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Read content of grid cell
dump *
Providex over windows VPN
reading XML files
multiple selections in query panels
Report Writer Formulas
[Business Basic][ Another Job Opening
upgrade from Ver 4 to Ver 6.10
Multiple Posts...
Unable to acquire license from server in time allowed
On-Change-Logic Nomads
blank page at start of reports
setting %wdx$
OOP survey
DTE Function?
Re: DTE Function? - Resolved
ERR 61 in Start_up
number mask
PVX 6.00 Problem
How to remove the help button in the panel object.
Defining x-position with multiple fontsizes
PVX 6.10 Ctlname$
*ot* How do I exclude the list from out-of-office replies?
Problem using Winprt when network printer disconnected
Nomads/Winproc and arrow keys
program modified dates
Folder select option.
[PVX 6.1 + Nomad]CTLNAME$
Report Writer Questions
Re: [PVX 6.1 + Nomad]PANELS
double click in grid
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 6.10 (Patch)
Resizable Panels
bug in nomads with interim patch
move nomads panel
Reading the current column on a formatted LIST_BOX
Linux install question
Search Engine in Pvx
Chris Nolan
Re: Chris Nolan *OT*
[PVX 6.10 + Nomads] Panels COLS and LINES
XP responds differently with controls
RPC on the web server?
pathname for *PDF*
ProvideX Version 6.10 (Patch) and Message Library
Re: ProvideX Version 6.10 (Patch) and Message Library --- Quarantine notification (]
PVX 6.10 for Report Writer Problem
LIST_BOX LOAD Limitations?
Additional Info: LIST_BOX LOAD Limitations?
Final Results - LIST_BOX LOAD Limitations?
Newbie questions
INPUTE pad character using INPUT EDIT?
Ctrl+C / Break
Program Trace with WindX
Generic File Maintenance in Nomads
[PVX 6.1 + Nomad] Import and Export
[Pvx 6.10 + Nomad] PANEL like OUTLOOK
[Pvx 6.10 + Nomad]
PVX Window FULL SCREEN always
NOMADS Deployment
Setting colors and blinking in list box
Upper/Lower Case
Object Help needed
Re: Object Help needed/resolved
Line Feeds in Serial Files?
Load on Demand and Background Load
Re: Line Feeds in Serial Files? *Resolved*
err28 in Nomads at 43020
'MAXSIZE' and 'MINSIZE' for main WindX window
windx connections dropping
Cookies and localhost
JavX and x'value$ variables
Quick description sort
Re: Quick description sort - MIKE K
Re: Cookies and localhost *OT*
Rounding vs BBx
Printing to a MS word document
Re: Robert Fayle - Question re: the NOSTRIP option
Windx (ODBC) Connection over Internet
*OT* Ftp Commands
Web server objects
Web server directory browsing
Email attachments
Keyboard Definition
Using *Nomads object ...
Re: Multiline full high light when receiving focus
Find Second File Number
Error=15 in *winproc
Re: Console Mode Paste
pvx ' excel ' oops commands
WindX problems over vpn
Nomads object - Menu
generic print driver
Embedded IO Doc
Image in a *NOMADS OOP panel ...
6.10 Viewer
Funny thing in Nomads screen
Drop Box control
Printing in Unix - Report Writer
Re: pvx ' excel ' oops resolved thanks Howie
Database Paging
Formmater/Validate help in *NOMADS OOP
Jawahar Jayapaal is out of the office.
SELECT usage ...
Viewer Usage 6.10 with Patch
Append to text file
ODBC and MKEYED files
Re: ODBC and MKEYED files "OT"
[OT] Weird HP Laser mnemonic behaviour
IT line insert irritation
Embedded iol vs templates
More embedded io
Windx When receiving focus logic problem
[OT]Does anybody have any salary info/web sites for programmers i n Canada
Grid control and cursor keys ...
3D Effect
echo in sys directive
FTP object freezes systems
Grid issues ...
OpenBasic Conversion
Excel functions
Excel number format
Registry entries
Menu Bar size
ODBC Connection
dde error 10
Drop_Box won't clear
Slow ODBC read using remote WindX (Internet)
Session dies if default printer not available.
Need some assistance.
Providex in a Linux Clustering environment
how can I load composite String?
Organizational Changes
Betr.: [Pvx] Providex in a Linux Clustering environment
Length of text line
congratulations Mike
Minimum version of PVX
Organizational Changes at Best
WindX Plug-in & Level of Activation issue?
PVX OLE server from Crystal
ProvideX on handhelds
*winprt* close/open on same page?
Identifying people in web server


FID() returns wrong file time
*OT* Oki ML390Turbo printer's alignment post-Tear Off
WebServer - #include command not working
Multi-Line Query (MAsk)
Understanding The Environment in The ProvideX Web Server
Nomads - Query display
File Copy Using SYS command
Happy Ground Hog Day - off topic - just 4 fun
Problem with ProvideX on SCO Unixware
[OT!!!]Another reason not to rely too much on M$
Garbage showing up in array
*OT* Happy Ground Hog Day - off topic - just 4 fun
Re: [OT] Happy Ground Hog Day - off topic - just 4 fun
*OT Remote support options
Viewer programs to include
New Viewer and > 80 columns
Re: *OT Remote support options - summary
Testing my own message
ProvideX Beta
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] CTL'VISIBLE
*OT Wish List for PVXPLUS
PVX 6.10 + Windx 6.1 : Err=75
sporadic ERROR=12
Pvx 6.10 + Windx : error Migration
Re: .NET (previous *OT Wish List for PVXPLUS)
Printer question
Composite string help
program prefix
_OBJ Problem
Appserver and Terminal Services
DSN-less info
*OT* Convert Foxpro on SCO to What??
font and control sizes
*OT* Next weeks Toronto meetup
Copy files via WindX
Re: *OT* Copy files via WindX
Dictionary definition for a sort file
Antwort: [Pvx] font and control sizes
Problem printing COLOR with 'TEXT'
Using STATIC within a Providex OOP object ..
NTHOST Startup problem
Antwort: [Pvx] NTHOST Startup problem
*OT ftp help
Licensing for multiple PVX on same server
IOLIST and 2 dimensional arrays
*Direxions* Sponsors and Exhibitors!
Left outer joins & others
Transparent Print on Linux and 4313 terminals
Why can't I see my own messages on the list?
Dimensional Arrays simulating "list" structure Behaviour
Reading SQL Database
ODBC debugging
Thumbnailing Images
variable filename in dictionary
NOMADS Inputting a date
Launching my nomads program from my legacy software with windx
Antwort: [Pvx] Launching my nomads program from my legacy software with windx
Launching my nomads program - changing the window size
Video Palette under WindX V5.14
On Screen Clock
Nomads inputting the date
UNC names windx RH 7.x
creating mails
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] creating mails
Calendar CAPTION
Email with ProvideX
Embedded File IO without dictionary
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] new viewer
Bold command on a text sent to a Laser Printer
returned email analysis
CPL and an IOLIST from a serial file
Unix tee
ProvideX ODBC problem
Red Hat ES 3 console display problem
Sub-fields in Data Dictionary
[OT] [basis printer problem]
Print positioning, Laser verses Ink Jet
Debugging environment in NOMADS
Software For Team Development
flickering in grid cell
Search Engine in ProvideX
Open an Excel Sheet!! (almost perfect)
How to open nomads program editor
scroll region in grid
Query Panel floating tip
Export to HTML in Crystal
Caps lock
Stupid Providex Key = Question
Dictionary - file update consequence
CHR() value returned by ALT key
*winprt* - custom page sizes
Thanks - Stupid Providex Key = Question
Re: Writing to Excel via PVX ODBC
Web Server - ?M
[OT] Active Window Size-MAS 200
Linux Cron Task - Errors in ProvideX-based program
How File copy from Windx folder to Local folder
pvxwin32.exe v610
Resize of a character 'window'
Documentation on pvx working with cyrstal reports
Web Server Error Log
ONE MORE TIME: *winprt* - custom page sizes
OOP question ...
Web Server - ?M merging a page from another web site
PDF from legacy reports
Second question, outputting pdf from webserver
cwdir problem
Error 13 question
Merge Error
Arrow Key Termination in Grid
ProvideX Success Story
Open PDF directly in browser
Source Control
Image support for linux *PDF* (last question on this topic)
Transparent bitmap in Nomads
Dump in OOP
Menu focus signal change_flg
Timing out...
Text editor ...
no box drawn
What sort of nomads object do I need ?
EFF files on RH AS 3.0
Bug in MERGE?
Connections "dropping" or "idling out?"
Multiple cell entry in Grid
External Key
SLOVENJA Language keyboard
Re: PVXCOM under 6.10
*OT* Job Postings
Providex for Redhat ES4
*WISH* Make SAVE windx-aware regarding WHO saved a program
Compressed print in text mode to PDF
windx connection timeouts
How ODBC driver works
*ufc server to windx permission error 13
Updating a clock in WindX
Case names for files on Windows
search and replace in MS-Word
Read REC=
Activation to expire *OT*
Re: What is PVXPLUS?
Re: What is PVXPLUS? (for Mike K)
Convert Date from MMDDYY to YYYYMMDD
Menus and CTL values
Re: Convert Date *OT*
Re: *OT* Convert Date from MMDDYY to YYYYMMDD
PGM() on a higher level that is passworded
Installing v6.10 Interim Patch
Mouse Wheel
Send message to all WindX users
Re: window position and app server
Window size
Re: JB - what is the *variant object
Program utilities not recognizing programs after conversion from MAI Open Basic.


Windx, javax questions
Unknown file type
PVX OPEN() problem
Reading records in reverse
executing a bat file
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 6.20 (Open Beta-RC2)
OOPS Confusion
corrupt data file ...
pvx : How to display an ADOBE document
pvx MN how to maximize
Application server (sessions.pvk)
pvx SCREEN size
Programatically sort a list box
Re: pvx SCREEN size and MXL(0)
Expand File Size Question
[PVX + Nomad 6.10] LIST VIEW
WindX doesn't connect
nomads multiline raised sunken etc
*PDF* Hyperlink
Release Announcement - ProvideX File I/O Library (v5.14)
Array definition in Data Dictionary
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] WindX doesn't connect
WindX on UNIX and Memory Allocation
Report Writer Updates?
pvx request for comments and suggestions
User license limit exceeded
*NOMADS - Grid @ design time
Should this VIA work?
More about *viewer*
Web server startup
spinner controls
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] spinner controls
Query Selection
Starting windx options?
How smart is dd_updt?
ODBC settings
MySQL & ProvideX
*viewer* and FONT and LPI
Writing Appointments to Outlook 2003
Secure Remote Access
v6.20 RC1
pvx and speech recognition concept
6.10 vx 6.20 readme
FIN(0) Default Color question
SIZ= does not seem to work.
Re: Link file question - Correction!
patched new viewer
PVX + Nomad 6.1 : LIST_BOX
NOMADS Popup Menu Item
[OT] PVX ODBCDriver and PowerBuilder
calling super-methods
'JC' in viewer
Dictionary Format Mask
command line
Create a browser shortcut on the desktop
Accounting Question [a little OT]
Windx 5.14 Err 12
OT - Web Based Locator
ODBC write to pvx file causes error 108 on open of pvx file
JavX Development Techniques
array's and dict alternate variables
Re: ODBC write to pvx file causes error 108 on open of pvx file - resolved, but ...
Server freezes when all users are connected
*winproc.dsp and my very important data...
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 6.20 (Open Beta-RC3)
*OT* Importing From Exchange/Outlook
IP of client
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] IP of client
*Nomads OOP question ...
Odd file locking problem
Composite string as return value
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] windx.utl
Direxions location question
Oracle Developer/Administrator Required Immediately
Grid cell Bitmap
Error in Viewer
New Viewer - Save option
Function to strip spaces and replace with a hyphen
[PVX] Syntax for creating a file on local client machine through WindX
How to connect to Oracle where the Oracle Server is in another machine
pvx excel howto set cell color
Re: pvx excel howto set cell color RESOLVED
Web Server/Apps and Date Validations
How can i find a font available in my system
INSTALLING ODBC 4.0 client problem
Antwort: [Pvx] How can i find a font available in my system
Panel toggle behavior and lack of sanity.
Re: Panel toggle behavior and lack of sanity .:CLUES:.
Button corners
'TEXT" with nummeric formatting
Makimum lenght of a record
program names via ftp
erro 11 in drop_box
F3 Key not returning the proper CTL value
Maximum length of the SYS() command
*OT* Software Liability Insurance
Reading comma-delimited data
Printer selection
Security & Nomads
raise error
RPC with Webserver
using excel object interface in windx environment
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] LPI
*OT* RE: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] LPI
UNC Name
File Layout Help
Arrays and Classes
[OT][ [Pvx] File Layout Help
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] LPI
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] LPI
cache of web server
Re: 'OT' File Layout Help
More on Panel Toggle behavior and disappearing data
Can't open file from a work station
Re: More on Panel Toggle behavior and disappearing data NEVERMIND
Grid - Cell focus/loss of focus logic
Nomads/Winproc OOP: Class Validator problem
Error 3 using web/mail
Grid - identify locked cells
Void far
webserver "wait" page
Re: Expanding record length of a file]
*OT* Faxing from ProvideX
initialization of buttons
Web server directory password
PVX : How to KeepWindow after BEGIN
printer control
Re:[PVX] MERGE directive
Problem with editing text boxes
New viewer program with Terminal Server
Heads up for Mas90 OOP Developers
[OT] How to make the root partition bigger on sbs 2000
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] initialization of buttons
Which uses less processor time?
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] initialization of buttons
Query Object -- help needed
Win 2000 and Win 98 peer-to-peer
err 88 in windx environment
Consultant needed
Re: Consultant needed *OT*
Weird sequential reading from SQL database
How can i get Local system Directory Listing?
WINPRT horizontal alignment with different printers
Retreiving information from PDF files
interprocess communication
command print
*OT* Inventory POS system
Providex to Providex bundle/unbundle
*RETURN behavior
control ID in nomads?
Using WebBrowser control
Thanks for the msgbox
Re: *RETURN behavior *OT*
Re: command print THANk's
Local directory save program


Antwort: [Pvx] Providex to Providex bundle/unbundle
initialize drop-box
Re: **OT** MAS 4.0 Object Model
*OT* Cisco to merge with Nabisco
odbc with MS ACCESS
Priceless Press Releases
Accouting, rounding rules
Error 15 trying to position odbc key
OT* urgent need for SCO UNIX TECH in Riverside Calif
temp key for upgrade
v6 upgrade key
Re: OT* SCO UNIX TECH in Riverside Calif
Disk Array Stripe Size
Nthost on Windows XP
*IT GOO-EY editor in WindX
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 6.20
Lack of Activity
can't leave CyberSpace
slow client server ODBC
'TEXT' vs. MULTI_LINE on a resizeable panel
Providex Screen redirect
Manifest and 4D
JavX MsgBox formatting problem
Providex 5.0/XP printing issues
JavX and Dialogue Mnemonic problem
Drawing a calendar in JavX
Re: Using WebBrowser control: THANKS!!
Help on MSK() function
Release Announcement - JavX Version 2.2
Writing to an excel spreadsheet
checking if a number is between two numbers
PVX base font changes on the fly
: [Pvx] FW: **OT** MAS 4.0 Object Model
Dictionary file definition
NOMADS Displaying a portion of a file in a list box
Query Panel Sort By
Nomads File Maintenance - field validate before writing record
NOMADS File Maintenance - Dumb Question
Touch screen experience with ProvideX
Disable 'Customize Panel' POPUP menu in NOMADS
Command Too Long
Problem exitting to CONSOLE mode
Re: Command Too Long *Repost*
WindX Menu Displaying Improperly
JavX and Text on Box controls
object references
**OT** 3 Hole Punch Copier From MAS
pdf995 / providex
Cursor shape
PRINTER PROPERTIES - multiple copies p[roblem
Font for Print-screen function
ODBC read from an SQL Server
Sorry for all the old messages
Re: Sorry for all the old messages *OT*
Cell orientation when writing to excel
ODBC read from PVX using SQL Server
PVX open.fle
pvx Problem with spaces in excel file name
Unique and Null Key combination
User Limit Exceeded - HELP
*viewer* required files
Re: importing csv to excel
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] OT: importing csv to excel
Tree View list box and bitmaps that don't display
WindX / JavX
Direxions Conference Online Guide Broken
Capturing a character screen
Permissions on VLR segments
Printing Graphic screens
Re: PCS Trac DB Errors in SQL
Position Available in Philadelphia, PA area
Directory Only lookup
RFP questions
using com3 on pc
Printing with different fonts
Bitmap in Treeview
WinPrt server
Legacy Code Question
DEFCTL and Mult-Lines
How to remove multiple Controls in a Program
XML-messages via the web
Report Writer Preview
NUL() & CHR(0)
*Direxions* 2005 Conference Guide
Error 29 in Winproc after upgrading to pvx 6.20
How to know the higher NOT Empty position in an Array
Re: NUL() & CHR(0) Addendum
Re: Working with Active Directory user accounts.
Error in folder panel processing
Error 95
Updated NOMADS Variables
Text File problem
Change autoclear records _after_ create a panel
*viewer* and ini file options
OOP over ride function
Opening XXX Viewer
Bug fixes in *web\mail
Query Selection Logic
dialog window
Printer error 275
*OT* AIX "at" command intermittently returns "syntax error"
Query data
Query Data addendum
Backup Options
*OT* Extreme Programming and Providex
Saving PDF files inside a Providex Keyed File
Watermark in viewer
Where to set a Providex / Nomads Prefix at Start up
Re: Non collapsing treeview
Find Disk Space
Printer Skip one page
Button - Simple Question
Dynamically setting properties
*cmd/system programs
Nomad 6.1 : MultiLIne
Re: Online Support/Providex/
SELECT issues
PVXTLB.EXE and pdf documentation
How to get the number of elements in a delimited list of items?
Using the application server to run scheduled jobs
Writing a file on a server.
Msk Issue
Editing schemes
populate excel multi-cells or non-visible
OLE DB with ProvideX
closed message_libs
DTMF Signals
faster way to populate Excel
Linux Name Servers
Re: faster way to populate Excel .. my 2 cents
PVX to Excel HOW TO
BBx on Unix with FacetTerm
Re: Bold Printing Using "WINPRT


defining files with nomads
*Direxions 2005* Registration is now open!
Divide Problem
TCB(44) question
Direxions registration problem
strange behaivor
Twain Image capture
Report Writer save as PDF from Preview
Nomads Panels
[PVX] Programmable Funtion Keys
Re: [PVX] Programmable Function Keys
F keys ... more questions
Panasonic Printer / Copiers
use VIA or VIN to accumulate 3-dimensional array
Providex as web page creator
Control POS Printer
Time Formatting
Writing to a Serial File
Dates in ODBC
Converting VB code
detect enter key in multi-line
nomads record size query
Barcodes via *winprt*
[pvx] File Open Status
PVX OBJ real-world feedback requested
Window list box selection vs button
OCX Control
EPCIDiC-Probably a stupid question
Scanner OCX
Mouse CTL functions
How to force a program to continue after an abort error.
Strange return-value when using composite variables in an object
Write datetime field to Access database with [ODB]
Wish List Updated
Multi-Field Drop Boxes
Re: EPCIDiC-Probably a stupid question *OT*
List box attributes by ROW - not column
Reverse nthost
folder control subform refresh
Re: [SPAM] [Pvx] folder control subform refresh
error 23
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] error 23
Error 13 on SSL open
accumulate memory array
ease of use
XP/ProvideX 5.00 COM1 issue
Lock Windows Desktop
hyperlink colors
Screen Size
Drop Down in a Grid
Determining where input came from
HTML Automation??
Alternate key read
Grid Font Question - in JavX
*Countdown to Direxions*
Re: Grid Cell overwrite - Problem???
Web Engine Cookie Reading
PVX changing windows printer definition from PVX
Error interrupt at called program
Nomads List box list view with report format
Save a program in text in uppercase.
Runaway Processes
Determine state of mnemonic
Force a refresh without returning to NOMADS?
60 Jahre Befreiung: Wer feiert mit?
Big words on cheques using *winprt*
List Activity
Calendar Problem
Changing a file modification date
Error 12 on mapped drive
Error 0s
Passing a variable to a spawned process
pdf files
desktop resolution on terminal server
office bar and nomads panels
Message library using a different character set
Backup options for Unix
Re: Backup options for Unix compl.
*OT* Remote SQL Server Admin software suggestions
Excel move from sheet to sheet
FTP options
Using MS Word for mail merges
Re: Question on Star TSP743C Thermal Printer
ProvideX Web Server and IIS
ListBox without highlights
ProvideX is State of the Art is Sage is Best is Sage
Grid Question #2
PVX 5.14: NTHOST error 15
local environment variables over windx?
Windos install problem
Re: Windos install problem *SOLUTION
unable to connect message
ODBC on SCO Error
Time fields / Time Data / ODBC
*OT* Corrupt Access files
Mode Cmd and Extract Cmd
Dynamic Icons on the taskbar??
window's workstations connected
Information Regarding Version 7
Dynamic Select Statement
Searching based on a mask
Lock file region error ???
Angle in font in a grid-cell
File Load


Removing the 'Help' button
updating class files
PVX Applications Server under VM Ware
Fingerprint Reader Help
Registry Edit
Read on WinWord
Blink on character screens
Sending email from a Base License
Preventing webserver task handler timeout
How to get into Debugmode
Betr.: Re: [Pvx] How to get into Debugmode
Multi_line - hard breaks
Multi_line text formatting for printed output
*OT* RE: [Pvx] Registry Edit
ProvideX on Novel 6.0
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Multi_line text formatting for printed output
Disabling [Print] button on Print preview (*VIEWER*)
6.20 IiNSTALL error 1320
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] updating class files
How to use nomads to create a multiple line maintenance / enquiry program
embedded logic in files
two questions
VMWare - compatibility?
Select Printer in OCX
Variable contents changing
Old_viewer Copy to Clip Board
Still trying to copy a file :(
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 6.30 (Open Beta-RC1)
Drop boxes...
Odd program line editing problem on SCO consoles
[OT] Open Source Accounting Modules
Change made to _winproc in version 6
Sending a file to the web server
MSGBOX program in V 6
Err 32 on Read Data
Printing to CUPS printer RH ES 3
repair corrupt file
Betr.: [Pvx] repair corrupt file
creation date
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] creation date
*OT*Providex Web Server Project - need contract programmer
Re: Printing to CUPS printer RH ES 3 *Resolved*
RE:Odd program line editing problem on SCO consoles
Find out if program is running
Trouble with windx and odbc on vpn to rh 6.0
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] updating class files
WindX not connecting ...
Re: Mouse Wheel Control
Conversion from Open Basic
Jon Cullen is out of the office.
Clearing a list box
Cell - query
Creating multiple active windows in nomads
Re: Clearing a list box - still can't do it
*OT* OOP with Nomads, missing demo library
Multiple active windows and Nomads
Distribute horiZontally nomads 6.2
Distribute horizontally
Text with radio buttons
COM Port Communication
Odbc with alternate keys
Primary underlying window
WindX Beep
Nomads list box when selected logic bug
List Box Load on demand errors
Another List Box problem
List BOX load on demand
Display Directories in NOMADS
*OS* English version of Norwegian document
Radio_Button Sub:ID Text
*OT* RE: [Pvx] Radio_Button Sub:ID Text
Error 65 accessing Radio Button
Can't transfer using this ftp program ...
need help with syntax to update ODBC table
Case-sensitive drop box?
Knock, knock. Someone home today?
Serial file display
Strange message on WindX session
Strange message on WindX session (text)
Alternate Character/Symbol sets
PVX to keyboard is this possible *OT* ?
NOMADS Query linked to Memory File
Nomads Query Object Question
Moving a Group Programmatically?
Move/Rotate graphical objects
*OT PDF printing and Adobe Reader staying active
find parent node
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] find parent node
Nomads - Drop Box and Utilities
Nomads Err #88 problem
What controls whether 'About Providex' shows in the system control menu in Nomads?
Marriot nearby Contemporary Hotel
Dealing with errors in Nomads
GRID : A little problem
Tag Field In Data_Class
windx connect problem to RH server
MBS-PVX Conversion, Reports
Betr.: RE: [Pvx] WEB server problem
Size of a resizable dialogue panel
Redhat 8 Keepalive
Best replacement for BBx's read record ...
Re: MACs ( S-P-A-M 3.5/3.1 )
ODBC4 documentation
Update tales
Blackberry machines and JavX???
Running out of user licenses
*OT* Router
Activation Keys
JavX - alt-unknown key code
*OT* Support Program
*DOC* RND() function description
RPC never break error down
startup times
Excel Spread Sheets
Data Dictionary Location
Error 42 with REC statement
Direxions 2005 - Earlybird Registration Reminder
ODD DTE value
Loacation of pdf files
Clsfile record busy during Update
<Enter> in Multi_lines using File_Maint NOMADS Panels
Problems reading Active Directory from pvx
App Server Missing Processes
TCP port 10000 open to internet
CTL 2 in multiline
Setting up JavX
drop_box value in NOMADS
Re: *IT *OT*
*Direxions 2005* Final Reminder
WindX install
SCO Open Server 6 and pvx 6.x


Current font
Re: Current font - I found it
Web Server mime type
Writing data to SQL Server using ODBC
collapse all nodes
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] collapse all nodes
*OT* HP CIS System
Grid documentation
*OT* The Online List is Back up
Re: Thoroughbred to Providex
Re: Why error 28
biger than i can
Printer Settings
*Viewer* problem w/ 'FF'
Re: Odbc UCASE function
Windws, Non-ProvideX Problem
*OT* Mas200 ODBC issue
Multi_media Video files
Quick Book Interface
Report Write Issue
Serial Files truncating
JavX - Window Takes Forground
Re: Multi_media Video files *OT*
App Server Setup
Fonts in Windows
ADD INDEX syntax
BB Meetup in Toronto
OFF TOPIC : Re : Front page 2000 & 2003
Windows refresh question
open outlook when email link clicked
*OT* Its hot in Toronto -- Wouldn't a beer go good?
Converting Thoroughbred to Providex
add ons
Re: [PVX] File in use
Control a bell/horn from PVX?
*OT* Vacation
ProvideX Script - VB Example
Crystal Ball
MORE Problems
*OT - file transmission to e-Commerce partner
prebuild calander code?
PVXLIST Utility - Forum Post
Files not closing on SCO+Facetwin setup
PVXLIST Feedback
pvx using tab and mouse in multilines
*PDF question
Performance of Pvx web server
PVX to OUTLOOK how to
PVXLIST - Usage & Pro Notes
How to OCX use?
Can't execute NOMADS, ERR=87
Header/detail Panels in Nomads
*web/email thruput problems
PVXLIST - Multi-File Support
PVXLIST - /A (Absolute path option) - Version 4.5 Available
IOLIST name vs. Alternate name
Header/Detail Panel in Nomads (re-post)
Font Sizes
Antwort: [Pvx] Font Sizes
Changing Fonts in the *IT Editor
PVXLIST - Version 4.9 (Final) Posted on PVX Site
How to detect instance of running Providex program.
printing the contents of a Word document from within PVX
nomads lib export
App server as a service
Pvx and IIS web servers together
location of printer
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] location of printer
Error 42 in _winproc
How to set a function key to go to a field in a panel
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] location of printer
Launching of Application requested Failed. Err:"257" OSMSG:""
Message width
Clickable multi-line grid cell
Re: Clickable multi-line grid cell *resolved
SLL Cert.
[OT] Way off-topic ...
Read AS400 DB2
Re: Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 6.30
*\web\smtp error=27
Error in app server
Any small program.
Buggered Files
PVX ODBC driver gives ISAM communication error
Query lookup
PVXLIST - Feedback Needed
Insert key on
OT-64 bit processors
Time zones
Automatically move to next field when item selected from drop box.
xml, html, javascript, and pvx
Best way to check if a server is running and up
Minimize Background/Parent Window
Antwort: [Pvx] Minimize Background/Parent Window
Error 29 in winproc.
ProvideX as an object
Re: *OT* ProvideX as an object
mutiple Data Dictionary
Calendar Display


Mnemonics failure...
ftp utility
If I am not breaking any rules by asking this...
Facts 6.7 on Pvx 6/7?
Displaying bitmap on windx grid
URL query
Multiple bitmaps on a grid cell
JavX Grid Problem
copy App Server to new server?
newbie MAS-90 question
Function fun
newbie - WindX or JavX
How to chage Window caption Icon
Antwort: [Pvx] How to chage Window caption Icon
pos and error option
ProvideX V7 for WinCE/PocketPC
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] pos and error option
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] pos and error option
Running PVX on 64bit Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition
Calling ProvideX program from VB
Example files
6.20 on Win 98
PVX How to
Msgbox.gui in App Server/WindX
*DOC* Reserved word list
Function to increment letters
*OT* RE: [Pvx] Function to increment letters
Re: 'OT' Function to increment letters
*OT* Business Basic Meetup this Wednesday
Re: *ot* Information Regarding Version 7
2 Gig File Limit
PVX Function to copy files
PTH() Broken in 6.30?
EFF vs Keyed file size
Migrating from Thoroughbred.
Re: Function to increment letters + PRECISION question
newbie - start_up
error 275
Listbox Load Error
Re: PVX How to touch a file
Error when trying to Browse in Data Dict.
Hello List, Nomads question
testing - please ignore
nomads record size
PVX How to ..thanks
Registry in win 2003 server
Error 0 in *web/email
*winprt issue
NNTP Sever for this group
App Server config - run all as default user
Performance of EFF system
WindX *windev* printer problem
Re: [*OT Pvx] Performance of EFF system
transfer control back to the main program while the subprogram is running
ENTER key vs F1/F2
Re: Error 0 in *web/email - PROBLEM SOLVED!!!
Odd PCL output truncation on Lexmark Optra M412 laser printers
RPC needs a Professional license in both sites?
NOMADS Drag'n drop kills button icon
Troble with PREFIX FILE
Windows Outlook/System Date Format
*IT in insert mode
A stupid question about list boxes
Error 46 for query in winproc
Nomads panel Top Icon
*OT* MAS90 Menu processor for level 4.0+
Help! Nomads error's out, and won't let me turn off 'internal' help.
Conference files
WindX Background Color
"Operation not permitted" error under WDX 6.20 on SCO OSE 5.0.5
Re: Providex Conversion - WindX]
Re: "Operation not permitted" error under WDX 6.20 on SCO E 5.0.5
dumping objects
question regarding READ A${all}:[STR(";")]
Betr.: [Pvx] question regarding READ A${all}:[STR(";")]
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] dumping objects
Sending Javascript
reading serial device
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] reading serial device
who wants to tell me what happened to my server over the weekend?
Using DDE in Providex with Microsoft Project 2000
selection bar
Secondary Information Screen.
Access pvx files from VB?
Re: [Bulk] [Pvx] Access pvx files from VB?
Report Writer OOP Interface Question
Report Writer OOP Interface Question (Complete)
Capturing Scanned information
Line Graphics - WindX
[PVX 6.2 + NOMAD] Problem with SELECT
dynamic record size
Left Click Popup Menu
[PVX 6.2 + NOMAD] Tree ViewProblem with SELECT
Determine if an application has been installed.
Users on Win2003
drag'n'drop within a control
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] drag'n'drop within a control
drag'n'drop with nomads objects
EFF File Integrity after power failure on Linix server
Re: What does it take to purchase PVX????
Nomads - PVX window hide
Looking for an Custom Data Source Object Example
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] drag'n'drop with nomads objects
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] drag'n'drop with nomads objects
Embedded I/0
List box resize problem
Licencing/Report Writer
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: Re: [Pvx] drag'n'drop with nomads objects
Question regarding RELEASE numval
list box with windx
Documentation & Help Software
Internet access from a Unix Machine
How to connect to Oracle Server
Set Windows Default Printer
PVX v7 Download
Re: [Bulk] Re: [Pvx] PVX v7 Download


Doucumentation of Data Dictionary Objects
Linux Error
*web/merge error ...
extra 'X' and 'Y' records in NOMADS library
Re: ODBC Access in Excel
Re: [Bulk] Re: [Pvx] ODBC Access in Excel
ODBC and accessing the records in an ini file
error 46 in viewsrc.src
Does *nthost require a separate PVX user slot?
SQL Mirroring Interface
Re: [Bulk] Re: [Pvx] SQL Mirroring Interface
ProvideX on Fedora Core 4
scaling problem
popup menu on TreeView
any tips on troubleshooting error 35
Old Bbxer -- New to Pvx
ENTER with different number of arguments ...
Celltype "Button"
Antwort: [Pvx] Celltype "Button"
[Pvx + Nomad 6.20]Error 63
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: [Pvx] Celltype "Button"
How I can make a panel and Query in nomads of Oracle Database
newbie help
A question about upgrading
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 7.00 (Open Beta - RC1)
Re: [Bulk] Re: [Pvx] Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 7.00 (Open Beta - RC1)
Select * from lfo with descending keys
duplicate key
Some NOMADS puzzlements
webserver internal variables
[Windx 6.2]
Hello everybody, I am new to the list
*NOMADS question ...
app server help
Bulk loading a List Box
Re: [Bulk] [Pvx] Bulk loading a List Box
Webserver/Drop Box question
Starting JavX in MacOSX: Exception thrown on 'port=' parameter
*ot* Wyse Terminals
Windx help files
Error 13 + RPC
https post routine
v 7.00 windows
Data conversion from csv files
How to print two images in cross reference using *viewer*
Hey -- tomorrow is Wednesday...
How to install PVX/WDX from command line
Sub-Program Levels, Nomads
.Net calls
Re: [Bulk] Re: [Pvx] How to print two images in cross reference using *viewer*
Re: newbie help *OT* [OT]
Running Appserver as a service
How many users on a web server?
Excel example
Web server load balancing
RW Error
Info about running as a service
[OT] Sco 5.06 and Samba problem
COM argument string lengths
Change the hand
Appserver/Service question
Version 7 Beta
*server;spawn question
List Box column sorting
Nomad 6.2 : Grid question
Converting numbers to words
Re: [Bulk] [Pvx] Converting numbers to words
Calling help files created using Help & Manual
WindX Delay with satellital connection
*Ot* Webcam microphone communication
Re: [Bulk] [Pvx] *Ot* Webcam microphone communication
WindX/ProvideX in a Wyse Winterm?
Re: utilities [*OT]
CRM and web access
*WINPROC - Language-independant
JavX on BlackBerry?
Row colouring in Formatted List Box
Tbred "script" to pvx
Documentation for multi-segmented files?
Re: [Bulk] Re: [Pvx] Data conversion from csv files
Comparing strings
IIS and ODBC 3.33
Security in Tabs/Folders (Nomads)
[ODB] help
Standard ProvideX graphics question
Sandbox error???
Consulting Assistance
ERROR 11 on write to multi-keyed file ...
Signal on exit question
*OT* Programmer's Quick Guide to Programming Languages
Global Files ?
strip control chars
Missaligned text in non NOMAD's panel ...
LIST_BOX FIND limited to 32000
Global file cannot write to it.
Re: ***SUSPECT SPAM*** RE: [Pvx] utilities [*OT]
Wow, indeed
PDF Printing
[OT] Test
grid control and double-click ...
* * * Please read the following Notification * * *
Just out of morbid curiosity...
SQL stored procedures
Newbie question...
Demo Activations
control key/delimiter help
viewer in 6.05
NOMADS DropBox Definition in PVX 7.00 Open Beta
[Nomad] DuplicateControle
Images in Report Writer
Microsoft Exchange Server, MS-SQL, MY-SQL, & PVX ODBC Driver
Link File Drivers & mutliple close commands
Crash recovery


Using REC function for audit
just a simple question
Any Tutorials for Newbie to PVX ?
Button Logic
Pvx on handheld PC running Windows
OCI Compliant
PVX ODBC Driver, Microsoft Exchange Server, MS-SQL, MY-SQL
Duplex printing and *winprt*
*web/email Program and Authenticated SMTP Port ?
Error 11 using SETDEV PROGRAM
Firewall Issues
Re: PVX ODBC Driver, Microsoft Exchange Server, MS-SQL, MY-SQL *OT*
Push a button
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Push a button
Laser printing - fonts
Empty fields on reports
Nomads Security Question...
Web server SSL
Report Writer Object Program Code Example
Laser printer - fonts
Signing JavX
Excel Error #88
LDAP Server in ProvideX?
Error 13 reading a memory file
Re: Trend MicroL *OT*
Panel getting stuck
File handling questions
Report Writer Designer
7.0 beta
Appserver and terminal ID's
*OT* FTP corrupt files
Run time basic
ODBC Queries, Data Integrity, and Referential Integrity
Bar Code Scanner Implementation
Shortcut to start Nomads?
I really should know this...
err 10
OT - Keyboard wedge question
Thanks, everyone
Calling a panel from within nomads - problem with returning data
Dumb question keyboard function key input
Multi-seat update routine
"Flying Papers" animation
scroll to position in list box
line drawing
Merging PDF documents with providex data
Win 2003 server explorer
ERROR 13 on a memory file ...
Disabling the F4 key in a panel
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] scroll to position in list box
Copying files from linux to desktop using winapi
Re: Disabling the ESC key in a panel
Views / Report Writer Designer
Printing Text
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] scroll to position in list box
Installing PvX7 Beta
Providex directory
Hand cursor
ping Howie
Oh my gosh -- I nearly forgot *OT*
Convert a file from binary to ASCII
Antwort: Re: ... scroll to position in list box
Nomads 6.2 : *Winprt*
JavX from the command line
V7 Open Beta Access
"bold" tree control nodes
Change panel Icon
Re: "bold" tree control nodes *OT*
Clearing up the V7 access issue
YES! Thanks. [Pvx] Font Questions
*OT* Accessing Files Across a Network
pvx icon and running through Citrix
3rd Party encryption
Report Writer Object Usage Examples
Printing on Fedora Core 4
'picture' in ver 6.9
automatic task running very slow on server
Transferring Images from a Windx Client to Unix
Linux to windows security context
global force users to change passwords?
*OT* Pvx PLUS?
Error 26 in Report Writer Designer (Windx/Linux 6.3)
subnet mask
*OT* RE: [Pvx] forms
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] subnet mask
disabled close box
Font changes
embedded panel
can pvx close an explorer window ?
System hanging in *WINPROC
ProvideX COM/OLE/OCX Server ProvideX.Script error
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] embedded panel
Very big trouble with Report Designer
Object Properties/Function
Clients info on RPC server
pvxplus enhancements
Disk Space Usage
Bar codes on Epson printer
referencing objects on a different window
Error #65: Window element does not exist or already exists
webserver with ssl
Using Viewer in v6.x
errors on [wdx] commands
Re: very small trouble with Report Designer -:))
SCO OpenServer 6?
Index Number size in providex
Protocol not available
Version 6.3 Viewer
another newbie question about a grid
Convert Number to Words
right-click doesn't select node
Is there any easier way to code this?
Pro Licence & Report Writer
printing on the middle of a page
Query in a Drop Box
Creating Program Files
Numbers only
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 7.00 (Open Beta - RC2)
Version 7 Message Buttons
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] printing on the middle of a page
Jananese Translation
Passing arrays to objects
Activation key after beta2 load
Directive not allowed in command mode
reportwriter use and conditions
OLE server and V6.10
Another font question
Wish List - File View Utility - resizable
Serial File Issue
connection problem
*windx.utl under Win 2000/2003 Server
Deadlock errors
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] *windx.utl under Win 2000/2003 Server
process list under Windows
Query - Text disappearing.
* * * Please read the following Information * * *
INVOKE with parameters


lightening the server load
Numeric format in grid
BBX to PVX terminal #'s
Best Com DLL interface choice
Re: Best Com DLL interface choice - Clarification.
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] disabled close box
Panel errors (29,65)
Strong Encryption
ODBC, Data Mining and SQL Server
Panel heading & Menu font size
app server help/questions
*web/mail Exchange server
Folder List Program
Error #100
Problem with App Server
Defining a descending key in one segment
Reading from Excel
Dynamically aligning text in buttons
[WDX] question
*pdf* question
No line numbers
Mnemonics in EMail?
Viewer - Save to PDF
Re: reportwriter Another question
Frame Colours
Monospaced fonts?
Launching pvxwin32 from a java class service
notes in pvx
Label printer issue
How can I get the printer type, when I open to the printer
Heap memory in App Server
More JavX questions
Pvx COM object ...
Function key definition in pvx cli
GET_FILE_BOX hangs WindX client
*OT* FTP question
*OT* SSH timesout sending from windows to unix
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] MS-Ribbons
VIEWS Problem (to Jane)
Algorithm to put money in French language script
Resizing of Nomad's panels
System Hangs with EFF Files
V7 enhancements
reading through a listview listbox
Re: Antwort: Re: ... scroll to position in list box *OT*
Problems with drop_box cell in grid
How to read in Directories they have blanks in its Pathname
ODBC Server stops
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 7.00
SQL Server equivalent to data type 'serial' (*OT*)
*OT* SCAN DOC w BAR CODE ..Omnipage 15
Views access through ODBC
Asp page and Pvx Ole server
How can I connect to SqlServer without use to OBDC connection
*OT* Help files ...
Text editing
imbed IO procedure
REC Option
appserver spawns
Simply Accounting Interface
Sizing Button Bitmaps
Boton con opcion Drop_box
Lock Problem - QBD3
Re: Lock Problem - QDB3
Drag and drop on a picture?
Larger debug window ?
*OT* RE: [Pvx] Larger debug window ?
Loading listbox
Windows Printer Names
ODBC Access to MAS 90 v4.10
*OT* RE: [Pvx] Asp page and Pvx Ole server
Hi, help with error 12
Recent email about error 12
How change text of item on Treeview ???
Printing PDF's from Providex
Version 7 Installation issues?
PDF Fonts
FTP Solution
"C" subroutine call in PVX
Re: FTP Solution - UPDATE II
Re: FTP Solution - UPDATE
*OT* MAI System 2000
Embedded io Procedure
'BU' Printing Problem
Tabbed Folders
err=106 PVX 6.05
*web/email - multiple attachments
Testing - This is a test of the ProvideX Mail List
Anybody out there?
OT - FTP Solution
*OT* test post
*OT* Password Policies
*[ot]* reading barcode within .pdf files
Question re ODBC
pvx on windows CE
*OT* screen design
Mailing List is online and ready for service.
Using SELECT ...
Speed up printing response time on DOS using Windows XP
Invoke in a background process
Interrogating a handheld scanner
WDX printing issue
Printing PDF files with Adobe Acrobat V7


NOMADS - TAB-bing through controls
Antwort: [Pvx] NOMADS - TAB-bing through controls
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: [Pvx] NOMADS - TAB-bing through controls
Dropping TCP/IP connection kills WindX
Excel "Save" box
TBred Direct File convert
get_file_box read
Losing Providex after Sleep Mode on Laptop
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] get_file_box read
passing data to/from panels
Orphaned tasks on App Server
license features
'BU' MNEMONIC not working over WindX
How to roate Text
Forms with pvx
Re: Hard disk failure
Harry - How to roate Text
Label printing
Re: [Bulk] RE: [Pvx] TBred Direct File convert
Home Owners Association package
Pixels to rows and columns
ODBC 4.0
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] ODBC 4.0
Web Server Examples
minimize with Pvx V7
Warning - Division Problem in ProvideX version 7
Fonction Key
Windows' Firewall and NTHost connection
WDX Problem
Supressed "0"
ERROR 15 connecting to an ORACLE 9i table
Error 15 Connecting to ORACLE via ODBC
Re: Supressed "0"]
*viewer* breaks windx
more list box
Long delay on Mailinglist...
Drag & drop (Nomads)
Web Server & E-Commerce
Displaying program steps
Programs to Text Files Utility??
multi-line validation rules
Get UNC of mapped drive
write to Excel row
Error=48 on *web/email
Validating and Formatting logic en GRID
Embedded Graphics
*OT* hyperlink question
Long string in libary
Getting JavX to work...
ODBC - Client/Server??
Latency Issues
Displaying web page as it updates
Drag'n Drop for all...
Re: *OT* Outlook to PVX
*OT* Latency
Printer line graphics
How to read directory with different sort
dynamic popup
Mime types in the Web Server
Auto updater from 7.00.0000 to 7.00.0010
Notice - ProvideX V7.00 - Potential Division Issue
Tab vs Return
*web/email queries
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] dynamic popup
WINPRT character height
Processor workload
J2ME & JavX
Traversing variables in an iolist
transportation software
Error 12 Seeking Active Directory COnnection
Help File Popup
Trapping the Escape and F4 keys in a panel
*X in version 7
more printer line graphics
winprint point size
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] Antwort: RE: [Pvx] dynamic popup
RDP/TSC on Mac's to MS2003
OOP Method Override and Overload
[PVX]Don't try this
Invoking the *IT editor...
Holiday Schedule for Sage Software Canada Ltd.
icons from EXEs
Release Announcement - ProvideX Version 7.00.0020
Module Activations
'FONT' & 'TEXT' Printing
Re: 'FONT' & 'TEXT' Printing *OT*
Telnet application
Re: Directory *OT
Switching Windows Focus
*OT* Merry Christmas
app server error
Telnet Off List
version control on Linux
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] icons from EXEs
Gradient pattern printing
wincelink - ProvideX accessing PocketPCs
Error 41 at line 18 in C:\PVX620\LIB\_viewer\viewer
[OT] Chrixtmas Greetings
Installing version 7 ...
Programmatic file duplication
Antwort: RE: [Pvx] hardcopy
FILL Gradient Bottom to Top
*OT* Software Engineer Joke
Invoice Template Sample Code
winprt & viewer & line
No brainer INSERT systax
Antwort: Re: [Pvx] No brainer INSERT systax
Recent Files list
ODBC to access db
Re: 0120563
*web/mail in MAS90
v4 to v7
[OT] All I want for Christmas ...