Merging Programs *OT*
PVX not finding _cmd programs
Re: Terminal beeps under FacetTerm vt100 emulation when running FACTS 6.07 and PVX
Renumbering functions breaks the code
Re: Terminal beeps under FacetTerm vt100 emulation when running FACTS 6.07 and PVX [repost as it apparently didn't make it to the list yesterday]
PVX not finding _cmd programs [repost as it apparently didn't make it to the list yesterday]
Windx at 38400
Re: PVX not finding _cmd programs]
Auto-sending e-mail with attachment
Copy files with PvX
Re: Is the list working today?
Insisting in MDIForms
tcpip - HELP!!!
Editor Problem?????
Setting the 'XT' Parameter.
Security under ProvideX
Latest PVRQ Enhancements
Limit on number of elements in a drop box
Loading an array with VIA
List Box - wierd behavior
EW0786 BBx P/A 6 month contract
EW0788 System/Application Intergrator Contract
WinNT File Locking
Embedded I/O
slow windx sessions
WindX Operator ID
Error 302 on Unixware
*OT* - accessing the Windows API
REC question
getting rid of the first form feed
Re: ]
File size limitations
ProvideX Release Announcement
Re Sending
New STRING Sizes
Starting new WindX sessions
New Version
ProvideX new release
MidWare Customers
startup process
If then "and"
How to find Primary key if reading by alternate
Skip 'CI' on panel field?
Panel Width
Tool tip
ODBC-SQL writing problem
Web Server
Database Transactions:
PVX v4.19y backwards compatibility
Windx hangs on 4.19y
Descending keys?
Protecting images (Off topic)
ProvideX, new release
Creating shortcuts
I need to read a bbx file
Hide the mouse cursor
Comments on ProvideX 4.19y
Version 4.19y
Re: PVX 4.20 - Viewer hangs server
How to find the network address of a link-file printer
Can't compress on SAMBA
Re: Comments on ProvideX 4.19y (Espro Evaluación)
Programa de demostracion
error 256
#/Work days
Number of work weeks in a date range
*it enhancement request
Re: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 09:45:28 -0500
Screen Positions
All who use Auto-Reply Features of their E-Mail
Seeking employment
Re: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 13:36:48 -0600
Multiple Providex Versions
For Sage Canada, ref Documentation
Re: 'BU' 'EU' 'BB' 'EB' Strange behavior
Conecting to a Unix Enviroment through ODBC
arrow keys
Weird printer behaviour
Error 107
TCP port selection/protection
Disable help function
Invoking ProvideX with a well specified pvx.ini
Line drop problems with WindX/Telnet.
What limits do multiple selection List Boxes have?
List Box multiple selection limit?
Masking multilines
My sincere apology
Color Mnemonics and Message Bar
FLCKREC SCO UnixWare parameter


How Use OCX
Debug - Number of Trace lines
Enter - Tab Problems
Program file becomes serial file ....
Does Anybody Want A Job In Rochester NY?
4.20 questions/web server
Performance with Serial Programs
Error 271
EW0792 Thoroughbred Basic P/A**
Re: Dr. Watson (NT)
MESSAGE, How to Use ????
Announcement - Trial Activation Keys for Add-on Packages
Re: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 12:50:40 -0500
LWD Question
Nomads display problem in 4.19z
Re: Problem with TIF file handling
Query Error 12 & Minimum Files
Image support - Nomads enhancement
No Tengo Conocimiento del PAKAGED
VB statements or methods comparable to PVX's VIA directive & EVS function.
smart lists
Spy Software - System Resource Usage
[NOCREATE] error..
Proceed With The Correct Function Key
Announcement: Summer ProvideX & NOMADS Training
Re: smart lists - Correction to previous
Civic Holiday
Los CD de PVX
Re: Spy Software - Freeware AdBot and Spyware detector
Email Utility
Auto Activate
Re: This is a test message
Function key load
help in *viewer*
Re: This is a test message- MORE INFO
*winproc questions..
GRID improvements
'OT' Desperately Need A Programmer!
Bitmap Button Support
ntslave/nthost and the internet
Wizards in Nomads
Menu for ProvideX
Job Opportunity in Dallas, Texas
Debugging PVX code
Printing to 8 1/2 X 14 (Legal Paper)
Can a "tool tip" in NOMADS be more than one line?
Re: [[Pvx] Menu for ProvideX]
OCX/COM/ActiveX via WindX
PVX mailing list problems?
WIn2000 problems with ~'s in file names and *NTSLAVE
need to read data with ODBC in UNIX
'PICTURE' to *memory*
ODBC connect string
weird statement??
4.20 on SCO leaves the terminal funny
intr signal doesn't get to child process
Re: Pvx PVX mailing list problems?
'Push' problem
Re: Pvx Pvx System ID
Error #17
Re: Pvx Re: Pvx Pvx System ID
Migrating from 4.03 to 4.12c
List Behavior???
Message repeats?
OT What's going on?
Error 278
Printer Interface
Re: Pvx Re: Pvx Re: Pvx Pvx System ID
Flicker in Fonted Text - Nomads development
Web Page
OT * The screwed up list
ot- now i'm getting messages from june
Second try (hope it will reach the list) Migrating fromk 4.03 to 4.12C
Replicating and reposted messages
Record busy and permissions
Web Question - Link to another page
Re: Record busy and permissions]
latest version and 'MoveWindow"
Which SQL database(s)
EW0795 BBx 12 month Contract
Windx & my firewall
Remote Rollout of PVX Updates
Instant Messaging
Picture Mnemonic, and Image Control
Error #100: No driver for terminal type or library missing
Business Basic Page - Status
Re: wish on grid
EW0798 Support Programmer
*WISH* RE: [Pvx] Error #100: No driver for terminal type or library missing
Nomads Centered panel displays one line below it should....
Re: Final release of 4.20?
*wish - Summary option on nomads library compare
Re: NFS filesystem, cannot open file
Error 100 when running 1280x1024 with a task bar at the side
NFS Problem...not a firewall after all
Write to IP Address Kills Task
Re: PDF file creation
Re: WindX and Citrix
List view back color problem in 4.20
Open Basic
Troubleshooting WindX start-up problem
Array Troubles
Scrollable Windows and MSE
Mail List problems??
How does one generate and error 0 on [wdx]lpt1?
How to find the width of a List_box column
Cuestion of (ESC)
Dropped characters using slave printers
Release 1.21 Of PVRQ
Error 0 with [WDX]LPT1
Authorization failure???
Re: [pvx] Authorization failure??
Menu system on Nomads
Frame Display
Re: io priorities
Re: Grid Question/Mouse Control
Error 32 when trying to add KNO= to WRITE RECORD
4.20 NT host, WindX connection dying
Wild Card
Re: Resizable/Auto-Scroll in Nomads 4.20
Adjust record size during program execution.
Re: server hog
Use WindX Menu options from Providex.
Re: Windx's keyboard buffer
Multi-line Append mode
Mail List Problem
Performance differences between CALLs, PERFORM/GOSUB, and Functions
Performance of SELECTs vs. READs
How to print Landscape & Portrait in same listing?
Group assignment in Nomads
Error #13 while using Shift F2
Menu Bar Definition in Nomads
Re: Web Server Operation
GRID ctl.font$
IT Starts Minimized
Nag Message
dde to exceute a macro
Nomads designer error
Copy files from/to Host and Client
What's the best conversion for this BBx code?
ODBC & Unix
file creation
Dynamic Array definition
lpg equivalent for performs
*DOC* KEYED and BSZ to get variable length records
How do I position a Dialogue window relative to the main window?
List colors
ddf file - odbc
Workstation setup: which DLL's?
*wish* WinPRT
CPU usage 100 percent
Bizarre list problem
EW0803 Core BBx Programmer


Taos to PVX conversion
Printer not finishing print job...
Shameless Promotion
Re: Troubleshooting WindX start-up problem]
*wish* - .wav files
EW0804 BBx P/A 6 month contract*
Re: Panel 'On Exit' Logic
How get size Image JPJ ??
Error in *win\scrsel Program
Activating 4.20 on Unix
Weird WIN 98 problem
Re: sql commands
spt- system performance tool
Error 100
record size expansion
Very weird start_up/spawn problem
Disabling a Dropbox
*Unrelated* Windows Printers
Macro from Windx
OT mailing list server software
Attributes vs Directives question
BBX Conversion of string with negative trailing sign
Can a *memory* file be multi-keyed?
Speedy loading of drop boxes
[PVX] FTP and PVX and UNIX .. lessons learned
Alt Key on Buttons
How use Password in Nomads?
Re:*OT* [Pvx] SELECT
*ot* name tags
4.20 - Missing Toolbar in Nomads
Re: *OT* DireXions
[*wish] nomad security
registered product
Call vs Perform
Re: AIX 4.3.3 F80
Select, iolist & *memory*
DDE "from" another application
Web server quirk
windx 4.20
Embedded I/O and REC= on reads and writes
DireXions Conference
PRE_CLOSE Embedded I/O Routine
Problem in Y2K Format YMD (Rush!)
Error 11 in TCP/IP
Resizing a tabbed folder in Nomads
Y2K In ODBC Driver?
Precision and ODBC
Re: Pvx DireXions Conference
Installshield Changes
Regarding the Report that wouldn't finish printing...
Disappearing data on tab control
Problems with nomads library Import/Export
How to load data into different tabs of a Nomads tabbed control
Bulk_edit doesn't work on ...
*ot*RE: [Pvx] Y2K In ODBC Driver?
When is REFRESH_FLG executed?
How to tab to the next control in Nomads
GUI Preview
SETESC oddity -- have to press ENTER after doing CTRL-C
Virus warning, Virus Warning, Virus Warning, Virus Warning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*ot* Re: [Pvx] Wish List
Re: Direxions 2000 -- TIME IS RUNNING OUT!
Nomads Auto-Close Files switch
Conversion programs For MAI 3000
EW0806 BBx Programmer Analyst
Tab order definition in Nomads
Link Files
Big Screen
Nomads 4.12C questions
PVRQ PowerPoint Presentation
Having Probelms Transfering programs from MAI 3000 to Providex
Mouse Events
Outlook and PVX
Outlook & Pvx
Bar code problem
Speed benchmarking with Crystal Reports
ProvideX under KDE or GNOME ?
Picture in DireXions 2000 ...
Excel and DDE
Re: Webserver "503 Service Unavailable"
Re: Automatisch antwoord bij afwezigheid: [Pvx] Select, iolist & *memory*
The frustrating folly of focus.
Re: Everybody Should Read This
HELP the best way to email out of windx into Outlook 98
Direxions page
Translation of PVX messages
[PVX] A/S 400 and PVX ?
*viewer.prg locking up system
Company # in ODBC driver/Single Crystal Report for multiple DSN's


Re: *OT* means "Off Topic" - You are not obligated to read it....
Re: *OT* Special Delivery - Announcing Kristopher Kevin Procter
Data Dictionary from flat file
Re: Special Delivery - Announcing Kristopher Kevin Procter
Re: *OT* @ Direxions?
*OT* Thanks all!
*OT* Trade Show Tips
*wish* .. LIST enhancements ?
*WISH* Dynamic property for listbox format
@ Direxions?
[PVX] *cmd ?
Re: [PVX]*wish* .. LIST enhancements ?
dSERVE release announcement
Trace question
Re: *OT*Right Mouse Button Handling
[pvx] "BEST" way to handle GLOBAL iolists
Caps Locking
HP Conflicts?
Printers Clients and Servers
ProvideX on Novell - Speed report
PVXNET Actualizado!!PVXNET Updated!!
Right Mouse Button Handling
Re: dom on open
[pvx] direxions
Re: ERR=0 WHIT [tcp]
function key definition
Need some Direxions info.
Print Speed
Regarding Caps Lock
*OT* Thanksgiving
Announcing PVRQ Ver. 1.22
PVX on Windows 2000
Thanksgiving Holiday
Front end panel submitting Character screen.
opt= in open stmt
*ot* Re: [Pvx] PCK and UPK
Re: Last week/Ultima semana
Dental Software
EW0811 Business Basic P/A*
PCK and UPK (Resolved I Think)
Problem with nomads
Re: SCSI ZIP Drive
*OT* Direxions & internet access
Data Dictionary Questions
DDE Excel
Grapical Units
Multi-line Query Question
Read data and where did I go wrong.
*OT* a new roller coaster to try while at Direxions...
*OT* DireXions Sybarites
Crystal any?
ERROR 12 running nomads
FR suffix in Nomads
Re: Graphical Units
MidWare & Direxions 2000
Read Data Again
*OT* DireXions Sybarites - Revisions
*winprt*/*windev* on Win 2000 Professional
EW0813 EDI Analyst/Technician
new e-mail address
ODBC Configuration
ODBC prefix list
Print to local file (A success story)
Problem whit Nthost/Ntslave
*OT* DireXions Sybarites - Update
menu Bar definition
Nomads Menu problem
OPEN INPUT on printers
Panels & security
Re: PVX Printer Baud rate setting
BITMAP Problem
Looking for a parameter.
Need a parameter.
It is resolved ........ Urgent-Nomads Problem
Multiline problem
Printing Bar Codes
Urgent-Nomads Problem
Ask for informations / Demande d'informations
*OT* Hex editor
Abort Printing
Problem to Use Email package 20001
*OOPS* object'* broken?
*OT* - Email Fax Service
*winprt* and page ranges
Radio buttons & windx & netmeeting & timing problems
Re: *OT* [Pvx] Executes
*OT* RE: [Pvx] Executes
*WISH* RE: [Pvx] *NOM* Folders within Folders?
*NOM* Folders within Folders?
Re: *ODB* Performance improvements when using burst mode & dirty reads
barcodes on HP2100
Re: DireXions On Study (DOS)
Explorer Incident Tracking System
Explorer Software Work Order/Incident Tracking
Mag Card Reader/Writer
Re: To mike king From Dominican Republic
*OT* Directions 2000
*OT* DireXions 2000
*OT* Direxions Info
Re: *OT* DireXions On Study (DOS)
*OT* Executes
*OT* Good Job to the Pvx group
[PVX] *OT* Direxions comments
Cursor in character programs.
Data Dictionary,,any quick ways ?
Deleting Items From a List_View
Error 0 on call to "*web/email"
EW0815 IT Contract Programmer*
How to open a file remote
Mouse Aware Character Sc
Re: Error 0 on call to "*web/email" - RESOLVED
PCL5 Bar Code
Printer Detection
Pvx Mouse Aware Character
Re: Pvx Mouse Aware Character Sc
Re: XREF listing for perform and gosub
Trouble with activating email toolkit
Re: *OT* [Pvx] javx
*NEXT+1 logical statement label
*OOPS* renaming Classes
'BX' parameter
Contract or full time programmer available
Excel DDE Oddity
looking for PVX medical package
maximizing panels
PVX Shuting Down
Web Server/CGI Programming
[pvx] documentation question
[PVX] How to : Insert a REMARK into the next N lines quickly
[PVX] is POS on STRING ARRAY possible ?
*OOPS* Class Definitions
*OT* Direxions Sites
*OT* Video???
Cannot compress on a dot-matrix
Declaring constant variables
Re: FW:
Pvx *OT* Direxions
starting a windows application from providex
TMS Variable
Using expressions in VIA's
*OT* Vegas PIX - Stratosphere
4.2 panel resizing
creating a dictionary file
IF Function?
serial file question
WINPRT_SETUP READ returns previously selected printer name when Default selected


Child Window/Mouse problem
flmaint/windx question
Re: Problem with *IT Program
Running Pvx Program using Windows NT AT service
serial question - thanks to all that replied
Re: *OT*[Pvx] *it Easter egg????
*it Easter egg????
Next CTL ID?
Some more OOP questions ...
Start Webserver Automatically
Re: Why ^?
Windx, Telnet and a shell prompt
unformatted email

[tcp] Tag - misc questions
Calling a program from *nthost to *ntslave
Re: Function keys depends on login
Runconfig in webserver
Composite string errors
*OT* K-tags
Agent Training
Agent Training Program
Corrected 4.95 for testing oops stuff
Example Program for using MS Agent
Merging to tables
Webserver high cpu cycles
WebServer problem with %exit_code
Re: *OT*[Pvx] Example Program for using MS Agent
*bug* pvx console creeping up the screen
*OT* A safe world for us Luddites
*OT* Agents
Corrected 4.95 for testing oop
Next Providex Release
Object-oriented programming
Problem de transfert de fichiers / A tous les gurus de provideX
Fun Facts on DireXions
Query and the beast.
Windx parameter setting
Arabic fonts
Directory Selection from GET_FILE_BOX
Dynamic Query
LWD for a Windx Client
MSG(-1) Question
ODBC File Open question
Re: ODBC File Open question - Error S1090
Query Return Value
using *cmd's in *it
*OT* Flowchart program integration into Providex
Firewall/VPN question
Re: Invisible characters
How does PSZ work?
How to setup default gray background?
Page Up & Page Down
pvx unix download file
Shipping Control Software
Starting Providex
Array assignments...
Max file size
New 4.95 executable ...
Re: Continuing ODBC problem - solution
*OT* Area Code 809 warning..
Area code 809 scam confirmed
Class Definition question.
CRPE32.DLL and Crystal Reports
EW0814 Programmer / Analyst
How I Can make Icon from Providex
Latest version for Red Hat 5.2 ?
Nomads - Grid Alignment default
Problem with MSE
SSL and Web Server
web server and CPU
*C problem
*Wish* for 4.21 release
A Grid Problem
Copy Nomads Panels
Dictionary Location
Error 46 at line 5170 in program *win/define
EW0818 Thoroughbred Contractor
Integration with Microsoft Office
Key information in ODBC files
Winsock error 10022 when starting *nthost
*ODB* - The DESC= option in the ini file for the fields
*ODB* Max length of Column Definitions
Re: *OT* Area code 809 scam confirmed
*OT* PCL References
[PVX] comm port settings
Cheque Printing
Clearing Dictionary Created files
Re: Oneliner to check if a all the characters in a string are within a certain range
*DLL* - access to constants available in the DLL?
Re: comm port settings
Direxions CD/Binder orders
*WISH* - Excluded Comments
*OT* OO Programming humor..
*OT* Server Backups
About Windows Icon
Bar codes in Pvx
Client-Server ODBC
Re: image display using jog files
image display using jpg files
OS Question
Training - Courses Scheduled for 2001
Windows 2000 & printing question
*OT*-Happy Thanksgiving!
Re: IOR() multiple values...
Select Statement
SYSTEM_HELP error branching
Unix Forms Printing
*OT* Back to the future
[*OT*] happy thanksgiving
Bug with Null's in parameters to MSG() function
drop box logic
Installation PVX Problem
List problems again?
Re: ODBC performance Suggestion
ODBC performance, PVRQ, and ini files
ODBC write error
Program Already Running?
*ODB* Client/Server and debug file
.iwz for ProvideX 4.2
Time Out In Nomads
*udp - error 47 in 4.20 utilities
Slow weekend?
Utilities - directory view/print...
Radio_button in Nomads
*ODB* Client/Server version over a WAN
Basis Data Dict to ProvideX Data Dict Converter
E-Mail to Program
E-Mail to Program Replies
Error 8
Re: Job Streamer/MACRO Manager
Nomads Query
VPN and Windx
Error 0 in *windx.utl
Grid and Check Boxes
Shared PC's
*DLL* curious when doing a ?DLL() from command line
*DLL* Reference unnamed function names
*OT* VB syntax question... &H1& - hex?
*OT* You Asked for it Linda - latest baby pix
*WISH* for *it - long comment lines to be wrapped
4.21 delivery?
Dynamic Properties
GPF's selecting printer
Graphics to a printer
Information about JavaX
JPG Images on Citrix
Using an INVOKE and redirecting the output to a text file
write to SQL table
Subject: [Pvx] Job Streamer/MACRO Manager
*DLL* more *winapi additions
*OOP* Syntax error on Function Statement
*winapi - GetWindowText
*WISH* *WEB* Restart Button
data conversion help
Diagnostic tool?
ODBC error when starting Host
Re: Program Already Running? - DLL stuff
Special December PVRQ Program


*OT* - Network architect needed
Re: *OT* *DLL* more *winapi additions
Re: Diagnostic tool? how does LINE_SWITCH work???
dialogue box options
Full Screen client area
Re: JPG Images in 256 colour
Re: OPEN (X)"[TCP]
UFAR Utility
Web and IP Addresses
Writing to a DBIII file
PVX : "best" WNT configuration for PVX ?
Re: Utilities - directory view/print...]
4.21 readme - hDC
4.21 release
Buttons on Query Screen
dde & excel 2000
demo activation
error 117 "invalid segment number"
Re: How do I resize a folder (tab) control when designing a Nomads pa nel?
Off-topic: Near new hardware for sale
sample email command line
*wish* JPG Images in 256 colour
*WISH* Sort option on Smart Listboxes
[PVX] sample email command line
Cookies - HELP!!
Dual Networks:How to install WDX on WNT ?
Using Date Function to calcualte ageing dates
Windx's working directory getting changed
*wish* Web Server
4.20 windx to 4.12c linux & releasing spawns - somesort of bug ?
Adding information to the *NTHOST/*NTSLAVE Title bar
Error 86
File Corruption help ...
Programmers available
*viewer* and default fonts
ANNOUNCEMENT: ProvideX v4.21 Release Announcement
Bitmap printing in 4.21
Colours on Citrix Terminal Server
Converting from Microshare Basic
Re: Pvx File Corruption help ...
setting baud rate
*wish* WindX
FIN (0) error
help printing
Apple WindX?
How-to or wish, depending: Field length within a composite string
Flush Print Buffer
Multiline Enhancement - Where is it at in Nomads?
Strange? providexact.exe?
*WISH* - NOMADS query
Developer package activation keys
How to get client_ip_address ?
Installation PROBLEM PROVIDEX AND AIX need help
INVOKE & the resulting windows Handle or PID
Memory File problem
Outlook and chr(13)
RE ..never mind .Help for HOST CONNECTION TIMEOUT..
Re: Nthost\Ntslave whit modem
Select Performance when using file channel vs. opening the file
WindX through firewalls
*WISH* Keyed File Errors over a Windx Connection
4.21 performance
Crc errors need help
Embedded I/O Key Number
Embedded I/O Use
File Opened Question
MAI conversion: how to print prenumbered checks
Shared Printer problem
Re: XML question
RE:[Pvx] XML question
Easier Way to move between recd$ and iol
How to change color in BUTTON?
Re: Programmer available
PVRQ Release 1.30
Very Important *OOP question I should have asked already
*WISH* Webserver raw html
[DDE] over Windx
Grid Alignment
Re: HOW TO invoke system command in windows
How to print bold text ?
HTML Page created use Web/Merge Utility
Illegal operation / Invalid page fault
MAI conversion: print prenumbered checks ?
Nomads app on Win2000 Terminal server
Pvx MAI conversion: print prenumbered
*OT* Release Announcement
Automated PVX Activation
Change Size of Diplay in *.avi
Load passworded program with *it
MAI Conversion...which windows O/S ?
SQL Server MDAC 2.5?
*OT* HTML Message
[pvx] excel access more more info
[pvx]Negative controls CLREOL
File resize utility wanted
Re: Printer goes offline...
MAX() and ODBC
ODBC - file locks
WindX Closing
Disabling fields in File Maintenance
File Maintenance - Dropbox not capturing the default value unless field is stepped through
First Screen
Invalid Argument
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