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Nomads Script File Playback?
Array arithmetics
Y2K Already?
Form Feed when close channel under winprt/windev
Linux Console Drivers
AIX 4.3.2 vs ProvideX Problems
Wyse 60 Driver
*WISH* Select do an EXTRACT
Direxions - The Sage ProvideX Technical Conference
MAS90 level to to level 3
list boxes
LIST_BOX Caused "Program Performed An Illegal Operation" under WIN98
Direxions Sessions
*wish* UFC to copy data dictionary
Property Management Software
Why can't I?
Re: Why can't I?]
INVOKE WAIT "cu dialout"
PICTURE on fax
Re: *nthost
Search Bug
PRINT 'SHOW'(-1) Bug
Weird Screen Clear in Window
Using Crystal Reports with ProvideX Files
Bug IF then ++A
Facet Term users - PVX number of users record count
Rotated Fonted Text....
File Sizes, space reuse, etc.
Error 15
Use of analyse systems
[PVX] Questions on slave printing program
I must be loosing it
exit button
Ghost Radio Buttons
Network Associates Warns of Virus
*NTHOST/*NTSLAVE console refresh
Re: *wish* - Dynamic primary window
Re: Converting from BBx to ProvideX
*WISH* for the lister
Decimals in ODBC
Tab/Folder Problem
*WISH* for the lister]
Re: DTE( and fractional dates
Help please
printing FORMS < 8 x 11
*WISH* - Rotated Fonted Text & NOMADS...
Re: Printing Forms less than 8 x 11
*WISH* - Window title change
Reconstuct File
ProvideX record terminators
CHUI based Genysy 2000
Loaded Function Key values
Re: [[Pvx] Loaded Function Key values]
Re: DLL´s tales
Update on function keys
A problem with INVOKE WAIT
F5 key
DTE( and fractional dates]
Windows CE?
INI files
Pvx Windows CE?
VFP 5.0 with Providex ODBC Driver
Direxions Conference Update
Printer Mnemonics from WindX
Install Heads Up
Need help with jumpto
compare to a file
How It Works
Warranty & Y2K
Escape Not Honored
Embedded Basic
Macintosh drivers
Tab Sequence
Formatted Lister Error
Speed concerns of TBL()
Intermet/Norand Unit?
Re: That Magic number
Run "[WDX
tbred to pvx help
*WISH* Input validation failure message suppress
*WISH* String based Case Function
NOMADS Problem - 40 Variables Only?
Re: *WISH* String based Case Function]
How do you turn images off and on in Nomads?
NOMADS Problem - 40 Variables Only?]
Point Of sale
Background process
[PVX] EURO trouble
Push Buttons
ODBC Won't Load
ODBC Did Load
Dial up networking box pops up when launching MAS90cs client
ODBC Drivers
Another Direxions Update
Millennium delayed one year
Handshake on COM ports
Pvx Handshake on COM ports
INVOKE Genetaes ERROR 12
Record extracts
Discussion, Please!
Session count with WindX & *ntslave?
Re: Record extracts]
Recovering Empty file space
MAS90 ProvideX ODBC and Table Names containing A "/" Character
Discussion, Please!]
A Better Way?
Re: Pvx Pvx Handshake on COM ports
FIDs on UNIX - Gord???
Re: ODBC Doc
Nomads question ?
servany.exe and WindX
Re: Pvx Re: Pvx Pvx Handshake on COM p
A Company in Toronto is look for PVX Programmers
Using DLL's with ProvideX
No Direxions for MOI
Printing graphics
Re: VBX's in PVX
Inteface to Nomads
Re: Pvx RE: VBX's in PVX
Re:UNFORM, et al.
*Wish* - Named Procedures
Significant Characters
Re: *Wish* - Expand Program Size & Variable Size
One more Millenium Note
Slow Initial Panel
Disabled controls
Nomads beginners question
Printing to UNIX Spooler
Re: Named Procedures
Re: Named Procedures]
Printing ?
*WISH* RE: [RE: [Pvx] Named Procedures]
Printing to Terminal
SYS (Invoke Operating System Command)
Add Tab Stops?
*WISH* - SAVE & Text Files
Enter vs Tab
Re: Named procedures (lobbying effort)
Named procedures (lobbying effort)]
HELP - GPF Pvxwin 16 Bit Novell/Win98 Systems
WindX for .EXE's ?
HELP - GPF Pvxwin 16 Bit Novell/Win98 Systems]
[PVX] Viewer Updates
OPEN on NFS disk
Anyone have Viewer tools examples??
Can Viewer call w/'setup' ???
'frame' with Nomad
Formatted IOLISTs
pvhlp402.exe on NT SP4
Re: Can Viewer call w/'setup' ??? *wish*
'LP' and 'SP' mnemonics
PVKIO libraries and PVX_remove
GET_FILE_BOX local/host problems
Re: 'frame' with Nomad *wish*
Office 2000 - Last Call - FYI
Discussions & Jihads
*WISH* - User Defined Procedures (Named Procedures - Revised)
GBL Error
Cursor in SU
BB programmers wanted
Linux GUI


Re: GPP on printer open
PVX 4.03
Panel Copy
Slave Printers
Re: Email Copy
*WISH* al la MID(
Re: *WISH* al la MID(]
Re: *WISH* al la MID(]]
linux gui ii
Re: Pvx *WISH* al la MID(
Minimizing a window....
Document (Scanned) Management
NOMAD_TIMEOUT and *ntslave
Re: [[Pvx] Re: Re: Pvx *WISH* al la MID(]
Negative CTL Values
Report Generation Software
Sage acquiring Peachtree
Report generator
*WISH* angle with FONT
Direxions Update
Problem with WindX / NT
Windx "Start denied status=OK" message
LIST_BOX Read Function
Communicating with background task
Bubble Jet problem with NT
FFN Questions
Re: WYSE 370
CTL Codes
ODBC Error
Redefine CTL Codes
Runaway WindX process NT system
NT Process Tuning Utility
FROB Setting Info
NT Remote Control - Using your browser
SRT function
Optimal Strategy, Please
NT & ProvideX
Paging the Horse's Mouth
Re: Pvx Paging the Horse's Mouth
[PVX] and NT Terminal Server
Err 65 in *viewer
List Box Read Function
OBTAIN unexpected result
[*Tech*] data dictionary
Window Background
ascii sequence
Print Columns
Xterminals/diskless workstations
Print 'text' command problem
PVX ODBC ans SQLserver 7.0
Status Bar messages
[wdx][odb] error 13 on write
Multipurpose Query?
Query Width
Cursor for background processing
[wdx][odb] err 15 on write
Re: Multipurpose Query?]
Run lpstat -t commands in windX
Adding sort option
Removing records from multi-keyed file....
Select and Sort by
*Wish SEP= in REC()
Query Options
Re: [[Pvx] *Wish SEP= in REC()]
ODBC Connection to Excel
Multiple *WISH* list...
Wish list (My version)
copy in win98/95
colors or colours
Re: Pvx Wish list (My version)
*WISH* Ascii sort sequence
Wish Lists
Basic for Windows CE
Interesting interview with C++ creator
Pvx modem
Embedded IO Procs
*DATE - Date Validation Subprogram
Wish List -- Dictionary Physical File Path
memory file
Source Code maintainence
Does it exist?
Tour Guides
windX 'CP' @() > 128
Re: Pvx Tour Guides
Re: Happy99
Re: Queries and Data Dictionaries
Windows NT workstation
Print from query
Progress Meter
Unix Previewer
*viewer enhancement
managing the pvx mailing list/ Outlook
Multiple field load
One more wish
Unanswered mail
Re: Font for windx printer on a network
Programmer Openings
World's Smallest Web Server
function key ctl values
DOS ProvideX - Slow?
Re: managing the pvx mailing list/ Outlook <junk>
Hardware Formula for ProvideX
Genysys 2000 for Providex
4.03 on NT
Why were all here ...
Sharing of Knowledge
Re: *T&T* - Screen Savers
Re: UNC printers
Syntax of "--"
AIX 4.3.2 Telnet sessions and ProvideX
Any superior soul ...
*WISH* more OBJ() info
Direxion Conference Update
Wierd behavior printing to a SCO spooled printer...
Re: Weird behavior printing to a SCO spooled printer...
Error installing Linux version
Simple UNIX ?
Re: mouse
Speed issue with *MEMORY* files
**OPEN.FLE on WindX
importing ascii files
Panel Menu
Re: Cute
Zoekt personeel
Re: Panel Menu]
Selected Text vs. Append Text on a Multiline when using an Alt-Key
Line Label (LL) Utility
EXECUTE directive . .
Employment opportunity
Wyse60 emulation
Linux terminal drivers, telnet clients, etc.
convert old tbd files to providex
[PVX] How to kill a ProvideX session on Windows ?
UNIX Core files
Avoiding Error 5
[PVX] Installing *NTHOST as a service
Printers on Unix Servers
Speed issues - Windx vs BBx
MSCLIENT documentation


WindX Panel Generation problem
NTHOST as service
Linux Serial Printers
Re: [[Pvx] Linux Serial Printers]
Tab Key with MultiLines
Columns / Rows in chui windows
Openport & Linux
Multiline Format Mask
Date & Time Stamps
F10/Button focus
Crystal reports
Re: JOBOP Site Manager
What's wrong here?
Start-Up Icon
odbc? We got it
Providex File IO Libraries
Apple MacIntosh/PowerPC OS/8
Conversion problem
Hang After 49.7 Days
Special Characters in Multiline
Re: PVX Beta
I/O Error
wyse60 and slave printing in unix
What am I doing wrong Now??
What am I doing wrong now?
Re: Programmer Exchange
I/O Files
I/O/ file sorry
query in nomads with I/O files problem
[PVX] Slave printers on Windows
Query with File Maintenance
BBX Conversion Options
Direxions: Important Registration Update
Ctl value of a control on a PANEL
ODBC info
Bad Backspace
On the list again...
Coast Watchers Wanted
IC Verify
Re: Pvx Coast Watchers Wanted
Pvx IC Verify
What's in a Grid, Anyway
Opening wdx program
Re: Direxions - Question
*WISH* *wingrp and remembering
What's in a Grid, Anyway?
Providex Web Server in Action
Major webserver issue
Re: DireXions - SAGE
Re: [PVX] Major Webserver Issue
Shades of Mohammed Ulysses Phipps!
Direxions Question
Defctl -1999=4
Why does this happen?
More weird things with functions
Another Direxions Question
Re-installing PVX 4.0.2/SCO Unix
Conversion Issues
FM update?
Whiny little ol' me
FFN ( and case
BBX String Templates
Informix + ProvideX data sharing
Passing raw data through WINPRT
What sessions need laptops?
Answers to Direxions Questions
First Dibs
Custom Icon
*WISH* Mixed Case Variables
DLL Compiler
stack problem
Thanks for a great conference!
Small option select utility
My 1st 4.10 question
Re: Slow on NT Network
Re: System question
Re: Some doubts ...
Re: Interfacing with WordPerfect
Attachment worm
How to prevent users accessing anything else besides Windx
Multi-Edit use
Re: [[Pvx] Wheel Mouse] More problems
Warning to pass along READ IMMEDIATELY!
Can´t CP under NT
DireXions sleepwalkers
Nomads Global variable problem
Great Conference
Good Conference
Query mind Questions
Running a PVX program from MS Access
Error 262 on a PURGE
Windx talking to the MSCDEX driver
ODBC and Dates
Web server issues - was Re: [Pvx] Direxions
NOMADS folder control
Accessing the "Regional Settings" under windows
ODBC access to pvx from Access - a caveat
Listview, extended options?
pvx set up help needed
4.03 WindX
Program Compare
Fax Modem Routines
Dial up TCP/IP protocol
Custom Query from a multi line
*WISH* Winproc & DEFCTL -1999
*web/cookie parameters
Still waiting for a reply - client waiting ...
[BB] Re: [Pvx] Fax Modem Routines
How to: Draw a frame on top of a dialogue box
*WISH* Panel level security
Error 40 in *viewer*
Windows printing with proportional font's and numerics
HP Printer problems
Re: Web server issues - Pricing
Re: Web server issues - was Re: [Pvx] Direxions]
File transfer between WindX and Server.......
Re: ftp]
Re: HP Printer problems]
Another PVX Webserver in Action
Show Fonted Text Control?
Webserver price et all
*wish* Keyboard Shortcut conflicts between Menu and Panel Controls; Panel Control should receive signal.
Window back/foreground colours using RGB
wish bulk-edit
Progress bar control
Re: *wish* bulk-edit
more HP problems
A fun day in printer land Chapter 2
PVX - start_up - Novell print queues
Colors on a Multi-Line
DIM'ing strings for list_box loads
Palms and Plaudits
Let's All Talk It Over
Bad File Number
Web server pricing
*WISH* suppress validation failure message
PDF documentation
positioning 'picture'
Numeric values in fixed length fields
Re: Numeric values in fixed length fields]
New SCO config?
Re: Pvx Let's All Talk It Over
Printer Escape Sequences
Slave Printing
Cached Programs
Tiered ODBC INI file approach
Error 42 while processing String Arrays - SCO 5.0.4 & PVX 3.54
Problems with DEF FN
Array of composites
Conversion to pvx for the first time
Re: Pvx RE: Conversion to pvx for the
Re: Availability List from ECI Inc.
*CMD utilities
Dropbox Question
Accessing NT via AIX
Weird File names
getting function keys to work in 6.7
Other Platforms
nomads theory
Grid selections
New install : Printer problem on SCO/PVX
Re: nomads theory]
Keyboard functionality
Use of query for a multi-line control
Columns in list_box load
Web Server vs Apache
Re: getting function keys to work in 6.7]
new area code in Arizona
Converting to PVX for the first time
"BEST" way to port Tbred to Pvx ?
Conversion to pvx for first time
Getting UID from WindX Session
Treeview & Nomads


Conversion to pvx - WORKS
Re: Passthrough to Printer on IBM 3151
Termcap equivalent in pvx
Windx vs Procomm
how do i....
Windows desktop dimensions
Re: Pvx[DOS] ?
Global function
ERROR : core dump on 'WINDOW'
NOMADS issue 4.03
Re: Pvx DOS ?
Re: ERROR : core dump on 'WINDOW' an example
Last question
IBM3151 Driver
Windx over serial
*Unrelated* Gas Out on April 30, 1999
Treeview problems
two cents
Warning IE 5 Users
STOP PRESS : GAS price hike to reduce MAS90 sales
Re: Providex sales slump after US gas price hike
Looking for People
Interfacing with a Web page
Error 63 running from NFS drive
How To: Create a spinner control
Buttons on panels not using message library reference in 4.10
PROCESSing a panel with a dimensioned variable
link file
Re: two cents & FACTS
Business Basic Mailing List
Changing the WindX signon script for Unix
Dropping Character Base MAS90 - Final Chapter
FacetTerm and WindX
Re: list box in folder
SQL Connection
Dissappearing Lines
Get Directory/Multiple Files
Re: Get_Directory_box?]
'IMAGE' changes the current font ?
Inward Bound prep
WINDX hangs
Program Cache
Creating SQL Tables
Opening and Reading BBX File
ProvideX ODBC API Access
Showing BMP in WindX
Function Keys (again)
The printer hp695C problem
Exit from a select/next record loop
Pvx Function Keys (again)
'FT' parameter
Starting windx w/o help option
Nomads 32K limit on ListBoxes
Trailing Numeric Sign and ODBC INI Files
TCP Connection Paramaters
Error 80 with SQL Prefix File
String stuff
Re: [[Pvx] Function Keys (again)]
Thoroughbred conversion problems .. memory dumps
GBL - Invalid argument
GBL Invalid
Button Control Value
install direxions cd
set_focus 0 and the validator
Emulation BBX control & function keys
Re: Message Turn-Around Time
List Box - On Select logic
Crystal Reports - ODBC problem
Version Number
Putting a '&' in control expression
[*Tech*]Pvx Windx under X-windows
Text Programs
ODBC & NFS - 2nd try
Special Request
Interesting crash
Printing Problems
Pvx Printing Problems
Re: Pvx Windows desktop dimensions
Construction Industry Applications
Problems with List View in 4.10
Programmer's Drinking Song...
pretty listings
Different Printing Problems
get_file_box options
Point size in pvx.ini
ETC'99 European Conferences
Re: Pvx Printing Problems]
Insert mode
BBx to PVX File conversion on a PC
Multiple Message Libraries
Error 0 on SAVE
Direxions 99 CD ODBC Error
*WISH* Program Search on Printer
WindX printing problem
Re: Pvx Windows desktop dimensions]
Errors with SQL
Error 0 on SAVE - Correction
[BB] [Pvx] Team Business Basic RC5-64 Cracking Effort
Team Business Basic RC5-64 Cracking Effort
'me','mn' and defctl
Re: [PVS] Error 0 on SAVE
Data Dictionary Installation
Use of SEP in Multi-Column List Boxes
[BB] [Pvx] Team Business Basic
Team Business Basic
Hyperlink from NOMADS
*WISH* - invoke *it in Data Classification Maintenance
Small problem with *it
Sizing your application
Re: Need Help Filling you Business Basic Positions?
Intro.To ProvideX Training
ALt-key's on Buttons with no text
Speedier select's on non-normal data
Re: GAS OUT 1999 Don't buy gasoline on Friday, April 30, 1999!
Re: Speedier select's on non-normal data and a *WISH* : SELECT RECORD/NEXT RECORD
ODBC question
Screen problems with SCO 5.0.5
Special file creation requirement
Re: DG/UX Install
Error=46 in trying to build panel
Re: Speedier select's on non-normal data and a *WISH* : SELECT
Nomad Inquiry ERR=46
Error 46 in Nomads
bbX4 conversion problem
Re: Graphical Formats
Direxions CD
Process number of Invoke
Everything you wanted to know about IP addressing (but were afraid to ask)
Re: [BB] Intro.To ProvideX Training
ODBC API & ProvideX
Windows knows which application to use. Can PVX use the same trick?
"PRECISION" problem converting from bbx4
Activation Key for 32-bit on NT4
How To: Hide a dialog box
SQL stored proceedures
PVX & AT command
*WISH* - ODBC API Enhancements
Re: Single character field entry define
Re: AS400 - OS/400??
wyse 60 terminals
Permanent activations
write record(0)
Mulit-keys and performance
Cursor on check box
PVX Internet
Looking for a Contract Programmer
Query Object Missing?
Re: Pvx AS400 - OS/400??
*winprt* link files on network printers - Host and slave
FFN() and the Message library
KEC Question
Re: [[Pvx] FFN() and the Message library]
Re: Virus Alert]
Re: Virus Alert] - Hoax
ProvideX vs. VB 5 / 6
Work Station Setup 32.
Re: Pvx FFN() and the Message library
*OT* Internet domain names
Pvx ProvideX vs. VB 5 / 6
ODBC and Crystal
Re: Pvx Pvx ProvideX vs. VB 5 / 6
Why This Way?
Re: Pvx RE: Pvx Pvx ProvideX vs. VB 5
ODBC, DD, Printer, USB, etc...
WindX and DDE
Vaguely PVXish
Conversion, pro5 to pvx
Substring x$(0,0)
Background Processes
port number with windx
Horizontal scroll bar on a list box
Re: Why This Way?]
Error 0
Parameter 'SB'
Wyse slave printing
Re: Pvx Why This Way?
Modem and WindX
ADO support for ProvideX
Conversion pro5 to pvx
Am I getting to the list?
Re: Modem and WindX]
Re: [[Pvx] Conversion pro5 to pvx]
serial with [wdx]
*Wish* Nomads Library Compare File Dump
Job Opportunities at ProvideX
Remote GUI connection on Unix
ERROR 1 with memory file
ADO - Stats
Funny key with *memory*
*WISH* Numeric array functions
Insert and Delete keys in FACTS
Printing Graphic Screen
NT overload
WindX help
Multi-User File Access


Something to Read
*OT* Problems with K-Tags
Re: *OT* Something to Read
Re: [[Pvx] NT overload]
ODBC driver error
CANON LBP-4 Printer
Bar codes / Hotel management (Front office)
Nomads element attributes
Conversion - BACKGROUND "PGM"
MAI Basic Contractor - 6 month
3 Month Contract Sr. ProvideX /MAS90 P/A
Validation help
Server will be down
Global functions
How do I detect if PgDn was pressed on a last item in a listbox
NOMADS on-exit logic
Program End/Release
DLL Versions, etc....
BBx Contractor 2 Months.
Missing Mail
Cheque(Check) Printing
Program editor woes
Direxions Tapes
Error 12 in *_wdxopn.fle
Error 12 - Bitmaps
leggo mi panel
Documentation on the 'CHN' function
New Version of the ProvideX Language Reference Manual Available
Re: [[Pvx] Documentation on the CHN function]
Documentation on the CHN function
FID(0) through WindX
Program Compare Duplicates
How to disable title bar but still use ALT-keys
SYSTEM_HELP with local files with IE 4.0
New Documentation
Will *UFC allow UNC File names?
Meaning of NBF=
UNC names and *UFC
WindX sessions on NT Server not shutting down....
Re: ODBC Help
Re: read *memory* file using SELECT
Pvx Program Compare Duplicates
Business Basic Programmer - WI
Re: Job
Printer on NT Install
[PVX] WindX sessions on NT Server not shutting down
*win commands
read *memory* file using SELEC
Variable Naming Function
ODBC Speed
Re: $8A$ and data conversion
Calendar code
Re: Help in manuals
Odd "Rounding" Behaviour
Re: Odd
Re: Different WindX Sessions
Free Windows Setup Program
Multi keyed files
wy 60 keyboard help needed
error 29
local arrays
Windx MessageBar
what version supports formatted list boxes
OPEN LOCK failure
NTHOST/SLAVE and Comport
Slave with Expanded print
UWIN - Unix Shell for Windows
formatted list_box
SCO, HP170X and Providex.
LPG global variable not set
scroll mouse
*return usage
break in Windx
HP Driver
BCA in Vegas (off topic)
email into database
Re: Fri, 14 May 1999 19:17:43 -0400
The TBL() function cont...
The 'TU' Parameter
The *cmd/command feature
Thanks for your help : [Pvx] wy 60 keyboard help needed
How to use a pc's printer ?
Seeking help
Public calendar program
Global Multiline Functions
Panel refresh
Calendar program
nthost -VS- windx.utl
Slow list? - OT post re: starwars to get some posts
ODBC and licenses
Joy's of ODBC
List Box Highlight
OT Johny B Good by Chuck Berry
Intro To ProvideX Training
Viewer question
Re: Slow news day
Unix or NT Server
DG/UX ProvideX Version
A few issues...
Re: *WISH* / Viewer
Re: mailing list vs. bbs
two functions
Some corrections/enhances to LV
For Terry Bauer
CALL & RUN tales
Providex initialization box
mailing list vs bbs
Pvx on Linux
Re: Pvx two functions
Re: Pvx mailing list vs. bbs
Windx - graphics change position after . . .
ODBC Documentation
ProvideX and SendMessage
Functions in the winqry
*WISH* RE: [Pvx] ODBC INI files
OT "How about it?"
Drivers for Wyse 370 Terminals
Remote control issues
msvcrt*.dll missing?
Re: [[Pvx] OT How about it?]
Re: [[Pvx] Remote control issues]
Passing Data
BB programmers
Re: Functions in the winery
E-commerce Package in Providex.
permanent key
Re: Pvx Functions in the winqry
OCX Controls done also?
Nomads question
Feel free to listen to Johny B Good
Bollixed Up
unix permissions on files
Re: DG/UX ProvideX Version [TRS-80]
*WISH* / Windx
Control focus
Re: pvx unix permissions solved
Compiled HTML help
genicom 4490xt printer problems
Re: *viewer* problem
return value after ending a panel
ProvideX 4.02 under Open Linux 2.2
OT New Job! <BBG>
'No record locks available' message on FIND
Help required
Re: SQL server login fails
SQL Delete Query
Can't find shift-Fuction keys in Linux
Isolating problems
WindX, GUI,performance change
Re: Providex DDE >> Cheyenne Faxserver
Is this a problem in WindX ?
ABS and Precision
Activation key problems on Novell
Panel/Library Design
windx thru the web
Just curious
'Lock file' functionality
Termcap "xa" capability
*wish - revised
Data dictionary bug
Error 43 on P:"$$$$$,$$$.00CR"
Win NT 4.0 BackOffice Small Business Server
Looking for an EDI package
Base window positions
*WISH* Copy & Paste
Window minimize/restore miscalculation
sco - pvx - printer : how to isolate the problem
Multi-Line Functions
Slow PVX on DG/UX
Show & Refresh
How to you do?
Re: *WISH* Copy & Paste (re-phrased)
w32.chi virus


PRECISION - Correction
Re: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 13:28:51 +0300
Reading Registry Entries
Registry Question...
Drop Box
Expanded Print on a Laser
Problem when Opening sharenames in C/S environment
Multi Column List Box question
TraceWindow size
Control properties
conversion error
EDI Programmer
Slow mail from interlog Re: [Pvx] Intro To ProvideX Training
Registry Access
First time Windx install.....oops
Windx Slow on a 486?
lList Box reload
Tech Support / GPF Problem
Scrollbar's are going to a second window
GPF/err=49. Labels starting with fn..$
Timing issue with listbox fmt$ attribute setting
*WISH* *viewer*
Tab from a radio button
Machine hangs on Exit
'picture' and *winprt*
NOVICE windx : error 12's ...
Web Site Design
SLOW e-mail
Lost E-Mail
*WISH - I think
Re: Team Business Basic ranked 100th in the world yesterday at
How do you do ????
NT Screen SAver
little known computer languages
Locked multi-lines and colour attributes
4.03d Documentation
ODBC & Reserved variable names?
Looking for a workaround
DDF Reference NUmbers
Fill Function
SYSTEM_HELP question
CTRL Key and WindX
One more try
Re: One more try HP Codes
*WISH* Enhanced List Function
Re: PVXSMTP.DLL - more
Posted DLL's
Alternate Input Devices
Re: Another Example from PVXSMTP.dll
Enough ! Pad, Fill, Dim ...
PVXSMTP.DLL - Problem Solved
BBEXE Language Extension DLL's
*WISH* for Nomads
*WISH* for ProvideX
Pvx Alternate Input Devices
Padding not being done
PID of record locking process
File Sizes
Windx and executing scripts
Shutting down PVX host on NT
File name returned from notepad?
Re: Just the FACTS, ma'am!
Setting a series of variables - Translate?
File variables
Link to & Jump to
TAB Controls
Nomads wish list
Re: Pvx Pvx Alternate Input Devices
Nag, Nag, Nag
Re: Pvx Padding not being done
'picture' and *winprt* - followup
folder question
Nomads Array Variable
IPX problems you need to know!
DOS Environment Variable
NT with LOADS of users
*WISH* - Pad character for Input Edit
list view box
Re: Out of Office AutoReply: [Pvx] list view box
PVX as DDE Server?
Providex with the product Netsupport PC-Duo
Will Windows 2000 be an acceptable platform for Pvx?
Linux & Pvx
Autodial and WindX
An afternoon with The ExploreZip Virus
*WISH* A Font of our own
Special Subjects
Cannot spawn a console mode in ANY mas 90 system
Fonted Text question
ProvideX Release 4.10 - Now Available
We'd like to Introduce...
Corrections and Questions on 4.10 documentation
To Serguei, Kathryn and Jarett
PVX DOS and Windx
TABLE and TRANSLATE directives
Pvx TABLE and TRANSLATE directives
'DP' and C/S
ProvideX 4.10
Form alignment on OfficeJet 1175
MAI 7000 conversion
BASIC Programmers Needed
*support* - TVI 955 or TVI 950 driver needed
Error 13 in *winproc
Buttons on button bar
5 cent e-mail surcharge - Bill 602P
Re: HOAX 5 cent e-mail surcharge - Bill 602P
Linux - HELP!!!
Re: Pvx *WISH* A Font of our own
OCX integration in 4.10
password protection on nomads programs in ver 4.10
ProvideX - 4.10
Nomads system defaults
File Archives unavailable.
Re: Fonted Text question]
Help on Grids
NTHOST on NT - rogue processes
Re: Pvx *WISH* A Font of our own]
CHange Key/Rec sizes
Pvx 4.10 Release - File on Web Site Back On-Line
New Language Reference Manual Available
Specialix For Sale
OCX - Missing Update
Help using an OCX
ftp linux
How can you print a GUI screen?
Printer code
Joyous Cussing!
System Administrator
Business Basic P/A
Maximum Variable Length
Language Reference Manual
[PVX]*WISH*Renumber confirmation
Help with Clarion
Nomads tabs/folder use
Glitches in *IT
Re:[Pvx] Help with Clarion
Re: *WISH*Renumber confirmation
Image Variables
Syntax for 'image'(disable ... )
More Ports of ProvideX 4.10 now available
Translate table on drop box
[pvx] Data dictionary problem version 4.10
Re: Dynamic screen re-sizing
[DDE] Excel Spreadsheet Access
[PVX] Windx sessions disappearing
Re: Pvx Maximum Variable Length
Windx 4.10 slower inputs as 4.02
[Wish]GRID print
print a prefix in Tbred
4.10 and 4.03 compatibility
Re: Perform twice
Re: Caldera OL and PVX
How to FTP from PVX ...
telnet ansi terminal table
Disk Images
Porting from BBX
Re: Disk Images]
Change record size with Utilities
[PVX] 4.10 Error, Var List box
Refresh Images on Buttons
Re: Pvx 4.10 and Microsoft Outlook
*DOC* Resizable window CTL=-1105
Grid questions
Re: Pvx Disk Images
*upb not working correct since upgrade to 4.10
font in *it
Linux Installation Notes (formerly unbundle.tbd)
Font/screen size problems
Alternate IOLIST
Dialogue Box??
PVX in a peer to peer network..
IBM Training
wy55 driver
False err=0
list archive
BBx file conversion
Multi-dimensional composite strings
Error 275 (Invalid Argument) writing to a multi-keyed file
Re: Request(s) to reduce traffic...
Query box problem
Another grid question
Re: 4.10 PURGE not working with SCO Open server 5.05
Panel location&size
*ufV *ufP anamoly
Mind Warp
How to redim a composite string
Linux installation problem
copy and paste
Re: WindX and Facetterm
PVx on Multiprocessor Machines
(resolved) RE: [Pvx] Error 275 (Invalid Argument) writing to a multi-keyed file
PVx on Multiprocessor Machines _ Any Offical Word?
Clarification to a 4.10 correction
function keys don't work on an IBM3151/ FACTS
nomads and multidimensional arrays
NT on AS400?
Lost Email on My ISP
ProvideX Mail List - Rules & Etiquette
RH Linux and PVX
*it and program cache
Bulk-edit also for files?
FMT attribute for report view listbox
Re: [BB] UPS Shipping System
Printing Forms
Window Print DLL
Re: Calculator
Does 4.1 improve WindX problems?
Screen Font Problems - still<g>
WindX/PVX 4.01
unix odbc
*WISH* Compare
Memory Usage
SELECT difference between version 4.02 and 4.10
Re: Pvx Memory Usage
WAN/Internet connection question
ODBC Read Write with Julian Dates
How to Obtain a second channel to a memory file
Window Title - Server size WindX session
Re:RE: [Pvx] Calculator
unix --to-- unix --via-- pvx
*DOC* misinformation correction
Select from empty memory file
*help* - TVI950 or TVI955 driver
Windx 4.10 and pvx 4.02
4.10 query definition
NT Machine Specs?
nomads error
nomads problem
Alternate Discussion Forum
Show Hide Text in Nomads
Re:[Pvx] Winsrvk.dll
Programs in text format
Re: Pvx Programs in text format
Re: Pvx RE: Pvx Programs in text forma
'FMT$ can't handle "00"
*WISH* - *it and saving to a modified file
Bug in I3E function in 4.10
Locked dropbox in grid cell isn't
Windx on PVX 4.01
Time gap in *dev/system/ver
bsy= command
Re: unix --to-- unix --via-- pvx ..... I give up .. but thanksanyway
which font was that?


err=#42 (or: How to destroy a composite sring)
'Reflection 2' terminal emulator
Re: err=#42 (or: How to destroy a composite sring)]
Unbundle.ob problem
ERR= Needed in _winqry
Pvx Programs in te
HTML Help Support ?
South Park
FACTS and WordPerfect
Problem with pre-decrement of variable
ProvideX & WindX Versions 4.11 - Now Available
File Padding
Wrong GID
*it Editor and Reset
BBEXE - WinShell
Substrings and File Maintenance Panels in Nomads
windex version
Drivers for Wyse 30 Terminals
connecting with *ntslave
No locks available message on HPUX
color in list view
open position
illegal operation
Stupid question
re-opening a printer that I don't know the name of
*windx.utl error in ver 4.11
Converting BFLOAT numerics Fields
which printer?
Standard File Maint.
API/DLL to change default printer in Win95/98
Re: unix --to-- unix
How do I
Well you had to ask!
*WISH* (where in the array is that text?)
Re: Record Locks
Re: Launching a browser and populating data
Converting BBx Pro5 data files to Providex format
color with listview box
Timed message boxes
control values
Nomads precision
MAS90 ODBC driver
BBEXE - WinShell Demo available for download
The Pool Tournament Manager
imbedded i/o
Re: GIF for Kevin Procter
I like it.
Pseudo tty tasks don't go away properly
Re: Fri, 9 Jul 1999 11:29:18 -0400
SSI's /FACTS Date routine?
Default Printer Font
The Tournament Manager
set foucs
inbedded i/o
Arguments for PVXWACTV
Re: PVXWACTV, Lost Activation
Help Line on menu bar
WinShell Update Posted
simple ODBC question
Messages to List
Remote control
Re: Terminal Preferences
DDE Commands
How to make PvX react to a ALT key? (and *doc*)
*viewer* error 100
NOMADS folder tabs
Problem & Solution In One Package
vnc on sco
Re:[PVX] DDE Commands
Error 105 - why?
Report View Listboxes revisited
*WISH* (map kill signals to a ctl value)
*WISH* Formatted 'TEXT' at current pen position
Re: Pvx How to make PvX react to a ALT
keyboard buffering
System Lockups (only providex is locked)
How to set up standardized IOLs ?
Fun with *windev
Re: Top 12 things likely to be overheard if you had a Klingon Programmer
NOMADS II 'hangs'
Error 105
HotKey Manager
PVX to the internet??
Nomads file layouts on the pvx site
Changing OS environment variables
Report writer for ProvideX
*JOKE * Software Issue: Upgrading Girlfriend 1.0 to Wife 1.0
cleaning user-id from keyboards?
Command Line for Spawning WindX Host
CTL key calls
Re: DDE Commands (Part 1/2)
Re: DDE Commands (Part 2/2)
windev vs winprt
Creeping focus
Prior/Next Control ID's In NOMADS
printers-converting from bbx
CHN and negative values (two's complement)
Re: Terminals under Unix
Gateway Building
Default Message Library
Invalid Page Fault problem
DDE Commands for Excel
Re: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 10:13:35 -0400
Pvx Gateway Building
Name swap if using global function on file def.
dialup connection
Using Windx as a telnet client
1 user limit exceeded
Drop Box Translation Values Size Limit?
Font Selection Inconsistent
Intro to Nomads?
Printer Problems
How can I preinput the "END" key?
Config Mismatch error in ProvideX 4.11
Using the C Libraries to read index files
NOMADS Menu - Windows Attribute ?
Start size of inital connection to *NTHOST
Windows CE
Call Support programs
Re: [[Pvx] Windows CE]
Nomads Check Box, Expression Text problem
Having an = sign as the only text in a field in Nomads
Activation Arguments - Clarification
2 quick questions
*viewer* question
FTP into SCO
Tip Background Color
Error 2 when trying to save from *IT
Check Box - Signal Only Attribute ?
Check Box - Enable Scrolling ?
*Freeware* - Help Authoring kit (.HLP)
VB program
*DOC* The SYS() function
Re: Logicraft Software Package?
Login Server - Testers Wanted
Window Handle - NOMADS Dialog
To Gary McC.
handshake on com port
SCO v386 3.2 ?
Changing record size.
file position on read?
Position in multi-lines
Pasting into a multi-line?
List Views
Nomads II and MAS90
auto WINDX
Exporting to Winfax
Help Text
Facts 6.7 & Windx
Changing the Color used in Windx & Providex.
Re: WindX Nomads Problems
Providex Activation Key?
wy150 terminals in 150+ mode
Number of Folders
Installing help system
logical statement labels
Network ideas???
Login Server Alpha released for testing
Delimited field as KEY
Query mind
How to supress 'Help' on WindX menu bar
Closing a panel programmatically
off topic
Setting up help text.
Converter from RM Cobol to Providex
Context Help Button
Communication on serial ports under NT
Error 12's on an NT
Command line Search?
Zebra Printer
Fwd:WordPerfect and Windx
Best pvx setup for 3 w95 pcs
How to fix something that isn't broken ...
Window's 98 Networking
Re: Pvx Command line Search?


Comdex '99 - Warning - may contain frivilous material, offensive to the serious minded.
Re: Comdex '99 - Warning - may contain frivolous material, offensive to the serious minded.
TCP/IP connection Lost to windx clients.
*UFV Untrapped Error
ODBC installation problem
*NEXT +1 ?
ProvideX Support Calls
Re: [[Pvx] *NEXT +1 ?]
*msglib.en gets over-written by 4.11 install
Unable to connect to host [tcp]
WinSHELL Evaluation Available
4.02 VS 4.11
using the "get_val" from *windx.utl
Re: ODBC installation problem(2)
handshake problem on com ports
Re: [[Pvx] handshake problem on com ports]
winprt and error 12
NT print server problem
Windx Question..
MAI 13xx
Graphics Mnemonics
ODBC 6.7
Wish List - re logical statement labels
WinSHELL - What is it ?
PVX Webserver
NT Form feeds dissapeared.
*Memory* file
Windows Session Freezes
Request: Add 'BU' & 'EU' mnemonics to *dev/hplaser
PVK File IO Libraries
Microsoft Proxy
activation lost after directory copy
Help - Emergency.... error 107
Large File Support
Importing data from comma-delimited file
NOMADS Menu bar
Before Upgrading ...
Passing search results to a serial file
Report Generation/preview
The RCD( fileno[, fileopt]) function timout
List Box
*Tips & Trick* - Hiding your data in NTFS Streams
Re: Pvx Wish List - re logical stateme
Return value of DLL function
ASCII text listing of a program?
Re: re logical stateme *CMD
NOMADS Validator routine - Executing 2 programs
wndx : basics
Re Re: [Pvx] wndx : basics
What's Wrong with this Picture?
windx - unix : auto log on ?
Re: Whats Wrong with this Picture?]
Re: Whats Wrong with this Picture?
Re: Pvx Whats Wrong with this Pic
Re: Pvx Re: Whats Wrong with this Pict
EW0565 Remote Project - Sr. Business Basic P/A
Help with 'TEXT' & 'FONT'`
ALERT: Extract not locking on AIX
Re: Importing data from comma-delimited file]
Feedback ?
Re: Pvx NOMADS Validator routine - Exe
Re: Reading the configured printers
Discussion Forum
Re: Windows Logout
Nomads menu options and more
Networked printers & *winprt*
Formatted List_Box Read
bbx to pvx via serial
Menu Items and MsgLib
Re: Nomads F4 to exit
disable help
windx : wnt : 5 point question
Re:Re: [Pvx] windx : wnt : 5 point question
thoroughbred conversion procedure
Re: Pvx bbx to pvx via serial
'scroll'("OFF") doesn't work
Pvx 'scroll'("OFF") doesn't work
Slave printers in serial terminals
Re: Pvx GPF
*VIEWER question/*WISH
(Fwd) wndx over the internet
Typing selection in Drop Boxes
User Aid Help Reference Question
Problem with *VIEWER* in WindX
Re: Typing selection in Drop Boxes, *wishes* and questions
EW0567 Applications/Development Manager
Changing (mouse) cursor shape
Radio Buttons in NOMADS and PvX
Nomads maintenance program
Re: Changing (mouse) cursor shape *WISH*
Nomads Panel Precision
ProvideX/Sage at SCO Forum
4.11 CDs
Webserver/Internet and PVX
The hand
Error 12 opening [wdx]*winprt* over serial/dialup connection
Re: wndx over the internet
Immediate need for a Programmer Analyst
the VIA directive
WindX Command Line Arguments
EW0569 BBx Programmer - 6 month Contract
EW0570 Programmer / Analyst
windx not acting like providex
Variable auto increment/decrement
Minded question
Re: Pvx the VIA directive
WindX setup
Reading the keyboard ...
SETDAY with DD/MM/AA dayformat returns error 35
More 'Help' questions
Yet another help question
[PVX] PICK conversion
Shared Printers on NT Network
Re: Pvx the VIA directive & GPF
Re: Pvx the VIA directive]
Re:[Pvx] [PVX] PICK conversion
Drop Box Expression Option
the VIA directive & GPF
EW0571 Telecommute ProvideX Position
Lexmark Printer Drivers
MAPI SendMail with attachments for ProvideX
HP Laser Jet, non pvx problem
MAPI E-Mail (additional feature)
MAPI SendMail - Documentation Correction
MAPI SendMail - LOGON Arguments
Re :Re: [Pvx] WindX Command Line Arguments
Focus event failure in WindX
ODBC / Crystal Reports problem
windx : printer setup ?
WINPRT : error 12 ?
need to set TERM before starting pvx ...
hand held & XT-PC how do we get pvx to run?
Re :Re: [Pvx] need to set TERM before starting pvx ...
:Re ^ 4: [Pvx] need to set TERM before starting pvx ...
Printing date/time in GMT
scanning an array
Image mnemonic
Button Press
Windx printing bug???
Windx initial settings
importing system date into PVX
*Tips & Tricks* - Using [ODB] with Excel
Running Nomads from Windx.
Excel Driver - Rules Of The Road
WindX focus event failure
[wdx] dial in displays in greek
Re :Re: [Pvx] [wdx] dial in displays in greek
PVX upgrading version ..
Nomads Browse
Nomads tabbing
(not)Handshaking on PC-com ports
Tree View List Boxes
H E L P printer stopped
jul function
Re: H E L P printer stopped ..fixed
Adjust color shades
This is not fair!
Re: windx *WISH*
OT - Lexmark Printers, SCO and PVX.
Providex / Windx Evaluation
[WDX] execution anomoly
'FC' ... 'OC'
FindWindow API
eeking Employment Opportunities in the Vancouver Area
Help with WindX in serial connection
Xenix to windows
No printing in NT
Training Course
Windex and SYS(executable.exe)
Losing WindX Connections
Windows Timing Issue?
PID of spawned process
Error with SET_PARAM
[tcp] connections not closing
Using the F5 key in an application
Porting to SQL
strange things with multi-lines
Re: Adjust color shades - an example
NOMADS Defaults.
"CALENDAR","*win/calendar.en" question
modal vs non-modal
nt print problems
EW0574 Programmer/Analyst
Printing on HP 1100 Laser
EW0575 Sr. Business Basic P/A - 3 - 6 month pro
Errors > than 256
ODBC strangeness
Pvx webserver <runserver>
File open
setting up spooled printer in SCO 5
Color in list box
*wish* on Documentation


GUI screen print
List Box Click
user_lex problem
Re: Off Topic: AS400 question
Re: Off Topic: AS400 question]
SELECT w/descending key
Upgrade questions
Listboxes and folders
'PICTURE' problems to different printers
EW0579 Business Basic P/A 6 months Temp to Perm
command line parameters
Re: Pvx command line parameters
EW0581 Sr. Programmer / Analyst
FIN information
Just for you!
Error 114
4.03 AIX Problem
BBx3 to Providex
List box text color
Fonted text size limit
Ansi bbx termcap entry that works for windx
Rép. : Re: [Pvx] BBx3 to Providex
*WISH*: standard copy-paste
Grid Control - 4.11
Re: Grid - 4.11
Rép. : [Pvx] Grid Control - 4.11
WindX Printing
Web Server Email Command
FYI - SET_PARAM 'OP' and save
Release management
Rép. : RE: [Pvx] Landscape printing
Error 46
Method to initialize a directory of data files
File/record resize
*WISH* expand number of display elements
Prefix in INI
Functions for TCP
Wish List: Better NOMADS menubar
EW0582 Business Basic Programmer / Analyst
inbedded iolist
Re: OT stupid question
Keyboard definitions
Re: Signing Off
Re: Signing Off OT
Providex startup sequence
ListBox and QueryBox
MSGBOX Translation
Third-party software integration [semi-OT]
Rép. : RE: [Pvx] MSGBOX Translation
Write to a serial file
Checking to see if a non-program or data files exists within a directory
Doubley stupid
Error #12 in *NTSLAVE
Bernie's introduction
Winprt problem with HP1100
Question: CSE( ) function ...
NOMADS Message Library Maintenance
Programmers available?
Re: Help required]
Re: Pvx Error #12 in *NTSLAVE
Printing to COM1
Passing an iolist as an argument...
Function Key As A Hot Key
Novell Netware
Error 284...
9 trk tape
ProvideX Read/Write ODBC Driver v2.12
Maybe it weird - maybe it's not...
R/W ODBC Driver
MAI system being moved to Progress ? Comments please
ProvideX ODBC driver
Fonts in status bar
non-pvx quesion on a netscape problem
Re: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 03:34:15 +0300
MAI Conversion
installing WindX 4.02
WindX and VPN
ProvideX and pcAnywhere
Dump to a Variable?
Rép. : [Pvx] Dump to a Variable?
Re: API Call Hell
TCP (mis)communication
'CI' through WindX doesn't clear the input-buffer
*DOC* suggested elaboration
Lenght of composite variables
Update after a time period
ProvideX Read/Write ODBC Driver
Windx spawn error on NT Network
Date problem
Re: nthost question
Rép. : Re: [Pvx] Date problem
Multi-copy print in pvx
Invoking Word from Providex
EW0588 Senior Providex Programmer
Request: OnMove event for list boxes
8 bytes binary filed
How to tell if not a laser printer
Something for Nothing
Fonts for console mode
Off Topic - Modem Connect Speed
Dialogue Boxes
OT - MAS90
Using Mail Program
Date/Time of last modification
*WISH Additional Key to Message Library File
WindX Woes
SCO Telnet/WindX connection problems
Setting focus in multilines with validator/formatter
*WISH* UNS() Function
New ODBC problem
PVX version for Solaris 2.7
Conversion tbd to pvx (error 47)
*wish* *msgli.xx alternative
Re: Pvx *WISH* UNS() Function
PvxConversion tbd to pvx (error 47)
Close on a begin
Close on begin
EW0589 BBx Y2k 3+ month contract onsite
Focus on Report View Listboxes
OT - A Unix Screen utility
Message to our List and Personal Accounts may not have been delivered
OT - Trick with DLL libraries
Re: Quitting WindX under WinNT
Rép. : RE: [Pvx] Conversion problem
slave printing over modem
credit card numbers
PVX & (Wnt or Unix ) ?
BBx to PVX Problems
If .... then statement not being executed correctly
Has it just been a long week?
*Wish List* - Documentation
Providex on a peer to peer
Re: String length returned from stored procedure is only 256
tcp .. how to question ..
move the visible area in a scrollable dialogue box?
Show & Tell er... Hide!
NTHOST as a service
Re: Printers hanging on NT
ProvideX installation
Problem with using function key with a panel
Strange Printing
Changes to the file copy utility
ODBC KEY="?" option
Pvxwin32 CRASH with '*X' mnemonic and text programs
Reading a list box
Re: WindX Version
Converting bbx to pvx accented characters
BBx Alias's to PVX Links.
Re: Hi
Merging two providex data files
Manuals from v4.02
Correct Providex Syntax
Set_param command
START_UP with nthost/slave
Data conv in progress. HELP!
Pvx Changes to the file copy utility
Re: Right Click, why 2 INPUTs
Starting Nomads Panel
Alternate Keys
file too large
ODBC driver problem
ERR=7 under NOMADS
Re: *WISH* major enhancement
*winprt* print to file problem
Re: *WISH* major enhancement]
OPT= for hardware flow control
Program file read/write attributes
*NTHOST as a service and logging off console
resource dll's
Terminal Identifcation
Starting Providex hidden
WindX/Telnet connection problem.
Collaborative Filtering
spawning a program


Another LINUX
TCP/IP package for SCO Open Server 5.05
BBx Compatibility - 'BX' Parameter
BBx Compatibility - BX Parameter
Re: Data Dictionary fields info
Re: Sun, 3 Oct 1999 10:48:19 +1000
Speed demons
ProvideX FAQ
[OT] Employment Opportunity - Southeast US
*CMD enhancement
Re: Pvx BBx Compatibility - 'BX' Param
Question: FFN( ) function
Please a little help.
NTSLAVE/NTHOST v4.02 to v4.11 upgrade
Re: Copy & Paste Programing
Clear a list box
Print option on viewer
Re: *VIEWER* problems
Time compute
Copy & Paste
Pvx Time compute
Initializing Variables.
what config ?
*WISH* Cosmetic change to Data Dictionary printouts
The List
OT - Health Insurance
Input for network...
Strange grid behaviour
Multi_line OPT="$" question
NTHOST/NTSLAVE 4.11 slower as 4.02
Comma delimited text
windx as an emulator for BBX?
NOMADS Err=52 creating a program
EW0594 Sr. Programmer Analyst
Disabling folders
EW0595 BBx Programmer
Re: users using a file in NT
OT - Fun with Telnet
O.T. Service and Repair
Stuck in GridLand
Converting from Basic-4
pvx - help reading & writing on unix digi
*WISH* More WindX serial connect speeds?
Corrupt File
What type of file do you do a dump to.
Tab sequence on web page
Thank you all,
MERGE session within Providex
help with digi
Invoke and SYS
Colors in list box
*Wish - Nomads Object Selection
Help Wanted
another question on disabled folders
WindX WAIT directive
Share & 16-Bit WindX
Error on what channel?
*WISH* for copyfile
Novell Activation
Comdex '99
EW0598 3 Month Onsite Contract Position
ProvideX vs Universal Basic
Bad window number under Unix
Can *WINPROC clear the status bar?
Windx Problem
Re: Pvx Windx Problem
Using ODBC
Re: Daycare application
Printing to [WDX]*winprt* with OKI20 driver
ODBC driver for unix
ODBC and Sage MAS90 - off topic
ODBC error under Delphi 4
Multiple Exitto's
LPTx not available
GRID control questions
more GRID control questions
NTHOST & Inittab
Test Message
off subject : convert Thoroughbred tapes to pvx
Lose a network connection
File IO Libs
PVX development tool
Error 108's
Error 884
Windx Print problems
Re: Pvx PVX development tool
Comment request
READ DATA FROM strexpr TO varlist
Grid Question
Question for our non-english clients
Amount between 0 and 1 with mask
MAI 4312 terminals
mailing list errata
Re: pvx - help reading & writing on unix digi ]
DLL Question
Floating Tip "Query"
Selling Master Developer Business
HWND of current window
Re: pvx - help reading & writing on unix digi ]]
Providex 4.11 HP Unix
Printer Weirdness
The Sage Canada (ProvideX) Web Site
General Unix Printing
Re: NOMADS Question]
VB Emulation question
OT - Going on Vacation
_dev Alternate?
Identifying components of listed code
Escape key
Writing to a joint log file
Reading from Access database
Re: Identifying components of listed code *WISH*
Re: More VB/PVX comparisons
Re: some beginner questions: pvx and firewall? pvx and redhat 6.2?
Object properties
Focus and ALT keys in Nomads
Bitmap colour display
4.12 Bitmaps
OpenBasic multi-keyed files
Terminal display problem
Still print bug!!
NOMADS Picture and Fonted text update
Re: NOMADS Picture and Fonted text update]
Re: NOMADS Picture and Fonted text update]]
Strange error 1
Reading from Access database with Providex
Position in Multi_line question
Printer ignoring @() positioning
Getting File Info (ie. key size & record size)
New MSE byte 31 ???
ProvideX Mailing List
Position available - Maxwell Systems
Printer macros
Version 4.12 Undocumented Features.
Problem With a Panel
End User Report writing tools
Focus on a Check Box.
4.12 print problems
Panel Problem
Print BMP image and Type-over a Text ???


Email Problems?????
Mail list problems
Y2K'ed 'til I'm plum tuckered out.....
NT Printer Woes
Data Dictionary?
Problem with Windx and controlling a serial device
Importing text and data
How to?
Title Bar Colour and Font
Re: Documentation on O/S Commands
*IT Error 47
**WAY OT** Need Attorney
MAS90 IMporting
PVX Utilities
ODBC Enhancements
Creating Files For Electronic submissions
Pvx Creating Files For Electronic subm
Your Back
Response times
Nomads: How to update a text box
Windx 4.12 print beta.
Lexmark Printer
*Viewer* max columns
ProvideX:File locking error on NT
WINDX Hang up
Re: Slow day or list dead again?
Demo CD distribution license
mnemonic problem or something
Re: Strange Button Behavior
Re: Incorrect error number from Windx obtain timeout
EW0608 Thoroughbred Basic Programmer
Re: Nomads Question: REPLACEMENT_LIB$ usage
Re: How to run from Desktop.
Re: Pvx TCP on MSDOS
Re: Pvx ProvideX:File locking error on NT
PVX Spreadsheet Export
Interfacing to "List & Label"
Re: VIRUS ALERT - VBS/Bubbleboy
Err management
new file for download
Re: Repost ....... Mai Printronix L150
Re: LU param behavior..
EW0609 Director of Information Services
Re: management of err variable
pvx FTP client
Re: HELP : serial printer problems
Re: Pvx Nomads: How to update a text b
Pvx invoking pvx
Re: Tech Support
4.12 Print beta. further info.
4.12 Beta for print bug
Re: *WISH* Variable Dropbox's to have "uppercase" attribute
Re: Terminal ID's in Unix
EW0524 Jr Business Basic Programmer / Support
*Off Topic - translation assistance needed
Re: Invoking a Nomads Object from the desk top.
Re: MAI port for providex - Y2K
Re: Timer question
Re: invoking pvx
EW0612 Project Manager
EW0611 Business Basic P/A in New York, NY.
EW0610 Business Basic P/A in New Orleans, LA
Re: Strange but true
Re: *Off Topic* - Finding E.T.
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Logon Panel
Off-topic: dd/sh programming language
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Using *ugs to export from an Index file
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*WISH* additional option for 'show'
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Re: EW0527 Programmer/Analyst
Re: Much ado...
Re: 4.12, the data dictionary, and you
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Re: Error 301 with UW7.1.0
EW0614 Lead MAS/90 - ProvideX Programmer
Re: Error 108's on Novell
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Mapping F Keys in Windx?
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Install program
Humour: How to write unmaintainable code
Re: Pvxwin32 GPF
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EW0616 12 Month BBx Pro5 Contract
Transaction Tracking?
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Re: Nomads ERR 11
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Re: re:[Pvx] error 260 (Uninterrupted system call)
ProvideX 4.12B Availability
error 260 (interrupted system call)
Off topic Who is Jack Schiit?
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Re: JPGs
Re: Where to ask?
Re: [[Pvx] Viewer]
Re: TCP/IP timeout problems
button problem
_EOM$ value for TAB and Shift-Tab always $09$
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Re: error 260 (Uninterrupted system call)
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Re: Error in NOMADS under Linux OS]
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Happy Holidays to all.
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Error in NOMADS under Linux OS
ProvideX Web Server Update 1.2
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oops pleaz disregard resend of path problems
path troubles on images, etc.
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EW0621 3 to 5 month Business Basic Contract
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New Ports Available for ProvideX
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Problem with GBL err= branch
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Re: "[dde] Question"]
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Video Expertise Anyone?
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EW0622 Thoroughbred P/A
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*New file
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Re: Data Dictionary/ODBC
Re: DUMP command *WISH*
HELP - WindX 4.12B problem
Re: DUMP command enhancements
Non-Nomads "window"
Re: Help file problem
Re: viewer set up
Re: WindX 4.12 Heads Up
Re: ODBC Multi-Segment Key: [ODB]Mydb;Invoice; KEY=Invoice_ no,Line_n o
Re: Locking controls question .....
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Re: Disable right mouse button
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Re: Updating import type table in MS Access
Re: Problem with *ufac?
Re: *WISH - Enhancement to functions
Re: RE:[PVX]
Re: Which is the fast?
Re: Non-nomads window *repost*
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Re: Pvx *WISH* Fix Nasty Gotcha [An OT thought]
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Re: Pvx and Report Writers
Re: POP and error 28 - Is it a bug?
Re: Couple of nomads questions
Re: set up dial in pc function keys ..OK, Gord !
Re: Window title line font question
Re: set up dial in pc function keys
EW0627 EDI / Coordinator
Re: Pvx Re: Pvx *WISH* Fix Nasty Gotch
Re: Windx startup with RAS
Multi-selection listboxes
ODBC problem with field definitions
Error 86 in WindX when system call is done
Re: Editorial
Re: Pvx Re: Pvx Re: Pvx *WISH* Fix Nas
Programmer position
Another WindX 4.12B question
Re: Activation help
Re: Grid/Cell Validation
Re: raid 1 or 5?
Re: Problems With *win/date;validate
Re: Another *win/date feature
Re: The Hunger Site
Re: problems with office 2000
Re: Menu_bar on nomads panel
Problem with unplanned exit to OS.
Off topic.
Re: Warning - Problems with 4.12B
Re: EW0629 BBx Programmer / Analyst / Manager
Re: GRID adding a row
EW0628 12 Month BBx / Report Writing Contract
Re: pvx : remote wdx
Re: Conversion from MicroShare
Re: Tbred Users List
Re: Line Feeds in a printed document
Re: Another web server question
Re: I'm puzzled again
Re: Web server question
Re: 4.12b Tree Views with Bitmaps
Re: Problem displaying file in viewer ?
Re: Validation & Query
Re: New Releases
Re: ISZ=???
Re: Date Conversions
Re: mnemonics printing err 29
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Re: 4.12b corrupt file bug?
Re: wdx serial file
Re: TCP/IP question ** follow-up question **
Re: How do I do this?
Re: 4.12B *memory* file question
Re: BB90 Mai Systems
Re: Windx startup window size
Rép. : [Pvx] *viewer* doc
Re: Type ahead buffer
Re: Rounding
Listview List Box
GET_FILE_BOX overwrites existing file
Re: ODBC drivers in r/w mode
Re: non-nomads question
Re: Infinite loop with log() function
Re: *viewer* doc
Re: Getting IP address when there are multiple interfaces
Re: Off topic TCP/IP and 3com lanmodem and WindX
Re: Printer setup for printer attached to WindX client
Re: print vs write record
Re: Re:[Pvx] Printer setup for printer attached to WindX client
Off subject ... almost
Re: PVX 4.12B
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EW0635 Programming Supervisor
Re: nthost/ntslave sessions in task bar
Another viewer question
Rép. : Re: [Pvx] File(s) left open
Re: File(s) left open
Accent problems
Re: Files left open after cntrl-alt-delete
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Re: Web-server question
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Re: TCP/IP question
ProvideX 4.12C is now available
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ProvideX Y2K Readiness and support
Re: Sending a Control Character to a printer
Re: Help!!!
Windows Printer Problem
Re: Importing a panel in Nomads with 412c
Support on Friday
Re: Passing Variables to a Nomads Panel
Re: Rép. : [Pvx] Viewer question
Open For Support On Friday
Re: Multi-Line Highlights
Re: FMT in the grid
feliz año nuevo
Re: Multi-Line Highlights (The Solution)
Re: Object Property